NO. 374 Chapter Division and Fu Shi

  Cheng continued: "Array Fu Men is the heart and Fu Center two founders together, only then two of the founders disagree, Mutual despise each other, so the door will split into the array and Fu Zong two door faction." The power is dispersed, whether the array or Fu Zong strength can no longer be compared with the other eight, so now there are only eight left to repair the real world, no longer have nine titles. ”

  After the squadron was divided into the sect and the Fuzong, the two sects believed that the martial arts and the martial arts were unique. No one would obey anyone. Therefore, every year, the ancestor and the Fuzong will hold a match and test each other. In order to prove that their respective roads are better.

  "The sect has not recruited congenital disciples for ten years. Since the family did not speak foreign languages, Fu Zong’s strength has become stronger and stronger, and the overall strength of our sect has been declining. We've never won a contest in the past few years, let the main feeling, so he set rules, as long as in the annual contest, regardless of which disciple won the door, it is equivalent to make a great contribution to the case, can enter the forbidden, by the Temple of Heaven summoned guidance. ”Cheng Zhuo felt very helpless about the decline of the sect.

  The code is a family, just because the concept of practice is different, so part ways, go on their own understanding. The disciples of the two Zongmen encounter each other as if they were seen by the enemy. Especially in the past few years, Fuzong began to rise. The ancestors have been suppressed by Fuzong. The disciples of the two sects have reached the point of life and death. .

  In the cognition of the comprehension method, it has always been only a strategist and not a clerk. The sect was also stronger than Fuzong at the beginning. However, I don't know why the squad seems to have begun to decline in recent years. Fuzong has already fainted more than the trend of the sect, making the ancestors feel an unprecedented crisis.

  "Fu Zong's disciples are too deceiving. Every year, the contest will be defeated by us, and then ridiculed with impunity. Now, when we go out and meet the Fuzong disciples, we can't lift our heads. If we don't agree with each other, we will fight, but often we are defeated. ”Cheng Zhuo said angrily, obviously he did not encounter this incident once or twice.

  "How many disciples do we have now? Can't even congenital disciples defeat Fuzong? ”Mu Yu knows that the innate disciple is the elite of the sect, and the person who will provoke the squad in the future. If the congenital disciples are defeated, the ancestors will be really embarrassed.

  "In fact, the names of innate, Zhongtian, and the disciples are only relative to those of us who have not fully completed the knowledge of the law. The people who pass the assessment are called innate strategists, Zhongtian strategists and acquired strategists. We have a lot of disciples after the sect, and the second generation of disciples, the congenital disciples now have only one, and the others have become the strategists. Therefore, the annual contest will not be able to make enough congenital disciples to participate in the contest. ”Cheng Zhuo explained.

  "One?"Mu Yu feels a little ridiculous, is the congenital disciple so rare?

  After learning the basics course, the disciples of the sect have two choices. For example, the disciples of the day after tomorrow can choose to participate in the assessment of the strategist and become the genius of the day after tomorrow. They began to do various things for the martial art, including arranging and maintaining various formations for the various sects in the real world.

  If you don't choose to become a strategist, you can choose to participate in the advanced test. The disciples can become a disciple of the middle class through advanced testing and continue to learn the intermediate knowledge of the formation. Zhongtian disciples can also choose to become a Zhongtian squad or participate in advanced testing and become a congenital disciple. As for the innate disciples, they can only choose the assessment of the innate strategist.

  The strategist assessment is simpler than the advanced test. Many of the acquired and Zhongtian disciples feel hopeless in their advancement, and the age is getting bigger.

You will choose to become a squad, do things for the sect, and you can get more resources for cultivation. Some people have confidence in their talents. If they want to continue their studies, they will go to the difficult advanced test, but there are not many successful people.

  Like Cheng Zhuo, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, two middle-class disciples, are bent on becoming a congenital disciple. Therefore, they do not participate in the assessment of the squad, but they always try to get advanced assessments. Unfortunately, they have failed for several years.

  Fu Zong and the ancestors, the disciples under the door are also divided into congenital, Zhongtian, and his disciples. In the test of the match between the sect and the sect, it is stipulated that the sentiment must be a disciple rather than a sergeant or a clerk.

  The match test consists of a congenital disciple, a comparison between the disciple of Zhongtian and the disciple of the day after tomorrow. Each sect sent three congenital disciples, three middle-class disciples, three congenital disciples, and used the road to match the skills. .

  "How many strategists do we have now?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Our martial art does not lack the squadron and the Zhongtian sergeant. There are more than 500 faculty members in the day after tomorrow. There are more than a thousand disciples in the day after tomorrow. There are more than one hundred martial arts strategists, and there are more than 300 disciples in the middle, but they are congenital. There are only 19 people in the array, including the only one innate disciple, who is barely 20."

  There are only 20 people in the innate array? so little?

  Mu Yu is dumb, this sect is really going downhill. If you don’t recruit a congenital disciple again, I am afraid that it will be suppressed forever by Fuzong in a few years.

  In the current situation, the sect of the sect is also very anxious, but he is not free to modify the difficulty of the advanced test and increase the number of congenital disciples. Because the disciples who do not meet the requirements are fundamentally unable to learn the innate disciples, even if he makes the most talented Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai of Zhongtian disciples become congenital disciples, they can not keep up with the learning of congenital disciples. course.

