Chapter 398 Bad War

  Although the nine Xiangma all hit the ground, but Mu Yu did not have any complacent look, because this kind of array operation in the distraction period body is very laborious, will expend his many spiritual power as well as the base aura, the most important is even if then the horse body can appear the cover door, Mu Yu also not necessarily can breach!

  The defender Mu Yu, who had been dealing with the distraction period, had no chance of winning, but because he could control the trees to fight in this dark place, and the horse was very jealous of the Muling sword, Mu Yu had capital and points. This guy of the gods fights.

  But this is so, the speed of distraction is too fast, far from being able to keep up with Mu Yu, he must think of another way.

  At this time, the big axe in the horse's hand has risen again high, and the horrible murder has once again spread around, smashing the lush forest around. At the same time, his elbow tip appeared a black and white staggered light spot, here is the cover of the horse!

  The "Knowledge homing" array was rapidly running, and the spiritual power in the wood feathers was taken away by nearly one-fifth! The more use of this technique in the project is really too hard, he must be quick and fast!

  The two distracted corpses were once again killed from the front, and countless branches have been entangled in all directions, with a small branch straight to the elbow of the horse. However, the body of the horse suddenly broke out with powerful spiritual fluctuations. The powerful axe shadow splashed around like a plum blossom needle. The axe shadow grew from small to large, with a shocking impact, all of which destroyed all the nearby branches. !

  And this time he directly released the spiritual power, so that the branches could not come closer, leaving a large gap around, so that Mu Yu did not have any chance to approach.

  "Kid, I know you want to touch my body, I want to see how you play hide-and-seek with me!"Xiang Ma screamed wildly, and his elbow-tip cover door had disappeared.

  Mu Yu has already fallen into the trap of dilemma. He is spinning rapidly in his mind and thinking about the best countermeasures. It takes him one-fifth of the spiritual power to use a Swallow to return home, so it seems that he can only use it up to five times. At this moment, Xiang Ma has already noticed his intentions. With the ability of the horse, the same mistake will not be repeated for the second time. He will definitely guard against Mu Yu at any time.

  The speed of Mu Yu is still too slow, and he took out a sixth-order medicinal Yufeng Dan directly. Yu Fengdan can raise his speed to the realm of distraction, even faster than the speed of the distractor. There are still a few fatal bones in his hand. The god of the bones can be forced to resist the distraction of the comprehension for a quarter of an hour without death. Of course, this is different from person to person. Too many, Mu Yu estimated that he could not hold on for a quarter of an hour.

  I can only let go.

  Mu Yu removed the entire forest, and the wooden sword was turned into a small vine wrapped in the middle of his clothes. He looked far away from the horse, but his body became a bit strange.

  "how? No longer hiding? ”Xiang Maxiao smiled. From the beginning to the end, he did not put the wood feathers in his eyes. He was only awkward with the annoying branches. Now Mu Yu put all the branches together and it was just what he wanted.

  Mu Yu was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and the sword in his hand had been drawn, and the swords of the sky fell sharply toward the horse. These swords shadows are only attacked by the flood season. It seems so ridiculous in the eyes of the horse. He just snorted, the powerful spiritual power dissipated, and all the sword shadows instantly disappeared.

  However, the figure of Mu Yu has disappeared, and when it appears again, it has already reached the top of the head of the horse.

After taking Yufeng Dan, his speed exceeded the imagination of the horse, and even the horse was slightly surprised. Xiang Ma just raised his head and countless branches have covered him.

  Xiangma was too big. He didn't expect Mu Yu to suddenly skyrocket, and he was not prepared for a moment. The branches had touched his shoulders. Although he shattered the branches at once, he still felt that the body seemed to sneak into something that made him feel guilty, and he gradually got rid of the control of the corpse.

  Xiangma was furious, his head cover slammed a blood hole, and a transparent shadow quickly rushed out of the blood hole. The speed was extremely fast, and the branches that came to him quickly flashed. In another distracted corpse.

  At this time, the corpse was turned into a broken state, and it was controlled by Mu Yu. But even Mu Yu did not expect that the Yan Yan homing array actually went to the other side's corpse in the body.

  "Good boy, I am a little kid!"Xiangma stared at the three distracted corpses in front of him. These three corpses were controlled by him, but they did not expect that they would be deprived of control by Mu Yu at the moment.

  Mu Yu figure disappeared again in the same place, Yu Fengdan took his speed to the extreme, and rushed over with the other three distracted corpses. Fighting has to be a bang, let the horses slow down to estimate the wood feathers, there is not much chance!

  However, Xiangma’s face suddenly showed a strange sneer: “Do you really think that I only have this ability?”

  Numerous miserable green lights burst open from him, and each ray of light became a group of phosphorus fires, swaying in the air, looking extraordinarily} people. All the Phosphorus fires rushed directly toward the three distracted corpses. The three corpses did not know how to escape, and were ignited by the horrible green phosphorus fire. The miserable green phosphorus fire instantly wrapped them three, turned them into coke, and landed on the ground. This time, the three corpses were never climbed up.

  Mu Yu flashed through the phosphorus fire, and the phosphorus fire wiped his hairline, and he was shackled behind him. However, at this moment, a ghost hand suddenly appeared in the phosphorus fire, and a palm was shot on the back of the wood feather!

