Chapter 367 闯 8卦

  The front door did not obstruct him. He knew at least some of the arrays and would not seem so self-sufficient.

  At the moment of stepping into the array, all the scenery began to rotate, and the change became another scene. There was soft white light around him and wrapped him in it. There were eight quaint wooden doors around him, which were as stable as mountains.

  All the wooden doors suddenly opened together, revealing eight exits, each with a variety of light, which wrote the eight characters of Kai, Hugh, Life, Death, Surprise, Injury, Du and Jing. There is a passage behind these eight characters, and I don’t know where to go.

  "Open a door in the order of the murderer, the middle door, and the jimen. You can pass through a glimpse. Your choice has a lot to do with the test later, so please choose carefully."

  An old voice slowly rang around, and at the same time, eight identical wooden doors slammed shut, giving a thick echo, and all the wooden doors began to alternate quickly, making people dazzled. Immediately after the wooden door fell heavily on the ground, the line of the road stretched out from the eight wooden doors, and a huge gossip was sketched on the ground, and the wooden feather stood on the yin and yang fish of the gossip.

  It’s actually very simple to crack a glimpse. As long as you have a general understanding of gossip, it’s basically easy to get a glimpse.

  Among the eight gates, Kai, Xi, and Sheng belong to Jimen, and death, shock, and injury belong to the murderous gate. Du and Jing belong to the Zhongmen. According to the requirements, it is only necessary to open a door in the order of the murder door, the middle door and the jimen.

  The next step is to judge the position of the eight doors, open the door to the northwestern dry palace, the rest of the door to the north of the Kan Palace, the birth gate belongs to the soil, the northeast Fangyi Palace, the wounded door to the eastern earthquake palace, the Dumenju southeast palace, the Jingmenju In the south, the palace is in the southwest, and the gate is in the southwestern Kunming Palace.

  Each orientation of the gossip map is different, and the orientation is determined based on these engravings, so this is a simple reasoning process.

  "It's too easy to crack it? When I was in the valley, when the dead wood forced us to learn the gossip knowledge, he took eight monsters with different levels of cruelty to guard the door…"Xiaoshuai grinned in Mu Yu’s chest.

  "Little mouse, don't you mention that dead wood will die?"The dragon vine was wrapped around the wooden feather arm and whispered.

  Xiaoshuai realized that he had said something that should not be said. He sneaked a glimpse of Mu Yu and found that there was a trace of grief in the eyes of Mu Yu. It seemed to remind him of the fact that he was forced to learn "Xuan Zhen" by the dead wood. However, he quickly disguised the past because he knew that dead wood could survive!

  "I am also a good mouth! It’s not intentional, let’s say, this sly test is a very small pediatrician! ”Xiaoshuai muttered, "There is still a big sister, I can remember that you were almost swallowed by a water snake, and you are still a dragon!" It’s a shame. ”

  "Mom, at that time, I was not sealed by dead wood!"Longtan said with a sigh of relief.

  "Da, let you not mention the word "dry wood", you also mention!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Not you mentioned it first!"The sound of Long Teng is weak.

  Mu Yu took a deep breath and remembered that he had been unfamiliar with the law for half a lifetime. He stumbled on the first foot and almost swallowed it by the most ferocious dragon. Xiaoshuo said that the water snake refers to the dragon, the dragon does not have the dragon shape like the dragon, and there is no dragon's breath, but it was the fifth-order monster, and the power regulator was still the wood feather of the Yuan Ying period.

  To this end, the dead wood also saved the wood feathers.

Then he hanged it upside down the valley for a whole day as a punishment for not learning well.

  Nowadays, the person who always likes to go out with Mu Yu is no longer there, and Mu Yu’s heart is awkward.

  "I intend to choose the door to live, Dumen and the dead door. My ability seems to be inseparable from life and death."Wood feathers lightly.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng don't talk, they don't matter. Anyway, they don't need to do it. They just need to move their mouths. Mu Yu opened the three doors along the direction of the gossip on the ground, and then returned to the yin and yang fish.

  At this time, the other five surrounding doors gradually turned into a pattern, which was integrated into the gossip on the ground, and the three doors pushed open by the wooden feathers re-integrated into a door, and then the door slowly opened. , revealing a passage that is dark and unseen.

  After hesitated, Mu Yu stepped into the passage.

  The perimeter of the passage is made of stone walls, and the stone seams are covered with moss and some are damp. Every time I walk, there will be a candle floating in the air, like an invisible hand, the candle glows pale, only a little light.

  The passage was not long, and Mu Yu quickly came to the other end of the passage, pushing a door and stepping into the second raft.

  For a moment he thought he had spent his eyes because he found himself on a prairie. On the grassland, the butterfly dances and the grass grows, but it is strange that the sky he saw as he looked up was actually a prairie.

  He found the scene in the sky exactly the same as the ground he was standing on, like who installed a super large mirror on the ceiling, even the butterflies are quite consistent in the movement of the bees, but only the opposite, not far away there is a mountain, and the sky there is an inverted mountain, The peaks of the two mountains are all on each other.

  However, the grassland in the sky did not show the reflection of wood feathers.

  "How is this going?"Xiaoshuai strangely poked his head and looked around. "Do we have a mirror on top of our head?"

  "Little mouse, if there is a mirror on the top, how?
Didn't show you up! ”Longteng Road.

