Chapter 384 Low-key and humble youth

  All the Zhongtian disciples have gathered in the advanced hall. Some disciples with unknown circumstances began to ask what happened. When I heard that some unknown Chinese disciple broke a piece of monument, I was shocked. , began to whisper to each other to inquire about the news.

  So many Chinese disciples have arrived, but no one has found that a new entry is considered a "waste" disciple.

  Lu Xianshi glanced at all the middle-class disciples present, and the look of excitement on his face was unprecedented. However, he still strongly suppressed his inner excitement, cleared his throat, and solemnly said:

  "Everyone, today, all the Zhongtian disciples have been gathered here for a big event. This incident has not happened for us for 20 years. I think everyone has heard about the situation from the companions around me. Yes, after a lapse of 20 years, there is finally a person who can break the monument between the Chinese disciples of our ancestors! ”

  The crowd broke out again and there was a burst of arguments. Obviously, they all looked forward to seeing Lu Xianshi who this person is. Many of the Zhongtian disciples who just heard the news appeared and were wrong. Some people were quite envious, and they tried to know who the genius was.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are also looking forward to their hopes, but their expressions are definitely not expectation, but hidden in the cold.

  Lu Xianshi said that he couldn’t conceal his excitement. When he finally said his beard was even tilted up, he continued to spit. "So what a low-key Zhongtian disciple, you can now hide without a hug. Although I am coming out to let everyone see your true colors."

  Lu Xianshi’s voice just fell, and all the Zhongtian disciples began to look around and wanted to see the low-key Chinese disciple’s charm. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are more than everyone else want to know which genius they were neglected on weekdays, so hidden so deep that they did not even notice.

  However, I only saw the heads of all the Zhongtian disciples turning around, but no one raised their hands, and no one came out. The current arguments began to weaken, and the air was quiet.

  Lu Xianshi’s smile also stagnated, saying: “What happened? No one admitted that he passed the test of a monument? This is a thing to celebrate, nothing to be shy. In the end, who is a Zhongtian disciple, although standing out, there is no need to have any scruples. ”

  It was a moment of silence, and no one stood up.

  The crowd is silent, everyone is waiting for which Zhongtian disciple is the genius that they are neglected by them at the same time, and they are also guessing each other. People who are better than Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are usually so obscurity. ?

  Lu Xianshi waited for another quarter of an hour, or no one stood up, not even the person who spoke. He finally did not calm down, said: "Which disciples are still so ashamed, we must know that our confucius is now only one person, as long as you stand up, I will do my best to help you become the second of our array. Congenital disciple."

  A quarter of an hour passed.

  Still no one to receive this honor!

  Lu Xianshi smashed the hidden meanings of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, and then said: "If you are afraid of your identity and have scruples or fear of being framed by others, I can assure you that no one dares to You have a bad idea on your body."

  As a congenital strategist of the sect, Lu Xianshi is also very familiar with the usual gangs between the Chinese disciples, just because the ordinary Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are both talented and intelligent.

It is the highest comprehension of all the middle-class disciples, so he did not manage.

  He thought that this unknown genius was because he was afraid of being exposed by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, so he did not dare to reveal his identity. Therefore, his eyes deliberately smashed Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai very severely.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai did not dare to go to see Lu Xianshi, but Yu Guang is still scanning.

  Waiting for another quarter of an hour, still no one stood up.

  Many of these Zhongtian disciples have been waiting impatiently. It is quite enviable to be able to break a piece of monument. This also means that this person is about to become the second inborn disciple of the sect, and all the formations of the sect. Resources will be unfolded to him. If you can, everyone in the room can't wait to take this honor for themselves.

  "Who? So big-name, mom, if I have the ability to break the monument, I have already stood up. ”

  "It is! The honour that others would like to get, he even looked like a shy girl, it was really unhappy. ”

  The Zhongtian disciple has already begun to pick up, and it is not only ten times more than a good disciple to become a congenital disciple. The road to the future must be brilliant. The congenital disciple, like all the innate sects, will eventually become the backbone of the sect. Is such an honor that all Zhongtian disciples yearn for, no one claims?

  Damn, don't give it to me!

  The voice of everyone, but unfortunately this honor is not casually handed over.

  Lu Xianshi has already begun to worry. After half a year, it is a test of the match. Their array has been inconsistent with the congenital disciples of Fu Zong for several consecutive years. It has already become the laughing stock in Fu Zong’s eyes. Whenever I went out to meet Fu Zong’s teacher, the disciples were a little bit unrecognizable and felt that it was a shame.

  Now it’s hard to have a middle-class disciple with potential for advancement. This is a big event that sensationalizes the whole battle. Once this mysterious Chinese disciple stands up, it’s not necessary to say that the sect will do his best to train him. , train him to become a qualified congenital disciple in the future
In the trial, I glory for the sect.

  Even if he does not expect him to defeat Fu Zong as a squabble this year, since he has added a new congenital disciple, as long as he gives this mysterious disciple enough time to learn and grow, he will definitely be one of the main bones of the sect!

