Chapter 383 Unknown genius

  The next few days Mu Yu still busy in that fatal Zhongtian Disciple Foundation course, know not to learn, this basic course must learn one months to allow him to go with other Zhongtian disciples to learn more profound, so he can only bored to endure.

  Ging is the place of the focus of the Zhongtian disciples, usually unless something important happens, there will be very few disciples will go to Ging. We all know that the test of the monument is too difficult, has not occurred in the past more than 10 years, Zhongtian disciples through the broken array of tablets into the order of the congenital disciples of things, so the monument was shattered by the wood plume has not been found.

  But each Zhongtian disciple is now watching the Rofei Dragon and Divenke trends, especially Divenke, last time he almost almost succeeded in breaking the first piece of the monument, these days are all Zhongtian disciples relish, we all guess he will go again to Ging to try, It is even possible to become the first person to pass the test of the tablet to be a disciple in the past few years!

  Of course, this "first" must first exclude the wood feathers.

  On the fifth day of the collapse of the monument, Zhongtian disciple headed by Ji Wenkai once again gathered in Ji Wenkai to go to the advanced hall, and wanted to try again to crack the monument. Ji Wenkai got a lot of benefits in Lu Xianshi these two days, but he still has no bottom to the broken monument.

  Although he insisted on a longer time than Luo Feilong, in fact, in order to be more powerful than Luo Feilong in front of everyone, he deliberately lied to Lu Xianshi that he had mastered the main points. He knew that Lu Xianshi attached great importance to this matter and would certainly guide him unscrupulously, so he could not let go of this opportunity.

  As for whether success can be another matter, it will not be too big to say that it will be almost a little bit worse.

  Lu Xianshi has pointed out a lot of Ji Wenkai in the past few days. Yesterday Lu Xianshi encouraged Ji Wenkai to try the broken monument again. Ji Wenkai was riding the tiger, and this time he came to the advanced hall again, ready to try again.

  Luo Feilong also brought his own people to the advanced hall. He came here not to continue to try, but to check the situation. He worried that Ji Wenkai really broke the monument, then he was really forced by Ji Wenkai. One head.

  At the entrance to the entrance hall, the two sides provoked each other again, and the air was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder. The eyes of the two men sparked in the air.

  "Zi Shidi, a big battle, isn't it really sure that the broken monument will not be made?"Luo Feilongpi smiled and said with a smile.

  Although Ji Wenkai was not sure, but he did not want to show it in front of Luo Feilong, he smiled and said: "Luo Shixiong, the younger brother has received many instructions from Lu Xianshi in the past few days, and he already has a feeling for the broken monument. Today is not a success. Secondly, with the help of Lu Xianshi, success is only a matter of time."

  Luo Feilong flashed a subtle resentment on his face. Lu Xianshi was a congenital singer. It was a very embarrassing thing to get the guidance and cultivation of Lu Xianshi. This season, Wen Kai was stepping on the dog.

  "That season, the younger brother should not let down the hard work of Lu Xianshi, or Master Lu can waste time."Luo Feilong Yin Yang said strangely.

  Ji Wenkai said: "Despite the reassurance of Luo Shixiong, Lu Xianshi is acknowledging my ability to be willing to give me pointers. I am not someone who can't even see the Lu's master. I can guarantee this."

  Luo Feilong was extremely angry, and the eyes of the two men were once again intertwined with enthusiasm. Then they snorted heavily and walked with their own classes.

  However, just as they looked up,

Everyone is stunned!

  Among the stars, three quaint monuments have already been broken!

  "what?"Luo Feilong looked incredulously at the broken monument. He turned his attention to Ji Wenkai, but Ji Wenkai was also shocked by his face. Obviously this matter has nothing to do with him!

  "Who broke the monument?"

  "Is it Ji Wenkai?"

  "It shouldn't be him to see him as he is surprised, but it is not our brother Luo!"

  Whether it is Luo Feilong's follow-up or Ji Wenkai's supporters, both sides have whispered, guessing which genius disciple has broken a piece of monument!

  "This thing has nothing to do with you?"Luo Feilong squinted at Ji Wenkai.

  Ji Wenkai would like to take this matter to himself, but he is clear that after a piece of monument is broken, the other two monuments will take the initiative to protect themselves. In addition to the people who broke the monument, others can no longer get close to the monument. This is also to prevent some people with misconduct from taking the merits of others as their own, and thus passing the test of the monument by improper means.

  Therefore, even if Ji Wenkai wants to admit it, he will immediately reveal the stuffing because he can't get close to the remaining two monuments.

  "That naturally has nothing to do with you."Ji Wenkai responded coldly.

  Not Luo Feilong, nor Ji Wenkai, who is the first piece of the monument?

  All the Zhongtian disciples have already blasted the pot. Since it has been confirmed that they have nothing to do with Ji Wenkai Luolong, it means that there is a buried Zhongtian disciple among them, and they secretly broke the monument.

  This is an unprecedented event!

  “Who knows who broke the first monument?”Luo Feilong turned around and asked everyone. Many people began to discuss it fiercely, hoping to find the one who broke the first monument.

