Chapter 354 Report

  The dark clouds in the sky are still floating, but the raindrops can't fall, and everything on the eve of the storm makes everything seem so dull.

  There was a woman in the woods who was graceful and graceful. The woman was very enchanting and moving, and she was a jade girl of the evil school. At this moment, she was looking at her eyebrows, looking down at what she was looking for. She came to a messy place, and the surrounding trees had been razed to the ground, apparently indicating that there had been a fierce battle.

  He crouched down, his hands were filled with pink spiritual power, and he crossed the leaves slightly, then his face was slightly shocked: "This is the uncle's blood?"

  Straight up, she has been obsessed with the dead wood, these days, idle, nothing to do with the smell of dead wood everywhere, I did not expect to find the blood of dead wood after trailing here!

  He is a evil person, and the evil spirits have their own unique methods of chasing the breath. In particular, the cockroaches often move their hands on the dead wood. They have long since unknowingly invaded their own breath into the dead wood, so they can follow The smell of dead wood is here.

  "Uncle, you don't have an accident, I haven't caught you yet!"His face looked very annoyed. "Which bastard dared to hurt my uncle!"

  He is a big uncle, although it is a evil person, many things are unacceptable, but dare to love and hate, never afraid of trouble, the things that are determined will stick to the end. She reached out and the pink spiritual power spread out on her own, then leaped to the treetops and headed for the direction of the dead wood valley.

  It took only a quarter of an hour for the woods to reach the valley, and fell into the valley, then saw the dead wood lying under the enchanted trees, and then the eyes fell on the two people in front of them.

  "Miss 绾绾, long-awaited name."I don’t want to smile. It’s no surprise that the arrival of the donkey seems to have been waiting for a long time. When Wan Tianming saw the cockroach, his face became paler.

  When I was gazing, my face showed anger and shouted: "I don't want to wait, it turns out that you have been peeing at the dead wood. I warn you, but the dead wood is the person I saw. You will let him go, or I will You are welcome!"

  I don’t want to shake my head: "Miss, I don't want to cause trouble, but you are just right, I need you to help me with a letter."

  "Reporting? Wait until I kill you and say it! ”You can't wait for the shit, the star of the star, and the sect of the sect. The sects have never been afraid of anyone. The eight people who died in the hands of the shackles are not one or two. She sighed and rushed to the sky.


  Mu Yu is very dull, he always feels something is going to happen. I don't know why, he always thinks of dead wood inexplicably. Although the dead wood and the old man are walking together, he always feels that he is still worried.

  The dark clouds in the sky have gathered for a day and a night, and there is still no rain. Early the next morning, Mu Yu got up very early, he didn't fall asleep all night, and that feeling was still lingering in his heart.

  "boom! boom! boom! ”

  The door of the small courtyard was suddenly beaten hard, and the people outside seemed to have an urgent need to rush in. The small courtyard was set up by Feng Haochen, and no one other than Mu Yu could hardly come in.

  In the early morning, Lan Linger was in the courtyard and was interrupted by the knocking of the door. She frowned slightly and couldn't understand who would knock the door so early. Although very unhappy, Lan Linger still walked over to open the door of the small courtyard.

  Anxiously rushed in.

  "What about wood feathers? I am looking for him to have something about dead wood. ”The first sentence that came in was to look for Mu Yu directly.

  "Mu Yu, someone is looking for you."Lan Linger shouted. For the evil faction, the people in this other house can't say whether it is welcome or contradictory. Lan Linger knows the identity of the deaf, and he knows the identity of everyone in this courtyard, but the two sides have never touched each other before.

  "Hey, you are late, the old man has already gone to Dan Ding."Mu Yu shook his head slightly. This embarrassment is really persistent. He always thought that he liked to use dead wood just to tease. I didn't expect to go to find dead wood now.

  He said solemnly: "I already knew that the dead wood followed the people of the Herbs Church and returned to Dan Ding, but he can't go back now."

  Mu Yu frowned: "Can't you go back?" What do you mean? Did you kidnap him? ”

  Then he thought that something was wrong. The dead wood went with the Yuande Dao people. Did you dare to look for death under the eyes of the eighth-order alchemy teacher during the robbery period?

  He snorted and said: "I originally planned this. I told you that the Yuande Dao people seem to have left the dead wood in the middle of the road. The two people who escorted the dead wood are not waiting to be killed. What are you waiting for? resentment? Why don’t you wait for the uncle of the dead wood to threaten you? ”

  "Don't wait to hold the dead wood father?" Who is not waiting for the day? ”Mu Yu suddenly suddenly tightened, he never heard of who is not waiting, do not understand when he got into such a person. But this person is surnamed Tian, ​​is it the person of the Star Gate?

  "Don't wait for the little gatekeeper of the Star Gate, I remembered it. I heard that you have abandoned the younger brother Tianyun, who is not waiting for it. It must be because this incident involves Uncle Hemu! I tell you, Uncle Uncle Wood's situation is very bad, and I don't want to hurt him seriously! ”He glanced at Mu Yu.

