No. 371 Chapter swallowed and Reborn

  "It's really hurting. ”Small handsome look at the wooden feather of the body condition, it vigorously encourage Reiki, to help wood feather healing.

  Muling has already rushed out and slowly falls on the chest of Mu Yu. It is now full of blue and black light, and the deadness of the grass invades its body, making it a bit weird. The dead air on it constantly rushed toward the wood feather body, and the black spiritual power in the wood feather seemed to be summoned, echoing the deadness of Mu Ling.

  The black spirit began to swiftly walk in various parts of the body of the wood feather, the wound was impacted by the black spiritual power, and all necrotic tissue was swallowed by the black spiritual power. The pain of the heart hit the wood feather and woke him up. Black Spirit did not help him repair the wound, but was eating him!

  But at this moment, the white spiritual power of the body began to swim. When the black spiritual force cleared the necrotic tissue, the white spiritual power covered the wound, and the wounds re-growed, and the repaired parts seemed to appear. More strong, the ribs on his chest are even harder than the bones in other parts of the body!

  This process made Mu Yu feel uncomfortable. He wanted to scream out loud, but he resisted it because he discovered the singularity of the black and white spirit in the body, one is swallowing, the other is after rebirth, and rebirth. The place clearly makes his body more resilient.

  "Wood feathers, there seems to be a strange change in your body. I am not very clear about what is going on, you have to hold on."Xiaoshuai touched the back of his head and was puzzled.

  Xiaoshuai knows a lot about everything, but whether it is the change of Muling Sword or the black and white spirit in Muyu, it has far exceeded its understanding, because their appearance is unprecedented, Xiaoshuai’s strange memory There is no such record in it.

  Mu Yu opened his eyes and glanced at the sun. The sun had gradually sunk to the west, the shadow of the Bodhi tree began to be elongated, and the position where the wood feathers were lying was gradually exposed to the sun.

  Aside again, the wood feathers re-entered the dark world. I don’t want to look at the wood feathers there anymore, it seems that I have already expected that Mu Yu will continue to appear.

  Mu Yu climbed up and he slowly walked away. The hands of the dead wood were tied, and he did not wait to hang him in the air, slowly rotating, let the anger of the wood feathers rise again.

  "After the sun sets, your shelter will no longer be able to save your life."The day is not to be said gently.

  "I won't let you beat me. In my eyes, you will definitely be a dead person."Mu Yu’s face is full of perseverance, and his hatred spreads in his heart.

  However, he saw the dead wood, and felt a little bit of fear in his heart. He knew that he could not beat the sky now. He was afraid that the dead wood would complain that he did not try his best to save. The things he is most afraid of are completely presented in front of this array, and may even be killed by this formation.

  He is afraid that if he is dead here, then the hatred of the dead wood will no longer be reported, and the day will not be madly mad.

  I don’t want to shoot a palm again, I hit the chest of the wooden feather. But what surprised Mu Yu was that the ribs on his chest did not show any signs of being destroyed this time. It seems that the bones and hardevity of the black and white spirits made his bones harder.

  The engulfing and rebirth of black and white spiritual power is transforming his body!

  "Even if you crush the bones of my body, I will kill you!"Mu Yu clenched his teeth.

  There is no killing in the eyes,

He swayed and went to Muyu. He said, "Do you know what is the most painful thing in life?"

  Days don't have to grab Mu Yu's hands, and suddenly hold it, Mu Yu makes a sigh, his hands and bones have been smashed by the sky!

  "The most painful thing in life is that you broke into the eighth battle of the Eight Diagrams. The eighth is what you are most afraid of, because you are here to never overcome your fears, only to see how your enemies are jealous of you! ”Days don't have to be forced again, and Mu Yu's arms are also comminuted fractures.

  The terrible pain came, but Mu Yu’s experience of fracture of the arm was not one or two times. Before he used the sword of the nameless swordsman, he could break his arm because he could not load the huge power, so he was able to Hold back.

  “Is this the eighth?”Mu Yu's eyes widened. He didn't know that he had chosen the way he was killed and then he was born. He always thought it was only the fourth.

  "Yes, this is the eighth." The eighth will give you a shelter. As long as the sun does not fall, you will not die. Even if you are beaten into a mud, you will sigh. But after the sun sets, you have no possibility of surviving. You can only watch yourself being eroded by fear and being killed by powerful enemies. You can't do anything, only die unwillingly. ”I don’t want to smile.

  If you die in the eighth, then it is the real death.