  "How about this! If you are a shy boy or a little girl, then I will not force you. The monument of the advanced church will still be placed here, but no one can get close to you. You can continue to think of ways to break the remaining two monuments. If you have problems, you can also privately come to my residence, I will definitely help you. If you don't want to publicize, I can also let other people know your identity. You just need to tell us a few innate actors. How? ”

  Lu Xianshi made a concession. He insisted that this is a Zhongtian disciple with a low-key, humble and good character. He is unwilling to let everyone know his genius, which in turn makes Lu Xianshi more appreciate.

  After all, there are not many young people who can be tempted by fame and fortune this year.

  Under the watchful eyes of Lu Xianshi, everyone began to leave. Lu Xianshi has been scanning these people who have left the scene, trying to catch one or two abnormal performances, to see if it is the "low-key and humble three good, four beautiful and five virtue youths", but unfortunately he can not see why.

  Of course, he can't see why it came, because we are "low-key and humble three good, four beautiful and five German youths" at the moment with Song Qingyu learning the law!

  "Song Zhongshi, what if the gossip in the gossip draws a cross and leaves less than two?"Mu Yu asked, raising his hand in a "hardworking and eager to learn" way.

  "The position requirements of the gossip are very strict. If you draw less than one horizontal, the whole array will be abnormal. I will explain it to you…"Song Qingyu began to talk incessantly.

  Mu Yu sneaked a yawn, where there is less to draw a cross, what will happen to him, he will have a good heart! But he must pretend that he doesn't understand anything, so that he can match what a new introductory disciple should have.

  When Mu Yu returned to his place of residence, Cheng Zhuo had already come together and asked, "Who are you going to be that person?"

  "What the man?"Mu Yu asked casually, he did not know what Cheng Zhu was talking about.

  "Forget it, you just came, not familiar with everyone, and it is useless to ask." I really didn't expect that there would be a test of a piece of monument by the disciples of Zhongtian. This incident has now caused a strong sensation outside the array. Everyone is looking for that person. Unfortunately, this person is really low-key, and it is me. what! It’s been a long time since his mother took the stage to receive the award and was respected by thousands of people. The nameless genius can really stand it. This heart is really admirable! ”

  Cheng Zhuo did not see Mu Yu in the advanced hall in the afternoon. He thought that Mu Yu was also there in the afternoon, but he did not see him too much. He doesn't think that Mu Yu is the mysterious, low-key and humble three-good youth. After all, Mu Yu is now a "waste" of all ages among all Zhongtian disciples!

  "Someone passed the test of the monument?"Mu Yu yawned, and then a slight glimpse, he remembered that he had defeated the sixth-order monster beast in the test of the monument, but he did not see the phenomenon of broken words!

  Is it that after the walk, the monument is broken?

  Mu Yu touched his chin. Although he did not kill the sixth-order kitten, he strictly defeated the other party. It should be regarded as a test of the monument. It is very likely that the person whom Cheng Zhuo said is Yourself.

  "Look at the scene in the afternoon and know how much it is! Everyone wants to know who this mysterious disciple is, but unfortunately they just don't stand up and give Lu Xianshi an emergency. ”Cheng Zhuo was very excited, and the look looked like he was broken.

  Mu Yu smiled and didn't bother to explain anything. He was dragged by Song Qingyu in the afternoon, and he did not know the scene described by Cheng Zhuo.

  In the next few days, Song Qingyu went out to work, and Mu Yu was more leisurely. He almost had to visit all the canyons of the entire formation. And his broken monuments also caught the attention of all the innate philosophers, and even the lords were alarmed.

  Now the whole story of this nameless genius was talked about, everyone thought will soon know this low-key genius is who, UU reading but five days in a row, this thing still without any eyebrows, the Ging of the monument has not broken again, The low-key young man suddenly disappeared into the general, there is no news.

  Lu Xianshi has not been calm for a long time. He has not left in his residence during the day, for fear that the low-key and humble young man will not be alone. At night, in the dead of night, secretly hide in the darkness of the advanced church and observe if anyone is coming.

  He believes that this low-key and humble disciple does not dare to break the monument during the day, and will certainly come secretly at night, but he has spent four or five nights, not to mention the figure, even the ghosts are not seen.

  "Who on earth is it?"

  Master Lu has been irritated by this low-key and humble young man, but he has no choice but to play the game of cat and mouse. His experienced old cat can't catch the little mouse!

  Lu Xianshi wanted to force every Zhongtian disciple to walk in front of the monument. As long as anyone can get close to the remaining two monuments, it means that this person is the person who broke the monument. However, Lu Xianshi was forced to do this. He was worried that if the disciple had any difficulties, it would be bad if he did not want to show up and secretly leave the ancestors.

  Mu Yu knows that everyone is talking about himself, but he has just been identified as a "waste disciple" and no one doubts him. p>

  He felt that this was a very funny thing, but Lu Xianshi couldn't smile at all. The straight-minded priest was stunned by his beard in search of mysterious genius.

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