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Chapter 385 Congenital Array

  There was a genius in the world between the people of the world who was able to break the monument, and it was a sensation against the pope. However, different people reacted differently to this matter. The innate philosopher headed by Lu Xianshi could not wait to find out the genius. Other Zhongtian disciples were all envious of this genius, and some people It is a ghost.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were threatened by the status of the Zhongtian disciples. They began to secretly investigate who the low-key and humble genius guy was, and the objects of investigation were naturally placed among the disciples who did not stand in the team. The Zhongtian disciples, who are relatively high and cold, are all investigated. This actually includes Mu Yu.

  However, when they were looking at the wood feathers, they looked at the repair and age of the wood feathers, first mocked them and then sent them.

  A "waste" in the base period, they are not believed to be this hidden genius!

  Mu Yu did not want to admit it, admitting that it was not good for him, but would also cause unnecessary trouble. The purpose of his coming here is to learn some systematic arrays, and then to learn the "Xuanzhen" left by the dead wood, not to come out famous.

  Since he entered the Triple Continent, every time he went there, he would make things happen, and this time he was relieved to be an invisible genius.

  Mu Yu has learned the most basic array of knowledge, and can learn medium-level surgery along with other middle-class disciples. These arrays are much more profound than the basic array theory that Song Qingyu said. He used to know how to understand a formation and did not know how to arrange a formation. Therefore, the next study is very important for Mu Yu. .

  Mu Yu’s understanding of the law is very profound. Many complicated arrays can be learned at a time, much faster than other Zhongtian disciples. The requirement of the disciple of Zhongtian disciples is to know how to change the position of the base of a certain array to completely change the whole array.

  For example, when he used to find the old Zijin Lingshi, he changed the position of a few Zijin Lingshi to change a poly-matrix into a suppression method that allowed Mu Yu to move. According to Mu Yu’s estimation, the old-fashioned array has at least the level of the disciple.

  Changing the array is a very dangerous thing. Just like a kind of Zhongtian array, which is learned by Mu Yu, it is called "Xiaguang Wanzhang", which is already very powerful in Zhongtian array. By urging this array of methods, you can make a dazzling light cone to spread the attack on the enemy centering on the array. Not only can you sting other people's eyes, but these light cones can also seriously damage the comprehension of the fellow practitioners!

  However, the gossip of the "Xiaguang Wanzhang" array method draws less lines, so the target of the light cone will go toward the center of the law! At this time, if the strategist himself is in the formation, he will also be attacked by the light cone, and he will hurt himself if he is not careful.

  The "rays" of the array to change the pattern can attack the formation of the outside of the people or the formation of the internal people, therefore, as a transit disciple must keep in mind that this transformation is the target of the cast, if the enemy in addition to the matrix to let the array of operation, if the enemy to introduce a matrix in the array of operation to put, can not be mistaken, or even their own will be unlucky!

  Mu Yu was sleepless and immersed in the study of Zhongtian dynasty. Since he had seen the squad of the dead wood, he had conducted in-depth research on the gossip, and did not want to bury the dead woods. The prototypes of all the arrays are gossip. As long as you know how the gossip works, you can infer the effects of other methods. So learning gossip is the most important thing.

  The curriculum of Zhongtian disciples was originally taught by experienced Zhongtian faculty, and Lu Xianshi occasionally came out to teach you.

For example, today he once again called everyone to the advanced hall, ready to give lectures to Zhongtian disciples.

  "Very good, all the Zhongtian disciples are here, right?" Ji Wenkai, you count the number. ”Lu Xianshi cleared his throat and took a serious look at everyone.

  Ji Wenkai stood in the same place, and his footsteps appeared at his feet, gradually forming a huge gossip, and all the disciples who were present at the moment were covered, and then the gossip was fleeting. Ji Wenkai replied with a voice: "Returning to Lu Xianshi, a total of 340 middle-class disciples, and forty-five middle-class disciples were not present, and should be outside the task."

  The array used by Ji Wenkai is a detective array, which belongs to the Zhongtian array and can clearly count the number of people who are touched by his gossip. The sects often arrange the maintenance of the martial art or the sects of the sects in the realm of comprehension. Zhongtian disciples often need to follow the Zhongtian squad or the innate squad to go out and experience.

  Mu Yu has not got a chance to go out at the moment, so he is also present.

  "Well, you give me a list of forty-five middle-class disciples. When they come back, let them come to me and I will replenish them today."Lu Xianshi nodded.

  Lu Xianshi did this in fact for the low-key genius who did not want to show up, for fear that people would learn a little less. In order to cultivate this genius, he is really going out.

  "Today I am going to explain the array method is 'correction of the homing', this is a very practical battle, it is very difficult to master, you must listen carefully and strive to learn this battle."

  Lu Xianshi paused and continued: "After the homing of the swallow, it is a kind of exploration method, which is used to detect the cover door of the opponent. We know that there is no flawless attack in the battle between the comprehensions. Every move must have at least one weakness. As long as we can find this weakness, we can beat the opponent. ”

  "Why do we say that our formation is stronger than the comprehension of the fellow practitioners? Because we have many arrays that are very targeted in combat. Swallowing homing is such a powerful
As an array, as long as this array can successfully act on the opponent, then the opponent will reveal the cover after each shot, I need to find someone to demonstrate, Ji Wenkai, you come to help me. ”

  "Yes."Ji Wenkai walked out respectfully.

