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NO. 350 Chapter The controversy of the Great fairy

  Hunting the autumn wind, gently stroked the stream, rolled up a trace of water, wet the yellow leaves of the stream, the leaves suddenly split into two halves, I do not know what was cut, the incision is neat. The leaves of the tree are still falling, each leaf seems so casual, but the fallen leaves fall on the ground and no one is divided into two halves.

  There is a deformed stone on the shore, shaped like a tortoise, with limbs and a high head, but at this moment the head of the stone turtle has fallen to the ground. There was a man standing on the back of the turtle. The man was dressed in white, and the clothes were moving in the wind. A silver sword hovered in front of him. The sword was light and it was a rare sword.

  There was also a person standing on the opposite side of the ground. The blue clothes fluttered, and it was a young man with a slightly pale face. He holds an exquisite flute, and the flute is made of the finest Tianshan Nanmu, black and white, and a pendant at the end of the flute, emitting soft blue light, which makes people pay attention.

  There are some people around or sitting or standing. Everyone is a self-cultivator. They are whispering and they seem to be talking about something. Many people look at the two young people with admiration. They can stand there and decide the outcome between them. That is extremely enviable.

  The white man named Beichitian, under the command of the long gate of Huiyang Road, has a list of ninety-two.

  Huiyang Daochang is a well-known swordsman in the realm of comprehension. He was born in the Washing Valley. He used to be the first disciple of the Sword Valley. Later he left the Sword Valley to establish his own back. One hand back to the Yang Jian method is superb, no one dares to scorn the edge, and cultivates many outstanding young swordsmen. The disciples of the Huiyang faction are not worse than the Sword Valley. North Ikeda is a high-poster under the door of the Yangyang Road. It is only a matter of time before Master’s true biography is passed.

  North Ikeda looked coldly at the blue man in front of him. His flying sword was sharp and dazzling. The two of them had a glimpse of the glory. The onlookers couldn’t blink. When the light dissipated, the two stood still and didn’t know. Whoever wins and loses, only the leaves are cut into two halves by the invisible spiritual power, but I don’t know who caused it.

  North Ikeda's white and innocent chest white appeared a faint blood mark, blood marks growing, and gradually dyed his clothes. Unbelievably, he looked at the unknown blue man in front of him. He didn't expect that he was still complacent when he was selected for the immortal list. He was lost when he was challenged for the first time, and he lost so thoroughly.

  In his mind, he echoed the joy of his master, the reverence of his brothers and brothers, and the glory of the best! The young hero who can be on the list represents the strongest ninety-nine young people in the triple continent. Among the millions of people in the triple continent, he became one of the ninety-nine. His future is bright.

  At that time, he knew that he would become the legend of the younger generation of the triple continent, and competed with the other ninety-eight heavenly sons for the position of the top nine, and became the existence that eight doors could not despise. He was so eager to go out of the mountain gate, ready to find other people on the list of the immortals, and overcome them to prove themselves.

  Even if the blue man came to the door, he didn't look at it. He thought he could easily solve the blue man.

  But he is wrong.

  He regretted his own intentions, but he was unable to recover, and his consciousness gradually separated from his body and dissipated in the air. His body fell straight down and fell heavily on the ground, no more life. He lost in arrogance and lost in the contempt for the blue man.

  A generation of young heroes died like this, and his path came to an end.

  "So the North Ikeda lost?"A middle-aged Taoist-like person said with amazement.

No one had thought that it was such a talented and talented young talent who had died in the hands of a little-known blue man!

  The people on the list must fight each other and fight for the nine. This is a cruel test. Whether it is a sneak attack or a poison, if you don't have the self-protection consciousness, then you can't be the nine people! You can be defeated, you can work hard to defeat others, but if you die, then you will die, no one will remember you. In order to become the nine people, in order to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the triple continent, you must find a way to live.

  The immortal list stipulates that people over the age of 40 are not allowed to do things to them, but there is no stipulation that no more people can be killed and more powerful people can survive in any environment. This is the person that the three continents want. The Three Palaces set a cruel rule, and only young people who can control this law are eligible to become the last nine!

  North Ikeda is dead. He may be the first of the ninety-nine people to die, but it will never be the last one! If you lose one person, you will have one person on top. If you want to live, you will have strength, and you should be cautious about everything.

  The list means the supreme glory, but it also means endless killing!

  The logo on the back of the blue man's hand has turned into ninety-two. He disdainfully looks at the so-called famous North Ikeda, and looks at the crowd on the spotlight. It is obviously a feeling of great attention that makes him very useful.

  "remember! My name is Wan Tianming! ”The blue man Wan Tianming laughed loudly, and a passion came to the sky! He defeated the 92nd celestial being, and he replaced Beichitian as a member of the celestial list. No one can decide in the future, but the victory at the moment belongs to him!

