Chapter 394 yin corpse

  Zhou Jinglin quickly flashed to the LU First Division side, he looked at these corpses, the posterior was truncated let him change his face, especially to see such a strong corpse is let his face a burst of pale.

  "Oh, these corpses are not at all we can compete."Zhou Jinglin eagerly glanced at the guru.

  But Lu Xianshi did not care about him. He had already greeted the yin rushing.

  "boom! boom! boom! ”

  Lu Xianshi broke out with strong lines, and countless lines were turned into thick palms. He grabbed a few corpses in front of him and slammed them out to smash all the other corpses that had been thrown over. Lu Xianshi’s shots were not ruthless. His lines crossed and the air rang. The weak corpses were directly shredded by the palm of Lu’s master, but there was no blood splash. Only the broken limbs fell off the air.

  However, there were too many corpse corpses, and all of them went forward and rushed over. Fortunately, although these corpses were repaired during their lifetime, they lost their means of attack before they only knew the most brutal bite and culled. Otherwise, the situation would be Worse.

  Zhou Jinglin also appeared numerous innumerable papers. These papers were intertwined with each other, sparkling with the brilliance of light and color. There was a fine spiritual line connecting them together, and then numerous papers broke out. Sword, the yin corpse smashed the past.

  The guardian boy behind him was too scared to know what to do. He didn't expect to encounter such disgusting things. He didn't even dare to move, and there was no such superior superiority.

  Mu Yu didn't do it either. He couldn't get in the battle. The broken limbs on his face were broken, and then the brow slammed, because he found the yin broken by Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin. The corpse turned out to be regrouped by some kind of summoning, and then rushed over again!

  "Lu Xianshi, these corpses are not dead, they have been regrouped."Mu Yu reminded.

  Lu also found something wrong, his eyes rapidly across the road pattern, followed by the rapid fall of the wood feather on the ground, a foot to break a want to seize his feet bare hands, the hands of a complex mark, blue Baguazhen spread from the bottom of his feet, shouted: "Wind wood, you in this guardian, don't move, or my array may accidentally hurt you." ”

  Lu Xianshi turned a circle of blue lines on his hand and surrounded the wood feathers. This pattern shone with soft light and could bounce all the corpses that had been thrown up. This guardian array can only protect the corpse that was repaired during the flood season. Once the corpse of the distracting period rushes up, the array can be destroyed in an instant. However, those corpses are obviously more interested in guarding the outposts of Lu Xianshi, but neglecting Mu Yu.

  "Shock and Remnant Snakes!"

  There were two dark blue congenital formations floating in front of Lu Xianshi. The blue patterns on his hands suddenly turned into electric lights, and the electric light was filled with countless humming sounds from the electric light. Then a pair of blue snake shadows spread around, fiercely twisted and shook in the air, but there was no longer a neck that was already wrapped around the corpse. The snake shadow opened the bloody mouth and directly bite the head of the corpse. under!

  Countless electric sparks rushed around the corpse, swallowed up the corpse of the corpse, and the body of the corpse was suddenly burnt black and even caught fire. These were snaked twice on the ground, and they no longer moved and did not climb again. And those electric snakes didn't disappear. Instead, they twisted their bodies and bite into another corpse. They just flashed thunder in the corpse of the corpse, and the corpse was smashed.

All of a sudden wiped out a large piece!

  Mu Yu was the first time to see Lu Xianshi cast an attacking array. This horrible array of weapons was very powerful. He even saw a distracted corpse that was directly bitten off by the electric snake. There are snake shadows flashing everywhere in the air. From time to time, there are corpses falling down.

  However, the corpse crawled out of the ground inexhaustibly, I really don't know how many bodies were sacrificed in this genital corpse. When Lu Xianshi looked at the innumerable yin corpse, his face was very dignified, because the array was powerful, but the short board of the squad was very obvious, they could not fight for a long time.

  Mu Yu didn't want to sit still, he thought that he had to break this genital corpse. Since the news that Tianxingmen got said that this is a chaotic array, then this array must have some uncontrollable flaws. What is the "chaos" of this genital corpse?

  There are three ways to break a battle. One is to use the power of toughness to directly break the entire array. This method is generally ineffective for many formations. The other two methods are to find the eye or the base. As long as the eye and the base are destroyed, the whole array will automatically collapse.

  "Right, voyeurism."Mu Yu remembered a relatively advanced array of techniques in the middle of the day.

  Peeping is a common array of search for the eye, you can directly find the location of the eye. But this kind of array is also different from person to person. Because you want to explore the location of a battlefield, you must first understand the composition of the spirit of this array. If you don't understand it, you can't find it.

