Chapter 363 farewell

  The rain poured down and the wood feathers exuded a strong spiritual force, and all the rain was isolated. He didn't want the dead wood to drizzle.

  Qiao Xue went over and looked at the dead wood silently. She had no intersection with the dead wood, but she knew the position of dead wood in the heart of Mu Yu. In the small yard, the relationship between dead wood and Mu Yu made Qiao Xue very envious. Dead wood is an elder who can't move and swear, but when he is a wooden feather, it is more like a strange way of communication. It is so casual and has no artificial work.

  Mu Yu is always a happy smile in front of the dead wood. He will never be angry because he is shackled. They are indeed a father and son.

  Qiao Xue extended his finger and gently clicked on the dead wood. The raindrops around are like living, slowly wrap the body of the dead wood, and then slowly turn into ice crystals, covering the dead wood.

  These ice crystals are spiritual in nature, changing with the movement of the wood feathers, and also washing away the blood and stains on the dead wood. The dead wood in the ice crystal is so serene, it seems that it is just sleeping, and every detail on the body is well preserved.

  "Thank you."Mu Yu’s hand reached into the ice crystals, smoothed the clothes of the dead wood, and tidy his messy hair.

  Qiao Xue bit his finger, a drop of blood dripping on the ice crystal, softly said: "This ice crystal will be kept in this state forever, his body will not be damaged until you do what you want to do."

  Qiao Xue has already guessed what Mu Yu wants to do. She knows that the mansions in Mu Yu have the ability to live and die in the blink of an eye. I am afraid that Mu Yu intends to use this ability to save dead wood, but because of the seal, he currently lost this. Ability, we must find a way to break the seal first. It will certainly take a long time, and the remains of dead wood should be protected.

  Qiao Xue’s words also reminded Cheng Yan and Luo Wei that they frowned slightly.

  "If you want to resurrect him, you must rely on the ability of the mans, which means to solve the nine-day magic array. This is a very dangerous thing, you can't take this risk."The suspicion hesitated for a long while, opening the way.

  "Master will not agree with you to do this. The dead wood predecessors also participated in the nine-day magic array. They are not willing to let you solve the nine-day magic array for him."Luo Wei said seriously.

  Oppose the sound.

  Mu Yu also expected that there would be such persuasion. He understood that the brothers would oppose it, but he did not want to refute anything. The brothers have their concerns, and Mu Yu has his own ideas.

  He only knows that dead wood should not die.

  "I just want to send him back to the Dan Ding faction and send it to the elders of cold and snow. That is his last wish."Mu Yu stopped his footsteps, his voice seemed surprisingly calm, but he did not have the liveliness of the past. Instead, he had an unspeakable sense of resistance that made it impossible for others to get close.

  "You don't have to follow me, I won't do stupid things, I have a measure."Mu Yu Road.

  He took the dead wood and vacated, turned a direction and went to Dan Ding. Long Teng has also vacated, narrowed down on the shoulders of Mu Yu, Xiao Shuai squatting beside Longtan, the two guys did not squash this time, did not speak, they know that this is not a time of quarrel.

  Cheng Yan and Luo Wei looked at each other, and Luo wanted to follow the past, but the words stopped him.

  "Let him go! Some things need to be undertaken by himself. Although he has caused a lot of things,

But he is not a rash person. Master told us that if anything feels right, then do it. Mu Yu listened to Master's words. If he felt that he had not done anything wrong, then we should not stop him. ”

  Looking at the back of Mu Yu, this is always a small younger brother who is always irritating and optimistic, but today Mu Yu’s performance is so abnormal. He understands that Mu Yu is no longer the one that once needed him to protect. The younger brother.

  People should always learn to grow up and not always rely on others.

  Only Qiao Xue followed the past, she did not know why she had to follow Mu Yu, only know that at this moment, Mu Yu should not bear this pain alone.

  The road back to Dan Ding was very long, Mu Yu was flying silently, and Qiao Xue was with him. Qiao Xue is different from other people. She has never said anything about comforting Mu Yu. She only makes a quiet companion, so that Mu Yu does not feel lonely and does not appear to be annoyed.

  They flew for four days and four nights, Mu Yu did not stop, just flying, there was no words on the road. When I arrived at the Danding School, the disciples of the Danding School had already known Mu Yu. No one dared to stop him, so that he could return to the Danding School without any hindrance and went to the mountain where the cold and snow were.

  There was a drizzle in the sky, and the cold snow and ice looked at the distance in the pavilion on the mountain. I don’t know why she was upset and always felt what was going to happen. She remembered the dead wood, the man who had let her wait for a lifetime said that she would return to her side after solving the problem of Mu Yu, and she was a little more practical.

  The guy who is the head of the elm, when will he come back!

  A disciple ran flustered and reported that someone had rushed into the cold peak. Cold and snowy, beautiful and beautiful, dare to break into the cold peak has not been encountered so far. In the Dan Ding faction, it is impossible for outsiders to come in, but who is inside the Dan Ding faction who dares to do this kind of thing?

  But cold and snow soon knew who was coming.

  Mu Yu came to the cold and snow with his dead wood step by step. His steps were heavy and his face was full of endless sadness.

  When the cold and snowy eyes fell on the dead wood, she stunned.

  The sky crossed a flash of lightning, splitting the dark clouds, and panicked her!