 Mu Yu felt that his body was violently shocked. If it wasn’t for the fate of the bones, Huang Dan would make his body hard as iron, and this palm must be opened up!

  Xiang Ma’s chance, he has already turned back to Mu Yu’s body, and an axe fell on the head of Muyu! Mu Yu was photographed by the palm of the hand, and did not have time to react, an axe so stunned his neck!

  I have to say that Tianming Bone Huang Dan is indeed a good thing, otherwise this time I have to get corpse separation.

  "Oh shit! Fast speed! ”Mu Yu whispered a curse. He had already seen the two hoods flashing over the horse, but he had no way to attack the other's hood. There is very little spiritual power in his body. I am afraid that he will use the Swallows to return home once, and he will only be ready to go!

  Xiangma saw that an axe that he would kill did not open the wood feather. His face had an incredible look, but the smell of Mu Yu became obviously weaker and weaker, which made him feel a little relieved. He understands that Mu Yu must use some special means of the Terran to do this, but this method is unlikely to continue.

  "Be killed! Kid, I want to kill you and become a member of my corpse army! ”Xiangma smiled wickedly, and at the same time the axe in his hand did not hesitate to smash down again!

  At the foot of Mu Yu, the wind and the footsteps have been transformed, and with the speed of Yufeng Dan, the axe has been escaped. However, the spiritual power in his body has been exhausted. He has taken the spirits down and supplemented the spiritual power lost in the body. However, the disaster is not alone, because he found that the innate primorflies that maintained the homing of the swallows flashed twice and then split. The whole array is also stagnant!

  Swallow homing has failed!

  "Is it really a night of rain, can you still be more pitted?"

  For the first time, Mu Yu really fought against the distraction of the distraction. This battle is not like the last battle with the sky. When Dengtian was an alchemy teacher, the combat effectiveness was originally low, and Mu Yu was still relying on the sword of the unknown swordsman to give him a hard-working and time to contend with the sky, but at that moment the sword has dissipated. In this dark ground, he has been isolated and helpless, no one will come to save him.

  The efficacy of Tianming Bone Emperor Dan has arrived soon. If he can't beat the horse before the death of Tianming Bone Emperor Dan, then today he really wants to catch up!

  The horse's powerful axe smashed down, and the spiritual power of Mu Yu's body also consumed seven or eight. He suddenly thought of one thing, the horse is just the control of the demon of the eye, not the eye, and he ran out of the line at the moment, does it mean that there is no one guarding the line?

  "Little handsome, the eye is in the vicinity, I use the Snapshot to find the eye again, you can help me take over it!"

  Mu Yu’s hands were rushing, and the sneak peek broke out. The dense lines spread around his feet and this time, his voyeurism has already taken effect, because the ground around it is cloudy. The pattern of the corpse. His voyeurism followed the pattern of the genital corpse and found a brick-sized green spar that slowly turned on a platform.

  It is it!

  "I dragged him, you hurry to find a way to control the spar, that is the host of the demon!"

  Mu Yu clenched his teeth and decided to make a desperate attempt to avoid dodging. Instead, he greeted the axe. At this moment, Xiaoshuai directly smashed out, and his body shape has disappeared into the darkness.

  Mu Yu’s hands caught the axe of the horse, and the effect of the body’s fatal bone, Huang Dan, gradually faded. The pressure in his hands was getting bigger and bigger, and the overbearing spiritual power was on his arm, which made his arm unreasonable. The ground cracked open, but in the body, a black and white spirit began to swallow and repair quickly, which was barely resisted. At the same time, the vines on his body have been rolled along the axe to the horse's hand!

  Xiangma took the initiative, UU read directly released the axe, the whole person fell out, avoiding the vines. The strength of Mu Yu was finally exhausted, and he fell heavily on the ground, breathing heavily.

  "Haha! I see how you can resist me! ”Xiang Ma screamed wildly, and there were countless phosphorus fires around him. Phosphorus fires all over the woods.

  "Like pig! What are you arrogant? ”Xiao Shuai’s voice suddenly came from the darkness.

  Xiang Ma turned his head angrily and yelled: "It's a horse!"

  When he saw the spar in the hands of Xiao Shuai, he suddenly changed his face!

  "You don't look like a horse, just like a pig!"Xiaoshuai laughed and bite into the spar!

  "Do not!"Xiangma screamed in horror and rushed toward the spar. Mu Yu seized the opportunity and escaped the phosphorus fire. The branches of the sky suddenly came out from behind the horse and tied the horses tightly! The pure death instantly invaded the horse, and his demon did not escape this time, all of which was swallowed up by Muling!

  Mu Yu took a sigh of relief and saw Xiaoshuai still bite the second mouth. He quickly said: "Small handsome, wait for this to eat!" We still have to take this control yin corpus to deal with the people of the Star Gate! Waiting for the person who has finished the Star Gate, I will give you all the genitals of the genital corpse! ”

  Xiaoshuai reluctantly muttered two sentences, or opened his mouth and bit a small mouth, and then threw the spar to Mu Yu. Mu Yu reluctantly took the spar, his hand just touched the spar, and suddenly the whole genital corpse flashed in his mind.

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