Chapter 391 chaos

  The chaos, but the squad and the teacher have heard of it.

  After the array method is arranged, what effect is this effect, but there are some arrays because of lack of maintenance all the year round, some of the spiritual lines will be missing, and once the spiritual line is lacking, the array will be serious. The problem.

  Some arrays lack a spiritual line and can no longer be used. Some large and odd arrays lack one or two spiritual lines and will not fail, but will cause the effect of the array to deviate from expectations and become other The uncontrollable array method is called chaos.

  After the formation of the chaos, the inexperienced array of divisions and the teacher are not willing to enter at will, let alone the ordinary comprehension. Because this method is difficult to infer what will happen, after entering the chaos, there may be nothing happening, or there may be life-threatening accidents. No one can say anything in the chaos. .

  However, most of the chaos is extremely terrible. Mu Yu once heard the old woods tell the story of the chaos. At that time, the dead wood old man met a mysterious polyphony array, because he lost 19 spiritual lines and finally led to Whoever enters the whole body of the spirit and blood will be drained by the formation and become a dry body!

  The way to solve the chaos is to either directly look for the opportunity to destroy the base or the eye, or to repair the lost spiritual line and restore the disorder.

  "Everyone is a squad and a teacher. You should be familiar with chaos." I haven't explained much here. I have recently encountered a very dangerous chaos. There are no news from the people who have sent people into the chaos several times. Therefore, I need to use the ability of the two predecessors to solve this chaos. Array. ”It’s not to be said.

  "It is an privilege to be able to serve the public, but it is enough for Gongzi to hand over this matter to me. I don't think I will be a master."Zhou Jinglin looked provocatively at Lu Xianshi.

  Lu Xianshi snorted and was too lazy to argue. He really didn't have any mood to help the day without waiting for the cracks. At this moment, he was still guilty of not waiting for him, and the business of the sect was lost and he was very annoyed.

  I don’t want to shake my head: "Zhou Xianshi, I don’t believe you." It’s just that this array is not arranged with a piece of paper. Therefore, I think it is necessary to help Lu Xianshi’s help. As long as the two of you help me solve the chaos, then I will pay for two people and two million Lingshi. As a reward. ”

  One person two million! A total of four million!

  It’s really awkward to wait for the day, and even Lu’s master is unmovable. To know that helping the Star Gate to maintain the suspension array can only get two million rewards a year, but as long as you crack a chaos, you can get so much, it is deceptive to say no.

  However, Lu Xianshi will not be blinded by the interests, and it will certainly not be so simple, or even dangerous, if he does not have to spend four million to ask them to break the two divisions.

  "I don't know if the son can tell us what kind of chaos is so tricky? Who is this chaos? ”Lu Xianshi asked.

  "Who is laying this chaos, I am not very clear. But this is the secret of my Star Gate, so I will only take you with you if you promise. In order not to leak, I want to know as few people as possible. The two of you have a guard. The boy is fine. ”The gaze of the day is swept over the wood feathers of the "foundation period".

  Lu Xianshi’s eyes are vacillating, and two million Lingshi are not a small number. After all, the array’s own use of arrays requires a high level of foundation.

The price of the aura with ample aura is not cheap. However, the opportunity and risk of this money coexist, and it is necessary to wait for the natural crisis of the chaos.

  "Well, I promised to solve the chaos."After thinking for a long time, Lu Xianshi promised to come down, and the two hundred spirits finally touched him.

  As for Fu Zong’s Zhou Jinglin, there is no need to say anything. He has no reason to refuse.

  "The two agree that it is best, so stay here for me tonight, and we will leave tomorrow morning."I don’t want to smile and nod.

  Soon, some people led Lu Xianshi and others to go to the guesthouse to settle down. The place where the Star Gate entertained guests was very bright, and there was an independent chic small courtyard for people to stay. As one of the eight gates of the Triple Continent, there is no shortage of money.

  Until the person of the Star Gate left, Lu Xianshi was dissatisfied and screamed.

  "Fu Zong's bastard, I will have them look good one day sooner or later."Lu Xianshi whispered.

  Ai Xiao and others looked at each other and did not dare to provoke the suffocation of Lu Xianshi. Usually, the predecessor of Lu Xianshi is very high, and he will not easily get angry with Zhongtian disciples, nor will he arbitrarily swear. It is obvious that today’s business with Tianxingmen was angered by Fuzong.

  "Wind wood, you will go with me tomorrow. Just after you have just started to get started, it is good to see the essence of the method of understanding, but it is very dangerous. You should not leave too far tomorrow, otherwise I may not protect you. ”Lu Xianshi looked at the wood feathers that only "built the foundation", and shook his head helplessly.

  Just getting started so old is so low, it really doesn't work.

  "Yes, the disciple understands."Mu Yu has been thinking about another thing. He is not so worried about the chaos. He hesitated for a while and asked: "Lu Xianshi, the disciple has one thing that doesn't quite understand. Looking for a true god apprentice, what is the tracer?"

  "The tracer is a kind of worming technique that Fuzong came up with. This kind of thing is completely chicken ribs! To track a person's words, you need to stick the paper on the things that the person has touched within seven days, so that once the person appears within the tweezer, he will be felt.

