Chapter 375 “Waste” that no one wants

  When everyone saw the appearance of Mu Yu and repaired it, it showed a strange look.

  How old is it so big to build a base period?

  The appearance of Mu Yu at the moment is about 19 years old, and it is almost the same as the real age of Mu Yu, but it is only a base period, which is somewhat dwarfed by everyone present. These ten are all Zhongtian disciples, some of them are even smaller than Mu Yu, but the lowest is Jindan period.

  "Kid, how old are you? How can it be built only for the foundation period? ”Luo Feilong frowned and asked.

  Mu Yu took a look at these people and said carelessly: "19 years old, repaired to build a five-day sky."

  "what? At the age of nineteen, did you build a five-day sky? ”

  "This cultivation talent is too bad! Can such people get started? ”

  "Does this kind of person follow us and we will only drag our legs?"

  A burst of laughter broke out in the crowd, and each of the dozens of disciples who were present at the scene entered the sect at the age of twelve, even if the oldest was at the age of sixteen. Although they have been repaired very low or not at the time of entering the door, but after a few years of cultivation, they have already made rapid progress, even if the lowest has reached Jindan Jiuzhongtian.

  In the face of this group of heavenly pride, the 19-year-old foundation period is not enough to see.

  "You are not as good as your disciples, how did you become a Zhongtian disciple?" Did you come in through the back door? ”Luo Feilong looked at Mu Yu with disdain.

  Mu Yu turned a deaf ear to other people's ridicule and shook his head. "I am not walking the back door, but I have passed through the four of the gossip."

  Every disciple of the sects has basically gone through the gossip, but these middle-aged disciples in front of me only have a maximum of five squats, and the wood feathers are actually not much different. But they didn't know that Mu Yu was originally introduced by using the shackles of death and the birth. His fourth 卦 was the eighth 无人 that no one succeeded except the heavens!

  It is a pity that no one knows this, because the two disciples who were observing the door on the same day deliberately reported this matter, and Mu Yu was too lazy to care about anything.

  "If you are 19 years old, you will still build a foundation. You will lower the facade of our middle-class disciples."Luo Feilong smugly glanced at Mu Yu and then headed to Ji Wenkai. "This waste belongs to you. My people are the best of the Zhongtian disciples. I don't like waste to follow me."


  Mu Yu stunned, but he was the apprentice of the Three Continents of the True God. He had already reached the stage of the expedition, and he was also a famous figure on the list of the immortals. He also made the whole of the realm of cultivation really boiled. Wherever he went, he was someone else. The object of discussion, but is actually called waste by the Yuan Ying period guys of a group of frogs at the bottom of the well?

  This is really new.

  Ji Wenkai replied coldly: "I am not a garbage collection station here, I don't collect any garbage. I think this waste is very good with you, I will not fight with you. ”

  Ji Wenkai only saw Mu Yu from the beginning to the end and had already dismissed the idea of ​​taking Mu Yu as a follow-up. Both he and Luo Feilong are the best of the Zhongtian disciples, and most likely to become innate disciples through advanced testing. of. They are nothing more than collecting more cultivating resources from other disciples to prepare for their advanced tests. They are constantly rubbing against each other on weekdays.

  But if your own shift is a waste,

Basically, he can't extract any oil and water from him, and he will give his chance to laugh at himself. No one wants to let the other side get the upper hand.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai looked at each other in a tit-for-tat manner, and they sparked their gaze. Then they sneered and left with their own shifts. They were too lazy to talk to Mu Yu.

  "I was actually underestimated? Can you bear Wood Feather? ”Xiaoshuai asked lazily in the pocket of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu looked at it all with a smile. The behavior of these two people was like a childish child fighting in his eyes. It was completely a dog-like look. I think that I am now in the realm of comprehension. No one knows no one, and I will be dismissed by the two rookies of the sect. It is really speechless.

  "But it's good, save them from always bothering themselves."Mu Yu is still very happy to see this happen. Whether it is waste or garbage, is it necessary for children to correct their ridiculous thoughts? Unfortunately, they can't let them know their true identity, otherwise they will regret to say such words.

  A genius boy is considered a waste, and I am afraid that Mu Yu is the first person in the history of the sect.

  In the afternoon, Mu Yu groped himself to report to the place where the disciples specifically directed the disciples to practice the basic principles. After all, the sects were once a branch of the squad, and their cultivation of the mind is very mysterious and can speed up the understanding of the martial arts. Although this method of mind is not as good as the dusty method, it also has some remarkable points, especially if it can assist the array, which is quite crucial for the division.

  Undoubtedly, another Zhongtian singer who guided the newly-introduced disciples saw a few grievances when he saw the age and cultivation of Mu Yu. "It’s really not a year like a squad, what a cat dog? All are collected." Mu Yu touched his nose, and he did not know how to refute the words of the Yuan Ying period.

