No. 376 Best Male Award

  "See, this guy heard it was just getting started with the crap." ”

  "Really lost the face of our disciples, 19 years old only to build the base period, the day after tomorrow disciples are not so lame!" ”

  "I heard that he had been pleading with Brother Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai on that day and wanted to get their protection. Unfortunately, people simply could not see it."

  "It was a big joke. This is still the first Zhongtian disciple who wants to choose a camp without success."

  Mu Yu just walked past, a few people's words on the wanton blow into his ear, the voice without disguise, is to deliberately say to Mu Yu listen. Mu Yu wrinkled his brow: pleading?

  The news is too embarrassing, right? Actually it has also become a bitter pleading?

  Rao is a good temper, and he is also happy with this sentence. What is the pleading? Let him go through a period of comprehension to ask for two rookies in the Yuan Ying period?

  He shook his head and was too lazy to have a general knowledge of these people. The gossip was not painful, and he endured it. He will have a chance to clean up in the future.

  But there are always some people who don’t know how to live and die.

  "You are the middle-aged disciple called waste?"A fat-headed young man was blocked in front of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu raised his head. This guy is taller than him. He is very strong. His body is twice as wide as the wooden feather. The wood feather that grows tall and fat has always been amazing because it is in his The fat people in the impression are short.

  "Problems?"Mu Yu asked in a warm and unhurried manner.

  "There is no big deal. Today is the day to receive the Lingshi and the base. Anyway, you are a waste. It is better to give me the Lingshi and the foundation. How about keeping it for you?"This high-fat guy named Zhu Caijun is the person who is famous among the disciples of Zhongtian. He is a powerful follower of Luo Feilong and a faithful dog.

  Mu Yu has been in the battle for several days. Just now, from a middle squad, he received a hundred pieces of Lingshi and five acquired primaries and two Zhongtian dynasties.

  According to the degree of aura, the base can be divided into congenital base, mid-day base and acquired base. In general, the most common base is the Lingshi, a little more precious is the demon spirit produced after the death of the monster. The demon spirit similar to the third-order monster is the most common existence in the acquired matrix, while the demon of the fourth-order and fifth-order monsters is the Zhongtian formation.

  When Mu Yu was in the Moyun Mountain Range, the old man used to set up a gathering of wood feathers with Zijin Lingshi. The Zijin Lingshi belongs to the higher quality in the innate array.

  The blood jade ink crystal left by the dead wood old man to Mu Yu is a very rare congenital base, and the aura contained in it has reached a shocking level. Blood jade ink crystal has been well protected by wood feathers, beware of any accidents.

  At the beginning of the work, the dead wood gave up everything to Mu Yu, which included many precious foundations, but he did not pay attention to the formation before, so they also left these bases idle. It’s been a long time, and now it’s time to unblock it.

  As for the factions and the stone that the sects gave to Mu Yu, they simply did not enter his eyes. The arrays he took out were all high-priced, not so shabby.

  In the usual, whoever wants these things to give him no problem, but this guy with a robbery face to do things, this wood feathers do not want to endure.

  "Why do you want to grab someone else's stuff?"Mu Yu reveals an innocent question mark face.

  Zhu Caijun stunned and then laughed. It was the first time that someone asked him why he had to rob this idiot. He said with arrogance: "Do you still need a reason for robbery?"

  "The robbery is either ugly and wants nothing, either the mind is simple and self-righteous, or there is no tutor who has no support, what kind of one are you?"Mu Yu asked leisurely.

  "I'm……"Zhu Caijun was ridiculed by Mu Yu’s headless brain, and his mind could not turn around. He stopped to think about why he was robbing. I really don’t know why he is a moderate disciple like him. It’s so esoteric. When is a squad not looking at IQ?

  When Zhu Caijun woke up and came to Mu Yu, he turned his head and yelled at him. He suddenly said: "I am your mother!"

  It is impossible to say that Zhu Caijun lifted the slap of the size of the fan and fanned it toward the wood. He is a repairer of the Yuan Ying, a heavy heaven, and there is no mercy under the wrath of the palm. The air has sounded a sharp whistling sound. In the eyes of outsiders, Mu Yu is just a rookie in the base period. I am afraid that Zhu Caijun’s palm can make the wood feathers into meat!

  "Zhu Caijun, don't kill people, be responsible!"

  "Where does this waste get your hands, you can lightly!"

  Many people haveten reminded Zhu Caijun that this uninspired guy is stupid like a pig, but he still has it. If he kills Mu Yu, then the crime of maiming the same door can be implemented. How did the squadron fall, and it was strictly forbidden to kill the brothers.

  Zhu Caijun was said by others that the strength of starting the game was reduced by seven or eight points. However, it seems to him that his own palm is not a big force and it is not a rookie who can resist the building. At least he must be injured. Bone, lying on the bed for ten days and half a year.

  If he knows that Mu Yu is really cultivated, he would not be so arrogant if he borrowed a hundred courage.

