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Chapter 392 Desert Forest

  There are 10 people in the Stargate, six are out of the OBE, and the remaining four are distracted, including days. On the road, I didn’t wait for the direction of the chaos. I just took everyone on the road and drove for nearly a day. I finally stopped in front of a vast forest.

  At the end of the forest, you can see a golden marginal line. The wood feathers looked at it for a long time and found that there was a big desert.

  “Isn't this a desert forest?”Lu Xianshi's face changed slightly. He didn't understand the day and didn't wait. He didn't understand why he didn't want to bring them to this place.

  Desert forest, one of the most eccentric large forests in the triple continent, covers an enormous area. There are all kinds of powerful high-order monsters in the forest, and you will get lost if you are not careful. But the difference between this Mori is not its size and monster, but the large desert in the center!

  From afar, the forest is full of lush trees, but in reality there is a vast desert in the middle of the forest. The golden marginal line at the end of the forest that Mu Yu saw was actually a big desert in the middle of the forest.

  This desert is extremely dry and in stark contrast to the surrounding forest. No one knows how this large desert was formed, but one thing is certain. If the comprehension of the distraction wants to cross the entire desert, it will not be possible for one month.

  The sky is not looking at the boundless forest, nod way: "Since come here, I do not need to hide from you, two are the array division and Fu Shi, the perennial help each door to decorate the mountain, familiar with each door to protect mountain formation weaknesses, so keep secret is your professional ethics, but also you do business the most basic criteria, I'm not wrong about that, are you? ”

  The Guardian Guardian is a martial art used to defend against the roots of foreign aggressors and is vital to every sect. After all, no martial art is willing to publicize the weaknesses of its own mountain guards, so when they hand over the most important martial security things to the people of the ancestor or the Fuzong, the secrets become the secret. The principles that the strategist and the clerk must follow.

  The credibility of the sects and Fuzong at this point is unquestionable. They strictly abide by the principle of secrecy and will not disclose the weaknesses of the tactics to outsiders. Only then can other sects be assured that the important things of the Guardian Guardian will be given to The array and the Fu Zong people came to arrange.

  "You can rest assured that you don't have to wait for the public. The secret of our business is to be confidential. If you don't say it, you won't say it out."Zhou Jinglin vowed to guarantee.

  Lu Xianshi also solemnly nodded, and there is nothing to refute.

  I didn’t wait for a smile and nodded. "I don’t care. According to our research for so many years, it is very likely that this desert forest will seal one of the top ten demon kings of the Yaozu, Shaying Demon King!"

  "what? Sha Ying demon king? ”Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin both stunned.

  Thousands of years ago, after the war between the Yao and the Terran, the Yaozu defeated, and the top ten demon kings were sealed nine times. Only the strongest Qinglong demon king left the remnant demon people to escape the world. The seal of these nine demon kings has always been a mystery, and even the Terran has no detailed record of the dossier, let alone the Yaozu.

  Although the demon king seals the land, although it does not leave the exact location, it still has traces, just as the white demon king was sealed in the double heaven, the demon and the ghost door and the people who died. Both infer this.


The king of the desert, the sand eagle demon king. We found it here by some cluttered clues, and inadvertently found a twisted array in this desert, which was thought to be an ordinary guardianship. However, we sent a distraction period and five outings to go to the investigation and disappeared. The only news that was sent back was the word "chaos", so I decided to ask the two teachers to help solve the problem. The chaos of things. ”Days are not to be explained.

  Mu Yu frowned, how did he get involved with the demon king?

  The demon kings are all immortal, and the people of this starry gate will not stare at the undead body of the demon king like the ghost gate and the death gate. It is said that the most wanted body of the demon king is the guardian of the Sangong Palace. Is it because the triple palace is not made?

  Mu Yu remembered that the dead wood old man had used the powerful battle to kill the sky, but the three palaces secretly attacked the dead wood old man, the soul of the attacking dead wood mahogany still can not forget To say that the Mie Palace and the day are not waiting for nothing to contact Mu Yu is not convinced.

  Lu Xianshi pondered for a moment and asked: "If the Shaying Eagle demon king is born, then will the Yaozu people not come here to meet?" The three heavens are not the same as the double heavens. The Yaozu will no longer only send the Yaozu people in the Yuan Ying period. I am afraid that they will definitely send experts to come. Is it not very troublesome to start a conflict? ”

  The last time the birth of the White Demon King was soaring, many of the comprehensions heard about the birth of the Double Heavenly White Demon King and the encounter with the Yaozu.

  "how? Lu Xianshi, do you still trust the strength of the Star Gate? ”Zhou Jinglin yin and yang asked strangely.

  Lu Xianshi glanced at Zhou Jinglin, a flatterer, and said: "We are all a part of the distraction period. If the demon people have several fits or a master of the robbery period, can we still be safe? I think that we have to deal with the demon king from a long time! ”

  The day is not waiting for a slight smile: "This point Lu Xianshi does not need to worry, our Star Gate does not fight unprepared battles, has long done a perfect strategy, enough to deal with the sudden attack of the Yao people. The two only need to help us break this chaos and leave with the reward, the rest
We will handle it ourselves. ”

  I don’t have to say that, and Lu Xianshi is too lazy to take care of anything. Needless to say, I also know that the place where the seal demon king is filled with a lot of arrays, I am afraid that one of the arrays of the chaos is only a matter of law. Lu Xianshi only wants to crack the so-called chaos and directly take the money to leave, the rest of the array The law has nothing to do with him. He doesn't want to go to the water for the demon king.

