No. 387 Chapter The decline of the array

  Generally speaking, the aura of the innate primordial is enough to maintain the congenital array several times. For the squad, whoever has a good foundation, his ability to fight will definitely be stronger. Although the usual array of squadrons go out to others, but sometimes it will contradict other comprehensions, so it is crucial to learn the necessary attacking methods.

  The "Yingyan homing" that Mu Yu just laid is portrayed on the ground, not on the base, so the array cannot be carried with him. If he wants to reach the point where Lu Xianshi is ready to use his arrays, he needs to portray "Knowledge Yan" to the innate array.

  He has learned how to portray the Zhongtian array on the Zhongtian formation, and has never failed. However, when I was concealing the innate array, I encountered a problem. The volume of the base was too small, and it was much more difficult to engrave such a complicated array.

  The spiritual engravings of the acquired array and the Zhongtian array are not too many. The entire array can be reduced and properly engraved on the array. However, the spiritual engraving of the congenital array is too much, and the spiritual engraving is more More, when you are portraying in a small space, you will be mistaken when you are not careful!

  Mu Yu tried several times and failed without exception. He was puzzled. Why did Lu Xianshi be able to portray this array on the array to achieve the level of exertion?

  Obviously, there must be a special way to describe how the innate array of spiritual powers are engraved on the formation. This technique has not been said.

  Lu Xianshi did leave such a hand. He thought that the genius could not do this. When he wanted to learn the innate array, he would come to him.

  What makes Lu Xianshi regret is that he did not find suspicious mysterious genius among the forty-five people who went out to perform the task. This made him disappointed. He did not expect this low-key young man to be so calm.

  "I don't believe you can solve the problem of congenital array and congenital formation! Even if you find out, there is no innate foundation to help you practice innate arrays? I would like to see who two of us can't hold back! ”

  The jump was so anxious to find this mysterious genius that the guru congenital array needs the innate matrix as the basic practice, Zhongtian array of Reiki can not meet the congenital array, and Zhongtian disciple is not so many congenital matrix to practice the congenital array, he believes that the mysterious genius will certainly come to him to ask for the innate matrix.

  However, Mu Yu still does not want to go to Lu Xianshi. He feels that he can temporarily not need to learn congenital arrays. He only needs to do a good job in Zhongtian.

  In the end, the Lu Xianshi, who was still straight, did not hold his breath.

  It’s been a month since the broken monument. Lu Xianshi has long been unable to hold back. He still couldn’t catch the broken disciple’s Zhongtian disciple, which made him anxious. After three times and five times, he summoned the disciples of the heavens. From the development of the ancestor to the decline to the future, he hated to say how Fuzong bullied them, snatched their business in the realm of cultivation, and so on. .

  “Just last month, a million business houses suspended cooperation with our squadron, including the maintenance of the floating fairy levitation method, the protection of various buildings, and the communication array between different businesses. Zong was robbed!

  Millions of business people said that the tracking method we invented was not as good as the trailing character of Fuzong, which caused a million business to lose a big business. We sent people to negotiate, and the result was humiliated by the people of Fuzong! And we want to save face in front of millions of business people, but Fu Zong’s people are prepared.

Our circuit has once again lost to the road, can you bear it? ”Lu Xianshi was angry when he thought of this.


  All the emotions of the Zhongtian disciples were mobilized, and they were all angry at the arrogance of Fu Zong. Millions of business people are big and big, and they are a core customer for the sect. If this customer is taken away by Fu Zong, then the income of the sect will be a huge blow!

  "Lu Xianshi, we have always been very cooperative with millions of businesses. Where is the mistake that caused millions of businesses to lose?"Luo Feilong asked.

  Lu Xianshi hesitated for a while. He seemed to want to not say it. Then he decided to make up his mind. "It is our aim to keep secrets for customers. This matter should not be said." However, everyone is the elite of our squad, and it is not a violation of the confidentiality agreement. And it is also a reminder for you, let everyone know that there are days outside the sky, people outside. ”

  Everyone listened and listened to what was going on to make a million business lose a big business, leaving them with one of the most important customers.

  Lu Xianshi paused and continued: "When the celestial list came out, our sect was invited by a million business houses to make a batch of sapphire. This batch of sapphire is called the Great Fairy Record, which records the details of everyone on the Great Fair. ”

  "But the owner of the million business bank asked us to do a lot of work on this batch of celestial records. At that time, I was responsible for the production of this sapphire. I made a squadron, which can be used to track people who have a great record. Millions of commercial banks have sold these batches of great immortals to the immortals and earned the Lingshi, but at the same time they will expose the traces of the fairy with the sapphire to millions of businesses. This means that the sapphire that bought the sapphire will be under the control of a million business houses, thus gaining greater profits. ”

  In the heart of Mu Yu’s heart, he received a piece of sapphire that Waebiya had given at the beginning. This piece of sapphire almost recorded all the information about the celestial beings, but at that time, the dead wood scorpion saw the hidden lining in the sapphire. Array, found that this sapphire can expose his whereabouts to millions of businesses.

  At that time, Mu Yu also made a bad, and fed this sapphire to a
The beast, such a million business people think that Mu Yu has been in the sunset forest.

