Chapter 38, the old village chief

The village chief was lying in bed quietly, Mu Yu gave him a quilt, and the head of the village chief kept holding the hand of Mu Yu until he fell asleep with a smile on his mouth. Mu Yu felt the temperature from the big hands of the old man. He remembered that when he didn't dare to sleep and ran here to sleep, the village chief held his hand like this.

The hand of the former village chief will give him a sense of security. Now his own hand must also give the village chief a sense of security?

Mu Yu walked into the yard and turned to the roof, looking at the stars, but his thoughts were traced by Shayan’s words.

It took ten years for Shayan to cultivate and build a foundation.

Mu Yu frowned, he only seriously thought about this matter, his talent is the most advanced purple talent, with the guidance of Master and the supervision of An Shu, he took it for granted during the two years of cultivation. However, the disciples of other martial arts have spent ten years practicing to the base period, and they are still the Jiuhua faction of the four major sects!

Whether it is Li Yuan or Tang Yang, the two Jiuhua disciples who built the foundation and the nine heavens are over 30 years old. The sandstone foundation is a heavy day, at the age of 22, which seems to be related to his talent. It is not unexpected that the foundation has been built for ten years. But Mu Yu thought of another thing, Lan Linger, only two years older than him, to the south, three years older than him, the two of them are built to build the foundation of the nine heavens!

In the past, when Mu Yu was in the dusty mountain, he did not consider this matter at all. He only said that his cultivation time was later than others, so Lan Linger and Xiangnan were higher than themselves and were cleaning up. Until today, Mu Yu realized that Lan Linger and the gift to the south did not seem to be under him. They were not much older than themselves, but they were a lot higher. They were fellows with them, and their age was theirs. Twice, this talent is comparable to other sects?

The most terrible is the master of the words, this approachable big brother, now only 20 years old, has been stepped into the Golden Age, Master once asked him if he played against the white waves, the words are somewhat grasped. At that time, there were twenty-five white waves. The promise was only eighteen years old. But the words said that they should be tied.

"My disciples are not talented in gray or purple, so your talent is no better, and there is no special treatment for me."

Master Chu’s words in the school did not forget. He thought that Master should teach him to be ignorant of his talents. He should not pursue extra preferential treatment because he was talented. He thought that Master was showing his position to treat his disciples equally.

Now it seems that the sentence that Master said, the meaning seems to be: the talents of the other people in the dusty faction are not worse than you, not too high to see yourself.

What are the monsters collected by the Dust Collector?

Mu Yu forgot that he was also a little monster of the dusty faction. He is difficult to calm down at this moment. Master often said that he is suitable for monasticism. Mu Yu thinks that he is referring to his own high talent and is suitable for cultivation. Mu Yu is also very proud of it. It is endless to take this and Lan Linger’s mouth. On weekdays he has been quite content with his talent. Now, when I go down the mountain and see the talents of other disciples, I realize that my brother and sister’s talents are not lost to themselves.

Since "fit for the monastic" does not mean that the talent is high, then what is it?

Mu Yu has a sense of frustration. There is no one on the other side than Lan Linger to the south. Only the so-called "suitable for monasticism" is unclear and unclear. He came to the dust mountain for two years. The guidance he received was undoubtedly far from the other sects. Like the master of the world, if you want to make the martial art bigger, Mu Yu believes that the strength of the dust gang will not lose. For other sects.

However, this old man who is light and faint is always doing small things in the world. He has nothing to do with the world. He only accepts a few disciples. The talents of each disciple are extremely high. Mu Yu does not understand the significance of this.

Master never talked about his past, nor did he talk about why other sects would allow less than ten people to exist. He never thought that Master was a simple self-cultivator. At the moment, thinking about it seriously, but it is even more confusing. Isn't it that the day's capital is outstanding, and the departure of the second brother, Luo Wei, who is also "fit for the monastic", has nothing to do with these?

The night is deep,

Liushui Village did not have a lantern today to clean up the dust from the wooden feathers. Everyone was worried about the safety of the village chief. It was only after hearing that the village head was fine, and decided to put the big banquet on tomorrow. Even at this moment, some people in the village are busy and busy, and they are busy setting up, just like the Chinese New Year, but the commander has become Sun Dashu.

The next day.

"I said to you these little children! Yesterday I went to the big point village, but I really compared it with the fairy teacher in the big point village! Good guy, the immortal master is a fairy teacher after all, I still lost my hand…"

The head of the village moved to the small bench and was surrounded by a group of small children in the yard. He listened to the story of yesterday’s thrilling story. Other adults are banqueting things. The whole village has firecrackers, and the horns are ringing.

Every little baby listened very seriously. They licked the seeds, ate candy, and didn't blink their eyes. After all, the village head is really a positive face with the magical master of the magical powers. The injury on the body now makes him a hero like a returning triumph, let the children admire it.

"and then? and then? ”Ermao rubbed his nose and shone his eyes.

"It’s too late, it’s fast! Our wood feathers rushed over in time, and fought the fairy teacher for three hundred rounds. It was called a dark day, and the sun and the moon were dull! The two flying swords of Mu Yu are like a thundering world. They specialize in judging the good and evil in the world. The swords are out, the sands are flying, the lightning is thundering, and people are almost blind.

