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No. 349 Chapter True God’s Disciples

  On the second day after the dead wood, Feng Haochen also left the southern 50-liyuan to return to the Mouyun Mountain Range. He also left An Shu and Qing Mei with him. In a few months, the imprisoned Xianji will begin to clear the comprehension of the Yuan Ying period, and it will take at least another year for Feng Hao to recover from the restoration. Therefore, Qing Mei will return to the Moyun Mountain Range to take her father Qingsong Dao to the desert. Yunshan.

  In the middle of the Moyun Mountain Range, the Qingsong Taoist is the only Yuan Ying repairer. If he does not come out, he will be trapped in Xianqiang. At present, the people in this yard are able to enter the Mouyun Mountain Range and only cultivated in the Yuan Ying period. After returning with the wind and dust, she and the Qingsong Taoist people passed the 100,000 mountains and left the Moyun Mountain to return. Both the father and the daughter are repaired in the Yuan Ying period. It is not a problem to leave the Mo Yun Mountain Range.

  "You will learn to protect yourself in a few places. People in the Mie Palace will always pay attention to your movements, especially your wood feathers. So many of you are the most unreliable of you."Feng Haochen smiled and patted the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu embarrassedly touched his head, revealing a naive smile: "Master, I have always been very low-key, really, I swear!"

  He was just quiet to be a low-key three-good youth, but there were always strange things that wrapped him up for no reason, and then messed things up, and then he became famous in the whole world.

  "Do you say that you are telling a low-key joke?"Luo Wei took a look at Mu Yu.

  "Do you see me laughing?"Mu Yu snorted and felt that he and his two brothers were always in the eye.

  "Nothing, as my apprentice, you don't have to cover up anything when you go out. It doesn't matter what it is, and what troubles it causes. But must be understood on the premise of knowing how to protect yourself? ”Feng Haochen stunned his eyes.

  Mu Yu suddenly realized that he turned his head and said to him: "Listen to Master's words, Master did not blame me for being too high-profile. We are a good apprentice of the sword shadow dust. If you go out, you can't weaken Master's name. Do you understand? ”

  "Everyone here has not weakened Master's name. Only you have to go to rescue and lose Master's face every time something goes wrong."Luo Wei held her chest with her hands coldly, and glanced at Mu Yu with a faint look.

  Mu Yu was dumbfounded, and he found that the second brother became more and more annoying, and he liked to tell the truth!

  "A duel?"Mu Yu provoked the road.

  "Let you have one hand?"Luo Wei replied coldly.


  Mu Yu was discouraged, and Luo Yu’s fellow man had been in distraction for a long time. Not only is Luo Wei, but the cultivation of the promise is also a period of distraction. Even if the cultivation of the South and Lan Linger is also a seven-day, it is higher than the wooden feather. Mu Yu always thought that his cultivation was a wind-breaking type, but his brothers and sisters completely glided on the water, faster than him.

  Since leaving the Mouyun Mountain Range, Mu Yu has rarely really calmed down to practice. He only practiced in Duo Tian for nearly a year, and left the Duo Tian to run around. It is said that they have been repaired in this small yard and have not been abandoned for a moment.

  None of the apprentices of the Three Kingdoms’ true swords and dust collectors are straw bags, and Mu Yu is not the only talented person. Cheng Yan and Luo Wei and the three tribes have the same physical fitness as Mu Yu. They have made rapid progress on the road of cultivation. Even if Lan Linger who has nothing to do with Yumeng is too scary, Mu Yu must not Slack can catch up with his a few metamorphosed brothers and sisters.

  "You wait, one day I will definitely stumble you!"Mu Yu gnashed his teeth.

He remembered that he was in the dream of the double-day illusion. At that time, he was alone and the four men were not weak. Although it was a dream, Mu Yu felt that it could not be realized.

  Lan Linger took a look at Mu Yu and said with a smile: "All said that you have to go to the second division and still have a long way to go, younger brother."

  Mu Yu touched his forehead. He used to scorn the second brother in front of Lan Linger. He wanted to prove that he was better than the second brother. As a result, the second brother still married several streets. This is naturally because Luo Yu practiced longer than him, but Mu Yu still secretly decided to give this cheap second brother over.

  "Make a wooden feather, don't worry anymore!" At least when everyone mentions the sword shadow dusty apprentice, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are not? ”It is said that Mu Yu is somewhat depressed and comforted.

  To the south also said honestly: "Yes! You can now say that we represent all of our brothers and sisters. Everyone only knows that you are a disciple of Jian Shadow Dust, and you will be equally polite to you. You go out to represent Master's face! ”

  Mu Yu smiled, but the words and the south will comfort people. He said: "Hey! When you say this, I feel that I have more confidence…"

  "So only you will lose face to Master."Luo Wei poured a cold water channel unceremoniously.

  "Mom, heads-up!"

  "Let you have one hand."


  Feng Haochen smiled and looked at the bickering between Mu Yu and Luo Wei. There are so many outstanding apprentices. It is naturally most gratifying to be a master. His apprentices can only get one hand, and they don't say that Luo Wei and Cheng Yan are both alone. The lowest wood feathers can definitely be pressed to a large young talent in the triple continent.

  "Several of you have to remember what I said. In the future, I will be able to stand up to my own heart no matter what I do. If I feel that I have not done anything wrong, then this is not wrong. Even if it is killing, as long as you think he is damn, then go kill. As for the shame, I have never worried that you will give me a face because I know that you will make the most correct
Choice, I told you when you fell into the dust of the law, the most important thing is that the heart is heart, heart is right, body is right, you don't have to worry about other things. ”

  As the true God of the Triple Continent, even if he is repaired as a loss, he is not afraid, and will not let his apprentices deliberately keep a low profile. Feng Haochen did not make extra rules, and there was only one criterion for doing things, so he only asked the apprentice to follow this one.