  "Is this array of people being seen through?"Ji Wenkai asked in surprise.

  The ingenuity of Lu Xianshi’s formation is notorious, that is, other innate strategists, and few of them can detect the formation of the squad set by Lu Xianshi. The ordinary celestial cult is probably very high, but it is absolutely impossible to find out what is going on. What is going on?

  Lu Xianshi sighed and said: "Yes, it was seen by a certain fairy." However, a million business firms have not told me which one is a fairy, and I have been thinking about which one is capable of possessing such a high level of technology. Only one of our ancestors, Mu Chenghong, is located in the celestial list, and Fu Zong has three celestial beings. But even if it is Fu Zong's person, I don't think it's possible to detect my battle. I thought about it for a long time! ”

  "Who?"Luo Feilong quickly said.

  It’s not just him, all the Zhongtian disciples are very curious, and it’s so deep that they are so deeply immersed in the law that they can detect the array of squadrons that the disciples can’t find.

  "The true god sword shadow dust wind and the poisonous king dead wood long green apprentice, Mu Yu!"

  "Wood feather?"

  "Oh my God! It's him? ”

  Everyone exclaimed, and everyone who has a legendary experience has heard more or less about his reputation. He doesn’t say how he used to make fun of Fuxianyu, but how to let go of the demon king. The apprentice of the sword shadow dust wind is enough to make his name shock the world!

  Mu Yu touched his nose and found that everyone around him was talking about himself, and he stood among these people, which made him a little embarrassed. He thought that Lu Xianshi was a very intelligent person and could associate himself.

  "The road of the dead wood and the shadow of the sword and the wind and the dust are said to be no less than the ancestral division of our ancestors. He himself is naturally not in a good position." I went to see for a million, although he flashed his words, but I have basically determined that this single business is indeed our negligence.

  But these are not the key points. The main point is that Fu Zong is said to have invented another kind of sapphire that is similar to the sapphire I made. Even if I can't even notice it.

  That's right, although I don't want to admit it, I did lose. Millions of firms have chosen Fu Zong, and they are no longer working with our array of strategists because this is a technique that makes their business safer. ”

  Lu Xianshi’s face was extremely shy. He did not hide his face because of his own failure. On the contrary, he was very calm and confronted all the disciples and gave them an alarm.

  "I tell you this thing, that is, let you know that the strength of Fu Zong has gradually surpassed us. If we do not work hard, we will probably not fall! The current sect, the lack of talent is talent, no matter which of you is broken, I hope that you can stand up, as a member of the sect, we all need to fight for the future of the sect.

  We need you to stand up and shoulder the heavy responsibilities. If we lose again this year, we will be more able to lift our heads. As long as you stand up, I will do my best to teach you everything, and we can't lose again! ”

  When Lu Xianshi said that he was excited, he had already had tears in his eyes. He is a very responsible innate philosopher, thinking about the future of the sect. However, the fall of the array is incompetent, and the innate disciples are scarce. This is a fact that cannot be changed. And a Zhongtian disciple who can become a congenital disciple hides and squats, which makes him feel very sad. He does not want a piece of jade to be buried.

  Lu Xianshi’s thoughts on the sensation of emotions almost all swayed Mu Yu’s emotions. He even wanted to come out and admit it. He realized that when the business of the sect and the millions of businesses was due to problems with him, he felt a sense of guilt.

  However, I thought that the thing that revealed the information of the immortality of the celestial record was actually made by Lu Xianshi, and he could not stand it. After all, if it wasn't the old man at the time, UU read He is likely to keep the cut sapphire. The whereabouts will be mastered by millions of merchants. Think about how scared it is!

  But then again, a million merchants are big and big, and they are big customers of the sect. If Lu Xianshi refused this single business, the loss of the sect would be even greater. For the future of the sect, Lu Xianshi can only do this kind of sapphire in accordance with the requirements of millions of commercial banks, earning a considerable number of spiritual stones, so that the sects will not be hit too much.

  All the Zhongtian disciples on the scene were filled with indignation and grievances, but no one stood up.

  Lu Xianshi sighed and his face looked disappointing. He went on to say: "I hope that everyone can reflect on it, Luo Feilong, you are looking for a few disciples who are my turn and I am out of the field. I need to go to the Star Gate. Tomorrow is the Starry Gate. Routine maintenance."

  The day after tomorrow, the squadron and the Zhongtian squad will go out to other martial arts to solve the tactics, and will bring the day after tomorrow disciples and Zhongtian disciples to go out and practice. And Zhongtian disciples have a rare opportunity, that is, they take turns to follow the innate faculty to go out to do things. Being able to go out with the first division to arrange the formation is a dream that many Zhongtian disciples dream of.

  Star Gate! Days are not waiting!

  Mu Yu’s heart was caught by a man, and endless hatred came from the bottom of his heart. He clenched his fist and his body trembled slightly.

  Luo Feilong compares the field table of Zhongtian disciples. According to the regulations, the new disciples must arrange for one time and the first division to go out to the field after the entry, and the list of Mu Yu is in the list!

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