Chapter 378 Monument (below)

  The monument is still intact, but Ji Wenkai has fallen to the ground at this moment, and his breath is sluggish.

  Like Luo Feilong, he also failed!

  "Failed? How can it be! ”

  All the people's facial expression appears the consternation, just now the response of the tablet is obviously the state that will break! But why did it suddenly fail?

  Luo Feilong’s face is relieved, as long as Ji Wenkai fails, then everything is fine, at least not more than him.

  Lu Xianshi first went to the monument and checked the status of the monument. He found that there was no sign of collapse in the monument. This went to Ji Wenkai, and his hand was behind Ji Wenkai, a pure spiritual input. Go to Ji Wenkai.

  Ji Wenkai slowly woke up, and he said with sincerity: "The disciple disappointed the first division, please forgive the sin first."

  Lu Xianshi said with awkwardness: "You have just succeeded, why did you suddenly fail?"

  Ji Wenkai sighed: "The disciples are already passing the test of this monument, but it is still stuck in the last step, no way."

  "Nothing, then where do you find yourself stuck?"Lu Xianshi asked.

  Ji Wenkai’s face appeared confident and said: “I have found out where I am stuck. Just give me a few more days. After I have recovered, my disciples will be able to successfully break this monument.”

  "it is good! It is time to have such an indomitable ambition! ”Lu Xianshi showed a happy smile, said, "You should raise your wounds in the past few days. If there is any need, even if you come to me, I will help you to point out one or two. What are the needs of the formation, though, as long as you Being a congenital disciple, the resources of the sect will be open to you."

  Ji Wenkai was overjoyed and thanked him. Lu Xianshi stood up and glanced at other Zhongtian disciples and asked: "You all have to learn from Ji Wenkai. He is nearing success today, and the first block of broken tablets is just around the corner. Everyone must work hard, and strive to rectify the Fuzong in a half-year battle. ”

  "Yes! The disciple remembers. ”All Zhongtian disciples respectfully bowed a ceremony to Lu’s predecessor.

  Lu Xianshi is responsible for the teaching of Zhongtian disciples. He is usually easygoing, but he has strict requirements for Zhongtian disciples. He is just hoping that these Zhongtian disciples will have a talented person who will support the ancestors in the future.

  "So who else is going to continue to try the test of the monument today?"When Lu Xianshi saw that everyone's mental outlook was good, he nodded slightly and then asked.

  Everyone, look at me, I look at you, no one dares to say anything. Luo Feilong failed, and Ji Wenkai was successful, but he also failed. These two most promising Chinese disciples have failed, and they have no chance of success.

  Lu Xianshi said: "The time for the test is getting closer and closer. I will put these three monuments here. If you want to try it, even if you try to go, even if you fail, it doesn't matter. Ji Wenkai continues to sum up experience in failure, and will one day succeed."

  After reading these words, Lu Xianshi encouraged the audience to see Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, and left the advanced hall. After he left, it was only in the advanced hall that it blew up the pot and talked about what Ji Wenkai had just succeeded.

  Ji Wenkai took care of his body, then stood up and waved to Luo Feilong: "Luo Shixiong, today's younger brother is just a little luck.

Otherwise, it will really break the first block of monuments. It seems that I have to go to Lu Xianshi to exchange my thoughts tomorrow, and Luo brothers have to cheer. ”

  Luo Feilong's face is so green that he can simply screw out the water. Today, Lu Xianshi is obviously more optimistic about Ji Wenkai, which really makes him feel angry. He barely squeezed out a smile: "That's really congratulations to the season, but don't say that you haven't broken a piece of monument, even if you broke the first one, there is a second one, the third one! I just watched how you became a congenital disciple. ”

  The dialogue between the two men was very strong, and their supporters began to yell at each other. After Ji Wenkai and Luo Feilong both left, the arguments of everyone stopped. Ji Wenkai and Luo Feilong left with their respective followers, and there was only one wooden feather left in the entire advanced hall.

  "The monument?"

  Mu Yu touched his chin and looked at the three quaint vicissitudes. Just now, Ji Wenkai and Luo Feilong’s performances are all in the eyes. Ji Wenkai’s possibility of breaking the monument is relatively high. As for Luo Feilong, he apparently has not yet reached the point of Ji Wenkai.

  "Wood feathers, are you going to try?"Longtan asked.

  "Is there something to eat after breaking the monument?"Xiaoshuai said with no heart.

  "Let me see."

  Mu Yu walked to the front of the monument. Just now Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai chose a different monument. He chose the third monument they had not touched.

  "What is the difficulty of this monument? Can actually prevent the Zhongtian disciple from becoming a congenital disciple? ”Mu Yu looked at the lines on the tablet, and he was surprised to find that these patterns were familiar.

  "Wait, I seem to have seen these patterns."Mu Yu’s eyes lit up, and he remembered where he had seen these patterns. When he was in the double heaven, he was trapped on the top of the white demon king, and these are on the ground!

  Xiaoshuai also remembered it. It shook its tail and said: "Is there any relationship between this pattern and the white demon king?"

  "No, it shouldn't be said that it has anything to do with the White Demon King. It should be that the human races that are trapped in the White Demon King may have a relationship with the Confucius."Mu Yu also can't read these patterns, he stretched his fingers and wanted
Touching the pattern of the monument, but his finger just touched the monument, and suddenly the monument made a white light, sucking him in!