  That tattered thing and my sapphire squad are not in the same grade! Really discouraged old man! I don’t want this bastard, I will come to see his smile! He has a hatred with the true god apprentice, do you have to relate to me? ”

  Lu Xianshi shouted loudly and then found that other people were watching him. He wanted to keep the image in front of the junior. He coughed two sentences and forced to calm down. "It’s not right to be a slut. In short, you must cheer. Don't be overwhelmed by Fu Zong. Fu Zong’s Fu has been taking the road of innovation in the past few years, and we can’t stick to the rules, so that the array will really have to be played. ”

  The ruins of the sect of Lu Zong have always been in his eyes, and he is very anxious in his heart, but the urgency is not helpful. It is an unchangeable fact that he did not recruit congenital disciples. After so many years, there is only one congenital disciple. Once the innate disciple becomes a congenital strategist, then the future will be compared to the test, and the sect will no longer be able to send a congenital disciple.

  "It's a pity that the shy Zhongtian disciple is not willing to stand up. Is there any shyness in the end?" Do you have to hide it? Do you want me to leave him to kneel before he is willing to come out? ”

  Lu Xianshi hated the iron and sighed, and suddenly stared at Ai Xiao Zhao Lianggong and Ding Bo three people: "No one of you three is the one who broke the monument?"

  He directly slammed the wood plume of the "foundation period". This old-fashioned disciple who was undergraduate was killed and he did not believe that it was the mysterious genius.

  Although sometimes the truth is quite tricky.

  Ai Xiao and others shook their heads helplessly. They wanted to take this honor to their bodies, but they also had to have the ability to do it. This matter can't be done at all, is it that the mysterious genius will go back to the monument?

  "Mom, have you forced me to drive one of my Zhongtian disciples to the front of the monument?"Lu Xianshi was depressed to the extreme. He never wanted to force the Zhongtian disciple to do this because he respected the disciple who did not want to show up, hoping that he could stand up on his own, instead of relying on Lu Xianshi to use hard means.

  Now the situation of the sect is getting worse and worse. He is also worried that this will force people to go. If the genius chooses to leave the sect, he can’t really recover it.

  The genius who really broke the monument is thinking about another thing. He suddenly understands how the filming organization knows that he is in the southern fifty-liyuan. When Muyu had appeared in Jianying City, it was not difficult for the filmmakers to find the things he had contacted within seven days. The Shuxin Hall of the 38th Street was the branch of the filming organization. He also went there. Thirty-eight miles of street, so it is more than enough for the filmmakers to find him.

  In this way, Mu Yu does not have to worry about the filming organization to find him again, because he has been in the battle for more than a month, and the tracer has long since expired.

  One night passed quickly, because Lu Xianshi described Mu Yu as his own guardian boy. At this moment, it is already difficult to ride a tiger, so he plans to bring Mu Yu to see the world. As for the three people, Ai Lai, let the three of them go back to the battle. The business of the sect is now only a suspension of the business of the Star Gate. The other formations have been robbed by the people of Fuzong. It is meaningless to stay in the Star Gate.

  When Mu Yu once again saw the day when he was not waiting, his heart was calm enough, and the enemy was in front of him, but he would not act recklessly. One day he would look for a chance to kill the face with a false smile and avenge the dead wood.

  Mu Yu hides his inner murder very well, and he does not wait too much attention on the wooden feathers. Zhou Jinglin also brought a guardian boy, like to be provocative in front of Lu Xianshi, his guardian boy actually has the repair of Yuan Ying six heavens!

  This guardian boy named Hu Shi, perhaps received the instructions of Zhou Jinglin, once saw the wood feather, in order to give Mu Yu a Mawei, the body of the six-day atmosphere of Yuan Ying was swept over the wood. Lu Xianshi snorted and used his breath to protect the wood feathers, so that Mu Yu could not be oppressed by the other side.

  Mu Yu faintly glanced at the arrogant Hu Shi, he really did not understand why the other side should show superiority in front of themselves, if you really do, Mu Yu slap is enough to shoot the other party! However, since Lu Xianshi helped, he was happy to be free, too lazy to compete with the people who looked at the mouse.

  "Lu Xianshi, you really brought the Guardian Boys in the base period, are you not afraid to be killed in the chaos? Oh, yes, I forgot, anyway, there are a lot of wastes in your base period, and there are still a few hundred dead. ”Zhou Jinglin laughed at him with impunity.

  "Zhou Jinglin, you can say it again!"Lu Xianshi is extremely angry. He is more straightforward. He does not know how to ridicule others. He will only be angry directly. UU reading

  Mu Yu slowly said: "Zhou Xianshi said with a smile, and every disciple of our ancestor has a means of self-protection. In the chaos, the formation of our base stage and the performance of your Yuan Ying period are the same. We have a lot of experience in cracking the chaos, and he is not worried that I will have an accident. However, Zhou Xianshi seems to have no confidence in his ability. It is really regrettable to need to bring a person in the Yuan Ying period as an assistant! ”

  Mu Yu taunted back without hesitation, even the eyelids were too lazy to lift. Everyone knows that chaos is very dangerous, but Lu Xianshi brought a boy-guarding boy in the base period, which is enough to show that he has a well-thought-out about this matter. Instead, Zhou Jinglin seems to have insufficient confidence.

  "Yes, I think so. Zhou Xianshi, do you have the guts to bring a disciple of the foundation period to go to the chaos? ”Lu Xianshi patted the shoulder of Mu Yu with approval. The words that Mu Yu said were very good, and he made a long face.

  "Hey, the disciple of the base period wants to be my guardian boy, I can't see it."
”Zhou Jinglin looked at Mu Yu coldly, and his eyes flashed again, but Mu Yu did not have any fear, just calmly confronted him.

  I don’t want to laugh at the day: "The two will not be vindictive at first. At this time, it is important to crack the chaos. I hope that the two can work together, and don't be tempted." After the event, there will be a thick report. Without further ado, let's go now! ”

  Where is the chaos and what kind of situation, it is not clear that it is not to be said, but one thing is certain, this chaos is not as simple as imagined.

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