  The soul-wounded man finally came back, but he could no longer speak.

  Looking cold and snowy at the dead wood, my heart suddenly became empty. She didn't yell and yell, and didn't ask what was going on. She just took the dead wood slowly and held the man in her arms.

  This bastard has escaped for most of his life and finally went home honestly.

  Tears slipped silently, and she looked at the dead wood in obscurity, and she could no longer accommodate others.

  The wind and rain blows the entire mountain, and the leaves are falling. However, all the raindrops and leaves cannot get close to the cold snow and the dead wood. They are tightly embracing in the rain, and no one is bothering.

  "Is it time to go to heaven?"Cold ice and snow squirmed lips and asked softly.

  "The day is not waiting for him to be trapped, let him kill a very fairy, and the Triple Palace killed him in the name of breaking the rules."Mu Yu’s heart was filled with hatred, but he was very calm, and he had already buried his grief.

  The road to revenge does not need to be sad.

  "Star Gate, when you go to heaven, I know."The cold and snowy fingertips crossed the cheeks of the dead wood, but the eyes became extremely firm.

  She knows that the day is not the Lord of the Star Gate, but also knows the relationship between Deng Tian and the Tianxing Gate, and the right and wrong of it has already guessed it. If she said that Deng Tian did not involve this matter, she did not believe it.

  The Yundan Taoist people also heard the news and rushed over. Together with him, there were medicines such as Wuji and Qi Lie, who only went to heaven when they were missing. The moment they saw the dead wood, the face changed instantly!

  "I just heard the news that the dead wood killed the people on the list of immortals. What is going on?"Yundan Taoist Shen Shen.

  Dead wood is his younger brother and the master of Mu Yu. Whether it is the identity or ability of Mu Yu, he can't ignore this matter. Mu Yu can remove the slag from the body of the alchemy, and can also integrate the semi-chengdan. The Yuande Dao people can break through the robbery period and become the eighth-order alchemy teacher.

  The reason why Muyu will help Yundan and others is because of the relationship between dead wood, and now the dead wood is gone. The Danding faction has no more things that Mu Yu is worthy of nostalgia. If Yundan Taoist does not handle the dead wood, it is very likely that Let Mu Yu hate the Dan Ding faction.

  Although Mu Yu is the master of the Dan Ding faction, Yun Dan Taoist will not be stupid enough to use this identity to limit Mu Yu.

  "The day is not waiting for the slaves to frame the dead wood, control the dead wood to kill a very fairy."Mu Yu does not want to explain too much.

  "Is there evidence?"Yundan Taoist people also angered in their hearts.

  Dan Ding and the Star Gate are both famous and decent. If they are evil with each other, the Yundan Taoist who is the head of the Danding School will not choose to forcibly rip the skin with the Star Gate unless there is Ironclad certificate.

  Mu Yu shook his head. He didn't expect the Danding party to stand here from the beginning. All of this is just his side, not enough to convince Yundan people. I don’t have to dare to do this. I have already guessed the consequences. As a small gatekeeper of the Star Gate, he is not a waste of the unscrupulous business of Tianyun, but a thoughtful person. He knew what would happen if he killed the dead wood by himself, so he didn't let Mu Yu grab the handle.

  "Mu Yu, you have to know, if there is no hard evidence…"Yundan Taoist hesitated.

  "I know that I will handle this matter myself, I will not make you embarrassed."Mu Yu responded calmly.

  He did not intend to let Yundan Dao intervene. Even if he finally found out that the death of dead wood had a relationship with the time, Yundan Taoist would not let the time go to life.

  When Dengtian is the master of the pulse, he has the absolute right to speak in the Danding School, not the dead wood, who has been neglecting affairs all the year round. The contribution of the two to the Dan Ding School is completely different. The death of dead wood and the death of the sky are two concepts.

  "Protect his body, this ice crystal will ensure that his body will never rot. Don't bury him, UU reads www. Uukanshu. Com This is his last wish. ”Mu Yu Road.

  This is not the wish of dead wood, but the will of Mu Yu, but he can't tell him what he is going to do.

  "I know."Cold ice and snow silently nodded, but the eyes did not leave the dead wood for a moment, if this is the last wish of dead wood, she will certainly help the dead wood.

  "The dead wood said that he is willing to be with you forever, I have already handed him over to you, you take care of him, I will come back to see him often, as long as his body is intact, I will even -" Mu Yu Tightened his lips.

  "There will be a way to wake him up."

  Cold ice and snow jerked up and looked at Mu Yu.

  But Mu Yu has turned around and walked down the mountain. After a few steps, I stopped and said the voice coldly. "The slave is the invention of my master's sword and dust. Invented to control Yumeng, Danfang is in your hands, but it is used by you in an improper place. You have to remember! The death of dead wood is because some of you have refining the slaves. This is the banned drug of the triple continent. If I let the slaves see me again, I will definitely let him pay the price. ”

  Mu Yu’s eyes glanced coldly at the Yundan Taoist and others, and then there was a thick murder in his eyes: “And, I will definitely kill when I am dead.”

  The murderousness suddenly swept from Mu Yu, and the Yundan Taoist and other people changed their face and wanted to refute anything, but Mu Yu had already vacated and went back to the outside without going back.

  Qiao Xue did not say a word, and left with Mu Yu.

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