Chapter 372 governs fear

  The dead wood is still days not hanging in the air, the sky is still smiling, he looked at the wooden feather step by step slowly, not even surprised why the wood plume will recover so quickly.

  "You are coming to die?"The day is not to be said gently.

  However, Mu Yu looked at the dead wood and tried to suppress the anger in his heart.

  "You can't escape all this, you are afraid of me, so you can never beat me, you can only watch how I torture the people you care about. Your fear is my strength. ”There was a whip in the hand, and it was raised high and pumped on the dead wood. The blood suddenly soaked the clothes of the dead wood.

  "help me……"The dead wood is half-squinting and weak.

  Mu Yu tightened his fist.

  "I know, you are still afraid that dead wood looks like a servant in front of me, right?"The sky did not wait for a raise, and the dead wood fell heavily on the ground. "He took the slave, you are afraid to see the dead wood at random, you are a weak person. Come, my servant, you know what to do. ”

  The day was not waiting to kick a dead wood, the dead wood was full of breath, but the slave made him unable to resist the command of the day, he slowly climbed up, and then squatted in the sky.

  "You are not only afraid of this, you are afraid that your master will be taken away by the Triple Palace."A figure appeared next to the day.

  This figure is full of holy light, and the appearance can not be seen clearly, but there is a familiar person lying on the ground. Feng Hao dust eyes wide open, lying on the side, there is no life!

  "The body of immortality, finally got it."The triple palace guards with holy white light sneered. White light bloomed from him, and all the white light poured into the wind and dust. The body of the wind and dust began to glow with white light, and the wind and the dust began to move slowly. He stood up and his body was covered with white light.

  The Mie Palace guards have been attached to the undead body of the wind!

  Mu Yu’s anger is burning, he can’t escape this, he must face it.

  But what is it to face up to your own fear?

  Feng Haochen often teaches him that he must be able to stand up to his own heart. As long as he is innocent, then this matter is correct.

  There was a glimmer of clearness in Mu Yu’s eyes, and he calmed down slowly.

  “Innocent?”Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.

  "You are more afraid of your own death, aren't you? Although I am your fantasies, but in your fantasies, I killed you, and in reality you will die. You are afraid that after you die, you can't get the blood in the real world, and you can't take revenge for the dead wood. Your fear is correct, because you know for yourself that whether it is reality or fantasy, you are not my opponent after all! ”

  I don’t want to have a cold sword in my hand, pointing to Mu Yu: "So, I will end your fear as soon as possible, and you will be free."

  The sword is swaying, the horrible pressure is down on the face of Mu Yu, and the endless killing machine is on the wooden feather. In this sword stab, the wood feather will die!

  "Fantasy, fear. Face up to your heart. ”Mu Plume repeated these words, looking at the overwhelming smell of killing, he suddenly realized what.

  The wooden feather mouth outlines a smile, and the sword that has not been waiting for has been kneeling down to Mu Yu!

  The horrible sword passed through the body of Mu Yu.

There is no harm to the wood feathers. The day is not waiting for the incomparable sword gas to open a huge crack in the foot of Mu Yu, but the wood feather is unscathed.

  "You–" The smile that never waits is finally frozen.

  "I don't deny the fear you said. I know that you have the ability to kill me because this is my fear."Mu Yu slowly raised his head, and a strange breath rushed from him.

  I don’t want to be surprised to find that I can’t move!

  "I am afraid that the dead wood will ask me for help, and I can't do anything about it. This is the fear that I can't get rid of because I feel guilty, the death of the dead wood, and I can't get rid of it."Mu Yu firmly lifted his footsteps and stayed away from the sky.

  "But I figured out one thing. Dead wood never asks for help from anyone. Even if he died, he never asked for mercy."Mu Yu continued to walk.

