Chapter 389 grabbing business

  Lu Xianshi is a routine. After checking whether there is a problem with the array of stars, every place will be checked once. If there is a problem, it will be solved. If there is no problem, you can leave. Every day, Tianxingmen pays a large amount of maintenance costs to the array. As long as it passes the acceptance of the Star Gate, it can guarantee that the fee will be recorded.

  The Star Gate is a big martial art. There are more than 10,000 arrays of various sizes, and it is impossible to check them in more than one thousand. When the people of the squadron helped them build it, they linked more than 10,000 arrays through the guardian squad. Which one would not work properly would be clear, which would avoid the trouble of detecting one by one.

  The seven peaks are named according to the way of the Big Dipper, which are Tianshu, Tianzhu, Tianzhu, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang and Yaoguang. The fourth Shenfeng Tianquan Peak is the control hub of the entire Tianxing Gate Method. It is the core of the array. Once there is any leak, the seven peaks of the entire Star Gate will be destroyed, so there are heavy guards all year round. Even a fly can't fly in.

  Under the leadership of Tianxingmen disciples, Lu Xianshi came to Tianquan Peak. A few people have just fallen, and there are dozens of sensations that have not been separated from the avatar, and there are several probes from the fit period. These probes are completely undisguised, as if they were deliberately shocking them, warning outsiders not to have brains.

  Mu Yu feels like being exposed to hundreds of comprehensions who are much more powerful than him. He can't afford the idea of ​​rebellion. Tianquanfeng’s fierce guardation is really famous, and there is no chance to play with it.

  "Lu Xianshi, don't come innocent!"A voice sounded, responsible for receiving Lu Xianshi is a middle-aged man named Tian Zhengxin, who is also a distracted period. He is the guardian who specializes in defending Tianquanfeng. He is also usually with Lu Xianshi. Dealing with the business, the most familiar with the business of the Zong and Tianxingmen.

  "Being a good friend."Lu Xianshi responded politely.

  Tian Zhengxin’s eyes swept through several Zhongtian disciples. When he saw Mu Yu’s glimpse, he said: “Lu Xianshi, I always thought that the apprentices of the ancestors were very good. This brings this. How does the middle-aged disciple's age and cultivation do not match this?"

  In the past, the Zhongtian disciple brought by Lu Xianshi was also very young when he was in the base period, and Mu Yu seems to be nearly twenty years old. It is very rare for such a large age to be so low.

  Lu Xianshi smiled and said: "This person is my guardian boy, not a Zhongtian disciple. Let the righteous friend smile. ”

  "This is it! I also thought that when the squadron was inferior, even those with low qualifications would have income. ”Tian Zhengxin smiled slightly.

  I don't know if it was intentional or not. The words of Tian Zhengxin made Lu Xianshi look awkward. He smiled and turned the topic around.

  "In the past few months, where have you had problems with the formation? I am good to count on whether to improve some of the problems that are problematic. ”Lu Xianshi asked.

  "According to the report of the disciples under the door, the two clusters of Yu Hengfeng seem to have weakened a lot, and there is also a problem with the imperial beast that Kaiyang Peak used to raise the beasts. In addition, the disciples of the disciples under the door guarded the array… …"Tian Zhengxin listed eleven problems with the array.

  There are only eleven, not too much, which is also reasonable. The array method needs regular maintenance. Sometimes the artificial disturbance will destroy the normal operation of the array method. However, the general large-scale array method will not be interfered by the spiritual power of the self-cultivator. Only the small array method is easy to cause problems.

  The people of the sect enter the control hub of the formation.

Their entire movements have been stalked, and once the people in the squad have any unfavorable practices, they will stop. The people of the sects will naturally have no other ideas. They are in a business relationship with the Star Gate, except for Mu Yu.

  However, Mu Yu also knows that his chances of doing small moves are not great. It is too difficult to turn over the waves from the starry sky that he wants to make again. And once you make a grid, it is very likely that you will be connected to the crowd. The array of people and Mu Yu did not have any hatred, Mu Yu did not want to drag them into the water, so he can only hold back.

  Lu Xianshi took Zhongtian disciples into a magnificent palace. There are many people guarding the palace. Inside is the total array of eyes that control the size and size of the stars.

  The mysterious lines are scattered throughout the hall. The ground is full of spiritual engravings, intertwined with each other. Occasionally, there are stars and dots flowing through the engravings, which makes the whole array brighter and then returns to calm.

  Lu Xianshi stepped into the law and entered a spiritual force in one direction of the formation. Then the spiritual power turned into a red light, which ran along the entire huge array. The red light quickly flowed in every place of the array, and then suddenly flashed, and the red light of one place stopped, no longer flowing, and then the remaining red light continued to swim.

  About half an hour later, the spiritual power that Lu Xianshi entered gradually disappeared, and more than 50 red dots appeared in the entire array, which made Lu Xianshi's face slightly changed. This is the detection method of the array method. The red spiritual power that Lu Xianshi entered can detect the problem of more than 10,000 large and small arrays in the entire mountain gate.

