Chapter 365

  Set the soul of that person is so serene, like sleeping in general, but let the wood plume withered heart suddenly filled with air.

  Deadwood, Daddy!

  Mu Yu looked at the illusory shadow, but he was not sure, because he did not know if this is still the illusion of the dead wood. However, his sense of vitality is so familiar that he can clearly feel the dead wood in the set of souls is not an illusion, but a real soul!

  That is the soul of the dead wood!

  But at this moment, the dead wood old man closed his eyes, no consciousness, the soul is somewhat unstable, and there is a danger of dissipating at any time. If there is no help from the soul, this soul is likely to be broken. Mu Yu did not dare to touch this fixed soul array. He did not understand the operation principle of this array method, and he was afraid of losing the effect of the fixed soul array.

  "Mu Yu, we are back."Xiaoshuai jumped and held several chicken legs, and he was very happy. Qiao Xue also fell to the side of Mu Yu.

  "Little handsome, help me see! The situation of dead wood old man! ”Mu Yu slammed the tail of Xiao Shuai and handed the blood jade ink crystal to Xiaoshuai.

  "What did you say about the dead wood? Mu Yu, the dead wood old man, he is not dead…"Xiaoshuai’s chicken legs were taken away by Mu Yu, but it was not angry this time, but hesitated.

  "The soul of the soul, the soul, the young handsome look at the dead wood old man is still saved!"Mu Yu said anxiously.

  Qiao Xue worriedly put her hand on the shoulder of Mu Yu. She thought that Mu Yu had an illusion because of excessive sadness. However, Mu Yu quickly explained the matter of blood jade, and both Xue Xue and Xiao Shuai would be suspicious. Xiaoshuai took over the blood jade ink crystal. According to Mu Yu, he found a fixed soul array. When he saw the dead wood, Xiao Shuai also snorted.

  "how about it? Hey, is he okay? ”Mu Yu asked nervously that only Xiao Shuai knew the problem of life and death.

  "A very good array of methods can actually force the soul to be fixed intact, which is much better than the means of ghosts."Xiaoshuai said in amazement, then frowned. "But his soul is damaged, I am afraid it is not so easy to recover." The power of the law enforcer was very strange that day, and that kind of power was also very harmful to the soul. The soul of the dead wood, the current soul, was not afraid of being hurt by the white light of the Miegong law enforcement. ”

  The power of the law enforcer is the soul of hatred, this is the power taken from the dead.

  "Is the old man saved?"Mu Yu asked eagerly.

  Xiao Shuai Road: "I do not know if there is no rescue, now caused by this situation may be in the dead wood dad died after the soul of the moment inadvertently be determined by the soul array to pull in, but there was some rift in the chest of his soul, which was wounded by the law enforcers, and I thought that the soul of those whose cracks were repaired should be able to regain consciousness. ”

  Mu Yu was pleasantly asked: "Is there any way to fix the cracks in the soul?"

  Xiaoshuai touched his head and said in a confused way: "I don't know. When I met the ghost people, I found that their practice of cultivation can be resurrected after death. Maybe they have any solution to the soul!"

  "Ghost door!"Mu Yu tightened his fist. He didn't like ghost gates, but if the ghost gate can save the old man, he would find a way to go to the ghost gate to find a way to repair the soul crack.

  Qiao Xue’s face changed slightly. At the time of the double heaven, the hottest means of Ghost Gate still reminds her of her.

She still can't forget the tragic death of the Yao people who entered the double heaven with her.

  "Mu Yu, are you really going to go to the ghost door to find a way to treat dead wood?"Qiao Xue asked hesitantly.

  Xiaoshuai contemplatively said: "There is no rush to go to the ghost door. This fixed soul is too complicated. It can keep the soul of the old man from dissipating. It seems that the soul can survive forever in this formation. I think he I can leave this formation briefly after waking up in the future. I don't understand the specific situation. However, all the methods are in need of maintenance. If you don't understand this method, once there is a problem with a certain pattern of the array, then the array is very likely to remain unresolved. ”

  Mu Yu was shocked. The method he learned was only a fur. The soul of the soul was a top-notch formation. It was far from what he could understand. He was not able to maintain it. He wanted to keep the dead wood. The soul must learn "Xuanzhen".

  The dead wood originally created the soul of the soul for the sake of Miao language, but never imagined that this battle was being beaten to save himself.

  "I understand, I have to go to a battle!"Mu Yu stood up and looked firm. The dead wood gave him the choice to learn whether or not to learn the array. The answer to today's Mu Yu is self-evident. The "Xuanzhen" left by the dead wood old man is too deep, and the wood feather must learn the basic knowledge of the formation to learn the "Xuanzhen". The dead wood sergeant suggested that he go to the basic knowledge of the sect of the sect, then he must go to the squad.

  Not to mention that the Mie Palace guards are very likely to hit their minds to the ancestors of the ancestors. Once the Heavenly Road dies in the hands of the Mie Palace guards, then the sleepy Xianji will be in jeopardy!

  "I go with you."Qiao Xue said.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "No, I will enter the sect of the sect of the sect. I am going to look for the sky, he will not necessarily see me, and he will not necessarily believe me. But if I become part of the squad, just find a chance and you can find a way to let him agree to help me. ”

  He didn’t know if the array’s line of heaven knew the conspiracy of the Mie Palace, and actually even even
The dead wood old man is not clear that the Triple Palace is the mastermind of the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran War. The dead wood old man only knows that the Sangong Palace guards are for the eternal life of the wind and dust and do not know anything else.

