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Chapter 399 Controls the corpse

  This spar is the eye of the body that controls the clitoris, and all the dead bodies will be controlled by the spar. As early as thousands of years ago, Xiang Ma was sacred to become the master of the genital corpse. He survived on this spar, so every time someone invaded here, he personally controlled the corpse to kill. .

  It is a pity that his life was ended in front of Mu Lingjian.

  Mu Yu holds the spar, and the whole genital corpse is clearly visible in his mind. This genital corpse is very complicated, and the Yaozu who can lay down this formation is certainly not a simple item. At least the rumors of the array are higher than Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin.

  Whether it is the Terran, the Yumeng Mozu or the Yaozu, they all have their own way of arrangement. In contrast, the Terran formation is better than the other, which is why the Terran is more powerful than the other two races. The last time Mu Yu was in the city of suffocation, he saw how the self-cultivator headed by the master of medicine destroyed the Youmeng Mozu by powerful arrays. But in the end, the formation of the Yao and Yumeng are not bad.

  The entire yin corpse is placed under the entire Shaying King City, and the most core formations are deep in the ground, not concealed. The pattern on the ground is mainly used to maintain the dead body of the corpse does not dissipate, but I do not know who changed the ground pattern, resulting in those patterns will make the corpse become more arrogant and will swallow each other.

  Since ancient times, there have been countless people and strangers, and it is possible to have people who are proficient in the law. Mu Yu simply can't fix those changed patterns by relying on this spar. Maybe for Xiaoma, this small change is more beneficial to defending the invaders, so he doesn't care about those problems. Grain.

  With this spar, Mu Yu finally made those corpses obedient. However, the first time I took control of the entire genital corpse was a bit rusty. He couldn't control all the corpses at once. He had to familiarize himself with the way the corpse was run.

  Fortunately, when all the corpses are in action, the pictures they see can be known to Mu Yu. Mu Yu quickly searched the corpses on the ground and wanted to see the situation of Lu Xianshi from their eyes at the moment.

  At this moment, the battle on the ground is very fierce, they are almost unable to hold on.

  Lu Xianshi’s face was very pale, his forehead also sweated, and his eyes flashed desperately. The difference between the corpse and the corpse is beyond his imagination. Even if he is a congenital singer, but because the pattern of this formation is hidden too cleverly, and the core is deep in the ground, he can not find the eye and the base. Don't talk about anything.

  At this moment, Lu Xianshi’s heart was full of anxiety. He used a powerful array to kill a large corpse, but the murdered corpse would blew himself up and be swallowed by his companions, so that his companions would be immune to his formation. The same array can not be used for the second time, Lu Xianshi has no wood feathers that can restrain the corpse of the corpse, so it is already poor.

  Zhou Jinglin's situation is even worse than that of Lu Xianshi. He has many wounds on his body, and the guardian boy around him has been bitten by a corpse, and the wound is still bloody. Hu Shi, the whole person has been mad at the hair, half-squinting, at any time may be shredded by the corpse.

  Zhou Jinglin looked at his guardian boy, and his eyes flashed a sizzling spurt. A red plaque appeared in his hand, and a strange pattern permeated him. He did not hesitate to put the paper on his guard. Boy!

  "First teacher, you–" Hu Shi saw the red paper, his face suddenly changed.

  Zhou Jinglin snorted: "Hu Shi, when I receive you as a guardian boy,

Your life is already mine. At this time we are all in danger. I can only escape by you, otherwise we will all die here. Don't blame me for being so hot! ”

  "Zhou Xianshi, I have been loyal to you! How can you do this to me! ”

  Hu Shi’s pupil shrinks. As a guardian of the Zhou Xianshi, how can he not know what the red red paper is? It is a self-detonation. As long as it is attached to someone, it will trigger the self-detonation. The spiritual power in the body detonated, causing tremendous lethality.

  Hu Shi’s cultivation is the Yuan Ying period. If he becomes the target of the self-detonation, then the power generated is equivalent to a full blow of the squatting period, enough to kill a lot of corpses.

  Survival makes him want to break free, but his arm has been broken one, plus Zhou Jinglin is a congenital innate teacher, Hu Shi where there is resistance! He was all banned by Zhou Jinglin and could not move!