  The dead wood has stood up. He looked at the wood feather from a distance, just like the image left by the blood jade ink crystal, showing a gratifying smile. This smile makes Mu Yu’s tears want to come out. Dead wood rarely laughs at him, only when he occasionally does something to make Mu Yu eat, he will laugh. The stubborn old man is often beaten up by Mu Yu, and he occasionally laughs when he jumps his feet.

  This kind of smile is so precious in Mu Yu, he wants to go into the old man's arms and cry, like a helpless child to tell his inner grievances, but he resisted. Now the dead wood old man will no longer laugh at him, he only has to work hard to make the old smile smile again.

  The soul of the dead wood old man is still sleeping in the blood jade ink crystal, the wood feather will definitely let him live.

  Because Mu Yu said that he wants the dead wood to live for himself.

  "I am afraid of all this. I know that all this is fake, but even if I ignore it all, it doesn't matter. I can't ignore my fears. I have to face my fear."Mu Yu went to the sky and the smile that had not been waiting for has disappeared.

  "You are my fear, your strength comes from my heart. In my heart, because of
I know that I can't beat you at all, so I don't have the courage to fight with you now. The more I fear this, the stronger you are. ”Mu Yu took the sword that was not waiting for him. "But I understand that you should not be afraid of me, but you, because you will die in my hands."

  "thump!"The day was not waiting to fall over the foot of Mu Yu, and there was a horrible horror on his face.

  "Even if you are strong, I should not be afraid of you, because you are not worthy of my fear!"Mu Yu’s sword slowly stroked the throat that was not waiting for the day, and the day did not wait for his eyes wide open.

  "When I am no longer afraid, your strength disappears. How can you hurt me?"Mu Yu’s hands were forced, and the head that had not been waiting for him had been cut off by him.

  Unwilling eyes appeared in the face of the sky, his body was separated, without any ability to resist, the original can not be a lifetime, but now it has become a dirty slug, lying on the ground.

  "You are stronger than me in reality, but how can I let you influence me at all times? If you can beat me even in the illusion, how can I avenge the dead wood? ”Mu Yu stepped coldly on the smiling face, and then kicked the head of the day. He turned his head and looked at the Mie Palace guard. "My Master's body, what can you do?" ”

  The white light on Feng Haochen began to flash unsteadily, and then there seemed to be something tearing the white light, pulling the white light out of the wind and dust.

  "You wage war for your own ability to rule the triple continent, so selfish, even if there is more powerful force, it will definitely be destroyed by me!"The wood feathers clearly smashed through the sword, and the white light of the sky was suddenly smashed by the sword and swallowed by the endless darkness.

  Many people will encounter what they fear most when they break into the eighth. Everyone knows that this is an illusion, and I want to ignore it directly and leave through the wooden door. But escaping fear is not the way to get rid of gossip, they can only return to their refuge again.

  However, the shelter will gradually decrease, and fear will gradually erode the shelter. When the sly person finds that the illusion can kill himself, the person who is willing to be firm will also panic. Because they can't overcome what they fear in reality, they naturally think they can't beat it in the illusion. The illusion is no different from reality in the hearts of the sly people, and their fear has become a real threat.

  The more fear, the greater the fear in the illusion is to the point where it is enough to threaten one's life. Ignoring fear is not going to work, and we must face fear.

  When you do not fear fear, then fear will never hurt yourself!

  But so far, who can really face the fear? The reason why fear is called fear is because it is a hurdle that everyone can't get through. It is an insurmountable gap in everyone's heart. If you can't face fear, just think about it and ignore it, then you will be eroded by your own fear.

  The eighth place is that the great convenience lies in the fact that there is no difference between illusion and reality. In reality, things that allow you to retreat from escaping can still make you feel invincible in illusions; in reality you can kill you, and illusions can still destroy you! When many people find that their lives are threatened, they will panic and invisibly make fear even more embarrassing!

  Mu Yu, like everyone else, is dominated by fear. He knows that the day is not to be defeated for himself. He also knows that he will not be able to kill himself in the illusion. But he realized the origin of fear, and the way to overcome fear is to look at fear correctly.

