NO. 396 chapter of the Eye

  Mu Yu swallowed a bite, his heart was tense, and he was stared at by a large group of corpses. Needless to say, he also knew how terrible the feeling was. The most terrible thing was that there were three or four distracted corpses around here.

  Most of the corpse corpse has fallen meat here, where the bones are exposed, the eye sockets are sunken, the eyes are dry, and besides nausea, they are very strong. It is really not a pleasant thing if they come together.

  Mu Yu looked down at the source of the sound and found that there was a dark green light group flashing in the place where the night pearl could not shine. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t find it. The other four distracted corpses are guarded by the light group, grinding their teeth and making an unpleasant squeak.

  "Destroy the foreign things!"The sour and ugly voice sounded.

  Every corpse got the command of this guy, and all the claws and claws swarmed up, and the wooden spirit sword on the ground rushed over. Mu Yu wanted to control the Mu Lingjian to go straight to the ground, but he was surprised to find that the ground here was protected by some kind of power, and his ability to drill the ground completely failed!

  "I can't do it above, I am afraid that you are not here!"

  Can't run, then hit!

  Mulingjian turned into a long tree whip, directly swaying, smashing a slap in the air, and pumping the most violent corpses directly to the flight! When the corpse was being drawn, the body left a strange black whip, braving a trace of black gas, and then fell into the corpse.

  Mu Yu danced the tree into the air, the ghosts came to smoke the ghosts, the corpses came to the whip, and the ferocious corpses were thrown up every time they rushed up. How does Muyu say that it is also a period of cultivation, as long as the four distracted corpses standing there are not coming, he will be more than enough to temporarily repel these shrimps and crabs.

  With the light of the night pearl, Mu Yu was surprised to find a phenomenon. The original corpses were regrouped on the ground by Lu Xianshi. However, here he clearly took out the head of a corpse, but the other person’s body was struggling, and his head could not return. .

  "what? Is the regenerative capacity of the corpse here not working? ”Mu Yu feels a bit strange, but the regeneration ability of the corpse is the best, and it doesn't have to be as hard as it is on the ground. The tree whip made by Mulingjian was very happy, and the corpse only knew how to accept the order. There was no idea at all. Even if the companions were broken, they rushed up without hesitation.

  There is no such thing as "fear" at all.

  But this is not the way to go, because the cave's corpse is estimated to be more than the ground, and sooner or later it will consume the energy of the wood feather.

  Mu Yu controlled the wood spirit sword to retreat, and wanted to return to the tunnel just now, but he squinted to see the tunnel just now, I don’t know when it has disappeared. The most important thing is that his tree whip suddenly can't move, and he is caught tightly by something!

  Mu Yu fixed his eyes, Mom! Actually it is a corpse of distraction!

  This distracting corpse has no pre-life spells, but it has the power of distraction, far from being able to break free of the woody feathers. The wooden feathers were drilled out, and the wooden sword was held, and the corpse was torn apart. However, his power was not worth mentioning in front of others.

  The most terrible thing is that as soon as he appeared, the breath of the living person suddenly made every corpse become more crazy, and then countless corpses were killed by Mu Yu.

  The wooden spirit sword was firmly grasped by the other party, and Mu Yu could not recover it.

He can only take out his own shadow sword, and the fierce swords are swaying, and the corpse that rushes to the front is twisted into a broken limb. However, there were too many corpses that had been thrown up. He even saw another yin of distraction and banged him down!

  "Oh shit! Give you a million woods! Tree-lined! ”

  Mu Yu shouted, Mu Lingjian suddenly rushed to sprout, countless branches spread from it, and then turned into a tree of heaven, guarded by Mu Yu. The branches are staggered, and the dense branches directly open all the corpses of the corpse!

  However, it was only at this time that Mu Yu discovered that the branches of Muling's illusion were all black, and only the leaves were green. This phenomenon is very strange. But he didn't have time to think too much, because the punch of the corpse of the distracted corpse was on the branches, and the whole grove was trembled. Many branches were smashed, but the smashed branches were rooted and sprouted. I will pack the corpse of the distracted period into a scorpion!

  "And you, the dirty rotten hand is enough!"The other end of the Muling Sword was caught by other distracting corpses, and the wooden feathers could not be drawn until now, but this did not prevent him from controlling the Muling Sword, and the numerous branches immediately tied the guys with their hands.

  The corpse suddenly became a pot of porridge. They rushed toward the wood feathers in the middle of the tree, but there were countless branches that rolled them down and rolled them straight down. The whole grove.


  The two distracted corpses directly broke the branches by brute force, but they are not humans after all, they have no sense of autonomy, they don’t know how to deal with the branches, they only know how to rush toward Muyu, so Mu Yu bundles them again and again. Get up, get involved.

  The Mu Ling sword itself is a very hard thing, but once it is turned into other plants, the toughness will be the same as that of the transformed plants, which is its only drawback. Usually, a golden Danish repairer can easily shake the plant into a powder. Fortunately, the growth speed of the Muling sword is very fast, and it can re-spray and sprout in the powder, so it is completely afraid of the destruction of the corpse.

