The No. 397 Chapter Horse

  Wooden feather back Two steps, this guy was just a demon soul, who can think he incredibly can with control demon soul melt into one, other don't say, alone his body of breath let wood feather difficult to bear. The difference between the distraction period and the exit period is not only a level, but his current five-day repair is not worth mentioning in front of the distraction period.

  However, the other party is a combination of a corpse and a demon, and it must be in the face of Muling. Mu Lingjian is now black and white to eat, killing people do not blink, what evil spirits corpse, how much to pack!

  Xiang Ma looked at Mu Yu coldly, twisted his neck, and made an unpleasant snoring. Not only that, but his body also made a smashing body. Hearing this sound, it seems that there are thousands of bones that have not been active. It looks like Rusted.

  "Invade my dignity, you must die for sin!"

  The axe in the hand of the horse suddenly slammed down toward the woody grove, with a hint of incomprehensible power, faintly letting the air burst. Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked, and he quickly flashed into the trees and hid to the side. A small piece of wood that he stood before was suddenly turned into a crumb by an axe of the horse, so that the leaves of these residual limbs sprouted again and became The lush woods.

  He controlled the branches and swept away to the horse. Just let the branches touch the body of the horse and let the black air of Muling invade the other person, and he would be able to surrender him!

  However, Mu Yu soon found that the horse was different from the sinister idiots who only knew how to rush. The corpses did not know how to avoid his branches, so he could easily let Muling get them. However, Xiang Ma is a conscious corpse. He understands the eccentricity of the trees of Mu Yu, so he does not let the branches close.

  "Rage axe!"

  After the integration of the horse and the corpse, there is still a strong spiritual power to spread. His axe instantly became very huge, and the bleak green light shrouded the whole axe. The violent spiritual power was raging, the surrounding aura became somewhat unstable, and the corpses were panicked and ran to the back. It seems very scared of this big axe.

  "Two sinister brothers, give it to me!"Mu Yu danced the branches and sent out the two distracted corpses. They have been stripped of the yin corpse at this moment and become the cockroaches in the hands of Mu Yu. The two corpses did not hesitate, and they waved their powerful fists and greeted them!

  "Dare to take my corpse to deal with me? Do not measure! ”

  The giant axe in the hand of the horse suddenly slammed down, and countless axe shadows poured out, and the two corpses were smashed to the ground. The two corpses were not afraid to face the axe, their bodies were very strong, and even the wooden feathers could not hurt them. After being invaded by Mu Ling’s dead body, Mu Yu even felt it. Their physical strength is even higher.


  The fists of the corpse and the axe of the sky collided together, and the powerful impact suddenly spread, tearing all the other corpses close to the pieces into pieces, and the two gods of the fascinating period controlled by the wood feathers He fell heavily and slammed into the ground. The ground is very hard, and their bodies are split apart!

  The strength of this horse is beyond the imagination of Mu Yu, and it is impossible for Mu Yu to defeat the other side with these two distracting corpses.

  The bodies and heads of the two distracted corpses have been separated and rolled out. But the ground quickly drilled a lot of branches to reassemble them together, and then the black gas in the branches once again wrapped the corpse and merged into the corpse.


  The two distracted corpses suddenly opened their mouths.

Struggling to spit out a syllable, the whole body's dead air is getting thicker and thicker, and the cracks on the body that are pulled out by the axe begin to heal.

  "Yeah? They seem to like the deadness of Muling. ”Mu Yu was a little surprised, and the dead body of this Muling could quickly repair the wounds on them and make their body toughness again a level.

  Mu Yu remembers that the black and white spirit in his body was also very weird. Once his body was damaged, the black spiritual power would lick the injured tissue, and the white spirit would regenerate the tissue. The change of black and white spiritual power in his body is also caused by the grass, in a sense, it is the same.

  The two distracted corpses have once again rushed toward the horse under the control of Mu Yu. They simply don’t know what they can’t beat, but they only know how to beat them. Xiangma was furious, and he also found that the two corpses were not right. The giant axe was waving again, and the green axe had collapsed!

  The two distracted corpses were once again smashed with the axe shadows. Without accident, they couldn’t stop the strength of the horse and fell heavily on the ground again. But what made the project horrified was that the two distracted corpses were not separated like the ones just now!

  Then the two corpses crawled up again and continued to charge.

  Mu Yu was not idle at the side. He could only control the two corpses and continually circling with the horses. At the same time, the tentacles that stretched out from time to time seemed to be waiting for the machine to contact the body of the horse. Unfortunately, the horse was already prepared. The spiritual power of the body always destroys the branches of the wood feathers in a timely manner.

  "Boy! I control the entire genital corpse, my strength is endless, do you want to spend a lifetime with me? ”Xiangma couldn’t help Mu Yu for a while, but Mu Yu couldn’t help him, and the two fell into a deadlock.

  "After holding on for a while, I can definitely get you done!"

