Chapter 361 The Cruel Truth

  The leaves of the nine-day magic array have been firmly trapped in the consciousness of Mu Yu, and only the leaves of the sky are accompanied every day. At this moment, the sentence is still playing with the leaves, and only the wood feathers are shocked by the words of Mang.

  Is the Mie Palace really only for murder?

  "How do you know about the soul?"Mu Yu’s brain was in chaos, and he didn’t know if he should believe the words of Mang.

  "We didn't know it, but when the sword shadow dust used us to make us into reincarnation, we saw the soul's belonging in the passage of the reincarnation. The soul power generated by the soul was all taken away by the Triple Palace. We This discovered the conspiracy of the Mie Palace! Don't ask me what is my reincarnation, because I don't know, you should ask the sword shadow dust, his ability has gone against the sky to a terrible point, we are inevitable to lose to five of them, just do not understand why he It is really difficult to understand the choices that will be made at the expense of one’s own cultivation. ”

  The sentence is not clear about the choice of the sword shadow dust, Mu Yu does not know. Feng Haochen has never mentioned too much in the past, and the fans on his body always cover one layer after another, which makes people unable to ponder. But Mu Yu was able to confirm that his master had accidentally looked away and had misunderstood the Triple Palace.

  "How do I know if you are telling whether it is true or not? The ghost gate will also control the soul. ”Mu Yu is still unbelievable, but in combination with the work of the Triple Palace on the sword shadow, he has already believed the words of Mang.

  The lawmakers are shrouded in sacred light, so stalwart, awesome.

  But it is so dirty.

  Under the sacred light of the Mie Palace, does it really hide an ugly dark heart?

  Sentence swayed his head scornfully: "The means used by the ghost gates to use the soul power is only nine years, and they cannot be compared with the Mie Palace." How do you think that our Yumeng Mozu escaped from the imprisonment? With the ability of the sword shadow dust, our Yumeng Mozu has no chance to escape the imprisonment. ”

  Mu Yu’s mind was shocked: “Do you mean the Triple Palace to help you?”

  "Yes, when you used Fulongshan to transfer the array, I found that something was wrong. The position of the transmission array was fixed. This is impossible!" When you enter the second day, you should know that there must be two transmissions. If one is destroyed, the location of the transmission is random. But you used the Fulong Mountain transmission array twice to appear in the suffocating city. I can be sure that it is definitely not random. This is enough to show that the Miegong Palace secretly rescued us from the sleepy Xianji! ”There was a hint of laughter on the face of the sentence.

  "How can this be?"Mu Yu was shocked.

  "How can it be impossible? Most of you are self-serving, and every day people are killed, but the souls provided by these killed people are not enough to maintain the power of the Triple Palace. They must launch a war again. The war is capable of acquiring souls on a large scale. Forceful. As the main force of the war, if we are trapped in the desert mountains, who are you fighting with? ”

  "Without Yumen, is there a demon? As you said, the Triple Palace needs war, why not go to the Yaozu? ”Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  Sentence sneered and continued: "The demon? When you release the White Demon King, the whole comprehension community is denying you, what decision has the Sangong Palace made? If the Mie Palace is really for the benefit of the people, they should kill you directly in the name of the traitor! The repair of the White Demon King is not as good as it was in the past. It is more than enough for the Mie Palace to kill him, but they did not, because the Mie Palace found that you had created a chance to launch a war by mistakenly hitting them.

When the demon is also involved in the war, the resulting soul will be even bigger. ”

  Mu Yu took a breath, the war between the Terran, the Yumeng Mozu and the Yaozu really came this way?

  "Have you ever thought about it? Ghost Gates and Life and Death Gates Although the Mie Palace is strictly forbidden to kill people in name, the number of people who secretly kill them has long been countless. If they are really considering the peace of the human race, they should directly destroy the existence of the ghost gate and the life and death gate. With the power of the Mie Palace, they will not know what these two disgusting sects are doing? The Triple Palace allows them to exist because they secretly kill people and can provide the soul of the Triple Palace with the power to maintain it! ”

  The sentence of Mang’s words makes Mu Yu’s cockroach, is this the Mie Palace? Although he does not like the Mie Palace, he at least thinks that the Mie Palace is for the peace of the Terran, but the words of Mang’s words directly subvert his worldview.

  The Triple Palace seems to be the mastermind of the war?

  "By the way, tell you something. The higher the talent, the stronger the soul will be. The soul is especially strong in the forty-year-old comprehension. I think you should think about something right."The sentence smirked.

  Mu Yu clenched his fist and said slowly: "The immortal list."

  Everyone thought that the Mie Palace issued a very popular list, in order to call the outstanding Terran genius to become the general of the Anti-Japanese Umon Devil, so each young talent is challenging others to become a better fairy. However, if the sentence is correct, does it mean that the polar list is in the manufacture of killings?