  Nowadays, the realm of comprehension is the leader of the Sangong Palace. As the founder of the ancestor, even if he knows the truth of the matter, he may not dare to openly violate the Sangong Palace for his own martial art. Therefore, Mu Yu cannot go directly to the heavens, he only Can go to the sect to inquire about the news, and learn the basic knowledge of the formation.

  He has two masters of the tactics as masters, but he has not learned the essence of the law. Every time the dead wood said that Mu Yu would go out and give him the face of the sect of the sect. Formerly, Mu Yu did not agree, but this time he really planned to study the tactics seriously.

  In order to save the dead wood, but also not to lose face to the dead wood.

  Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu and nodded. "Then you have to be careful, I have to go back to the Yaozu."

  As early as a month ago, Qiao Xue received news of the Yaozu, let her hurry back, but she has been dragging, staying to accompany Mu Yu. In her opinion, the thing of Mu Yu is the most important thing.

  Mu Yu stared at Qiao Xue. These days, he was accompanied by Qiao Xue, so that he was not alone, and he was relieved. He hesitated for a moment, then hugged Joe Snow and whispered in Joe Snow: "Thank you."

  Qiao Xue’s face suddenly became red. She pushed the wooden feather and shook her head: “No thanks, it’s awkward, she will do the same.”

  Mu Yu tightened his lips, and his heart was not a taste. Since the last time, he has never seen it, but Qiao Xue suddenly walked into his heart and made him feel confused. Qiao Xue is a kind girl, she does not want to be the existence of the destruction of other people's feelings.

  "I know that you are not a rash person, so I believe that you will not do rash things. Xiaoshuai, you have to be obedient! Both of you must be good, understand? ”Qiao Xue touched Xiao Shuai's head. Xiaoshuai looks very cute. It is a "girl killer" who likes to lick the girl's chest. Every girl likes it.

  "Know, Joe Snow."Xiaoshuai licked his big tail.

  Mu Yu looked at Qiao Xue, and Qiao Xue looked at him. The two stared at it. Then Xue Xue showed a brilliant smile and turned and left the cliff.

  Looking at the figure of Qiao Xue gradually disappeared into the sky, Mu Yu recovered from the hustle and bustle.

  It’s been a long time to be quiet, and it’s time to do something. He took out the shadow sword and found a negligible fine iron left by the sergeant in his shadow sword. That is what the slogan can sense his position. Going forward, he should learn to grow up now, and he doesn't want to rely on the help of the words and Luo. He took the fine iron down and then took the little handsome to the sky.


  In the southern 50-mile garden, in an elegant attic, the sky is not waiting to sit face to face with Tianyun. The day does not wait for a decent attitude, and it gives people a feeling of weak scholars, and no one will associate the young people in front of them with the heart.

  "Brother, when will he come to you?"Tianyun’s right leg has already been connected.

  I don’t want to take a sip of tea slowly, and gentle: "He will come to me."

  Tianyun angrily licked his right leg and cursed: "This other person's legs are not easy to use for me, Mom!" This wood feather must die! Whether he is the apprentice of the true God, I heard that the true God is already a waste. If we kill him, the true God does not have the ability to avenge it. Besides, there is the protection of the Three Immortals against you, and God does not dare to offend. He is the next dead wood! ”

  Tianyun’s right leg was abandoned by Mu Yu in the past, and he lost his lifelong disability. After all, he is the doorkeeper of the Star Gate. If he lacks his arms and legs, he can't say too much, so he has to work hard to connect his legs with intermittent grass.

  This twist does not mean looking for broken grass, but looking for a person's leg that fits perfectly with Tianyun's physical condition! The Star Gate people found a suitable comprehension, and then cut off the right leg of the comprehension and took it to Tianyun!

  "He is the apprentice of the true God, UU reading is not the true God. The true God still needs to be respected, and Sanno Palace can’t help the true God. ”I don’t want to shake my head.

  Tianyun snorted and refused to refute, then said with scorn: "Brother, you must kill the wood feather."

  I don’t want to frown, saying: "If you want to revenge, you should rely on your own ability. When you go out, it also represents the facade of the Star Gate, and the disgraceful things are done as little as possible. ”

  Tianyun snorted and grinned, saying: "Brother, there is no relationship between the position of the doorkeeper and me in the future. I am responsible for going out and arrogant. You are responsible for growing the Tianxing Gate. In front of the fist, the disgrace is also glorious. Do you disagree?"

  I don’t want to shake my head: "Try to converge some more!" Mu Yu will definitely come to me in the future. When I get him, I will kill you, but it is not an example! ”

  "How can he still not come? It’s a tortoise! ”Tianyun took a heavy breath.

  I don’t want to laugh at the day: "I indirectly killed his master, Evergreen, and he will come to me for revenge. But no matter when he comes, he will not be my opponent. After I kill the true god in front of everyone, it is definitely a big event in the realm of comprehension. ”

  Tianyun looked at the sky and waited for the gentle look, and suddenly he had a cold greeting. Growing up under the aura of this brother from an early age, he knows the means of his older brother than anyone else.

  It is a person who doesn't even want to see the sky, even if he kills, he will have a gentle smile.

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