  "is it you?"

  "I think so!"

  "Is it true?
Those neutral disciples? ”


  There are more than 300 disciples in Zhongtian. Most of them have chosen to stand in line, or follow Ji Wenkai, or headed by Luo Feilong. However, there are also ten middle-class disciples who are not standing in the queue. They are in a neutral state and are being squeezed out on both sides.

  If it is not that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai's people have broken the monument, it means that those who have been excluded from the crowd have a peerless genius!

  Both Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are not very good-looking. Most of the strengths of the Zhongtian disciples who are not standing in the team are looked down upon by the two, or they are regarded as "waste" by the two sides as they were, and they are unwilling to accept it. It is that some of the Zhongtian disciples are self-satisfied and unwilling to join them. But because neutral people are crowded out, many cultivation resources will be stripped away, so it is too difficult to fly out of the chicken nest!

  If there is any Zhongtian disciple who has stepped on the dog and shattered a piece of monument, it will affect the position of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai between the Chinese disciples! The two of them can't break the monument, but some people can break it, which shows that this person's talent is far more than the two little bullies in the past. Once this person stands up against Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, I am afraid many people will turn to support this. Mysterious Zhongtian disciple!

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai looked at each other and saw a glimpse of it from the other side's eyes. If such a person really appears, if it is not acceptable, it can only be killed. If the mysterious disciple of this broken monument becomes a continuous disciple, it will be a congenital disciple. The congenital disciple is not able to compete with the Zhongtian disciple. If he can only break a piece of monument, he cannot break the remaining two monuments. Will still be a Zhongtian disciple. But this identity is different. His potential exceeds that of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, and he will definitely get more people's support.

  It’s enough for Zhongtian disciples to have two of them to be kings. You don’t need a third party to get involved!

  At this moment, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai unexpectedly thought of a piece to go.

  Someone has broken a piece of monument, which has not happened in more than a decade. The most recent one was that twenty-year-old disciple successfully challenged the monument to become a congenital disciple, and now it has become a congenital strategist. .

  The man named Ling Huarong is the only woman among the innate strategists and is now the pillar of the sect. But since she passed, she has never succeeded in a disciple, so it is difficult to see the test of this monument!

  An unnamed genius broke one of the three monuments. The news quickly spread to Lu Xianshi’s ear. Lu Xianshi’s face showed a ecstatic look. He immediately rushed to the advanced hall to check the array. Monument, to determine whether this news is true.

  However, the monument also pushed him out and prevented him from approaching the monument.

  "it is good! it is good! it is good! My sect will finally welcome a congenital disciple! ”Lu Xianshi was very excited. He looked at Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. His eyes fell especially on Ji Wenkai. He said eagerly: "Is it you?" Ji Wenkai? ”

  Ji Wenkai shook his head and said: "Return to the first division, not a disciple."

  "That's you, Luo Feilong?"Lu Xianshi looked at Luo Feilong.

  Luo Feilong also shook his head and reluctantly denied it. This matter can't be done at all, because only those who really break the monument can get close to the monument. Others can't get close to it. It's true or false to be sure. He can't take this credit.

  "Not both of you? Who is that? ”Lu Xianshi looked at other people.

  Hundreds of Zhongtian disciples present at the scene did not stand up and admit it!

  "Isn't the person who broke the monument not here? Go, ring the sound of the collection of Zhongtian disciples, and let all the Chinese disciples come to the church! ”Lu Xianshi immediately and majestic underground command.

  The array has an ancient huge Hong Zhong, named Qingzhong. Through the blessing of the array, the bell can be spread throughout the sect. UU reading www. Different tapping methods represent different meanings. After three consecutive pauses, they represent the collection of the disciples of the day after tomorrow. They continue to knock on the next generation to stop and represent the collection of Zhongtian disciples. If they have been knocked, it means that there is a big event. .

  At this moment, the melodious bells awakened many people in the array. Everyone was very curious about what happened, but they soon discovered that it was a disciple in the collection. Immediately after the countless Zhongtian disciples heard the bell, they immediately rushed to the advanced hall.

  Mu Yu was eager to consult with Song Qingyu on the "confusion" of cultivation. Suddenly he heard the bell, and suddenly felt a little strange, he asked: "Zhong Shi, what is the meaning of this bell?"

  In the afternoon he had no class, but Song Qingyu these days began to give Mu Yu instilled basic courses, because after two days he will go out to work, and for a while can not find the appropriate secondary school to replace him to teach the wood plume, so he can only occupy the afternoon time to make up the wood plume, want to the next will be absent course all ahead to teach Mu plume.

  Song Qingyu listened for a while, saying: "When the middle-class disciples want to hold a large-scale interpretation, they will make this bell to gather everyone. You have to remember the frequency of this bell, and you should be there at any time next time. However, you don’t have to go today to your level, so practice! ”

  Mu Yu nodded and said honestly: "Oh, that's it!" The disciple remembers. ”

  Then the genius of the broken monument began to learn from the boring and unconsciously, and did not know that the goal of this collection of bells was him.

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