  It was hard to get to the night. He was lying on his bed thinking about when he had to find a way to participate in this year’s match test, and he won a victory and was qualified to go to the forbidden place. Cheng Zhuofeng came back with fire. He came to the bed of Mu Yu and asked with concern: "I heard about today's business, you must be in a bad mood?"p>

  "Why am I not feeling good?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

  Cheng Zhuodao: "Everyone is passing on our Zhongtian disciples who have recruited a waste. The age is overhauled. Even Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are not willing to take him as a follower. I just learned that they are talking about you. ”

  Mu Yu sat up and shrugged indifferently: "It doesn't matter, I don't care."

  "related!"Cheng Zhuo said seriously, "If you don't join a party, you will be excluded by the disciples of Zhongtian. Even the Lingshi you receive every month will be deducted. Zhongtian disciples will receive 100 Lingshi every month, five acquired bases and two Zhongtian formations. If you don’t have any backing in the battle, your things will be taken away by others. of. ”

  "How are all the same people, and they still grab their own things?"Mu Yu frowned.

  Cheng Zhuo made a squeaking gesture, then ran to close the door and window, secretly said: "You do not know how deep the water inside! Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai almost monopolized the resources of Zhongtian disciples. Originally, our Zhongtian disciples could be divided into six groups every month, and they were all taken away by the two of them. The base is an indispensable part of our study of the array method. Without a base, we have one less opportunity to practice. Everyone has a hard time saying nothing, but there is no way. If you don’t join them, One party, I am afraid I can't even get a base! ”

  Mu Yu feels that the thief's small touch is really annoying as the bones of the bones. It is no wonder that the sects will not fall, and everyone will rob their own cultivation resources, resulting in insufficient resources to practice upgrading themselves. It is strange that the overall strength can be improved. It is inevitable to think about losing to Fuzong every year. There are two vampire bats, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, and others will never be in the early days.

  "This is too unreasonable. Does the above-mentioned innate squadron leave it? How many Chinese disciples will they delay? ”Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai's approach to the wooden feathers of this outsider can not stand.

  "This is the unspoken rule between the disciples of the Zhongtian, besides, Rofei Dragon and Divenke are the elite of Zhongtian disciples, most likely to become the candidates for congenital disciples, a congenital disciple is worth dozens of of the students, above all the congenital array of the more attention they two, so to their practice also open one eye closed one eye. After all, the realm of comprehension is a world of weak meat and strong food. They have the strength, so they can plunder more resources. ”Cheng Zhuo shook his head.

  "The world of comprehension is a world of weak meat, but we can't use this sentence to skip some embarrassing things. To know that a martial art wants to develop, it is not one or two people, but everyone working together.

  It’s true that one or two people will make the sect grow, but it’s the most stupid way to sacrifice everyone for the future of these two people. The talented disciple is going to crush the disciples with low talents. The good is getting better and better, the difference is getting worse and worse, and the polarization is quite serious. This is not the way of development of the martial art. ”Mu Yu is serious.

  He is not a politician, nor a resourceful, but a person who is unwilling to be bound by the rules of the world. But he also knows some basic principles of survival. The sects are all owned by everyone, not the exclusive ones. The main force of the sect is actually a Zhongtian disciple, but these Zhongtian disciples are thinking about going to Bajie Luofeilong and Ji Wenkai every day. Their talents are limited by the crush of these two vampire bats. This is very sad. phenomenon.

  For thousands of years, there have been many vampire bats like Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. It is precisely because of the existence of such unspoken rules that the formation has become increasingly weak. If Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai can really become congenital disciples, UU reads www. But after so many years they still can't pass the advanced test, then the existence of the two of them is a stumbling block to the development of the sect.

  "I understand everything, but unfortunately I can't do anything. Without strength, everything is empty talk."Cheng Zhuo sighed and sighed.

  Wood Yu silently, he does not want to go to this drowning, the purpose of this is just to learn some basic arrays, so that you can understand the contents of "Xuanzhen", or see if you can see the heavens On the one hand, ask him to unravel the nine-day magic array in his body. The development of the sect has nothing to do with him. As long as the two men do not take the initiative to provoke themselves, he will not say anything.

  "You are relieved. If there is any need in the future, I will tell you that I still have a certain right to speak between the disciples of Zhongtian. I will cover you later, and I will not need any protection fees."Cheng Zhuo is very derogatory.

  Xiaoshuai had been eating buns stolen from the dining hall. When he heard this, he suddenly squirted the meat out of his mouth. He smiled and said: "Big brother, you must have that strength!" ”

  "Eat your buns, don't talk."Mu Yu stuffed another buns into Xiao Shuai’s mouth.

  Cheng Zhuo looked at Xiaoshuai with interest and said: "The spirits that can talk can be uncommon. What is the power of this little beast?"

  "it? In addition to eating is to sleep, not awesome, a mutant mouse. ”Mu Yu smiled. Xiaoshuai was dissatisfied and wanted to protest, but Mu Yu took another buns and blocked his mouth.

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