Chapter 381 Phantom Hidden Tiger

  This battle is very strange, a strong and incomparable kitten against the Magnificent Beast Array, the original still occupy the absolute upper hand, but Mu Yu still let the kitten to the road.

  Although I have temporarily subdued this sixth-order monster, but the method of killing this phantom cat is not even known to Mu Yu, and it is difficult for Mu Yu to make it.

  At this time, the cerebellum giant ants suddenly "du du" to a disorderly shout, a pair of long tentacles bent down, pointing to their eyes, and "du du" to gestures.

  "You mean that you want to kill it, you have to lick its eyes?"Mu Yu asked strangely.

  The cerebellum giant ant nodded, shook his head, pointed at his own eyes, closed it and then opened it. Cerebellum giant ants are a bit dull, and communicating with it is not a simple matter.

  "Oh! You mean that it is useless to confuse the two ordinary eyes. Do you have to use it to close the three eyes that are closed? ”Mu Yu looked at the cerebellum giant ants for a long time, finally understood what it meant.

  The most powerful thing about the phantom cat is its hidden three eyes, but these three eyes are also its weakness. Once the three eyes are smashed, the phantom cat will die. So they won't blink when they are not at a critical moment, even if they don't blink, unless the opponent is really strong enough to be unmatched.

  And to deal with Mu Yu, these five-level shrimp and crabs will be a beast array, it can be done without blinking.

  Nowadays, the phantom cat has fallen into a deep sleep, its hidden eyes are also closed, and it is necessary to find a way to open its eyelids and start from its eyes.

  Mu Yu indicated that all the monsters had stepped back and stood by. He walked over and squatted in front of the kitten. This is not a very pleasant process. Although the phantom cat is asleep, the breath of the sixth-order monster has already spread around, suppressing the wood feathers, and let the wood feathers tremble.

  This is to start on the age of too old!

  And the wood feather can be sure that if you ruin it with one eye, the strong pain will definitely make it wake up. When you get mad, the wooden feather will definitely fly. If you want to win, you must destroy its three eyes at the same time!

  The phantom cat has two normal eyes, the remaining three eyes are in the middle of the forehead, and the other two are on the side, only one slit. Mu Yu carefully opened one of the eyes and found that the eyelids were too tight and could not be opened by him. He didn't dare to work too hard, worried that he woke up the guy.

  Mu Yu stood up and he had to rethink the countermeasures. The sixth-order monster is extremely scary, and the phantom cat is the guy in the food chain at the top of the sixth-order monster. Except for the three eyes that smash it, there is no way to kill it.

  But if you want to pass the test of the monument, you must kill this phantom cat. With Muyu and his shrimp and crabs, there will be no way to let it open the third eye, let alone kill it.

  "It seems that I can only do this."

  Mu Yu returned to the beast array, he could only find a way to let this phantom cat open the remaining eyes. Although this means that he has to face the illusion of the fascinating cat after the blink of an eye, it is likely to pay a painful price, even the beasts will be beaten, but this is the only way.

  When will the phantom cats open the rest of the eyes? Unless it's normal eyes can't see anything!

  Mu Yu found the Sen Luo skunk, this guy will not only put a stink,

A blinding venom is also used, and once the venom is splashed into the eyes of any monster, it will permanently blind the other party. However, Mu Yu knows that the venom of this forest skunk may be useful for some fourth-order fifth-order monsters. For the sixth-order phantom phantom cat, let it not see one or two hours, and want to kill the illusion by venom. Nether cats are still impossible.

  He can only let go of his hand now, as long as he is sure to blind his eyes and make his normal eyes blind. In this way, in order to be able to see the wood feathers, it will definitely open the remaining eyes!

  "It seems that we can't avoid a fierce battle!"

  Mu Yu held his nose and collected some of the venom of Sen Luo's skunk, and then carefully applied these venoms to the eyelids of the phantom cat. As soon as it is awakened, the venom will inevitably flow into its eyes, blinding its eyes, and then opening the remaining three eyes. As for how to get rid of these three eyes, you can only look at the situation.

  It is best that these three eyes will be smashed by the skunk, which will save a lot of trouble.

  Mu Yu painted the venom with the eyes of the phantom cat, almost flowed through the eyes, and then applied to the other three eyes. However, these three eyes were well protected by the fur, and a film was covered on them. The venom did not flow down. The wood feather tried several times and ended in failure. It is obvious that the phantom cat is very protective for its own dead spots. Perfect, wood feathers can only give up.

  "This Sen Luo skunk is eating something, how is it so stinky, Xiaoshuai is not so stupid to eat every day!"The wooden feathers are painted on the side of the road.

  However, at this moment, the phantom cat suddenly opened his eyes!

  "Sleeping! My mom! ”Mu Yu was shocked by it, and obviously this unpleasant smell woke up. This is not good, the phantom ghost cat is a sixth-order monster, which is equivalent to a distractor. The wood feather is only a period of cultivation. It is so close to the phantom cat that it is just looking for death. !

  However, the phantom cat began to shake his head, and it did not directly attack the wood feathers, but panicked his eyes with his claws!

  The venom of the forest skunk comes into play!

