Chapter 353 is underrated

  The dark clouds are still rolling, the sky is getting more and more gloomy, and even people feel an inexplicable irritability.

  "Predecessors, do you really want to fight with me?"The day is not waiting to stand in the same place and not taking the lead, but waiting patiently, it seems to let the dead wood first.

  There is a sixth-order medicinal herb in the hand of the dead wood. This medicinal herb has a nice name, called "transmutation", which is the medicinal agent that the old man of the squad was handed over to Mu Yu. Its efficacy is very against the sky, it can raise the life of an ordinary person to the expiration period, even if a mortal can punch out the power of the flood season!

  However, this medicinal effect can only last for half a quarter of an hour, the action time is extremely short, and the sequelae are very serious. That is, after the drug effect, it will be repaired in seven days, and it will be restored after seven days.

  This medicinal and Dan Ding faction is not a fusion of the semi-Cheng Dan "sadness" is a type, but "sadness" is a seventh-order remedy, it can promote the cultivation of human beings to the distraction period, there is no time limit, but the price It is dead after seven days!

  "Metamorphosis" and "sadness" have their own merits, and "sadness" will naturally be much stronger, because it has no time limit, but it is too expensive. ""Transmutation" is relatively acceptable in terms of consequences. It only loses seven days of repair, but the effect time is too short. It won't even be half a quarter of an hour. Once you can't solve your opponent within half an hour, you will be killed by your opponent.

  Both kinds of medicinal herbs are used for the low-cultivation comprehensions. Mu Yu originally dismissed the "deformation" of this medicinal medicinal rib. It was necessary to keep the old man's head for another one, but the dead wood chose to leave it because he had better. How to use it.

  The gossip pattern is scattered around the body of the dead wood, and the blood jade ink crystal exudes a dark red light, and the aura is continuously introduced into the gossip pattern. Then the dead wood hands quickly turned out the inscription, drawing a small formation in front of the eyes with mysterious trajectory.

  "Metamorphosis" medicinal herbs will appear in the center of the gossip, dead wood cut through the fingertips, a drop of blood fluttering out, into the "transformation" medicinal herbs. The formation suddenly bursts into a strong vortex to turn the "transformation" medicinal medicinal compound into a powder. The pure power suddenly pours out from the medicinal powder, and the vortex formed by the formation is absorbed, and then the vortex slowly Fitted on the dead chest, the breath of the nine-day sky slams away from the dead wood!

  "A very good array of techniques, even the ability to integrate the medicinal herbs into the array, the original instincts of this hand-in-hand are far behind. But did the predecessors think that they wanted to fight with me because of the repair period? ”I don’t want to ask gently.

  "talkative."The dead wood is stunned, the fingers are stretched out, the lines are swept away, and the five directions of the ground, which is not centered on the sky, suddenly burst into powerful spiritual fluctuations, followed by five tyrannical beams of light rising into the sky. The power of the light column has directly reached the intensity of the distraction period!

  The day is not waiting for the face to finally put away the contempt, the breath of these five beams of light is too strong, even he feels a shudder from the soul.

  "It seems that the dead wood predecessors deliberately stopped here waiting for me, even the traps are set, it is really amazing!"I don’t want to be surprised.

  Dead wood fights are the most annoying to talk nonsense, people who have more words generally die fast, so he is too lazy to explain to the sky. However, the five beams of light are indeed pre-set for dead wood. He knows that it is impossible to escape with the repair of the Golden Dan period. If he can't escape, he must only kill the chasers, so he intends to fight back directly.

  The other party wants to threaten Mu Yu with himself. This is the most unacceptable thing for dead wood.

  I don’t want to fly out of the five beams of light.

However, the five beams of light seem to be alive, such as the five tentacles directly take the sky back. There was a spear in the hand, and the spear turned into a path, and the five tentacles were caught against the tentacles.

  "The chop of the Star Gate."Withered eyes narrowed, he recognized the spear, the town's treasures of the Star Gate, the Star Spear and the Star Shield, known as the world's most powerful spear and shield. If Mu Yu is here, he will definitely recognize it, because at the beginning of the day, Tianyun relied on the star spear and the star shield to fight against the wood feather.

  “The predecessors were able to recognize the younger generation and really let the younger generations be flattered.”I don’t want to smile a little, "So the seniors think it is necessary to fight?"

  The Star Spear and the Star Shield were originally the magic weapon that the Master of the Stars gave to the sky. It was only in order to protect Tianyun that these two things were temporarily loaned to Tianyun. Known as the invincible star spear and the indestructible star shield, there is no contradiction between the two, because they will blend together when they collide.

  Dead wood does not want to answer, he knows that since there is a star spear, there must be a star shield, even if the dead wood still does not change color. If the self-cultivator thinks that the long-lost dead wood is useless after losing the repair, it is a big mistake.

  Because he is not only a master of poison, but also a strategist who can use the array to get the magic!

  The five beams of light are twisted and turned into the purest fists.

  "Predecessors, do you think that your formation has several layers of ability to break my Star Shield? And how long can you persist as a strategist? ”I don’t want to ask.