  "I know that you have always been loyal to me, I will always remember you!"Zhou Jinglin took out a green paper, and a slap in the chest of Hu Shi, the hand pattern surged, injected into the self-detonation. Hu Shi’s eyes wide open in horror, screaming loudly, but his whole person has involuntarily flew past Lu’s master!

  "Zhou Jinglin, what do you do!"Lu Xianshi was furious. This week, Jinglin not only wanted to sacrifice his own guardian boy to win a chance to escape for himself, but even wanted to drag the first division into the water!

  Lu Xianshi wanted to retreat, but it was already late, Hu Shi’s entire body blasted open and turned into a bloody fog. These blood fog did not know what was done by Zhou Jinglin, and there were countless angry angers. Just like a bunch of living people suddenly appeared, all the attention of all the corpses was attracted!

  Once the living person is killed by the corpse, the body's anger is dissipated, and the corpse will not attack again. However, Zhou Jinglin has let Hu Shi's body explode after the blast, and it will burst into a powerful anger. The corpse went forward and rushed toward the blood.

  The most terrible thing is that Lu Xianshi is now in the whole bloody fog! r />
"Zhou Jinglin, how are you so poisonous! Even your own people are killing! ”

  Lu Xianshi was angrily fighting with the corpse. The power of Hu Shi’s self-destruction was only the extent of the flood season. Naturally, he would not hurt him, but he was also infected with blood fog. All the corpses saw this blood mist. It became extremely crazy and desperately rushed toward him. There was no one to manage Zhou Jinglin.

  Zhou Jinglin smiled cruelly, and he seized the opportunity to rush straight toward the enchantment!

  At this time, Lu Xianshi had been exhausted by all the corpses of the corpse, and he was directly stunned by the two distracted corpses! Countless hands were caught on him, trying to tear off the flesh of his body. One of the dead nails of a corpse had been inserted into his chest, trying to dig his heart out, and even one The dead nails are only one inch away from the eyes of Lu Xianshi!

  "I am dead and will not be a member of you here!"Lu Xianshi roared, the whole body's lines flashed rapidly, and he even wanted to blew himself by the array!

  "Don't stop! That is our straight Lu Xianshi, you all give me a hand! ”

  Mu Yu just saw the scene where Hu Shi was forced to blew himself by Zhou Jinglin. Now he still feels shocked. He sees Lu Xianshi also blew himself up. He suddenly screamed and let all the corpses stop their movements.

  Although there are problems with the patterns on the ground, these corpses are very arrogant, but the overall will still follow the command of the eye.

  All the corpses were no longer moving. The dead hands that caught the Lu Xianshi also suddenly stopped in the air. Some of the corpses were originally rushing forward. When they received the order to stop the wood feathers, they stopped. The trend, the result is unstable, and directly fell to the ground, and the teeth in the mouth fell off several times.

  Lu Xianshi gasped heavily. He looked at the corpses that surrounded him with horror. He didn't understand why these corpses suddenly stopped. He thought he was definitely finished. He thought about blew himself to pull some. Backed, but the development of things is beyond his expectations.

  Then the pattern of his violent walks slowly subsided, and maybe there was a turning point.

  "Mu Yu, I have a bold idea!"Xiaoshuai suddenly said with great interest.

  "I also have an idea."Mu Yu's eye bones turn around.

  "Do you both want to do it?"Longtan asked in a sullen mood.

  "I want to let the corpse dance zombie dance!"Little handsome.

  "I want to let the corpse do morning exercises!"Mu Yu Road.

  "What is a zombie dance?"

  "What is morning exercise?"

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and smiled. When he was in Liushui Village, the grandfather of the village liked to do a morning exercise with a large group of small children. He shook his hand and twisted his ass, saying that it was to exercise.

  "Zombie dance, I will show you!"Xiaoshuai jumped onto the spar, then stood upright, two small claws flattened his chest, then spit his tongue, rubbed his head, and then squatted, his body was like a sheep crazy.

  "The trough, where did you learn the messy dance!"Mu Yu asked with a smile.

