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Chapter 369 is dead and then born

  The two flying swords suddenly spread out and turned into sharp claws. The flying claws were chained behind them. The sharp flying claws were directly caught on the ball and penetrated into the ball. Then one end of the chain began to become one. The stick is swaying hard and smashing the ball in the air like a meteor hammer.

  The tendency of the ball to rotate has been interrupted, and the other four flying swords have been turned into a sharp pointed cone, and then under the control of the wood feathers, the flying claws move the ball toward the sharp cone.

  The sharp cone pierces the ball, and the ball is like a deflated air. The ball suddenly turned into a shield, blocking the trend of the tip.

  "The next turn is me."

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, the light cone flashed, and the cone he controlled actually began to rotate, which led to strong penetrating power. The shield was broken directly, and the starlight was broken around. The wood feather immediately saw the conspicuous one among the stars. Red star.

  The flying claws turned into a dart and went to the red star. Many stars across the street rushed over to protect the red star, but all were defeated by the wooden feather darts. Mu Yu grabbed a gap and finally let a dart hit the red star. The red star still wanted to escape. However, this dart turned into a palm and held the red star firmly in his hand!

  After the Red Star was held, all the stars controlled by the Red Star seemed to have lost their hearts and bones. They began to smash around like a headless fly. The palm of the wood-controlled hand was pinched, and the red star was crushed directly by him. Then, the dark stars around him began to appear cracks, and then the thousands of fragments fell.

  Mu Yu felt that his body was sinking, and he suddenly recovered his gravity. When he lost weight, he did not know whether he was standing upside down or standing, but once he recovered gravity, he understood his standing position. He was squatting face down, and he had not had time to adapt to the body after restoring gravity, and he fell to the ground.

  "Bastard, can't you be lighter?"Mu Yu was very angry and his nose was almost wrestled.

  While he was at the same time, the disciples who had guarded the battle had already widened their eyes. They never imagined that this inconspicuous guy had once again passed the third hurriedly again!

  "How long did it take you to use the third?"Zhan Bing swallowed.

  At this level, the stars controlled by the gossip are not always attacking. It will stop after three hours of attack, leaving three hours to ponder the coping style. When the monks were killed by the stars controlled by the formation, they lost their consciousness.

  Unfortunately, Mu Yu and the usual new introductory disciples are not in a grade. He is only 19 years old, but he has experienced far more things than the newly-introduced disciples. Rolling a circle, will be restrained by this star array, that is too much to say.

  "I spent a month. At that time, all the stars I controlled were wrapped up, and I almost died of suffocation! What about you? ”Fan Wen was also surprised.

  "Me too, he only spent less than three hours!"There was a hint of envy on Zhan Bing’s face. "In his way, I think he is likely to become a Zhongtian disciple."

  The talents of Zhongtian disciples are much better than those of their later disciples. They are also the target of the martial art. The elders will pay more attention to the disciples and congenital disciples. The disciples will only be the shrimps and crabs.

  Fan Wen’s face is hard to see, because he thinks so, but at the beginning he still looks down on Mu Yu and even sarcasm. As a result, the way people break up is so swift!

  "But he did not break the record of the third one.

It’s a pity that Mu Shi’s brother was half an hour faster than him when he was in the third. ”Fan Wenqiang is calm and self-sufficient. However, in fact, he himself is also clear, even if Mu Chenghong's speed is faster than Mu Yu, the speed of Mu Yu is far more than Fan Wen does not know how many times!

  Mu Yu climbed up and looked around again.

  At this moment he has come to a room with only three doors. These three doors are the first choice of the door, the dead door and the Dumen!

  "What is this fourth 要?"Mu Yu looked at the three doors and frowned.

  He has already passed the Sancha, qualified as a disciple of the day after tomorrow, and the sect should accept him as a disciple. However, the purpose of this trip here is to find a way to go to heaven. If he is only a disciple of the future, he will certainly find it difficult to attract enough attention. It is not easy to see the heavens.

  But at the same time, he also understands that he can't be too arrogant. If there is a talented disciple in the sect, he will be familiar with the martial arts in the real world. By the time, Mu Yu’s identity will be easily recognized. In order to hide his identity, he also specially modified his face with Yi Rong before he came, even if it is not too eye-catching.

  "You have passed the Sancha and you are qualified to become a disciple of the day after tomorrow. The first three doors are the doors you choose for the first level. If you choose to give up now, you can open one of them and leave. If you choose to continue, then you need to open two of these doors as your path. ”

  The sound of the vicissitudes of life rang again in the ear of the wooden feathers, reminding me of what to do next.

  To continue, you will need to open two doors. If you choose to give up, you only need to open a door and leave.

  Mu Yu’s eyes glanced at the three doors, and he did not know why he saw the door and the dead door again. Life and death always seem to follow him like this. The purpose of his coming to the sect is to release his ability to "live and die" to save the dead wood. If so, what else do you need to hesitate?

  He walked over, no hesitation
Yu opened the door and the dead door.