  Mu Yu seems to panic and raise his hands. Suddenly, he caught the hand of Zhu Caijun between the electric and the flint. Zhu Caijun was shocked to find that he couldn’t go any further.
. How can this be? I am a repairer of the Yuan Ying period!

  Zhu Caijun looked at Mu Yu, and Mu Yu flashed a pure black awn in his right eye, which reflected Zhu Caijun’s eyes, and his heart almost stopped half a shot. Then he felt a horrible spiritual power in his hand. The spirit of the stock swam into his body in an instant, his head was blind, and his eyes were already dark.


  Zhu Caijun’s general body suddenly fell down, causing a shock on the ground, causing everyone to stun the chin! However, Mu Yu flew out in a panic, but also fell to the ground and looked at Zhu Caijun with horror, completely the image of a victim.

  "This, how is this going?"The two or three people next to it have been stunned. How did Zhu Caijun in the Yuan Ying period fall down the waste of the base period?

  Mu Yu climbed up and asked in panic: "Does he have any high blood pressure and high blood fat? I saw that he was afraid of killing me and slammed his hand, as if he didn’t go back in one breath…"

  Others have already ran over, carefully examined the situation of Zhu Caijun, and found that Zhu Caijun did not have the physical strength of the whole body, and it was not as good as Mu Yu’s saying. They were a little relieved, and thought that Mu Yu was a hidden guy. It turned out that Zhu Caijun had made a big deal to make himself happen.

  "You, don't rob me…"Mu Yu looked at everyone and looked at him. He quickly stepped back a few steps, then turned around and fled, for fear that he would be robbed by a certain guy.

  "Yes, Mu Yu, you have the talent for acting!"Xiaoshuai has already laughed and hurts.

  "That is, I am the one who wants the best male award."Mu Yu saw no one catch up, and then he laughed involuntarily.

  "What is the best male award?"Xiaoshuai asked inexplicably.

  "I don't know. When I was in the village, the grandfather of the village asked people to come to the show every year to celebrate the harvest. There are always a few people who performed very well. The village chief said that the best performer can get the best male award. Glory."Mu Yu smiled and knew a little about it.

  He slowly turned a mountain road and flew over another valley. To tell the truth, the sect is really a vast sect. There are countless mountains and mountains. It seems to be ordinary mountains outside, but each mountain is actually hidden and it is laid out in various ways.

  If some places are not licensed, even if the disciples of the sects can only see simple flowers and trees and gravel piles, if they have permission to enter, they will be amazed to find that there are pavilions in the mountains or A strange animal.

  Although the array has not fallen, it is relative to Fu Zong. In fact, with the terrain and the magical array of the arrogant and difficult to attack, if other sects want to attack the ancestors, there is no way for the innate sect, but I am afraid that the people who can’t find the sect are in the end. Going somewhere to go. This is why the sects will not be erased on the triple continent even if they do not receive good disciples.

  When Mu Yu came to the sect, he went around and didn't get lost by a detailed map. This map actually has every disciple. There are marks on each mountain. What mountains are the disciples of the day after tomorrow, which mountains are the disciples who can go, and which mountains are congenital disciples can go. of. There are also some landforms such as canyons, some of which are open, and most of them are guarded by someone. If you want to enter, you must apply.

  Each disciple will distribute a token when he gets started. This is the identity of the identity. It is also the basis for entering and leaving each array. The array will identify the token and determine if you have the qualification to enter. The card reads "Zhongtian".

  He already knew where the forbidden place of the battle was, but his token was not enough to get him into the forbidden place. Yesterday, Mu Yu also pretended to get lost and came around the forbidden land, but he did not want to go in. The banned area was surrounded by a very strict array of methods, and the trees were isolated, so he could only return without success. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  What makes him ridiculous is that he has not seen the innate strategist of the ancestor, let alone the patriarch Zhuge Xiaosheng. Zhuge Xiaosheng is said to be the most legendary congenital strategist in addition to the heavens. The array of methods he has laid out is so fascinating, and many of the great forces in the field of comprehension are from his hand.

  Therefore, all the sects did not dare to offend the sect. Imagine that most of the Yamaha's formations came from the hands of the ancestors. If the sects were annoyed, the sect of the sect told the martial art of the martial art. The death of the head, the shoushan big array can be virtually nothing.

  Of course, the damage to the interests of others, the array will not do. They arranged for others to collect other people's remuneration. If they turned around and leaked the loopholes in the array, wouldn't they have their own signboards, and who would dare to find them in the future? So every disciple will remember this when he gets started. This is the moral bottom line that must be observed as a division.

  Mu Yu crossed a hill. He looked at the map and saw a valley called "Advanced Hall". This valley can only be accessed by a disciple. At this moment, many Zhongtian disciples are entering the advanced church. I don't know why.

  Advanced Hall is an advanced test. When Zhongtian disciples want to become congenital disciples, they need to complete the test here. Why is there such a middle-class disciple entering the advanced church at this moment? Mu Yu also wanted to find out and went down the valley.

  He has a token unique to his disciple, so the array of the valley did not stop him, making Mu Yu easily enter the "advanced hall".

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