  Strictly speaking, he is still standing in the same place, but his consciousness is sucked in by the monument.

  "What is this place?"

  Mu Yu stood in a wilderness, surrounded by not only bushes, but also a few big trees, and several horrible breaths hidden in the woods.


  The deafening sound suddenly remembered from the back of the wooden feather, and then he felt like a nest of monsters, countless monsters squatting, or flying or running or jumping out, surrounded by wood feathers live.

  The strength of these monsters varies from first-order to fifth-order monsters. But the only thing in common is that the color of the monsters surrounding the wood feathers is all white. No matter what the real fur color of these monsters is in the real world, it is white here, but the strength has not changed.

  He saw the second-order Yanma beast, the fourth-order Qingfeng wolf, the fifth-order octopus…

  "What? Does the octopus not live in the water? Has the times changed? ”Mu Yu looked at the octopus floating in the air and slowly squirming tentacles. It was really strange.

  These monsters stared at the wood feathers and stared at the wood feathers. Is this monument to test how he defeated these monsters?

  But at this moment, the monsters suddenly retreated, and a figure came out from behind the monster. Mu Yu fixed his eyes and looked at it!

  "who are you?"Mu Yu asked with vigilance. After so many illusions, he certainly wouldn’t think that the immediate situation was awkward. This person does not need to say that he knows it is false.

  "I am a monument, you need to get the test of the monument when you enter the monument."The infatuation of the inscription is pure and innocent, no matter whether it is tone or movement, there is no difference between what Mu Yu knows.

  "Then why do you appear in a dazzling image?"Mu Yu asked.

  "I don't have a form, so when I talk to people, for the sake of convenience, I will appear as the person you like the most, so you don't feel abrupt."The inscription is innocent and innocent.

  Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, it would not be awkward! However, he did not want to refute anything, he asked: "What is my test?"

  "What you need to test in this section of the spirit is the wisdom of the battle." These monsters, you can choose one hundred at will, then I will guide you to defeat the monsters in another place. ”The spirit of the monument blinked, and she appeared in a dazzling image, which really made Mu Yu happy, but Mu Yu always reminded himself that the spirit is not awkward.

  “Can I see my opponent first?”Mu Yu looked at the surrounding monsters, and these monsters had the strongest strengths.

  "Yes, you come with me."Smiling slightly, led the wooden feathers to fly over, crossed a big tree, and then Mu Yu finally saw his opponent.

  What the hell is that his mother is so dense?

  There are countless black lacquered monsters underneath, and the white feathers of Mu Yu are not. The most ignorant of Mu Yu is that the strength of these monsters is the sixth-order monster, just stand up and squat, it is estimated that the fourth-order fifth-order monsters on his side must be scared!

  "These are the sixth-order monsters. After you choose, the black monster will also stand out with a sixth-order monster. All you have to do is command your monster to defeat the sixth-order monster. By the way, your monster will obey your command and understand what you are saying. This is the only way for the weaker side. ”Monumental road.

  "My top five-level monsters here, how to defeat those sixth-order monsters? It’s just that I’m afraid that a sixth-order monster can spit out my monsters, right? ”

  Mu Yu feels that this difficulty is too big. The sixth-order monster is equivalent to the comprehension of the distraction period, and the monster of his side is the highest with him. Although he has a large number of monsters, he even plays the wheel battle. It doesn't cost a sixth-order monster!

  "This is the question you should think about. Be a congenital disciple. When you learn the circuit, you must learn to use the current limited resources under the most vulnerable conditions to achieve the goal of weak and strong. The most important quality of a congenital disciple is not the cultivation, but the ability to be resourceful and arrogant. In the hands of the innate disciples, everything can be arrayed. UU reading The real first division should learn to avoid weaknesses, as long as you are in the right way, even if the strength is weak, it is more than enough to defeat the opponent. ”Monumental road.

  Only weak and strong, can show the true strength of a pioneer!

  This monument seems to know that Mu Yu’s cultivation is a period of embarrassment, so she made Mu Yu’s opponent a sixth-order monster that is more powerful than Mu Yu’s realm, which is equivalent to the distraction period. The monster that Mu Yu can command is the highest and only the embarrassing period. This is completely smashing the stone, and the possibility of winning is too embarrassing.

  "The passage of time here is different from the outside. A quarter of an hour is equivalent to a day here, but it is not suitable for cultivation. It is just a fictional world, so don't expect to do it here. Two days later, whether you have chosen your own monster, the other side will have a sixth-order monster to attack you, you are careful. Here your cultivation will not be suppressed, there are only two ways to go out, defeat the opponent or all the monsters controlled by you! ”Yingling finally looked at Mu Yu and disappeared.

  Mu Yu remembered that when he was in the dead wood valley, because he was forbidden by the dead wood, he used the dragon of the dragon to make the behemoth of the valley obedient, and also placed a beast array like a monster. Nothing
It came in handy and I didn't expect it to be used here. Mu Yu also remembered the dead wood old man, when the dead wood also specifically pointed out the wood feathers of the beast array, so that his formation is more perfect.

  "It seems that it is time to sacrifice my beast army."The Beasts are passed down from the hands of the dead wood, and Mu Yu does not want to weaken the name of the dead wood.

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