  Learning the array, and the relationship with talent is too big!

  "Are you going to take the advanced test to become a congenital disciple?"Mu Yu asked.

  Cheng Zhuo shook his head: "I know my talent, it is impossible to pass advanced
Tested, in a few years, I still honestly go to the assessment of the Zhongtian Array, so be a Zhongtian Array! ”

  The position of the strategist in the realm of comprehension is not as good as that of the alchemy, but everyone does not dare to go to the squad. Many martial art escorts, transmission arrays and the like are designed and maintained by the people of the ancestors and Fuzong. The people of the ancestors and Fuzong rely on these to earn spiritual stones.

  As for the difference between the martial arts and the martial arts, Cheng Zhuo can't say why, Mu Yu can only temporarily put this doubt in his heart. He just came to the sect, and many things still need him to explore.

  The next day, Mu Yu woke up early and followed Cheng Zhuo to learn the classroom of the formation. There are currently more than 300 disciples of Zhongtian disciples, which are opened according to the different progress of each disciple. Cheng Zhuo is a relatively enthusiastic person. He and Mu Yu learn different places, but he still brought Mu Yu to the novice class of Zhongtian disciples, and then left.

  The array is among the countless mountains, and the mountains are the best place to arrange. This is also the place where the ancestors chose Zongmen. Mu Yu’s novice class is not in the house, but in an open space. This empty space does not seem to have anything. It is surrounded by white fog, but when Mu Yu stepped into the white fog, he was surprised to find himself. Came to a spacious hall.

  Many places in the array are filled with a variety of arrays, most of which are used for camouflage. Perhaps a lake in front of you may be a house. If you don't walk into the battle, you never know what it is.

  At the moment, the hall did not see anyone, and Mu Yu began to look around. There are various gossip pictures hanging on the walls of the hall. Each gossip picture has different annotations. It explains what happens when there are few paintings or more paintings in each place of the Eight Diagrams. There are also a number of types of bases, including congenital bases, mid-day bases and acquired bases. What different influences the different bases will have on the formation.

  Mu Yu looked at the common sense of these formations, and did not think it was strange. These dead woods had already told him that he was also aware of the heart. It’s just that you can’t be too obvious. He can’t make people see some clues.

  "You are the newly recruited Zhongtian disciple?"After about a quarter of an hour, a man who looked like a 30-year-old entered the battle.

  Mu Yu bent slightly and prayed: "See the division."

  The man stood up and repaired it in the Yuan Ying period. He looked at Mu Yu and said: "How old are you?"

  "Nineteen."Mu Yu did not hide.

  "Nineteen? It is very big among the new disciples. You have to build a foundation to build a foundation. You need to work hard in the cultivation to catch up with other middle-class disciples. Introducing myself, my name is Song Qingyu, but I am a Zhongtian singer. I am responsible for teaching the new generation of Zhongtian disciples about the introduction of the martial arts. You will call me Song Zhongshi later. ”Song Qingyu Road.

  Among the strategists, the status of the squad is higher than that of the disciples. Even if they are the founders, their status is the same as that of the disciples. So when a disciple becomes a squad, other disciples will take the initiative to give the singer the proper respect.

  Mu Yu nodded and said: "The disciple remembers."

  "How much do you know about the law before you get started, and in detail, I will arrange the next study for you." Last month, Liu Zhenshi brought back a Zhongtian disciple from outside. He knows that there is too little knowledge of the formation and needs to learn from the beginning. You must also say your own situation, and don’t understand it. ”Song Qingyu said seriously.

  Song Qingyu is a Zhongtian disciple who is responsible for guiding the new entry. In recent years, there are too few Zhongtian disciples to introduce new ones, so his work is also relatively easy. After only the simple basic church, there will be another team. Teach wood feathers.

  Mu Yu's current understanding of the law is probably similar to that of Song Qingyu, but in order to hide his eyes and ears, UU reads He deliberately pretends to only know the fur. After all, he can't do anything to know when he comes here, otherwise he will say too much if he is suspicious.

  Song Qingyu spent the morning's hard work to teach the common sense of gossip to Mu Yu. Mu Yu always did not look like fashion, and then thanked Song Qingyu for his two sentences, so that Song Qingyu was very useful.

  "This morning is a waste."Mu Yu shook his head and was helpless.

  Song Qingyu has left, and Mu Yu is a new introductory disciple. It is not as good as other people in the afternoon. Because he only has the "building period", he must go to the squad who is responsible for guiding the practice in the afternoon. The cultivation of the mind.

  This makes Mu Yu feel a bit ridiculous, and he has to pretend to be a rookie to get started, which is also a helpless move.

  He just left the hall, but found that there were already ten people standing outside, divided into two, and they were provoking each other.

  "Luo Feilong, don't come innocent!"A young man smiled and said with a smile.

  "Ji Wenkai, you don't pretend to be the same. The new Zhongtian disciple belongs to you last time. This should be my return."Another young man sneered.

  "It depends on people's choices."Luo Feilong scratched his nails and said leisurely.

  Then everyone looked at the wooden feathers that had just come out of the novice class.

  Mu Yu understands that these two guys are doing swearing, and they dare to plan to pull themselves into the gang.

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