  "Leave me alone! Too handsome, can't display it! ”Xiaoshuai grinned.

  Mu Yu stepped on the flying sword and slowly rose into the air. He touched the top with his hand and wanted to touch the border of the head. He also thought that the top of the head should be a mirror. However, after flying ten meters, he did not touch any boundary. He continued to fly upwards and flew about a hundred meters. At this moment, he suddenly felt that his body was upside down, and then the whole person turned to the top. The grassland has fallen!

  He adjusted his figure in time, standing on the ground, and his head was still a grassland.

  "Are we coming to the grassland on the ceiling?"Xiaoshuai asked strangely.

  "There is a way to verify, Xiaoshuai, you fly up!"Mu Yu Road.

  Xiaoshuai came out from Mu Yu’s arms and flew toward the sky. It was very fast, but at this moment, its center of gravity was reversed, and it didn't have time to brake, and it slammed into the grass.

  "Damn! It hurts me. ”Xiaoshuai spit out the soil in his mouth, stood on the grass, looked dissatisfied, and then looked up, and found that Mu Yu was on the grassland above his head, standing upside down and watching it!

  "This is an upside down world."Mu Yu understood that there was a weird array here, with somewhere in the sky as the boundary, and then the two worlds were reversed. There is no concept of sky and ground here. No matter which grassland you stand on, another grassland has become your sky.

  "Then how do we pass the second 卦? Did not give a newbie hint! ”Xiaoshuai flew again in the direction of Muyu in the head, this time it learned the lesson and flew slower. Sure enough, when flying over a certain height, the center of gravity of the body was changed from below to the above, and the whole person did not have to fly again, and fell directly to another grassland.

  Wood feathers lay on the grassland, looking at the grassland with his head upside down, and touching the grass on the ground, nodded thoughtfully, and then said faintly: "I know what this is going to do for us." ”

  "doing what?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

  "This is a reversed array, also known as the mirror array. Except for our outsiders, the grassland we lay down and the grassland above us are all the same. To break this mirror image, you have to find them in different places. ”

  Mu Yu glanced at the grassland in the sky and seemed to be searching for something. He saw the peaks of the two peaks in the distance, knowing that this mountain is the channel used to connect the grasslands.

  He remembered that when he was repaired in the Jindan period, he accidentally broke into the dead wood valley and was trapped by a mirror image. At that time, no matter which way he went, he would be transferred to the origin when he reached the dividing line. At that time, When you break the line, you need to find the dividing line.

  However, the boundary of this array is already very obvious, and it is completely different from the mirror array method of dead wood.

  "find difference? I am the best at such a fun game. ”Xiaoshuai climbed up with his big tail and began to look down and look for the difference between the two grasslands. It is a pity that this grassland is too big. Xiaoshuai has found that there is no difference in it for a long time. Even the butterfly's flight path is the same.

  "Mom, don't look for it, don't look for it, cervical spondylosis."Xiaoshuai shouted, it turned around and saw that Mu Yu was still lying there, and did not move.

  "Hey, don't be lazy!"Xiaoshuai is not satisfied.

  Mu Yu seems to be thinking about something, and then said: "Don't look for it, the two grasslands are exactly the same, the only difference is at our feet."

  "Our feet?"Xiaoshuai is puzzled, it has been flying in midair.

  "We stepped over a grass and the two grasslands are different, so if you want to find something different, you don't have to go anywhere to look at it. Just look at your feet."Mu Yu sat up and wanted to pull out a grass, but the grass was different in texture and could not be destroyed at all. He was not discouraged, pressed the grass down with his hands, and then nodded slightly, saying, "Small handsome, you have not found anything wrong with the aura on the ground?"

  Xiaoshuai fell to the ground, then touched the land, and suddenly understood: "The aura we stepped on will automatically move away."

  Xiaoshuai took a few steps and found that he was stepping on the calm water. Every step of his footprints would leave a circle of aura.

  "The grassland above is that we didn't step on it. Its aura is not fluctuating. This is the difference between the two grasslands."

  Mu Yu had to admit that this is a very magical array, which tests the perception of a person. Many people came in and found two identical grasslands, and UU read them and they also thought about finding differences. However, many people can't find a different place even if they searched the whole grassland. In fact, the real difference is at their feet, but they are habitually neglected.

  "Since we know where it is different, what do we do next?"Although Xiaoshuai knows a lot of things, he is not very familiar with the law.

  "We know where the difference is, of course, we are trying to make this thing exactly the same."Mu Yu indicated that Xiaoshuai had left the ground, and then he had vacated the whole person, and then the sword split into the ground.

  He flew toward the sky, and after another upside down, he went to another grassland and said: "Cracking the second one is actually creating a different point first, and then making up the difference to make it the same point." ."

  When the shadow sword penetrated into the ground, it caused a change in the upper grassland.
What Mu Yu needs to do is to make the same change in another grassland. He took out another shadow sword and determined the orientation of the sword on the head of the grassland, and then stabbed it down to the same grass under his feet.

  The two grasslands suddenly trembled fiercely, and the grassland at the top of the head was like a mirror that was broken. There were road cracks and many turf began to fall.

  "boom!"The grassland in the top of the head suddenly fell to the grassland where the wood feathers were located.

  "The trough, if you don't say it will collapse, it will fall down!"The little handsome screamed and got into the arms of Mu Yu.

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