  No one knows Wan Tianming, there are so many young people in the young generation of the Triple Continent, and there are geeks everywhere. However, this Wan Tianming has become one of the ninety-nine great immortals of the immortal list. Without his accident, his reputation will soon be remembered.

  The small gates of the Tianxingmen are not waiting for the day, ranking the fifteenth of the celestial beings. At this moment, they are watching the battle between Wan Tianming and Beichitian not far away. His expression is always gentle, as if he does not appreciate it.
It is a fierce battle, but a refined drama.

  "Wan Tianming, a good candidate."It’s not like waiting to say to yourself, “The southern fifty-five gardens have to return to the dead wood of the Ding Ding School, the woody feathers of the sword shadow dust, plus a very fairy, the film organization is really efficient, so My plan is all over."

  He showed a sly smile, his eyes were always watching the figure of Wan Tianming, until Wan Tianming disappeared into the eyes of everyone.


  Sword Shadow City, for many people, this is a very memorable city. When the sword shadow dust wind defeated the five Yumeng Lingzhu, it was here to rest, so the statue of the god on the gate of Jianying City Especially looks elegant and free.

  It is a city that is abhorrent to the dead wood.

  "Do you have to come here?"The dead wood looked disgusted at the statue of the true god above the city.

  After leaving the southern Fuli Garden, I saw the old man around the old wooden house and smashed the old man. The old man guarding the pavilion did not hesitate to look back in the past. In the end, he still proudly pressed the dead wood with the status of "爹", and the dead wood had already smashed his stomach.

  "Less nonsense, let me interrupt your leg!"Shouge old man said impatiently, "Miegong suddenly asked me to hurry, but I can't throw you a bastard on the road, I have to come to the Baiyuntang of Jianying City to find two people to escort you back."

  The Danding School's Baicaotang is built in many cities on the Triple World, and their business can be described as quite large.

  "I will go by myself, no need for others."The dead wood said angrily, he would not want to be separated from the old man.

  "You are owed! In short, I don't trust you to go back alone. ”The old man of the Shouge rushed into the Baicaotang of Jianying City without any explanation. He grabbed the guards of the two outings of Baicaotang without any fuss, and did not disturb anyone in the Baicaotang.

  The two garrison guards of the Baicaotang were scared to the ground by the old man's body. The old man guarded the matter at the fastest speed. The two guards learned the identity of the old man. They all patted their chests and promised to return the dead wood safely back to Dan Ding.

  "Remember, there is a little hair on the dead wood. I only ask you!"Although the old man of the Shouge is always a dead wood, but the dead wood is also his half son, plus the wooden feathers so that he must send the dead wood back, so he dare not despise.

  "The ancestors rest assured that we are just getting on our own lives and will never let the elders of the dead wood have an accident."The two guards trembled and said.

  "Then I will go first!"The old man is very anxious. If the Sangong Palace is delayed, he can afford it and must arrive as soon as possible.

  The white light flashed, and there was a ripple in the air. Then the old man of the squad had already cut through the void and disappeared.

  The dead wood looked at the back of the old man who disappeared from the squad, but he felt an inexplicable irritability in his heart. How could the Triple Palace suddenly call the old man at this time?

  "A dead wood, can we go now?"The guard said respectfully.

  "Let's go!"The dead wood frowned, and the doubts in the heart were dispelled. Then the two escort guards quickly went to Dan Ding with the dead wood.

  After the dead wood three people left an hour, UU reading days of the scene suddenly appeared in the sky above the sword city. However, he was accompanied by another young man in blue. This blue man was a million days before he defeated Kita Ikeda!

  Wan Tianming looked at the gaze of the sky and filled with a trace of fear. There was no arrogance that just defeated Ikeda, but it was very flustered.

  There was a faint smile in the sky, and a white light appeared in his hand. The white light in his palm beats like a living thing with a strange atmosphere.

  "How can the mysterious person give me this thing? Why does he know that I am looking for dead wood? ”The day is not in meditation, the white light of the palm has been guiding him, to lead him to a place.

  Wan Tianming looked at the sky and didn't wait to meditate. There was no opening in one sentence, just waiting quietly.

  "Was the Yuande Dao people left the dead wood forever?" It seems that luck is on my side. ”The day is not waiting to hold the white light, and then gently to the sky: "No need to panic, our goal is only dead wood."

  "Yes."Wan Tianming’s eyes flashed through the undetectable fear, and he witnessed the horror of this gentle star’s power. At this moment, he did not dare to say anything, even the idea of ​​rebellion did not, he could only honestly follow I don’t want to be around in the sky.

  Then the day was not waiting and Wan Tianming fluttered in the direction of the dead wood.



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