Chapter 390 Symbolist

  In eight, according to the guru, the Fu Zong and the two have each occupied four of the door-to-door business. Among them, Dihuangmen, Tianxingmen, Hongchenmen and Xuanlingmen have business dealings with the ancestors, while Ghost Gate, Life and Death Gate, Lonely Gate and Yaomen have business dealings with Fuzong.

  Originally, the two sects were evenly matched, but the ancestor had a long-awaited ancestor, who was recognized as a master of the sect. Therefore, in the practice of the real world, only the array is mentioned, and there is very little mention of the technique.

  Fu Zong and the ancestors were originally a family, and they all changed on the basis of gossip. However, the people of Fuzong have taken a different approach and portrayed the formations on the paper. They all rely on the paper, and use a space array to seal the materials used in the array. On paper, no matter what the base of the array is, it is replaced by a paper.

  The advantage of the paper is that it is light and lightweight. The way they are arranged is very fast, and it is also very economical. It is suitable for small and simple arrays. For the large-scale array method, the floating array method and the mountain guard method similar to the star-shaped door method will be quite cumbersome and difficult to maintain.

  However, not all martial art schools have the kind of masterpieces of the Star Gate, and they have a huge array of methods. In addition to the eight gates and some powerful martial art, many small sects have chosen to arrange small arrays. The small array method is cheap and the effect is quite good.

  In fact, the demand for small arrays in the realm of repairing is far greater than the demand for large-scale formations. Fuzong is a market that focuses on small arrays, so it has robbed the business of the array.

  Of course, this does not mean that Fu Zong’s people will not arrange normal formations. After all, they will be the same as the array. The large-scale formation can also be arranged. Otherwise, four of the eight forces will not be obtained. The dominance of the law.

  The engravings are engraved on small items, and both the ancestors and the Fuzong can do it, but Fuzong is better than the ancestors. Lu Xianshi was able to arrange a line in a pair of sapphire to explain that the formation of the sect was not weaker than the tactics. Unfortunately, the people of the sect were better at using the vast landscape layout method, similar to the small size of the squad. The array method is not true.

  In the past few years, as the ancestors did not receive the congenital disciples, they gradually declined. The strength of Fuzong was booming. The number of their innate disciples was much more than that of the ancestors. At the moment, they also convinced the people of the Star Gate to come over and blatantly grab the business of the sect!

  Now Lu Xianshi is going to Yuhengfeng to discuss with the people of Fuzong!

  Yu Hengfeng is the fifth peak in the Big Dipper. The buildings here are fresh and elegant. There are not as many guards as Tianquanfeng, but not outsiders can come in. When Lu Xianshi entered, he also needed to be notified, and then allowed to enter.

  "I have seen Lu Xianshi, I have long been famous, and my juniors are polite."A gentle greeting came from people, but it was like a spring breeze, but it fell like a blue sky on the edge of Muyu, which made him tremble.

  Days are not waiting! Days are not waiting!

  This sound Muyu will never forget! The polite and always with a false smile, the star of the door, with the help of the Mie Gong, killed the dead wood, let Mu Yu grieve. This hatred does not share the sky, becoming a hurdle in the heart of Mu Yu!

  "Don't wait for the son, it is really a talented person in the dragon and the phoenix."Lu Xianshi reluctantly squeezed a smile and responded politely.

  The starry gate is not waiting for the talents of the Lord, which is well known in the world of comprehension. The day is not to be humble and courteous, it is also gentle, this is also the impression he left for everyone.

  If it’s not that Mu Yu has seen him killing, he can still have a smile.

Even in order to frame the dead woods, they still have to pay a lot of time to seize a top-ranking celestial being, to revenge with a very immortal life, perhaps Mu Yu will also think that the day is not a highly conserved son.

  "Ok? Lu Xianshi, the disciple behind you seems to be a bit wrong! ”Days don't wait to be keenly aware of the murder of Mu Yu, but he looked at the wood feathers that were only built in the base period. The wood feathers at this time were not because of the ease. Not to be recognized.

  Lu Xianshi glanced down at the wooden feathers with his head down, and turned to the sky without waiting for a smile: "This is the underlying guardian boy, repaired low, never seen the big world, afraid that it is not the momentum of the son. Shocked, not to be forgiven.

  The day is not to be gentle, saying: "Predecessors are laughing, don't wait to dare to show off in front of their predecessors. It turned out that this is the guardian of the predecessors, I thought it was a disciple of the sect! Think about the fact that the sects should not have such a low-educated disciple. ”

  "The squad's guardian disciples are also at this level. My Fuzong's escort boy can at least demand the strength of the Golden Age!"The discordant voice rang from behind, letting Lu Xian’s face sink down.

  A middle-aged man came slowly. The middle-aged man had an unpleasant face. Although his face was full of smiles, he always felt like someone used his fingers to hold his mouth and laugh. It is very stiff and false. Compared with his smile, the smile that is not hypocritical is at least natural.

  "Zhou Jinglin, it turned out to be you!"Lu Xian’s teacher was gnashing his teeth, and the Fu Zong’s people and the ancestors were dead. The contradiction between them was not once and twice. This week, Jing Jinglin naturally knew.

  The ancestor and Fu Zongben are one family, so most of the habits mentioned in the title are similar. Their disciples also have congenital, middle and post-day points. The people of the sect are called the squad, and the sect is called the sorcerer. The teacher is also divided into a congenital teacher, a Zhongtianfu teacher and a constellation teacher. This person is a congenital teacher.