  "He chose the dead door and chose to live? Dead and born, is he crazy? ”Fan Wen’s face changed slightly, and then he remembered that he had just offended Mu Yu. He was worried that he would be remembered by Mu Yu. Now he seems to have no need to worry about anything. He sneered, “Let him die!”

  "But if you choose this, it means…"Zhan Bing reveals a strange look. The two look at each other and obviously know what it will bring when they choose both the dead door and the living door.

  "For thousands of years, many disciples want to choose the way to kill and then die, but no one has succeeded, he will not be an exception."At this moment, Zhan Biao is not allowed to die in the next shackles. Otherwise, if Mu Yu has passed this shackle and become a Zhongtian disciple, then he will be venged by Mu Yu as his future disciple.

  Outsiders don't know what it means to be killed and what they are born with, but none of the disciples' disciples don't know. Cracking the gossip is a bit more difficult than a trip. It is hard to get to a terrible point in the eighth, and the basics will die! So far, only one person in the sect has passed the eighth squad, which is the ancestor of the world famous for the sect.

  Killing the land and then giving birth means that your order is disrupted, and the next fourth will be replaced by the eighth “ of the "dead ,", which means that the fourth 木 卦 is in 闯Gossip!

  When you are embarrassed, the first one will choose one of the murderous doors, that is, the dead door, the door and the door. Generally no one is willing to choose a dead door, because the risk of choosing a dead door is too great, so when choosing the murder door, basically everyone avoids the dead door and chooses to win the door or hurt the door. However, Mu Yu chose the dead door directly, and at the same time chose the birth gate. When the birth gate and the death gate appeared at the same time, the order of the gossip would be disrupted, and the eighth will be mentioned directly.

  "The eighth is too difficult. Do we need to remind him?"Zhan Ping asked tentatively.

  Fan Wen snorted: "It is too late, I am afraid that he is dead, although we do not know what the eighth is, but he is absolutely unable to pass, even if we even shot, he has no chance."

  Zhan Bing and Fan Wen do not think that Mu Yu can survive the eighth, because so far, in addition to the heavens, no one in the array has done this! Mu Yu was originally going to be the fourth one, but his fourth one was replaced by the eighth one!

  After the gate and the dead door were opened, the Dumen disappeared, and the rear door automatically closed, leaving only the dead door open. Gloomy ghosts shrouded the entire dead door, and the heart-wrenching turbulence came from the dead door, as if anyone was whispering, and it seemed like someone was laughing.

  Mu Yu is already eccentric about this breath. It is not a day or two to deal with such things as ghosts. His right hand flashed a black light, and now his whole body's spiritual power has become completely different, and he has a trace of deadness on his body.

  He didn't know that he would change the order of gossip after he chose to live and die. He didn't know that he would face the legendary eighth. Even if he knew he would not back down, he must move forward.

  Just as he entered the dead door, the entire front door trembled fiercely, and a distant and quaint atmosphere seemed to have swayed out from the starry sky. This breath passed through the entire mountain gate of the sect, crossed the vast mountain, and passed through countless disciples, without alarming anyone.

  This long and quaint atmosphere has rushed into the forbidden area of ​​the battle! This forbidden place is the focus of the sect. The disciples' disciples are not willing to step in, but they all know that after someone enters the forbidden area, everyone's understanding of the road will advance by leaps and bounds!

  This forbidden place is a forest. The outside world is still summer, but it seems to be stepping into the autumn. The leaves are falling and falling on a person, covering the whole body.

  When the breath of the front door swept into the forbidden place, the man suddenly opened his eyes!

  His eyes are as electric, and in the moment of opening, it is like a radiant glow, illuminating the entire land, UU reading www. Let the aura around it roll arrogantly, and the leaves covered on the body are instantly twisted into powder!

  "Someone broke into the eighth?"The sound of surprise comes from the mouth of this person.

  This figure is a middle-aged man with no white whiskers. The whole person is full of restraint, as if a mountain is as admiring. There was an unspeakable surprise on the face of Gubo’s surprise. If someone saw his face at this time, he would be very shocked. In their impression, this kind of surprise expression never appeared on this person.

  His gaze was like the vast sea of ​​stars, passing through the entire sect, passing through the vast mountains, and then falling on the eighth feather of the door.

  "Not a congenital disciple? But killing and then giving birth? ”The middle-aged man frowned, and then his face showed a look of disappointment. He looked at Mu Yu casually and snorted. "There is always someone who is not self-reliant, hehe! White happy! ”

  For thousands of years, only one person in the sky has passed the eighth, and the highest talent in the descendants of the ancestors is only the end of the seventh. Although it is very rare to be able to survive the seventh, but for many years, middle-aged people have always wanted to find someone who can survive the gossip!

  There is no reason for him. In his opinion, only those who have passed the gossip are eligible for his inheritance!

  It is a pity that he was a man who died and was born, and in his eyes he was not worth mentioning. The middle-aged man slowly regained his gaze and then closed his eyes. As the old man settled, everything returned to calm.

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