Chapter 377 Monument (on)

  It’s afternoon, it’s the free time of Zhongtian’s disciple. Mu Yu just entered the “advanced hall”, and the valley has undergone earth-shaking changes. He seems to be coming to a vast sky, whether it is on the ground or in the sky. They are all twinkling stars, and they are spectacular.

  Unlike the time when he was in the third place, he did not feel any restraint in it. Here is a pure fantasy. At this moment, there is more than one person in the "advanced hall", gathering at least fifty or sixty people, do not know what to do. When Mu Yu came in, no one noticed him. He listened to the comments of these middle-class disciples in an inconspicuous corner behind the crowd.

  "Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are both ready to try."A Zhongtian disciple.

  "They are the two people who are most likely to become congenital disciples. After half a year, they will compete with Fuzong. We can't lose again. Otherwise, we will lose to the sect for ten consecutive years."

  "I hope that both of them will succeed in advanced congenital disciples. Our ancestors have been unable to make three congenital disciples for several years."

  Many disciples have been talking about it, and their eyes are focused on the two figures in the distance. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai stood there in a hurry and looked at each other. No one would serve anyone. The two men secretly competed and wanted to be the first congenital disciple, but no one had succeeded.

  After about a quarter of an hour, a figure of an old man who had to be fluttering appeared in the stars. The old man was dressed in a navy blue robe, and his black and white yin and yang fish were chasing each other on the chest. It was a unique logo of the innate squad. It is surprising that the two yin and yang fish on the robes turned out to be moving. Obviously this is also made up of special formations.

  The old man’s white beard was meticulous, and the whole person stood there with a breathtaking atmosphere, so that every disciple could not help but awe. All the disciples screamed: "The disciple has seen Lu Xianshi!"

  The "first teacher" is the honorary title of the innate philosopher. After the ordinary disciples become the founder after passing the assessment, they are collectively referred to as the "post-teacher". After the Zhongtian disciple becomes the Zhongtian sergeant, they are honored as "the middle school."

  Can be called "first division", the array is only 19 people.

  Lu Xianshi is a genuine innate philosopher, formerly known as Lu Deyi, whose identity is especially noble among the sect. Every congenital squad of the sect is a well-established strategist, and its cultivation is also unfathomable.

  The Lu faction sneaked a glimpse of all the Zhongtian disciples, and then set his sights on Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. They nodded their appreciation and said: "The enlightenment of your two recent confrontations seems to have deepened, not bad! Not bad! ”

  Luo Feilong said with respect and respectfulness: "Mengmeng Lu Xianshi praised, the disciples in order to be able to make a contribution to the Zongmen, do their best to upgrade themselves, and do not dare to slack off."

  Ji Wenkai also quickly said: "Thank you Lu Xianshi, the last time after the guidance of Lu Xianshi, the disciples were deeply enlightened. Disciples will surely defeat Fuzong in this year's match-up test, glory for our sect! ”

  These two people are usually quite arrogant among the Zhongtian disciples, but they are respectful in front of Lu Xianshi, completely changed their faces, their faces are full of pleasing looks, and they have a speech with the attitude of a few days ago and Mu Yu. If two people, it seems to be two humble and courteous young people.

  To be honest, the talents of these two people are really good, and they are also very necessary for cultivation. Lu Xianshi naturally appreciates these two people, so it is only after the two people’s eyes are closed. As long as these two people can become congenital disciples,

How they bully others on weekdays is a trivial matter.

  "Since both of you have to try again, then I will call out the monument. I hope that both of you will have to cheer. ”Lu Xianshi waved his hand, and three quaint monuments flew out of his sleeves, and then quickly became bigger and settled down in the stars.

  The test of the monument is what it is, Mu Yu does not know, but he knows that if someone passes the test of the monument, then the monument will be broken. Once the three monuments are broken, it means a certain position. Zhongtian disciple successfully passed the advanced test and became a congenital disciple.

  These three quaint monuments are as big as a door. The body of the monument seems to be broken. The edges are extremely irregular and look very weird. On the top of the monument, the mysterious lines are engraved, and from time to time there are white awns flowing through the lines.

  The three monuments fall in the starry sky, like three big mountains, which are pressed against everyone's heart. They are heavy and thick. If they are unstable, staring at these three monuments for too long, they will feel blocked in the chest. Tolerance, even more will lose consciousness, coma for a few days and nights.

  "As you all know the rules, as long as you can pass the test of these three monuments, you can become a congenital disciple. You two can start to let go."When Lu Xianshi finished speaking, he retreated to the side and watched Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai.

  "Luo brother wants to try first?"Ji Wenkai turned to Luo Feilong's archway, quite polite.

  Luo Feilong snorted, how he did not know Ji Wenkai is provoking him. But how can he be weak and strong at this time, so Pi Xiaowen said with a smile: "Then I am disrespectful."

  Before Luo Feilong stood in front of a monument, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breath. All the Zhongtian disciples looked at him intently. Everyone had high hopes for Luo Feilong. He hoped that Luo Feilong could successfully pass the test of the monument, so he could get some experience from him.

  Luo Feilong is actually not the first time to challenge the monument. He has challenged twenty-three times so far, and all ended in failure. After failing so many times, he also made a detailed summary of the test of the monument, and has already touched the points of passing the test. he
I think that if I try again a few times, I will be able to successfully break the monument.