  "how? The last time I lost in Fuxianyu was not reconciled. Will I lose again this time? ”Zhou Jinglin did not hide the provocation between words. p>

  Lu Xianshi lost to Zhou Jinglin in the last negotiation in Fuxianyu. He never imagined that this week Jinglin was the initiator of this incident, and Lu’s master was full of redness.

  "The era of the squadron should have passed. We are the main teacher. We don't wait for the son to choose us. Fuzong is his long-term vision. He also does not wait for the son to trust us. We can't wait for the son to see us."Zhou Jinglin is not waiting for the day with a respectful meaning. This week Jinglin's cultivation is also a distraction period, and the day is not waiting to be repaired, but Zhou Jinglin unexpectedly slaps the sky and does not wait.

  Think about it too, the day is not the door of the future star gate, but also the extreme fairy on the list of immortals, the future is not limited, and now is the business patron of Fu Zong, Zhou Jinglin is not a matter of course.

  Unlike the alchemy division of the Danding School, the singer's singer is the only one of the alchemists, and the status is respected. It is the object of all people. Because of the division of the squad, the strategist has to rely on others to make a living for their own competition. In a sense, the avatar is more like a businessman.

  "Don't wait for the son, do you really want to change all the formations of your school into spells?" Have we been working with your Star Gate for so many years, and you are so unrelenting? ”Lu Xianshi did not whisper like Zhou Jinglin. He was a straight man. He was not as smooth and sleek as Zhou Jinglin. When he was dealing with people, he would suffer. After all, many people like to talk to people who can talk.

  "It was because of the cooperation with the ancestors for so many years that I discovered that the Star Gate has had such a big problem in recent years. If it weren't for my father's beginning to let me touch some of the trivia of the sect, I still don't know that there are many things that can be better. If you are thinking from the perspective of the Star Gate, are you choosing a cheap and expensive route or a cheap and smart way? Since I am going to hand over the Star Gate to me, I naturally have to consider the future of the Star Gate. I am different from mys. I don’t talk about feelings, I only pay attention to efficiency. ”

  The day is not always a gentle and polite image, even if he is quite rude, but it also makes people feel a sense of evil.

  Lu Xianshi clenched his fist: "Don't wait for the son, I respect you as the head of the future star, so I don't want to talk." But please also talk carefully and focus. My sects also have dignity in doing business. You don't want us to be able to do so, but what have we done for you over the years? ”

  I don’t want to gently touch my fingers, and then I will take out a pair of sapphire, saying: "When you made a great record for Fuxianyu, I couldn’t trace the true god by relying on the array of the great fairy. The apprentice Mu Yu wasted my time. When I went to the filmmakers, they used to find him by using the traces of Fuzong. They were too weak to see at a glance. Even Wanyi chose to terminate the business with your squad. The future consideration of the door must also choose a better partner. ”


  Mu Yu was the first to hear about the stalker. He didn't know how the shadow organization used the stalker to find his whereabouts. If the stalker has such great ability, does it mean that he is now in The affairs of the sect will also be known by the film organization?

  Lu Xianshi was unable to refute the words of the day. When he made the array of the great fairy, he did not expect this to happen.

  "However, the guardian of the big array and the suspension of the big array are the same with the same gas, both of which will be handed over to your array of maintenance. So we can't say that it is a business stop, at least part of it, isn't it? ”I don’t want to laugh.

  This is already the best result. Today, the Star Gate has lost a business, which makes Lu Xianshi extremely lost. However, he could not recover the loss. At the time he was lost to Zhou Jinglin at Fuxianyu, he could not win Zhou Jinglin today.

  "Zhou Jinglin, I will definitely get this account back!"Lu Xianshi is ready to leave.

  Zhou Jinglin smiled slyly: "Then I will wait for good news." UU reading www. In a few months, it is a routine test between our players. I hope that you will be able to make up three innate disciples this year, and don’t take Zhongtian disciples to make up for it. Your squad has been losing since nine years ago, and this year is destined to lose the tenth year. If this continues, I think this test is completely meaningless. ”

  In the previous test of the match, both the sect and the sects had their own wins and losses, and they generally won each other once. However, since the ancestors could no longer recruit congenital disciples, they have lost consecutively for nine years!

  Fu Zong’s innate clerk currently has more than forty, and the number is twice that of the sect! If it weren’t for the ancestors, there would be a well-known sacred ancestor guarding the rear, and I am afraid that Fuzong had been blatantly preparing to annex the sect.

  Lu Xianshi glared at Zhou Jinglin, and Zhou Jinglin’s eyes suddenly flashed a strange light, and he stabbed straight into Lu’s eyes. Lu Xianshi only felt that there was a flower in front of him, and his eyes flashed with different light, and he refused to show it back!

  The eyes of the two were intertwined with sparks in the air, and a strong smell of gunpowder was permeated.

  "The two are still a little bit safe, and Lu Xianshi should not leave in a hurry."I don’t want to smile gently, and then continue, “The two are coming today, I just need to entrust two to help me.”

  "There is nothing to do with the public, despite the instructions!"Zhou Jinglin quickly laughed.

  The day is not waiting for a moment, saying: "About solving the chaos."

  "Indiscriminate?"Lu Xianshi was a little surprised to hear this.

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