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Chapter 382 Miraculous Flying Tiger

  At this moment, the phantom singular tiger has turned into a phantom flying tiger, which is what Wu Yu never imagined. Although he knew that there were still two eyes in the phantom, he didn't know how it would change after the guy opened his eyes.

  But now he knows.

  "Oh, that, that, I was just joking, don't mind."Mu Yu is far from the illusion of the Flying Tiger, and it seems a bit cramped. After the wings of the Mirage Flying Wings have their wings, the whole body is already like a mountain. The momentum is even more than the repairer of the nine-day god. It is no longer the kitten!

  It is said that the kitten just played, but also the big cat!


  The Miraculous Flying Wings opened their blood in the mouth and sighed at the beasts. The powerful airflow was like a hurricane crossing, letting the beasts tremble in the wind, shaking and swaying. The momentum that was originally gathered by all the monsters was suddenly suppressed, and all the monsters felt the horror of the soul again!

  Four nine-year-old thorn pigs were still rolling there to launch a rainstorm pear flower. Who knows that the Flying Tigers have blown all the thorns in one breath, and the poor thorn pigs have also been blown away. Going out, squatting on the companion, let the whole beasts almost mess together.

  "Don't panic, beasts and moons!"

  Mu Yu stabilized all the monsters in time, and saw the Mirage Flying Tigers still suffocating there, squirting an endless stream, screaming that this guy's lung capacity is really big, he immediately directed the monsters to change formation.

  In order to be able to fly, the Beasts had already reduced the formation to a round shape, and at this moment all the beasts heard the command of Mu Yu and immediately dispersed, turning into a crescent moon, and the demon became a barrier to The curved surface spreads the powerful airflow of the Miraculous Flying Tiger.

  The Miraculous Flying Wings had their wings fluttering, and they rushed toward the beasts. The thicker claws of the pillars screamed at the beasts with the roaring power. After it has wings, the speed is almost an incredible point, just a phantom thing, has come to the back of the beast, a paw shot!

  "Cerebellar giant ants, endless!"

  Dodging is too late, and Mu Yu immediately makes the cerebellum giant ants hard to pick up. The original power of ants is terrible, and the cerebellum giant ants are able to exert endless power. The demon power of all the monsters in the beast array all condensed into the cerebellum giant ants, and the three cerebellum giant ants "dumped and screamed" and called a pass, then the whole formation transformed into a huge tiger claw, and the magical fly The tiger's claws of the wing tiger are exactly the same!

  The two tiger claws collided with each other, and suddenly they made a terrifying roar. The rolling waves and the waves sprayed out. The heavens and the earth seemed to be torn apart. The beasts could not stand this, and the whole formation collapsed. All of them collapsed. The monsters are roaming around, the flying ones have already flown away, and the ones that can't fly fall down!

  The sharp-eyed flying-winged tiger's sharp eyes are on the core of the beast, which is the wooden feather behind the two-winged shadow carving. A whistling sound, once again rushed to the wood feather, as long as the wood feathers were defeated, then the battle is over!

  The flying speed of the shadow shadow carving is called the overlord in the fifth-order monster, but the speed is not as good as the terrible sixth-order phantom flying tiger. This terrible species is horrible in strength, speed and defense. Extremely.

  Mu Yu looked at the claws of the Miraculous Flying Tiger and photographed himself. He was surprisingly calm. The whole person drove the wings and the shadows quickly fell to the ground. However, the wings of the Miraculous Flying Tigers were like a hook.

The wooden feathers on the wings of the two wings are hooked, and the hind paws are photographed on the wood feathers!

  Mu Yu once again felt the pain of the landslide, his body was hit by this horrible tiger claw, the whole person stared at Venus, and the bone broke again!

  But just as the bones collapsed, the black and white spirits in the body re-emerged and interacted. The speed of this repair was much faster than it was just now. This strange phenomenon makes Mu Yu feel incredible, so at this moment he only has the consciousness to enter here, why can black and white spiritual power still follow?

  However, Mu Yu did not have time to think more, the wound on his body has healed, and immediately stabilized his body shape, then grabbed a falling armored beast around him and rolled over to wear the armored beast.

  When the armor-piercing beast was about to land, the pointed tail suddenly grew longer, squatting on the ground, slowing down the speed by a recoil, and then falling heavily on the ground. Mu Yu jumped off the back of the armored beast, his beasts were broken, and many non-flying monsters were almost dying when they fell.

  However, the shape of the Miraculous Flying Tigers once again swooped down toward the wooden feathers. It shook the wings around, and the sharp wings cut through the void and killed the wood feathers. The wooden feathers flickered, but the two wings were in the shadows. They turned a corner and chased the wood feathers. A strong armor just stood up and was suddenly smashed by the wings. The huge body was instantly divided. Two halves, turned into white light spots disappeared.

  "Just now, bloody bird!"Mu Yu screamed and jumped into the sky.

  The bloody fog of the sky suddenly filled, and suddenly covered the Mirage. This blood fog is extremely viscous, and it is impossible to blow them away by the powerful airflow of the Miraculous Flying Tiger. The airflow is only worn unimpeded, and the blood fog still envelopes the Miraculous Flying Tiger.

  This blood fog is the life-killing skill of the blood-blooded birds. They can excite their own blood and turn into blood fog without any lethality. They are only used to block the line of sight, and the scope of action is very small, and it cannot cover the beast array. So huge volume can only drag the opponent for a while. There is another ability in the blood fog, the monsters hidden in the blood mist will be isolated from the breath, the sixth-order magic fly
The pressure of the wing tiger will lose its effect in the blood fog!