  "Yes, Master."Everyone said with respect.

  "There is still a matter of the immortal list. I want to fight for it and I don’t want to fight." In the future, the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran may start fighting again. To the south, you don't need to have too much scruples. Life is alive and life for yourself, not for others to see, understand? ”Feng Hao's wise eyes are staring south, as if he can see through to the heart of the South.

  Among the five people, only the Yumuning Lord in the south of the body was not sealed by the nine-day magic array, but in the eyes of Feng Haochen, the nine-day magic array is only a means to ensure foolproof, not a necessary means. There are many ways to fight against the Lord of the Lord, and as long as you are firm in your heart, you can not be tempted by the Lord of the Lord.

  "I know, Master."To the south is still the look of the embarrassed, it seems that for the nine days of the magical array did not take effect in his body.

  To the south, it was forbidden to leave the southern 50-mile garden by the evil and the old, and to use the evil spirits to repair the heavens. He can completely notice the move to the south. There is no thought of going south to leave. Although he is superficial, he knows that it is the safest place here. Once the Lord of the Earth is trying to make trouble, the brothers will stop it all in time.

  "Qiao Xue, although I know that I am not qualified to say you, but I hope that you will make your own choices like Mu Yu in the future."Feng Haochen said to Qiao Xue.

  "Qiao Xue remembers the words of his predecessors."Qiao Xue gave a slight ceremony.

  "In addition, this small yard has been set up by me to protect the law. It is said that the law will be maintained regularly. Do not worry! If there is this method, I can't see you anymore. I have already warned him not to come over and find something. If you encounter something that is difficult to solve, you can go to the evil and discuss it. He will help. ”Wind and dust.

  Everyone nodded, but the evil spirits have always been clamoring to kill the wind and dust to prove themselves, but that is just to talk about it. There are many people who don't want the wind to die, and evil is not one of them.

  "It doesn't matter if the disaster is happening. How can my apprentice not do something in the realm of comprehension?" But to take care of each other, the two words of the promise and Luo Hao should bear the responsibility of the brother. ”Feng Haochen said with a smile, he fell his eyes on Mu Yu, apparently Mu Yu is the most troublesome one.

  "Yes, Master."Cheng Yan and Luo Wei return. Luo Wei’s answer is very reluctant, but he did fulfill his responsibility as a brother. Many times he wanted to marry Mu Yu, but he was forced to take the wood feather out of the trouble.

  "I hope that someone can not go around with a brother."Luo Wei glanced at Mu Yu.

  "Mom, deceiving too much! Xiaoshuai gave me a bite! ”

  Mu Yu hated his teeth and it was his most annoying thing to be seen by Luo. He took out the handsome coach from the clothes and threw it at Luo Xiao, but when he was young, he went to the wind and dust.

  "White-bearded old man, I will miss you."Xiaoshuai took a look at the windy dusty beard and stretched out awkwardly.

  "Only you are the one that saves me the most."Feng Haochen never said the origin of Xiaoshuai, Xiaoshuai did not know who he was, but Mu Yu pondered that Xiaoshuai definitely had some relationship with the illusion.

  "That is, every time I’m in the woods, I wiped my ass. He took me one or two chicken legs and sent me. It’s really no conscience.”Xiaoshuai said without blushing, and then shouted, "At least four chicken legs!"

  "Mom, when did I hungry for you?"Mu Yu felt that it was a very heart-wrenching thing to have a foodie that only liked chicken legs.

  Regarding the disaster, Mu Yu did not feel guilty at all, although he had the most troubles, but he always remembered Master's teachings. Whether it is for Joe Snow to release the White Demon King or to kill Minghui, he does not think that he is doing something wrong. Mu Yu is doing things according to his own personality. Many things may not be understood by outsiders, and even become traitors in the realm of cultivation, but Mu Yu has never cared.

  It’s hard to prevent rumors in the world, and be happy when you are happy.

  An Shu glanced at everyone, and UU read the book and said with a blank expression: "Cultivate, can't slack off."

  An Shu’s eyes focused on the south, because the south is usually the most lazy. She was stared at the south and made a shudder. At the same time, she smiled and touched her head and did not dare to look at An Shu.

  "Yes, Uncle."Even though everyone’s cultivation is much higher than An’s uncle, they are honest in front of An Shu. Even the cold, Luo Lan had to lower his proud head when facing An Shu, and he did not dare to offend the uncle who looked at his face.

  Although An Shuxiu only has the Golden Age, the shadow he left for everyone is still lingering.

  Some respects are irrelevant, but from the heart. An Shu’s position in everyone’s mind is second only to Master. Everyone will involuntarily put away a loose mind when they see An Shu.

  Feng Haochen and An Shu and Qing Mei left the southern fifty-liyuan and soon disappeared into the distant sky.

  However, on a hill outside the Fifty Mile Garden in the south, a whole body shrouded in a holy white light.
I have been watching the back of the wind and dust. This figure is extremely sacred, and people can't help but want to worship.

  "Is it finally going back to the Mouyun Mountains?"The shadows shrouded in the holy white light to himself, "Sword shadow dust, you want to restore the repair is not so simple, I have to set your eternal life!"

  The sacred white light slowly dissipated, and the whole mountain returned to calm again.

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