  He once again took a shot, and the powerful palm power completely covered the whole body of Mu Yu. The overbearing spiritual power poured into the body meridians of Mu Yu: "If you wish, I will destroy all the meridians of your body and let you Survival is not to die!"


  The meridians in the wood feathers seem to have exploded. All the meridians are broken, all the bones are broken, the skin is split, the blood is flying, and the pain of the heartbreaking lungs spreads all over the body. This pain is so Clear, so that he can not help the whole person.

  But this time he did not lose his consciousness, and all the pains were clearly reflected in his memory.
In memory, it is so shocking.

  "Go back to your shelter and die!" When the sun in your shelter is set, we will meet again, then it will be our last. ”The smile that is not waiting for the day is like a spring breeze. He casually throws the wood feathers, and Mu Yu is once again thrown back into the shadow of the Bodhi tree.

  The sun continues to sink slowly.

  He couldn't move all over the body, and Xiaoshuai just got out and saw that Mu Yu became a blood man, completely frightened. It didn't know what happened to Mu Yu just now. He didn't enter the fear of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu didn't even breathe, and he couldn't speak. He only had pure consciousness.

  "I will definitely kill the day."Mu Yu slowly spit out a breath.

  However, his heart is filled with countless fears. He is not much stronger than him in reality. He is stronger than him here. No matter the reality or the fantasy, he can't wait for the day. When he saw the sky, he would think of his own dead wood, and he didn't know how to deal with his own fears.

  The day is not waiting to destroy all the meridians of his body. Now, there is no one in his body that is perfect. If it is not because of some rules in the gossip, he is likely to die, and no one can save him.

  The death of Mu Lingjian began to sweep the whole body of Mu Yu, and there was a black and white spirit in his body. The black spirit almost swallowed up his body, but whenever a place was swallowed, The white spirit will always follow the shape, allowing the organization to grow quickly.

  The process of engulfing is quite painful, and the process of growing is very difficult. He is surrounded by pain all the time. The whole consciousness is on the verge of collapse, but he has no choice but to clench his teeth if there is no sun before the sun sets. Come back, then he will really die here.


  "You still can't do this!"

  The consciousness of Mu Yu came to the woods again, and the mang said lazily among the fallen leaves.

  The nine-day magic array was sealed in his body, but his body has become seven and eight, and the nine-day magic array is still intact.

  "Where is the nine-day magic array in my body?"Mu Yu looked at his body. He should have been completely flustered and unable to stand or talk, but at the moment he was intact.

  Sentence seems to have been tirelessly swaying the leaves that trap him, and casually said: "The nine-day magic array exists in every part of your body, including your consciousness, even if you die, only the skeleton, The nine-day magic array will not disappear."

  "Can you help me?"Mu Yu looked at the mang, he could not feel the hostility of the sentence, since the death of the dead wood, he saw the beginning of the mang, the sentence is like a person, and become very gentle.

  "I can't help you, it all needs to be faced by yourself. By the way, in the face of fear, to do is to face it, rather than blindly to escape. ”Speaking mangly said.

  Mu Yu silently, he always wanted to face the existence of the day, but the abominable smile always makes him feel angry, he can't wait to watch the sky and torture the dead wood in various ways.

  "How can I face fear?"For a long time, Mu Yu asked.

  "It depends on how you think about your own fears. Sometimes you are afraid of situations that are just wishful thinking, aren't you?"The words mount head, seem to observe what, then way, "The sun is going downhill, your sheltered land also wants to disappear, the gossip array of days will kill you, but you have to remember, the days before the day is not only you know that person." UU reading You think he is very strong, so he is very strong. I have heard of the gossip of the front door. This is a test of the heart of the people. However, it will die. ”

  The leaves again clumped with wood feathers and sent his consciousness back into the body full of pain.


  "A test of people's inner feelings?"Mu Yu whispered.

  Mu Yu’s body is recovering at an alarming rate. It’s only a few hours when the body’s meridian bones have been changed again. He feels his body seems to be stronger.

  The sun slowly fell to the curtain in the west, and the light gradually dispersed. The real dark night finally completely covered the wood feather. He knew that he had no shelter, and then he was facing real death. He could not kill it. he.

  In this embarrassment, death is the true meaning of death.

  He used to not overcome his fears in the world of grass, but the dead woods pulled him out. He has been escaping the fear of the inner heart, dare not face the death of the dead wood, he wants to avenge the dead wood, but the enemy is so powerful, making him feel very powerless.

  But the words of Mang are also telling him that if he really wants revenge, he must break with his inner fear.

  He knows he can't be afraid anymore.

  He began to calm down and think about one thing. What is it to face his fear?


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