  There is a red dot, which means that there is a problem with the array method. There are fifty-two red dots at the moment, which indicates that there are problems in the fifty-two arrays. This is more than the eleven problematic arrays mentioned by Tian Zhengxin. The law is much more!

  He whispered and asked: "If you are a good friend, if the array of the Star Gate is moved, why is there so much damage?"

  Tian Zhengxin seems to be unhurried. He seems to have known that Lu Xianshi would ask this question. He said: "Lu Xianshi said and laughed. At present, Fu Zong’s people are being guests under my door. I
They followed their advice and were prepared to replace some of the formations with the ones. They showed us the power of the spell, which is indeed stronger than the old one. ”

  "what? Fu Zong's people! ”Lu Xianshi was so angry that Fu Zong’s people came to the Star Gate and persuaded the Star Gate to use their skills.

  "Yes, it is Fu Zong's teacher. Having said that, I almost forgot one thing. After testing and comparison, we found that the functions under Fu Zongbu are indeed much better than the arrays of your array. For example, from the Ju Ling array, Fu Zong’s people’s polyglyphs are twice as strong as yours, but the required stone is one-third less. Considering the issue of expenditure, our Star Gate accepted Fu Zong’s suggestion and decided to use Fu Zong’s technique to replace your formation. ”Tianzheng said without hesitation.

  Lu Xianshi was extremely angry. Fu Zong not only took away their cooperation with a million business firms, but even extended his hand to another big customer of the sect. How can this be tolerated?

  "But, have you ever considered that this time the power of the peak of the battle of the law is based on our sects, if you change it, if there are problems in the future, how can Fu Zong's people solve it?"Lu Xianshi suppressed the anger in his heart. It is their business to choose who as a business partner of Tianxingmen. Lu Xianshi can't interfere. He can only try to recover it and see if he can make the Star Gate change his mind.

  "This Lu Master does not need to worry, do not believe you can look at the red light just flashing. I think that red dot should refer to the formation of Yu Hengfeng? At this moment, the person of Fu Zong is using Yu Fufeng to transform your formation. Fu Zong and your sect are out. They have a solution to this problem. ”Tian Zhengxin pointed to a red dot in the formation. The red dot flashed and disappeared.

  The red dot disappears, which means that the problem of the array has been fixed!

  "This is too much. You can't interrupt our cooperation with us for no reason. The star-studded formation is always maintained by our squad. We know the function of the whole formation more clearly than they are. You are so sloppy. If you change the ground, you are not afraid that the entire Star Gate will be destroyed."Lu Xianshi said angrily.

  Tianzheng shook his head and said: "The people of Fuzong have promised us, so you don't need to worry about it. Every year, we need to pay ten million yuan of your ancestors, except for the two million that cannot be replaced by the suspended array method. The other large and small arrays need eight million to maintain. This is a big expense. . Fuzong only needs six million Lingshi to replace your eight million jobs. Who do you want to choose from? ”

  In order to rob the business of the sect, Fu Zong’s offer price was lower than that of the sect. It was a successful convincing person of the Star Gate to change the formation of the formation into a martial art. This arrogant act has touched Lu Xianshi. The bottom line.

  Lu Xianshi is extremely angry: "The price is not necessarily lower than us. Since the people of Fuzong are here, can you let me see them, so I can confront them?"

  "Don't wait for the son to say, if you have opinions, you can go to Yu Hengfeng to find him. However, because the suspension array reconstruction project is too large, we will still choose to cooperate with your squad. You can make sure that the levitation method is no problem. We only choose the best and most affordable, your array can prove better than Fu Zong, and we will continue to cooperate. ”Heaven is right.

  As a person of the Star Gate, UU reads They will not be afraid to offend a squad. After all, after the separation of the gates, the strength has long been worse than before. Besides, this is also the business competition between them. Tianxingmen as a customer only finds the benefit side to cooperate.

  When Lu Xianshi calmed down, he snorted and then went to the suspended array. The suspended array method is the core of the seven huge peaks of the Star Gate, and the most important array of all formations.

  A large part of the annual maintenance costs come from the most complex suspension method, accounting for nearly two million Lingshi expenses. The remaining eight million expenses come from more than 10,000 large and small arrays. Now the eight million business is stolen by Fu Zong at a price of six million. It is naturally popular with Tianxingmen.

  The suspension array method is under the avenue, and Fu Zong has no way to copy it, so at least in the business with the Star Gate, it has saved two million in revenue. Fu Zong is no longer arrogant, they do not have the existence of the guru level of the heavens, so this is also the only enthusiasm of the sect.

  However, Lu Xianshi was still very uncomfortable. Originally, he could get ten million Lingshi from the Star Gate every year. Suddenly it became two million. He couldn’t swallow this breath!

  Lu Xianshi inspected the suspension array method, and did not find too much problem, but Mu Yu did the whole look of the entire suspension array method in his mind, and carefully recorded it. Although he can't understand such a deep array, but now the more things about the Star Gate, the more revenge in the future!

  The day is not waiting to kill the dead wood, this point of wood feathers absolutely must not pay the price!

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