  When the Mirage Flying Tigers rushed into the haze, the yellowish breath of the sleepy wolf had once again come. This Mirage Flying Tiger has learned to be smart, and it has already held its breath when it sees the yellow breath! It is a very smart monster, and once it has suffered a loss, it will never suffer a second loss.

  But it held his breath, but did not cover his ears. The sounds of the five Tianyin birds screamed loudly in the ear of the Miraculous Flying Tiger, so that the eyes of the Mirage Flying Tigers suddenly became like a sap!

  Tianyinque is a monster that can sing. The sounds of singing are like the sounds of heaven. Many monsters like to listen to their songs, but once they are angered, the sound of the day will become a resounding death.

  The resounding echo of Tianyinque can impact the enemy's consciousness and let the enemy lose consciousness in a short time. In general, the closer the distance, the greater the effect of the resounding of death. This ability is used when the Tianyin bird is about to be captured by natural enemies.

  When Mu Yu was in the beginning, he did not dare to let it play casually. It was easy to accidentally hurt his own person, and the sixth-order monster was too strong. I am afraid that the sixth-order monster will not be waiting for the reverberation of the goddess. It was shredded, so this is his backup plan.

  However, Tianyinque is just a fourth-order monster. It has no fighting power. The only echo of death is just the consciousness of letting the enemy lose a period of time. In the face of the powerful Mirage, the time for the opponent to knock on the stick is shorter. The Mirage Flying Tigers just lost consciousness and immediately woke up without a breath.

  Mu Yu seized such a short breathing interval, the masters' match was changing rapidly, and one was enough to do a lot of things. The scent of Sinuo’s skunk and the hypnotic toxic fog of the Soul Eater once again envelop the Mirage Flying Tiger. In the moment it loses consciousness, it involuntarily took a breath, that is, this tone has brought it into the tired again. In the mean.

  Sinuo skunks and Soul Eaters can't fly, but they are always surrounded by ponies. The little wasp is a kind of hard-working little monster. It is as small as a wasp, but it can shake a ton of weight. It is terrible! They can not only drive the Solo skunk and the Soul Eater, but also launch poison needles.

  Originally, this kind of poison needle was not worth mentioning in front of the Mirage Flying Tiger, but at this moment it seized the opportunity. All the poisonous needles were like the drizzle, and they were tied to the three eyes of the Miraculous Flying Tiger!

  The Miraculous Flying Tigers will explode with terrible power after opening three eyes. As the body becomes bigger, the three eyes will become very large, but these three eyes are quite fragile, even if they are a small one. Grass strokes can be fatal! So they don't want to blink when they are forced to do so. Now they all open their eyes because they are provoked by wood feathers.

  The Miraculous Flying Tigers have already rushed out of their consciousness while recovering their consciousness, trying to shatter them. Numerous poisonous needles were smashed, but there were still a few poison needles stuck in the left eye of the Mirage Flying Tiger!


  The Miraculous Flying Tigers screamed, and it rolled a body, and the left eye was broken by the poison needle! At the same time, its left wing disappeared, only the right wing was still trying to fan, but where a wing can drive its huge body, the entire mountain-like body fell like a meteor toward the ground. Go on –


  An earth-shattering sound, the body of the Miraculous Flying Tigers pulled out a large pit on the ground, and the smoke was soaked, and then its right wing was gone, and the body shape rapidly decreased, and it changed back to the phantom tiger.

  It closed his right eye, for fear that he would lose one eye again, only to open the middle eye, and the flying feather sword of Mu Yu had already stabbed the eye in the middle of the phantom. It slammed and closed the middle eye again, and the body shrank again sharply, turning back to the small and fascinating phantom cat!

  One of the eyes of the phantom cat was smashed, which seemed to bring great trauma to it. The whole breath was languid, and the original pressure of the sixth-order monster was disappeared. A pitiful kitten shivered.

  The venom of the forest skunk has dissipated, and the normal eyes of the phantom cat have restored their vision, but one eye related to its life has been hurt, which has made it no longer the original health, facing the sword of Mu Yu It wants to struggle to escape, but can't hide. The momentum of this sword is enough to kill it!

  The wood feathers were soft, and eventually they put away the sword. He injured one of his eyes, and he didn't know if he could fly in the future. The kitten is no longer his opponent, but he doesn't want to kill it.

  "Forget it, let's go! I have no hatred with you. ”

  Mu Yu shrugged, and he did not come here to become a congenital disciple through the test of stone tablets, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com He just accidentally came in, became a congenital disciple with many worries, Mu Yu is not ready, or not too arrogant.

  This contest of his beasts defeated the phantom cat with weak wins, which is enough.

  The kitten showed a grateful look, and then limped to the woods and disappeared. Mu Yu only felt that his consciousness was shocked, and he had already left the monument and returned to his body.

  The monument is still intact, and Mu Yu has some regrets. He wonders that he may not have killed the kitten, so it is not a test of the monument. However, he does not care. It was not originally intended to pass the test. Since this experience has been passed, it will be much easier if it is to pass the test of the monument.

  I spent two days in the monument, but it was only a little more than half an hour outside. This is quite amazing. Mu Yu left the advanced hall, facing
My place is flying.

  What he did not see was that, shortly after he left, there was a crack in the road above the monument. For example, the spider web crawled over the entire monument, and then the entire monument collapsed and broke into a stone in one place!

  In the past ten years, how many middle-class disciples have broken their heads and want to break these three monuments into advanced congenital disciples, but no one has succeeded, but they will not think that they were laughed at. The "waste disciple" that people want is actually breaking the monument by unconsciously!

  The most helpless thing is that even Mu Yu does not know that he has inadvertently broken a monument!

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