No. 366 chapter of the array

  Sanchong the mainland to repair the real world all kinds of strange, like the flowers contend, different. Similar to the royal Gate of the people specializing in the fight against the powerful demon Beast, Wash Sword Valley of the people with superior sword, fierce incomparable, ghost door and life and death door of the strange twins.

  However, there are two special types of comprehension in the comprehension world that are equivalent to extremes, and the strength and status are far asymmetrical.

  One is the alchemy division headed by the Danding School. Because alchemy causes the body to deposit wood residue to slow down the body reaction, the overall repair is lower than the ordinary comprehension. However, their position in the real world is very high, because they are refining the role of Dan Medicine is widespread, sometimes can have a high order Dan Medicine is equivalent to the ordinary practitioners a life. Therefore, making an alchemy teacher is an unforgivable thing for many self-cultivators. A five-stage alchemy teacher who went out of the embarrassment went out, and even the comprehension of the distracting period did not dare to offend.

  The other kind of comprehension is the squad headed by the sect. The squad is proficient in arranging all kinds of wonderful arrays, and can also apply the array to the battle. In the realm of comprehension, all the comprehensible people understand that in the encounter with the strategists in the same realm, they must shun the house. If they do not have strong defensive capabilities, they should not easily fight with them. The explosive power of the squad in all the comprehension is the strongest, and it is also the comprehension of the five-day squatting period. The singer absolutely has the ability to kill other comprehensions!

  However, the identity of the squad is the easiest to be despised in the realm of comprehension. Because the squad is explosive and the killing power is unstoppable, their shortcomings are very obvious. When they use the array method, they need to use various auras with sufficient aura. The higher the explosive power, the greater the dependence on the base. Once the aura is consumed, the array loses its combat power and even becomes It is weaker than the alchemy teacher.

  The strategists are quick-fixed when they are fighting against each other. If they can't take their opponents for a short time, they will be in danger. Therefore, if most of the comprehensions have conflicts with the squad, as long as they can persist in a round of indiscriminate and fierce attacks in the hands of the strategists, they will basically be able to defeat the squad. Of course, if you can't insist on a round of attacks by the division, it is self-defeating.

  Most people know that the squad is short-board, and they know that it is necessary to rely on a flexible body to deal with the strategist and try to delay the time. The characteristics of the successor of the squadron are particularly unacceptable in the realm of comprehension. They are too reliant on the pedigree and people are criticized. Everyone despise them more or less. Therefore, although their combat power is high, they are far less respectable than the alchemists. They do not let other comprehensions like the alchemy teacher to take a remedy anytime and anywhere to save their lives.

  However, the squad is still very important in the field of comprehension. Many sects use the squad more or less. Whether it is used to guard the foundation of the sect or to protect the treasures, the formation is indispensable. But not every sect has a comprehension who is proficient in the formation. The martial art can't spend any effort to train a squad, so whenever there is a problem with the tactics, they will go to the squad to invite the squad to help.

  It can be said that although the squad is occasionally looked down upon, many sects will still be very polite to receive the squad, because the actor is like an alchemy, the main role is not to fight. The squad will arrange for many martial art or city, family, and other forces in the realm to protect their territory or to act easily.

  There are two sects on the Triple Continent who specialize in practicing the tactics. One is the sect, and the traditional tactics are arranged. The other is Fu Zong, who engraved the method in the paper, and then used the paper to display the technique, which was called the teacher. However, Fu Zong's people like to call this technique a spell, which is different from the array.

  The techniques of the two sects are essentially the same.

However, the composer is the mainstream, and the teacher is not as famous as the division.

  The array is located in the misty valley of the triple continent. This valley is vast and innocent, covered by thick fog barriers all year round, and even lost in the air. Without the guidance of the disciples, there are boundless places for outsiders to enter the valley. Even those who cultivated for a deeper comprehension know that this place is not a holy place to visit the mountains.

  The people in the array are very simple. There is a gate at the entrance to the misty valley. There are gossips in the array. They can crack the three battles and become a new disciple of the battle. The person who enters the front line must be allowed by the front door. The front door will judge whether you are qualified to become a formation. If you are not self-sufficient, it is easy to get lost in the battle, so the front door only allows people who have a relationship with the formation.

  The disciples of the ancestor are divided into three levels of innate, middle, and acquired talents. The talents of the day after tomorrow are the lowest, and the innate disciples have the highest talent. In the front door, it is possible to crack the three scorpions, and it is the disciple of the day after tomorrow. It is a disciple of the Zhongtian disciple who has cracked the four scorpions and the five scorpions.

  In the thousands of years since the formation, there have been few congenital disciples, which means that they have cracked at least six miles when they started. After being cultivated, these innate disciples are undoubtedly not the backbone of the ancestors. So far, the people who can completely crack the gossip are said to be only the genius of the ancestors, and the only old ancestor who is now alive!

  The sects have two disciples guarding the front door every day. If someone succeeds, they will know.