  There are still some arrays that are too powerful, and the array of people exerts a cover-up array of techniques, which will not be detected by the sneak peek.

  Mu Yu used the array technique and was not as skilled as Lu Xianshi. However, because this array is only a Zhongtian array, it has long been portrayed on the base by the wood feathers and can be directly displayed. The blue lines of light lit up under his feet, and countless lines of stalks spread like a tentacle, and began to look around the entire genital corpse.

  The principle of the array method is like an intricate spider web, every thread of the spider web.
It is the spiritual power of the array. Mu Yu wants to find the genius of this genital corpse through voyeurism. First of all, his sneak peek must find the spiritual engraving of the spider web, and climb along the spider web. position.

  However, after searching for a circle, Mu Yu did not find the spiritual engraving line of the yin corpse. Obviously, the guy who laid the yin corpse had already prevented this, and disguised the spiritual line of the corpse. However, this is hard to beat the wood feather, because he suddenly thought of Xiaoshuai.

  "Where is Xiao Shuai, where is the base of the yin corpse?"Mu Yu asked. Xiaoshuai's food is very sensitive to the place with aura, but all the methods must use the base. Xiaoshuai likes to eat ample aura, and certainly can smell the location of the corpse.

  Since you can't find the eye, it's also a good choice to find the base.

  "After I found the base, can I give it to me?"Xiaoshuai asked excitedly.

  "Can you, give it to you!"Mu Yu said helplessly.

  "awesome!"Xiaoshuai jumped onto the shoulder of Mu Yu and swayed the big tail. The aura spread from its tail and dissipated in the air.

  It made a slap in the face and then said happily: "This broken method has more than 10,000 bases, each of which is a congenital base, God! I have to eat! ”Xiao Shuai’s eyes are full of happy little stars.

  " Ten thousand innate arrays? Lying trough! Is it so big? ”Compared with these disgusting yin corpses, the 10,000 innate fascias have made Mu Yu shocked. He is still ashamed of less than a hundred innate foundations. I did not expect that there will be 10,000 shots here!

  But after thinking about it, if there are not so many innate foundations, it is impossible to call so many corpses to fight. The Shaying Demon King is one of the ten demon kings. It is a piece of cake to get 10,000 innate arrays. It is.

  "So where are these innate foundations?"Mu Yu is also gearing up. If you can steal these squads, you can make a profit.

  "I think about it! There are 1,364 in the underground 500 meters, 3,672 in the underground 521 meters, and 5,000 in the underground 600 meters…"

  "500 meters underground? Nima, who is full of support to bury the base so deep? ”Mu Yu suddenly looked dumbfounded, and the position of the base was helped by Xiao Shuai, but he was helpless in the deep underground.

  "Use a broken sword! Let it turn into a tree root and take us to the bottom to dig treasure. ”Xiaoshuai wiped his mouth.

  "No, Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin are here. If I have no breath, I will definitely notice the ability of Muyou in my body."Mu Yu shook his head.

  Both Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin are comprehensible comprehensions, especially Lu Xianshi, who is still in his guardianship law! Once you get some little tricks, you will definitely find it by Lu Xianshi.

  "What should I do? Don't you eat the base? ”Xiaoshuai is very dissatisfied.

  "If you eat and eat, you just want to eat, you can't think of something else?"Long Teng Road.

  “Is there anything more important than eating a base?”Xiaoshuai did not feel embarrassed at all.

  For the food, the most important thing is of course the food. UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com

  However, at this moment, the ground suddenly rang a loud roar, as if something had exploded. The wooden feathers fixed their eyes and looked at the genitals that were originally detonated by Lu Xianshi's electric coke. They were all blown up into countless dark powders. These powders quickly covered the other corpses in the air and were swallowed up by other corpses. Then Mu Yu understood where the chaos was "chaotic"!

  After Lu Xianshi’s original electric snakes attacked the corpse that was contaminated with black powder again, those corpses were immune to Lu’s overbearing array! The most surprising thing is not here, the corpses that were contaminated with black powder began to become mad, and even began to attack each other and bite!

  Once a corpse eats the body of other companions, even if it is a bite, their own breath will obviously become stronger! Some weaker corpses are directly shattered and swallowed in front of the powerful corpse!

  The yin corpse of the normal yin corpse is not fratrical. It is obvious that some people accidentally messed up the normal spiritual line of this array, which led to the murder of the corpse. However, although these corpses are killing each other, each of their living corpses becomes stronger and stronger!

  The most important thing is that the corpses of the underground are still crawling out and joining the army of Lu Xianshi. And many vaginal corpses seem to prefer to devour these living people more than devour their companions!

  The two masters, Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin, looked at each other and their hearts could not help but sink into the bottom. They knew that this trip was already fierce.

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