  Mu Yu does not really think that this will continue to fight down and will win the game. Xiaoshuai said that there are more than 10,000 bases in the underground. More than 10,000 bases are not simple items.
Not casually talking about it.

  A base will easily consume the aura, but the combination of 10,000 bases will greatly reduce the aura consumed by the array. When using the large array, the base will try to find ways to use the array. The deadline has become longer, and this is part of the advanced formation. This corpse is probably not a problem for thousands of years.

  His hands are already flashing black and white spirits, intertwined in the corners quickly, and depicting the spiritual lines on the ground. He is going to use the "Knowledge homing" array to find the weakness of the horse's shot. No matter what the horse is, he will have weakness when he shoots. Only when he shot from his weakest place will he have the chance to defeat this guy. .

  However, the limitations of this array are too great. He still hasn't solved the problem of the base, so he can only shoot the gun. And even if he has laid the "Knowledge homing", a series of innate primaries will not last a few times, and the object to be displayed is the distraction period. First of all, he must guarantee that the Swallows he summoned hit the horse. This difficulty is quite high, but if you can hit a Swallow, it will be enough for the wooden feather to catch the door.

  It is also an opportunity once, otherwise it will really be played out!

  This time, Mu Yu’s arrangement of “correcting the homing of the nest” is much faster. He has completely understood the essence of this array, so it took only about a quarter of an hour to set it up. In this quarter of the clock, the two distracted corpses and the horses have not played hundreds of rounds, and both sides are not exhausted.

  Nine black and white knives suddenly rushed out from the array at the foot of Mu Yu. Their speed was very fast. It was only after a long time that Mu Yu had learned how to control these Swallows to make them fly faster. Numerous twigs are coiled around, encircling the horses, and the nine Swallows are hidden in the woods, ready to go!

  Victory and defeat are here!

  Mu Yu himself also rushed out of the woods and attacked the horse with two distracted corpses. Xiang Ma saw Mu Yu rushing over, and suddenly smiled coldly: "Boy, have you finally come out to die?"

  The axe in his hand has become two, and this time a more horrible atmosphere has shrouded in the wood.

  Xiangma’s heart is already quite angry in his heart. He is a distracted Yaozu. Although he was sacrificed to become a sinister squad, he lived in the form of a demon, but it was not a squatting period. The Terran youth can be small.

  However, I did not expect that this human race youth was so difficult. The trees with black branches and green leaves were very strange. They disappeared and turned around. They couldn’t be touched, so that he could not help but know that Mu Yu was hiding in the woods. Where. At this moment, I saw that Mu Yu took the initiative to send him to death, and he said that he was waiting for an axe!


  The attack speed of the distraction period is so fast that it is incredible, so that the wood feathers of the flood season are completely incapable of reacting, and they are directly hit by the axe of the horse. When Xiang Ma was about to reveal the smile of the winner, he suddenly stopped, and then his face became very difficult to look!

  Because he found that the wood feathers in front of him were not in the same way as they were in the two halves, but they were directly blown up and turned into pieces of fragments, which were filled in the air.

  Phantom array!

  A very basic Zhongtian array can use the array method to create a illusion of its own. Whether the illusion is true or not, whether it can be done through the sky and the array itself is related to the understanding of this formation. This faction of Mu Yu is not really true. If it is outside, the ordinary glimpse period can be seen that this phantom is fake. However, Xiang Ma really wants to kill Mu Yu, so when the phantom of Mu Yu came out, he killed the phantom without thinking.

  He killed like this, and there was a gap behind him!

  "Like a pig, die!"

  The real figure of Mu Yu appeared behind Xiangma, UU reading countless branches took him to the back of the horse, and at the moment the two distracted corpses also slammed Xiang Ma. Marton was attacked by the enemy, but his reaction was so fast that he could become the guardian of the Shaying Eagle and the general generation.

  "My name is Xiangma!"

  Xiangma angered, and there was a spiritual barrier emerging from his body. He suddenly smashed all the branches, did not give Mu Yu any chance, and the two corpses were smashed in his head and flew directly. Going out, he squatted on the ground.

  However, the nine black Swallows directly penetrated the spiritual barrier on him and disappeared into his body.

  Everything is just a slap in the face, so that it is the focus!

  "What the hell? How can I break my spiritual barrier? ”Xiangma was shocked. He quickly checked his body, but he did not find any abnormality in the body. The nine black-and-white swallows rushed into his body and became like a sea of ​​stones, becoming silent.

  This kind of turret is not a little lethal. It has many disadvantages, but the advantage is that the spiritual barrier is ineffective for it. Only some special attacks can stop it. Xiang Ma was distracted by Mu Yu, which led to Yan Yan silently hit the horse.

  “Is it like to knock me down?”The horse moved a little bit, and the bones of the whole body screamed again and again, and looked disdainfully toward the sound of Mu Yu.

  However, the figure of Mu Yu has disappeared, and he once again sneaked into the surrounding trees.

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