  Even if the dead wood uses the "transformation" remedy, it still only has the repair period of the stagnation period, even if the array is so powerful that he can instantly play the distracting period. The day is not a self-disciplined repairer, plus an indestructible star shield, so he believes that he only needs to resist the attack of several rounds of dead wood, when the dead wood is equivalent to the shackles.

  The dead wood just looked at the sky coldly. When he was fighting, he didn't want to say anything extra, because he didn't think it was necessary!

  Five blasts flew out of the dead wood, wrapped in five lines, and then disintegrated. The powerful medicinal power was once again turned into a five-group vortex, which was integrated into the five beams of light that surrounded the sky.

  These five blasts are the seventh-order blast of the old man who is observing the old man. What kind of repairs will be used to kill what is going on. If the dead wood detonates these five blasts according to normal means, at most, only the power of the flood season will erupt. However, the use of dead wood has already reached a terrible level. With the array method, he can completely make the seventh blast. The true power of Dan broke out!

  Five seventh-order blasts, meaning five attacks during the fit period!

  The horror of the breath is shrouded in the sky, and the face is not waiting for the face to finally show the look of dignity and even fear. He is far more powerful than the opponent of the fit period. The Star Shield can help him block the lethality of the fit period, but the powerful vibration of the fit period repairer can completely tear him through the Star Shield!

  He still underestimated the strength of Evergreen Evergreen!

  The light column exudes the horrible pressure of the fit period, instantly locks the body that is not waiting for the day, and the atmosphere of destroying the earth and the earth is not waiting to be bombarded, as if it can kill anything that is present! If this blow is going on, the sky will not be dead.

  I can't hide it, and I can't hide it!

  There was a figure in the woods that was covered in a black cloak. The figure was covered from head to toe, but there was a sacred white awn that wanted to shine through the black cloak. The breath is very stalwart and awesome.

  He looked at the dead wood in the distance, and then looked at the day when he was about to be killed by the fit-in period. He snorted: "Stupid cocky guy! I know you will have an accident! Evergreen Evergreen is also something you can do at your own pace? The dead woods are not weaker than the masters of the Lord. Even when the dead woods are only cultivated, the Lord does not want to provoke. If I don't see you still use it, I really don't want to shoot! waste! ”

  There are six of the most powerful strategists in the Triple Continent. The sword shadow dust, the evil shadow is not old, the phantom rain, the triple palace guards the array, the array of the heavens, the last one is the dead wood evergreen! Evergreen Evergreen is the lowest among the six and the youngest, but he is the most promising person.

  At the beginning, he was able to sneak in the face of evil spirits and sword shadows, and he was able to fight against evil in the golden age. This is enough to show how powerful the evergreen Evergreen is! However, because he was the lowest, and usually lonely and low-key, in addition to the first-hand poison, there is no obvious water. No one in the realm of comprehension has compared him to the shadow of the sword, the heavens and the evil, and he is a seriously underestimated existence.

  Others only know the reputation of his vicious poisonous king, but he does not know that he is actually a master of the law that even the three guards of the palace are jealous of three points!

  Dead wood has two rare treasures of blood jade ink crystal and purple light jade, especially blood jade ink crystal. This is a very rare base. The aura contained in it is quite huge, even though there is not much left in the aura, but in the dead wood. Under the calculation, it is still more than enough to kill the sky!

  The array method he used was a light combination method. He didn't need to mobilize his own spiritual power. He just used the array method to change the drug for a usage, and perfectly avoided all the defects of the drug.

  Like him to use the medicinal medicine, the real world can no longer find a second! Because everyone's common sense is that medicinal herbs are used to take, UU reading Who can think that medicinal herbs in the hands of dead wood simply do not need to take a strong effect!

  The dead wood eyes reveal the cold killing intention, and the day does not want to be unfavorable to the wood feathers, he must kill the sky and wait for the wood feather to have one enemy in the future. Mu Yu is like his child, he does not allow any child to hurt himself!

  However, at this moment, he suddenly changed his face, and the surrounding patterns suddenly became extremely unstable. Then a horrible force hit his feet and crushed all his lines. His face was white. Severely spit out a blood, and the look suddenly became wilted.

  "This breath is really a triple palace!"The appearance of resentment on the dead wood on the dead wood, the spiritual power of the body was instantly evacuated, and the huge array of weapons suddenly disintegrated, and the whole person swayed twice and fell to the ground.

  He only had the cultivation of the Golden Age. When he was concentrating on the day, he couldn’t stop the sneak attack. He didn’t expect the people of Sangong Palace to be so mean, secretly to him! Originally, he relied on the remedy of the medicinal herbs and the powerful tactics to kill the distracting period, but the people of the Miegong sneak shot and seriously injured him, and his plan was shattered.

  The consciousness of dead wood became a little fuzzy, and he saw that he had to get rid of the array and walk toward himself. He struggled to collect the blood jade ink crystal, did not kill the sky, this is his most worrying thing, because the day will not take him to threaten Mu Yu, he is afraid that Mu Yu is in danger.

  But dead wood can't do anything, and the darkness has swept over him.

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