Although the phantom cat could not see the eyes, it locked the wood feathers and a paw swung down toward the wood feathers. Because of its martial work, Mu Yu has already ran back, and its claws have also failed. Mu Yu drilled back into the beast array, and shouted, all the monsters immediately and orderly, and the mysterious shield once again covered the entire beast array.


  The sound of the phantom cat is no longer a crisp cat, but an angry scream. It has been irritated after finding that his eyes are blind. It is a kind of savvy beast, and the venom of the forest skunk is on it, which almost affects its sense of smell. It was full of demon power, all the venom was shaken, but the eyes were no longer visible. It roared and then slammed the third eye!

  The venom around the third eye has dissipated. At the same time, the illusion of the fascinating cat is like a flash flood. The momentum has more than doubled, and the body has also made a screaming sound. Its body shape begins. Growing!

  It’s just a moment of effort. The phantom cat that was originally a kitten has grown to the height of a small house!

  After the change, the roots of the hair of the phantom cat are erected, like a spike, and a tail is like an iron rod. The wood feather does not consider whether it is possible to survive if it is swept by the tail. As its size grows larger, the whole momentum is no longer a mere phantom, but a majestic phantom tiger!

  The phantom singer screamed in the sky, and a horrible wave of scatters suddenly smashed all the plants around him, and the ground began to crack. The cracks continued to stretch, and it was actually coming to the beast of Mu Yu.

  "Two-wing shadow carving, Dapeng wings!"

  Mu Yu has already moved the center of gravity of the entire formation from the mysterious tortoise to the side of the two-wing shadow carving. The shadow shadow sculpture gathers the demon power of all the monsters, and the two wings are shaken successively, and the whole beast array is brought to the sky!

  "Cerebellar giant ants, close your eyes, I know that you are afraid of heights, and you are afraid of what you are looking at!"Mu Yu shouted.

  Then I thought that when I first stepped into the real world, it was also because of the fear of heights was Langling laughed at the Non-stop, now, although not afraid of high, but the cerebellum giant ants have a feeling of kinship, then changed the way, "in fact, whether it is a person or demon beast, fear of high all does not matter, fear of high more promising, you quickly close your eyes!" ”

  The pony has already flew to the cerebellum giant ant to help the cerebellum giant ants with closed eyes to guide the direction, saving the stunned big guy from falling off the chain, and the whole beast array is flying higher and higher, Mu Yu concludes that the phantom tiger can not fly. So this is his advantage.

  There is only one eye left in the phantom, and its vision is greatly suppressed, but it is still vigorously leaping. The entire huge body only leaves a shadow, and it jumps directly to the height of the beast. The claws have already been photographed towards the beast.

  "The trough, your jumping power is too terrible, right?"Muyu's beast array is hundreds of meters away from the ground at this moment, but the phantom stunned tiger can jump to this terrible height!

  This claw is the force behind it. It is much more abnormal than the original kitten shape. If this claw is photographed, the consequences may be unimaginable. Fortunately, the speed of the two-wing shadow carving is also very fast. In a blink of an eye, it has escaped the attack of the phantom singular tiger. Even if it is even more powerful, it is not human, and can rely on spiritual power and magic weapon to fly. It didn't hit a single shot, and the whole body had already fallen, but it was later smashed up. The thin, flap-like tiger claws with whistling sounds are definitely not a joke!

  "Nine-year-old thorn pig, the rain pear flower waits!"

  The four nine-year-old thorn pigs jumped into the four orientations of the beast array, and then rolled into a spiky ball. The spiking ball swung rapidly, and numerous sharp thorns shot out into the outside. The nine-year-old thorn pig is a fourth-order monster, and their thorns are the fifth-order monsters who dare not easily resist.

  When the Umbrella Hidden Tiger jumped up again, UU read the nine-year-old thorn pig's thorn like a storm pear flower brush to the phantom tiger. These thorns were tied to the phantom tiger, and they were all smashed. But when the phantom singer was falling, it made a roar. The original torrential pear was almost tied to its third. eye!

  "There is a show!"Mu Yu’s heart was a joy. He found that the torrential pear flower needle of the nine-year-old thorn pig could not help but stun the body of the tiger, but it was very afraid that his third eye would be tied! As long as you fly high in this way, the phantom screaming tiger jumps up once and once, I don't believe that I can't find a chance to tie it!

  The phantom singer found that he couldn’t help the high-altitude wood feathers, but he would be in danger of being shackled. It suddenly calmed down and did not continue to jump up.

  "Haha, silly fork! Have the ability to come again! ”Mu Yu laughed loudly on the top. He knew that this guy must understand his own words. He was ready to anger him and let it continue to be baptized by the rain pear.

  But the third eye of the phantom singer became very cold, and it snorted in a low voice, then opened the fourth and fifth eyes on both sides!

  The momentum of the mountains and the sea rushed to the sky, almost overturned the entire beast array. The body of the phantom singer has doubled again. In the horrified eyes of Mu Yu, it has grown two black transparent wings! The wings are ten feet long, and the wings are like black iron. They make a crisp crash, and then the huge wings swell and fly high, facing the wood feathers.

  "Where, you will fly?"Mu Yu is dumbfounded.

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