  They continued to fly towards the desert in the middle of the forest, and it took about two hours to fall into the desert in the middle of the forest. The desert is extremely hot, in stark contrast to the shade of the forest, occasionally blowing a burst of wind and sand, and soon annihilated in the sand dunes.

  The people at Tianxingmen didn't stop to figure out the direction. They obviously knew the direction of the desert, and then the group stopped on a desolate Gobi. This Gobi has been baptized by sand and sand all the year round. It is rough and unique, and people can't help but sigh.

  Mu Yu quickly understood why the Star Gate was so emboldened that there was a large arch under the Gobi. At this moment, there were seven or eight distracted people standing there, and two people were in the fit period. These people saw the days and did not wait for the greetings.

  For the Shaying Demon King, the Star Gate has taken pains and sent people here. There are two comprehensions of the comprehension period and so many comprehensions of the distracted period sitting in the town, not afraid of the demon people coming over.

  Mu Yu set his mind and looked at the cultivation of these people in the Star Gate, which gave him a sense of incompetence. The Tianxing Gate really has a rich heritage, and there is no shortage of masters in the martial art. If Mu Yu accidentally reveals his identity here, it is equal to the sheep entering the tiger's mouth. I am afraid it is difficult to survive. He must be careful.

  "Cheng Shu, is there anything wrong?"I don’t want to ask an old man. This old man named Tianjiancheng, is the elder of the Star Gate, and is cultivated in the double heaven.

  "There are few masters, everything is normal. The people who sent in still have no news, but the message can still be alive. We must crack this chaos."Tian Jiancheng said.

  The day is not waiting: "Cheng Shu, you are not safe. The matter of the formation is still handed over to the two predecessors to deal with it better. We are not familiar with the chaos. It is easy to go in and let the two masters break the chaos, and then we will go in. ”

  Tian Jiancheng’s gaze glanced at Lu Xianshi and Zhou Xianshi, nodded slightly to them, and then set their sights on the wooden feathers that only “built the foundation”. The brow wrinkled: “How to build the base period Come here?"

  "He is my guardian boy, specifically for me to arrange the array."Lu Xianshi quickly said.

  The other party is the repair of the fit period, and Lu Xianshi does not dare to take up the big, and he still has the respect he deserves.

  Tianjian Cheng looked up and down the wood feathers, then he turned his eyes away and said: "You should have already understood the situation. In the 500 meters to the left of the Gobi, you will see a twisted array of knots. Circle, trouble you a few people."

  "No trouble, it is an honor to be able to serve the adults."Zhou Jinglin said respectfully.

  Lu Xianshi did not answer, listened to the meaning of the day, their Tianxingmen did not intend to go in with Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin, but waited outside for them to crack the chaos and then re-enter, this is exactly to put them four People use as spies.

  He knew that this trip came to the broken array of things not so simple, frankly speaking, the day is not really want to let Lu First division and Zhou Jinglin four people into the chaos of the star Gate, no accident also cracked the disorderly array also forget, in case of an accident, to the star Gate will not have any loss, and they four will die in vain.

  Even when the sects and Fuzong want to find the stars to ask the whereabouts of these people, to the arrogance of the Tianxingmen, it is enough to directly clarify all the relationships. The strength of their star gates is much stronger than that of the ancestors and Fu Zong.

  The two million rewards are equal to letting the two predecessors take their lives to earn.

  However, the two million Lingshi is really tempting for Lu Xianshi. He hesitated for a while, but chose to go on and check it out, and he planned to stay in the eye. If the power of this chaos exceeds his expectations, he Will not hesitate to leave here with Mu Yu.

  Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin went with their own people in the direction indicated by Tian Jiancheng. UU read until it was determined that Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin could not hear them, and they waited until they asked: "Cheng Shu, I think you should have been in it once?"

  Tianjian Cheng looked at the back of Lu Xianshi and others and nodded. "I just walked in for a short distance and was forced to retreat. The chaos inside has evolved into a very terrible state, and I just sprinkled it. Lie, I saw the bodies of the people that our sects had sent out shortly after entering. Their death is really…Ugh! ”

  Tian Jiancheng’s face showed a trace of unbearableness. Obviously those who died were not good at the end. He was so jealous of this chaos during the conjunction period, and it goes without saying that he is too dangerous. Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin are only part of the distraction period. They also carry two nurses who are low-level guards. I am afraid that it is also fierce. He even told the Lu Xianshi and others to go in and to lie that the people who were sent in were still alive!

  The day is not waiting for a smile: "They may have any way to crack this array. Maybe we will look at the situation first!" If they can really break the chaos, then four million is not too embarrassing. If something goes wrong, it has nothing to do with us. As for the dead doors, we will remember the contributions they made. ”

  Four million is not a small amount, but the day is not waiting for the eyes, obviously
The value of the Shaying Demon King is much greater than four million. The reason why he told Lu Xianshi and others to do this is related to the Shaying Demon King. It is because this incident is unstoppable. After entering the chaos, Lu Xianshi and others will naturally know that it is still so It’s not as good as honesty.

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