  The woody forest can interfere with the distraction
The most important thing about the corpse is that these corpses do not know how to use spiritual power, leaving only the original brute force.

  The corpses that were lifted by the wooden feathers struggled in the air, but what is strange is that the dead air on them suddenly became more and more pure, the struggling movements slowed down, and finally stopped slowly. Struggling, even the two distracted corpses are the same.

  "what? How do I feel that I can control these corpses? ”Mu Yu was very curious to come to a yin body in the Yuan Ying period. This is a human corpse corpse, the teeth are half lost, the forehead has five finger holes, black lacquered, looks very scary.

  "Or, are you laughing?"Mu Yu said tentatively.

  The corpse violently opened his mouth and then lost another tooth.

  "Hey, I rub, raise your hand!"Mu Yu blinked.

  The yin corpse actually raised his hand!

  "Wow, it’s a treasure! This broken sword has the dead air of the grass, but it is the purest death. These corpses are contaminated by its dead air, and they have to be controlled by the broken sword! ”Xiaoshuai cried in surprise.

  "What treasure! Holding such a disgusting thing as a baby? Is it not enough to have a guy who owes you? ”Long Teng dissatisfied, it does not like these guys who look like people who have nightmares, think about it and know that no one will like it.

  "I am much more handsome than them?"Xiaoshuai snorted.

  "Don't worry!" Wait until we clean up the guy who controls the corpse. ”Mu Yu knows that these are just coming to the front, and the real corner is still behind!

  "What are you doing! Actually kept calling? hateful! Where are the many trees coming! ”The sound of sour and ugly sounded again, and this time its voice seemed to be somewhat unsettled, because the yin body it controlled was tied up by the wooden plume and finally got rid of its control. Obviously this was never happened.

  "The guy behind the ghosts, this array has been taken over by me! You can hurry and let it go! ”Mu Yu shouted, he now controls the two horrible corpses in the hands, but that is two big killers! I am not afraid of the guy who can talk during the distraction.

  "Hey, I control the array of this battle, I have not died, how can you take over this battle!"The green light in the distance suddenly shook brightly, but it also found something wrong, and did not let the corpse rush to the woods to die.

  "It turns out that you are the guy who controls the eye! So to kill you, you can control all the corpses. ”Mu Yu step by step toward the tragic green light group, and there are trees growing on his feet constantly, and the corpses that have not had time to retreat are directly rolled up by the trees.

  "For thousands of years, your Terran has a total of forty-two distracted men to come to the Shaying Eagle City. They have all become my corpse before they enter the city gate. They can really break into the city gate. There are very few. I am very curious about why you can control my yin corpse in a squatting comprehension? ”

  The green light group is becoming more and more obvious, and the whole cave is clearly seen, and Mu Yu finds out how big the cave is. I am afraid that it can accommodate at least 20,000 corpses at no problem! Looking at it is all the corpse that shakes his head and shakes his head. If it is not that Mu Yu has such a wooden sword, I am afraid that it will be overwhelmed by the corpse and become a member of this place.

  "By we are handsome, we can't!"Xiaoshuai proudly interjected.

  Mu Yu looked at the green light group in front of him in surprise. This light group has become so big, and there is a dark shadow inside it. The black shadow looks like a horse. The spurs raised their forefoot violently, but the horse slowly changed and formed a figure.

  Then the figure stepped out from the light group, like a ghost in front of Mu Yu.

  This is a black and macho man with a sly face and even a fang in his mouth. The whole body muscles are very exaggerated and bulging, as if it contains the power of a force, a fist can break a hill. UU reads But his whole person seems a bit transparent, obviously this is the soul of the Yao people!

  "I didn't expect to control the corpse of the corpse, it turned out to be a demon! I have the best set for dealing with the demon. ”The wood spirit in the hands of Mu Yu is the nemesis of the demon. Now, although the wood spirit is less angry, the trees are also very weird, but the powerful dead air can still suppress all the souls!

  "I am also the best at dealing with the Terran."The demon looked coldly at Mu Yu and looked at the trees around him without any fear.

  Xiaoshuai suddenly jumped to Mu Yu’s head and curiously asked: "I have a question, are you a pig demon? Your fangs look like the porcupine's fangs, and the nose looks like a pig. ”

  The demon screamed: "Let's go! Even compare me to the lower porcupine! You listen to me! I am the left guardian under the throne of the Shaying Eagle, Xiangma,"

  "Like a horse? Not like, you are like a pig. ”Xiaoshuai is a very honest good boy.

  Mu Yu wanted to hold back the laughter, but Xiao Shuai’s more real words really made him unable to bear it, and then he “snapped” and laughed.

  Xiangma was furious and angry, and he screamed in the sky, followed by two distracting corpses that rushed to him, and he roared into the body of a corpse. The corpse was a human race, but half of the face was gone, but after the horse entered its body, it suddenly grew out of the body and became a man with a brow.

  Then he waved his hand and a dark axe appeared on his hand.

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