  You have to dominate fear, not let fear dominate you!

  Mu Yu looked at the dead wood and the wind and dust, his heart was clear, it seems that there is nothing in the world to stop his footsteps.

  "You have me well remembered my words, not bad."Feng Hao dust caress the white beard.

  Mu Yu nodded. This is his fantasy. He thinks that Master will definitely say this after knowing how he overcomes fear.

  "It's useless, you almost finished."Dead wood ramps.

  "Daddy, you can't praise me, 'Good boy is really good'?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Can't."The dead wood snorted.

  Mu Yu laughed. He knew that dead wood would not praise him. The dialogue with dead wood here was also imagined by him. Dead wood has always been a strong person. Kumuki's sentence will make him feel very dignified. Mu Yu wants to maintain the self-esteem of the dead wood, so he does not intend to change anything.

  The wind and dust and the dead wood are turned into stars and dissipated in the darkness. Then, the sun began to rise again from the east, dispelling the darkness, and the Bodhi tree reappeared in front of him. He saw the door in the distance, he understood that this time through the door, he passed this!

  He pushed the wooden door open and found himself walking back into the room. There are two doors in the room, one is written and the other is written. The dead door has been closed and the door has just been opened.

  What Mu Yu didn’t know was that when he passed the eighth squad, the entire front door once again sent out a heart-rending volatility. This volatility did not disturb anyone, but directly passed to the middle age of the forbidden area. People around.

  The middle-aged man opened his eyes again, and his eyes were shocked!

  "Is anyone finally licking the eighth?"The middle-aged man’s eyes like the stars and the sea fell on Mu Yu’s body. His heart was so hearty. After waiting for so long, did the man finally come?

/> "He passed the hardest eighth as a fourth, and the rest of the cockroaches couldn't stop him!"The middle-aged man nodded slightly. "As long as you have passed through the rest, the door to the entire array will be open to you!"

  After passing through the gossip, it is the person with the highest talent in the disciples, and the sect will pass on all the techniques to him without hesitation!

  The two disciples of Zhan Bing and Fan Wen also showed a shocking look. They never expected that Mu Yu would actually survive the most difficult eighth! Especially Fan Wen, remembering that he still looked down on Mu Yu, who knows that the family turned out to be a talented person, and he suddenly took the cold sweat.

  Mu Yu looked at the opening of the door. He knew that he had passed through the four scorpions. He was already a member of the Zhongtian disciple.

  But he did not move, UU read www.uukanshu. Com struggled inside and finally gave up. Fang Cai Mu Yu already knew that the fourth 卦 was replaced by the eighth ,, and he passed the eighth 卦, then the remaining 卦 is not enough to affect him. However, he did not want to be too arrogant when he came here. He only wanted to learn some basic arrays, and then he went to practice the deep and profound "Xuanzhen" left by the dead wood, and also wanted to inquire about the news of Tiandao. He hoped that he would not be tripled. The palace guards are killed.

  The most important point is that this gossip took advantage of his inner fears and made him see how the dead wood was tortured. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He didn't want to be followed by gossip. He told his own dead woods that he didn't want his old man to be tested as a pass.

  He could have survived the rest of the shackles and became a high-profile singer, but he chose to give up, for the sake of the dead wood and for himself.

  He hopes that the old man in the dead wood will always be the stubborn old man who is full of concern for himself, but the way he expresses his father's love is very rude, but Mu Yu has become accustomed to this way, do not want any Things to tarnish the image of the dead wood old man.

  "I don't want to continue to squat, how do you end this battle?"Mu Yu asked.

  "what?"Both Zhan Bing and Fan Wen were shocked. They were still shocked because Mu Yu became the second most difficult person to cross the 8th, but Mu Yu’s next words were to let them almost The eyeballs are coming out!

  The middle-aged man in the forbidden forest also stunned. He never expected that Mu Yu actually chose to give up!

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