  "Don't you teach me?"Xiaoshuai said strangely.

  “When did I teach you such a wonderful dance?”Mu Yu's eyes widened, and he would never bother his tongue and lick his head.

  "you forgot? The first time we went to the Deadwood Valley, when we met the Tianhui Tree, at that time, in order to get close to the Tianhui Tree, you were so demon! I was still eaten by the demon fruit, and I was almost digested. ”Xiaoshuai said seriously.

  "You will be digested? Are you telling a joke? Are you so thick and have something to digest you? And you have been eaten by the demon fruit, how can you see Mu Yu dancing. ”Long Teng Road.

  "Who told you that I was eaten and couldn't see the situation outside?"Xiaoshuai was very proud. At that time, he actually pulled the mouth of others in the fake sky, and saw it from the teeth of the sky.

  Mu Yu remembered, in order to be able to get close to the Tian Yao tree, he showed all his talents, including the dance without any beauty. As soon as he thought of the dead wood, he felt awkward in his heart, but he suddenly thought of the Star Gate, and he had an idea in his heart.

  "It seems that I have to give a good lesson to the smashing of the Star Gate! You want to enter the Shaying King City, how can I let you do it? Xiaoshuai, you come to lead the dance! You can play these corpses, but you must let Lu Xianshi feel that the yin corpse has been lifted. ”Mu Yu shook his fist.

  Xiaoshuai cheerfully stepped on the spar, all the corpses were controlled by it, and then Xiaoshuai happily danced zombies with all the corpses.

  "Lu Xianshi, you have to go out!" With the person at the Star Gate, the corpse corpse is cracked and you can come in! I want to impress the people at the Star Gate! ”Mu Yu can't wait to tell Lu Xianshi directly these words, let him quickly go out and cheat the stars of the Star Gate.

  As long as the corpse is no longer actively attacking, then when Lu Xianshi escapes and the person at the Tianxingmen explains the situation, the person at the Tianxingmen will definitely rush in.

  I want you to look good!

  Lu Xianshi looked at the situation in front of him with trepidation. The corpse was just arrogant, and suddenly he could not help but stretch his arms one by one, jumping around, and taking a tongue out, even some corpses in order to spit out the tongue. And put a few more teeth off. But the teeth that fall from these corpses will always go back to them. What it looks like after death is what it looks like, even if you lose your head, you can put it back.

  Lu Xianshi took a look at his beard, some dumbfounded!

  "This chaos will not be a problem again?"

  Lu Xianshi swallowed a sip, the first thought in his mind was this. Sometimes chaos can make the formation very bad, and sometimes it will make the formation become harmless to human beings. I am afraid that these corpse dances are the latter possibility at this moment.

  Lu Xianshi climbed up cautiously, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com rushed to the pit where Mu Yu disappeared, but at the moment, Mu Yu was not in the pit. He shook his head in shame and sighed heavily: "Feng wood, I blame me, I really shouldn't let you in."

  Lu Xianshi is not Zhou Jinglin's heart-to-hearted disciple. On the contrary, he takes care of the Zhongtian disciples. The development of the array depends on these middle-class disciples. He hopes that there will be some people who can become congenital disciples among the disciples. Although in his eyes, this "senior age is low" wind wood can not be that kind of genius, but the death of a disciple still makes him feel sad.

  Where did Lu Xianshi think that the yin corpse in front of him was the one that he had in his eyes, "the age is too low"! Not to mention the mysterious genius of the broken monument that he has been chanting in his heart is the one who just jumped into the pit he dug.

  Lu Xianshi shook his head helplessly, looked at the distant Shaying King City, and did not feel close to the city. At this moment, he only wanted to leave here. He cautiously avoided the dancing corpses, determined that they would not attack again, and then left the genital corpse without returning.

  Mu Yu knows that the Star Gate will not give up. What he has to do now is to wait for the rabbits, let these corpses dance to meet the people of the Star Gate. But the most important thing at the moment is that he urgently needs to adjust his body. The distraction of the horse almost killed him, and the wound on his body has not completely healed.

  In the current situation of Mu Yu, it takes at least a few hours to completely heal, and Xiaoshuai has been very happy to control the corpse.

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