  It was a hot and humid afternoon, and the two disciples in the misty valley were yawning bored. The fact that two people are on duty every day means that they can't practice, and they can only guard the law.

  "Is there no one has been in the market for three months?"Zhan Bing is one of the guardian disciples of today's sect. The duty is the disciples of the day after tomorrow. Zhongtian and the innate disciples will not come here to do such errands.

  "What happened? We haven’t received a Zhongtian disciple through the squad for a year. As for the congenital disciple, I have never seen it for ten years.
However, those innate strategists can be anxious. I heard that Liu Zhenshi brought back a highly talented Zhongtian disciple outside last month and was rewarded by the lord! ”Another congenital disciple named Fan Wen, when he talked about the Zhongtian disciple, his face showed an envious envy.

  "If a congenital disciple can appear, it is absolutely necessary to sensationalize the entire formation. Think about our sect, there is only one brother, Mu Chenghong, who is a congenital disciple! ”Exhibition Bingdao.

  "Ugh! Congenital disciple, it is really envious! ”Fan Wen said with respect and respect.

  Zhongtian disciples are much stronger than the talents of the day after tomorrow. They will be strongly cultivated by Zongmen and will be the backbone of the sect. As for the innate disciples, let alone the talents that are strongly cultivated by the sects, the pillars of the sects, and the resources of the sects will be tilted to the hands of the innate disciples.

  However, it is rare to be a congenital disciple. Rao is a congenital disciple in the past ten years!

  Just like a rare treasure, if you can have a second innate disciple, you don't have to know that the martial art will train him at all costs!


  Suddenly there was a wave of volatility that attracted the attention of the two. This is a ten-year-old young man who looks white and looks very ordinary. However, his eyebrows have an indescribable feeling of oppression.

  "Does this guy want to gossip?"Zhan Bing frowned and looked at Fan Wen.

  "This guy only has a base period, and it looks like he is twenty years old." Do we sect a disciple of such a large age? ”Fan Wendao.

  Zhan Bing shook his head: "The principle of our apprenticeship is no more than twenty years old. He should meet the conditions, but the age is still too big, not to mention the fact that it is not suitable for training."

  When the new disciples of the sects were just getting started, they were no more than sixteen years old. Young people are the kind of money. The smaller the learning method, the better. However, the disciples of the ancestors are also self-cultivators. They must not only learn the formation, but also cultivate spiritual power. This young man is so old without any repairs, which means that he will spend most of his energy on cultivation, which is not worth the candle.

  "I will remind him!"Fan Wen’s figure has disappeared in place and appeared next to the front door.

  Mu Yu is looking up at the door, and before he came, he had already asked someone to ask about the general situation of the sect, and also knew the conditions for their recruitment of disciples. He is not ignorant of the law. After all, he has studied with the dead wood more or less, knowing a lot, but in the face of dead wood, it can only be regarded as a slap in the face.

  At this moment, Mu Yu modified his face and pressed his repairs into the base period to avoid causing too much doubt. He looked at the door, thinking about how no one was guarding, a voice was uploaded from the door.

  "Hey, kid! We don't accept older disciples here. ”Fan Wen said lazily.

  "I heard that the confession recruited disciples only enrolled under the age of twenty, I was only 19 years old and qualified."Mu Yu said calmly. He deliberately suppressed the breath, and now he is the true god disciple of the realm of comprehension. Once discovered by the people of the sect, they will certainly not let Mu Yu enter the battle. If it is stared at by the people of the Mie Palace, he himself may be exposed to the view of the Mie.

  Fan Wen snorted, looked up and down a lot of wood feathers, UU reading arrogant and said: "You are too old, repair is too low, even if we become a disciple of our sect, there is not much achievement, Still hurry back!"

  Mu Yu frowned and said: "Do not try to know? Besides, the elders of the sect make you stop me? ”

  Fan Wen was detained with a big hat and his face was not happy. He said: "I really don't care! I am afraid that even the first one will not be able to pass your qualifications. ”

  "Since I meet the requirements and there are no elders of the ancestors who let you do this, then I am eligible to enter."Mu Yu swept Fan Wen's glance and walked into the door.

  "Hello there! You remember me! ”Fan Wen said with anger, then looked at Mu Yu's figure very uncomfortable, and then returned to Zhan Bing.

  "how? Have you eaten? ”Zhan Bing laughed.

  "When he becomes a disciple of the day after tomorrow, I will definitely teach him a good meal."Fan Wen snorted.

  Zhan Bing shook his head. He knew that Fan Wen was a very small person, but he still advised: "You should not provoke people first. If he is a Zhongtian disciple or a congenital disciple?" I am afraid that he is in trouble for you! ”

  Fan Wen reveals a mocking look: "He will become a congenital disciple? Don't be crazy about dreaming! It’s impossible to become a Zhongtian disciple when you are so old. ”

  Zhan Bing stopped talking and put his gaze on the wooden feathers that entered the front door.

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