  The celestial list is fluctuating every day, and from time to time there are celestial beings killed. From the moment of the appearance of the celestial list, many young geniuses have been dying, but there are always people who have succeeded and replaced them to become a great immortal.

  At that time, Mu Yu thought about this matter. Since the celestial beings are fighting against the Yumeng Mozu, why should we set up the celestial list? Before the fierce list, before the war with the Yumeng Mozu, the talented people of the Terran had already died countless. If these dead geniuses can let them participate in the battle of the Yumeng Mozu, Ben
Being a big force!

  However, it is simply unreasonable to let the three princes kill themselves with these outstanding geniuses! If Mie Miyam really considers the threat of the Yumeng Mozu, they should ban the killing of talents on the top of the list!

  The problem is that all the comprehensions believe in the slogan of the Mie Palace: Only the celestial beings who have been subjected to the brutal competition are eligible to become the leaders of the human race!

  "Does such a triple palace worthy of guarding?"

  The sentence of Mang’s words is like a sharp stinger, shooting the heart of Mu Yu, making him angry. The Mie Palace killed the dead wood indiscriminately, and did not find out the truth at all. Human life seemed so worthless in their eyes. I am afraid that in their opinion, can you want to die anywhere, anytime? If you die, you can provide the soul power. Whether he is dying or white, just let them grab the handle, first kill and collect the soul and say it!

  He will never allow dead wood to die like this!

  "Save the dead old wood."Mu Yu angered.

  Shou Mang shook his head: "I can't do it. The nine-day magic array is under the dust of the sword shadow, and I can't break it with my ability."

  "How do you break the nine-day magic array?"Mu Yu did not want to think about anything. The Mie of the Mie Palace killed the dead wood, and he only wanted to let the dead wood old man survive.

  "Broken the nine-day magic array, you have to find dead wood or sword shadow dust, the evil shadow is not old, the people who have very research on the law can do it. Obviously, your Master didn't tell you that the cracking of the nine-day magic array is correct, isn't it? ”In the eyes of the sentence, there is a flash of blue light.

  Feng Haochen considered it very well. At the beginning, he did not intend to teach Mu Yu how to arrange. The dead wood teaches Mu Yu more about the poison, and his formation has only learned a little fur.

  "Is there any other way?"Mu Yu lost his soul. He had two masters as masters. The irony is that he did not learn the essence of the law.

  Feng Haochen has returned to the Moyun Mountain Range. The evil shadows will not help him at all. The dead wood is not to be framed by the sky. He died in the hands of the law enforcement of the Mie Palace. The possibility of cracking the nine-day magic circle is very low.

  "I don't think you need to worry about anything," said the Munchkin, "triple Palace I wish I could take your consciousness, again led Youmont and the Terran War, so if I think the right words, soon perhaps Triple Palace will find ways to help you break nine days seal magic, Triple Palace So afraid of sword shadow dust wind, but let you five people alive, Because you are the key to this war. ”

  If the Mie Palace wants to launch a war with Yumeng, it must release the Lord Eugene. If the Yumuning Lord does not participate in the battle, the Yumeng group has no head and will certainly be defeated. This kind of war cannot last for too long.

  "I don't want to let the three palaces help, you must know some other ways."Mu Yu said stiffly.

  Sentence looked thoughtfully at Mu Yu, saying: "There is a way, but you won't like it."

  "What is it?"

  "Killing. Killing is also a terrible force. If a person’s killing is too heavy, the five elements in the body will be out of balance. UU reads www. The nine-day magic zone will not break. ”

  Mu Yu is silent, he never likes to kill. He will not be merciful to kill a person who deserves a sin, but if he is allowed to kill him purely for killing, he can't do it.

  "If you don't pay attention, you will destroy a person's will and get lost in killing. It is the most vulnerable time for a person's will, and it is also a good opportunity for me to wake up from your body and control your body."Sentence does not shy away.

  He used to take the opportunity to murder Mu Yu when he was out of control. He tried to make Mu Yu lose himself, but he didn't succeed.

  Sentence directly tells Mu Yu about his purpose, and let Mu Yu make a choice. How to decide is what Mu Yu himself is.

  If you want to save the dead wood, you have to break the nine-day magic array and use the ability between life and death. The easiest way to break the nine-day magic array is to kill. And letting a person live for killing is a terrible state.

  Obviously, this wind has already known, so he has been teaching Mu Yu and others to do things with their own heart, to have a clear conscience, he does not want Mu Yu to walk on the edge of killing.

  Whether it is dead wood or windy dust, they set up the purpose of the nine-day magic array to imprison the Lord of the Eugene, to protect the wood feathers and others from being controlled by the Yumuning Lord.

  If Mu Yu chooses to kill, it is equivalent to abandoning their original intention.

  "I won't let you control my body."Mu Yu shook his head slightly.

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