Saw the moment, a sword light pierced the sky, suddenly surging, shattering, those two flying swords to the rapid speed toward the village of the Fairy Division fly, Big Point village of the Fairy division, he also want to put up a desperate, but Mu Yu not give him a chance, suddenly the Sword of light, sword gas surging, everything around into ashes, That big Point village of the fairy is all embarrassed, vomiting blood and fly, red dust dyed the color of the sky is also dyed red …


The little baby's eyes widened, and the mouth could not help but burst into amazement. The description of the village chief suddenly attracted him. Mu Yu listened to it next to it. Yesterday, he had a few breaths with Sha Yan. However, he was described by the village chief as a god. He suddenly became a savior. It seems that he could destroy the sky with his hands. Destroy the ground.

Lian Muyu has a bit of admiration for the protagonist "Mu Yu" in the story of the village chief. It must be said that the village head is indeed a god-like storyteller. The skill of a child is not to be underestimated.

"Mu Yu brother is too powerful!"The quail was sitting next to the wooden feather, and a face adored, and Wood Yu smiled.

"The grandfather of the village, what happened to the immortal sergeant?"The dog left his hand and asked.

The village chief cleared his throat and continued to blow: "The following is the second volume for everyone, the old village chief! In the previous section, Mu Yu was angry and rushed to the crown, and Tian Jian punishes evil. He played the great teacher of Dadian Village without any help. The immortal teacher was really abominable. He knew that he could not defeat the wood feathers of the gods, and he was not willing to admit defeat. He said that when he was late, he went straight to the village head and wanted to use the old man to come to Yumu. The village chief died unyielding, and the wound on his face was left at that time…"

Other villagers will stop to listen to the story of the village chief when they pass by, but they are driven away by the village chief. Obviously this story is only convincing to children. The village chief pointed at the wound he had been sewed and said with pride: "The fairy tales in the big village are very fast, and the wood feathers are faster! Two Tianjian Changhong pierced the shoulders of the big village of the immortal, and the big village of the immortal master had already been hit hard. He knew that he was not a Mu Yu opponent and could only concede. ”

"Where is our Mu Yu let him go? However, the head of the village is very ambitious. The so-called generals can run horses. The prime minister can support the boat. Although the other party has done something wrong, the village chief is the kind of person I care about? I let Mu Yu let him go and give him a chance to rehabilitate and rehabilitate. As the saying goes, at the beginning of a person, the nature is good, as long as the mistakes can be changed, the goodness is great! Mu Yu promised, but the premise is that the immortal teacher of the big point village must plead guilty to the village chief! ”

"A fairy teacher admits to a mortal? This is an unprecedented event. It is related to the face of the immortal teacher. Can the other party agree? However, the village chief’s righteousness finally touched him. He understood that although the village chief was just a cloth, she had the heart of a wise man. He was willingly walked to the head of the village, his legs bent and he fell. ”

"That, nothing, unprecedented, like a stone falling into the water, stirring up layers of waves, indicating the end of the upper evil class, that glimpse, let the peasant class raise our heads, the world is fair, There is always a good and a bad. As a member of the mortal, the village chief asked the immortal to apologize for the first time. This will surely be recorded in history and open a new era of human civilization…"

The latter paragraph is naturally the village chief's own swearing, where the children know what class, where to know what a new era, in fact, in addition to this group of unscrupulous little baby, who would believe the village chief's words? The village head is naturally because the other party is a child, so it can be ridiculous.

"The village head is great!"

“Can the village head show us your wounds?”

"Can the grandfather of the village, can I touch your wound?"

The head of the village stood up and said: "You can see, you can't touch it. This wound is very ordinary. There is still the power of Xianjia. UU reading Everyone should be good in the future, like Mu Yu learning, and strive to be a good immortal master, know? ”

"Mu Yu brother, grandfather of the village is really true?"

"Mu Yu brother, are you really so powerful?"

The children all admire the wooden feathers.

Lying nose will grow.

Mu Yu still remembers the story of the little skin that the village chief said before. He turned his eyes, and the old man was too outrageous. He was talking nonsense, and there was such a mystery. The head of the village was trying to squeeze the eyebrows at Muyu, and begged Mu Yu not to break it. The scar on his face made him grin.

Mu Yu sighed and said vaguely: "Oh, that's bad, not much?" Oh, yes, this is the two swords. ”Mu Yu didn't want to talk about his conscience. He quickly took out his flying sword and divided it into two, letting them chase each other in the air and escape the topic.

"It's a sword!"

"This is the sword of the day, my god! So handsome! ”

"Tianjian! Tianjian! Tianjian! ”

A group of children were cheering and squatting under the shadow sword, and they jumped and jumped. They wanted to touch the sword. There were two swords and they were naturally convinced of the story of the village chief. Mu Yu gathered at the head of the village chief and said: "Grandfather, you told me the story of the golden hatchet silver knife, and said that you must be honest!"

The head of the village proudly said: "Children need an example! This will give them more incentives, I am willing to take all the pain of this story, and keep this matter in the coffin. ”

Mu Yu huh, huh, laughed twice, this story shows that the village chief himself is the biggest beneficiary, and later these small babies must be sure to listen to the village chief, convinced.

"But this is not bad."Mu Yu looked at the proud smile on the head of the village, thinking that Liushui Village is also a place of meditation.

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