  Lu Xianshi held his hand and stood there. He did not see any movements. Suddenly, a gossip with a blue pattern spread out with him as the center. This gossip was under his feet and the scope was not large. The diameter was only about one meter. However, a whirlpool appeared in the gossip pattern, and then five blue swallows flashed from the vortex of the formation, and quickly circumvented around Lu Xianshi.

  Lu Xianshi extended a hand and pointed to Ji Wenkai, and then the five blue swallows quickly rushed toward Ji Wenkai. Ji Wenkai is hesitant to resist, but the speed of the blue swallow is completely beyond his ability to respond. He has not had time to move the blue swallow and has already integrated into his body and disappeared.

  Ji Wenkai looked puzzled at Lu Xianshi, and the blue swallows that Lu Xianshi had turned into using the array did not seem to have any influence on him.

  "You are now rushing to attack me, and you can attack whatever you want."Lu Xianshi Zhao Jikai said.

  Ji Wenkai hesitated, and said, "Lu Xianshi offended."

  He jumped up and flashed a line in his body, wrapped his fists, his fists and tigers, and it seemed to have the power of a thousand, and with a blasting sound, he directly hit Lu’s fist.

  Everyone saw a blue light spot on Ji Wenkai’s shoulder, and Lu Xianshi directly reached out and pointed at the blue light spot. Ji Wenkai’s face changed greatly, and the overbearing punch suddenly dissipated. The pattern of the wrap on the fist disappeared, and he fell directly to the ground.

  Lu Xianshi's big sleeves waved, and an alcoholic spirit wrapped Ji Wenkai and helped him up. Then he said: "You should have seen a little clue? After Ji Wenkai got into the homing of my Swallows, every time he launched an attack, his weaknesses will be exposed. He has five Swallows, which means that his next five moves will be Exposed by my formation. I only need to attack him, and he has no room to fight back. ”

  "Awesome battle!"Mu Yu was amazed, and Lu Xianshi’s homing to the nest left him with a very deep impression. He did not expect that the array could even be used like this!

  In the process of fighting and fighting, the self-cultivator has different ways of cohesiveness. Just as Ji Wenkai just used his front to wrap his fist and attacked Lu’s predecessor, then his whole body's spiritual power will condense on his shoulders. As long as he hits Ji Wenkai's shoulder and breaks up his condensed spiritual power, then Ji Wen Kay’s move is simply not going to work hard.

  Generally speaking, unless the enemy's moves are very thorough, it is basically impossible to find the enemy's cover door in the battle, but the use of the "correction of the homing" can be directly Exposing the opponent's cover door is really terrible!

  The arsenal's explosive power in the same-level comprehension is not a vain name. In the case of the Swallow's homing, the people who have been in the squad will expose weaknesses, as long as they specifically attack this weakness, the opponent is fundamental. There is no room for resilience.

  Everyone has a look of surprise and anticipation on his face, and can't wait to master this trick.

  Lu Xianshi looked at everyone's expression and said: "The correction of the return of the nest seems to be very powerful. In fact, it has its limitations. The first is to ensure that the opponent will be hit by this array. This is the premise. The second is that all powerful arrays require spiritual strength and aura as support. If your spiritual power is not enough, then this battle can't be effective even if it is in the middle. This array is quite cumbersome. The main points are here. You can now learn about it and see if you can understand the essence of this battle. ”

  Lu Xianshi’s hands were once again surging, and there was a mysterious and complicated gossip array in midair. Among them, there were numerous innumerable spiritual lines, and there were some places to note before.

  The main points are:

  A total of 672 spiritual lines, when driving the array, it is necessary to simultaneously switch the spiritual power from the hurdles and the dislocations of the gossip array to the earthquake position, and then change the lingering line of the singularity to the squat. . The spiritual pattern of the control speed is the 巽 position, the more the 灵 position spiritual input, the faster the Swallowing speed, the number of dry position control Swallows, try not to be too much, the more the quantity, the more spiritual power…

  The main point of the dense, UU reading www. has a total of no less than 5,000 words!

  All the Zhongtian disciples are stunned, and the complexity of this array is far beyond their imagination!

  The first is that the "seven hundred and seventy-two" spiritual lines have scared them. In the arrays they used to contact, they have never learned more than three hundred lines of spiritual lines. This array of techniques also needs to be used to switch the formation, grafting and other complex operations, which is not what they can do.

  The most basic array method, the exception is that the disciples of the disciples will not exceed one hundred lines, and the disciples of the Zhongtian disciples will only have a maximum of three hundred lines, more than three hundred spiritual lines. Needless to say, this is a congenital array!

  "One year ago, Professor Lu Xianshi's 'Xuanyue Huacai' congenital array had only 390 spiritual lines, and today it has directly turned into 672 spiritual lines. What do he want? what!"Cheng Zhuo Zhang has a big mouth and is as shocked as everyone else.

  Lu Xianshi inadvertently taught the simplest "Xuanyue Huacai" in a congenital array of a year ago. It was a kind of art that bloomed at night to hide himself.
However, none of the disciples in the field learned. Since then, he has never explained the congenital array of more than three times the spiritual line. I didn't expect him to be "seven hundred and seventy-two" today. It really scared everyone.

  Mu Yu is not as surprised as anyone else, because he has seen a more mysterious and complex array of techniques, and at that moment the array of works can be silently flowing in his body.

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