  After a long time, Luo Feilong opened his eyes, his whole person's state was very full, and then extended his right hand, a palm arrived on the monument.

  The monument made a dazzling white awn, and the white awns gradually rushed, and the lines on the monument began to flow. Many mysterious patterns are looming, and Luo Feilong is wrapped in it. Luo Feilong’s forehead burst out of sweat, and the whole person shook slightly. He clenched his teeth and continued to hold on.

  No one knows what the test in the monument is, and can't see what Luo Feilong encountered at the moment, but everyone seems to be more nervous than him. After all, if you can break the three monuments, you can become a congenital disciple with nothing in the middle, but it is a supreme glory.

  Ji Wenkai looked at him. Although his face was smiling, his heart was very anxious. He did not want Luo Feilong to succeed in breaking the first monument. If Luo Feilong’s monument is broken, then his pressure will be great. If he wants to drive with Luo Feilong, he must also break a piece of monument.

  After about an hour, the ray of the formation became more and more powerful, and the breath of the monument became more and more horrible, and many people took a step back and looked at Luo Feilong with horror. Luo Feilong's face became very pale, and these lines seemed to have caused tremendous pressure on him. Then he had a throat and a blood spurted out, and the whole person's breath quickly faded.

  His hand has left the monument, bent down, and gasped. Lu Xianshi's face flashed a disappointing look. Although Luo Feilong's failure was in his expectation, he still hoped to have a miracle.

  After all, for many years, there is no second innate disciple in addition to Mu Chenghong. If this continues, the inevitable problem will arise. Now there is only one congenital disciple, and there are only 19 congenital strategists. The ancestor has been suppressed by Fuzong. If there is no more congenital disciple, I am afraid that the future will be worrying!

  The only innate disciple named Mu Chenghong is a genius who has passed through the Seven Miles. Apart from him, he wants to receive congenital disciples and can only come from the advancement of Zhongtian disciples. However, because of the different talents, it is too difficult for Zhongtian disciples to successfully advance to a congenital disciple through the test of the monument.

  Other Zhongtian disciples also issued a few disappointing sighs, regretting Luo Feilong, and Luo Feilong’s follow-up has already gone through the cold and asked for warmth. Ji Wenkai's face relaxed a little, but also snorted, Luo Feilong did not succeed is the best thing for him.

  "Ji Wenkai, are you going to try?"Lu Xianshi asked.

  He hopes that whether it is Luo Feilong or Ji Wenkai, as long as there is a miracle among the two people to become a congenital disciple, then the confrontation is a matter worth celebrating.

  Ji Wenkai said respectfully: "The disciples have a deeper understanding of the law in recent days, I am willing to give it a try."

  His gaze passed over Luo Feilong, revealing a provocative look. Luo Feilong was anxious, and he did not want to see Ji Wenkai's successful fragmentation, so that his position in the minds of Zhongtian disciples could be low.

  Ji Wenkai also stood before a piece of monument, adjusted his state, and then began to accept the test of the monument. The monument once again turned out of the white light, sweeping Ji Wenkai body. Ji Wenkai’s face also turned very pale. He struggled to persist, and then in the eyes of everyone's surprise, his face began to become rosy, and the pale look dissipated.

  "The season brother seems to have a play!"

  "The season brothers come on!"

  The Zhongtian disciple who supported Ji Wenkai suddenly began to cheer up Ji Wenkai, and at the same time, from time to time, he made a provocative posture toward the Zhongtian disciple who supported Luo Feilong. Luo Feilong’s supporters were very angry. They shouted: “Don’t be too proud, I think Ji Wenkai will fail!”

  "That is, Luo brother did not succeed, what is Ji Wenkai?"

  The supporters on both sides began a slap in the face, and even appeared a variety of ugly snoring, knowing that Lu’s majestic coughing sound made everyone quiet. UU reading

  "Noisy, what kind of system do you like!" If you disturb the mood of Ji Wenkai, affect him, see I don't pack you! ”Lu Xianshi whispered softly.

  Lu Xianshi was full of hopes to look at Ji Wenkai, Ji Wenkai's performance is obviously much better than Luo Feilong, and even it is really possible to successfully break a piece of monument, this is a huge improvement, Rao is also very much looking forward to Lu Xianshi stand up.

  "Oh, you can't succeed!"Luo Feilong clenched his fist.

  The white light of the monument became stronger and stronger, and Ji Wenkai’s face began to rise red, but everyone felt that the monument had sent out a breathtaking atmosphere, which Luo Feilong did not achieve.

  "Hey!"The violent white light suddenly burst open, so that everyone can't open their eyes, but Ji Wenkai's supporters are in a burst of ecstasy. Does this mean that Ji Wenkai has succeeded?

  Both Luo Feilong's supporters and Ji Wenkai's supporters are now nervously watching Ji Wenkai, who is surrounded by white light. The minds on both sides are the opposite.

  Even Lu’s look has changed. He has become a little excited. As long as Ji Wenkai can break a piece of monument, it is already a very big step, so he will explore it when he accepts the test of the two monuments. To the skill, the first step to success, the latter will not seem so hard.

  The white light of the monument slowly dissipated, revealing the figure of Ji Wenkai.

  "Is the monument broken?"This is a question for everyone.

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