  "Severe injury! Where is the dead wood father now? ”Mu Yu heard about the injury of dead wood, and suddenly the blood went straight to the brain. At the time of the Dan Ding School, the dead wood was implicated because of his affairs, and it was almost harmed by the Xu Zi page.
Things have already made him smash into the present, but I didn’t expect this time because his work caused the dead wood to be hurt again!

  "I followed the uncle all the way, until I went to the valley where the dead wood once lived, and I met the day." Originally, I wanted to save the uncle directly. Unfortunately, I am not waiting for the opponent. In short, he asked me to bring you a message. If you want to save the dead wood, you need to go to the valley alone! ”The expression on her face was very serious. She did not suffer any injuries, but she did not take any advantage.

  It is a jade girl of the evil school. It may not be as unfortunate as Ximen, but it is absolutely not good. However, you are not an opponent who is not waiting for you!

  Mu Yu did not say anything, and turned around and rushed out toward the door.

  But Luo Wei’s figure suddenly appeared beside Mu Yu’s body, holding Mu Yu’s hand and stopping him: “You can’t go alone.”

  "let me go!"Mu Yu said coldly.

  Luo Wei frowned: "People who can't even beat you, you go to die alone."

  "let me go!"Mu Yu repeated it.

  "I know that dead wood is very important to you, but we need to take a long-term view of this matter. I don’t want to hear it, but he’s a small door to the Star Gate. Can you deal with it? ”Luo Wei still clung to Mu Yu, then snorted and said, "Go, I will accompany you."

  Mu Yu looked up and looked at his two brothers. Although they basically did not say anything good when they met each other, they taunted each other from time to time, but at a critical juncture, Luo Yi always reluctantly helped himself.

  "What you want to do doesn't matter to me, but Master won't let you die, so you can't die."Luo Wei said simply.

  He said: "There is no need to say it. Only Mu Yu is allowed to go alone. Once other people appear within a hundred miles of the valley, the life of Uncle Wood will not be preserved."

  Cheng Yan and others also rushed over and asked about the situation. As a master, he was not allowed to let Mu Yu go alone.

  "Hey, can you go to your master to help the elderly?" The dead wood predecessors and the evil predecessors know each other, he should be able to save the dead wood predecessors. ”The thoughts were contemplative and asked for a long while.

  He shook his head: "My master is not in the southern fifty-liyuan. Tell me the truth!" He was worried that the sword shadow dust wind was robbed by the people of the Sangong Palace on the road, so he followed your master all the way! ”

  Evil and old have always been very dissatisfied with the actions of Feng Haochen, but how he is dissatisfied is also a thousand years of friendship with the wind and dust. He knows that Feng Haochen is likely to be stared by the people of Sangong Palace before entering the Mohe Mountain Range, and he does not want to weaken his face in front of the wind and dust, so he secretly reluctantly protects the wind and dust.

  Everyone looks at each other and they don't know it.

  Mu Yu tightened his lips and then shook his head. "I can't drag it anymore. It's caused by me alone. I don't want the dead wood to bear the consequences for me, and –"

  He clenched his fists, his eyes faintly black and white.

  "The dead wood is very important to me, just as important as my father."

  Mu Yu’s voice is very firm, his face is full of perseverance and trust. It is an unprecedented affirmation. It should be a natural fact, but it is a glimpse of recognition.

  They have never seen Mu Yu have had such a look. In their impression, Mu Yu has always been greatly embarrassed. UU reading likes to make fun of jokes and chaos, just like a young man who never grows up. Children, if something is okay, they will be slandered. But the little teacher today seems to be very different. It seems that there is a kind of unspeakable flame burning on him, and people can't bear to go out.

  There was a ray of light in Luo's gaze, and he loosened Mu Yu's arm silently.

  Everyone has some people who are worthy of their own protection, just like Feng Haochen is willing to sacrifice his own cultivation to protect the people of the triple continent. The dead wood chooses to save the enemy and the dust for the sake of the people who like it. My father was not killed by the ghost Xuan Yue and chose to block the deadly sword…

  Luo Wei also had, he left the dusty mountain and left the Mouyun Mountain Range. It was because he was controlled by the fire and the main control of the fire in a loss of control. Lan Linger, in order to no longer hurt anyone who fell to the dusty mountain, he resolutely chose. go away.

  If dead wood is so important to Mu Yu, then Luo Wei will not stop it.

  Qiao Xue walked to the side of Mu Yu, her hand once again held down the chest of the wooden feathers, the blue brilliance was introduced into the body of the wood feather, and then whispered: "I know the importance of loved ones, you have to be careful, We will meet you outside and crush the ice once something goes wrong, I will know."

  The ice crystals with blue awns are attached to the chest of the wooden feathers, calming the mood of the wooden feathers.

  Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue’s pure eyes and then turned and walked toward the door.

  No one stopped him this time.

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