Chapter 400: Doubtfulness

  When Lu Xianshi went back, he met the day and waited for someone to wait. The person who saw the Star Gate was angry. If the person who was not the Star Gate did not clear the matter in advance, Fengmu would not die. Even he almost died.

  "Lu Xianshi, what's the situation inside?"Days don't wait gently, even though Lu Xianshi looked at his eyes full of anger, but he was not afraid at all. At this moment, Lu Xianshi's breath was very low, and he had to have that strength to get angry.

  Lu Xianshi resisted anger, and in this case he only had dumb to eat Huanglian. Let's not say that the Star Gate is a huge thing for their sects. Even if he wants to turn his face and ask the people of the Star Gate, he can choose to ignore him and even kill him.

  He looked at the sky with angrily, and then his eyes fell on Zhou Jinglin in the crowd. At the moment, Zhou Jinglin’s face is not waiting for others, and he is not so fond of it. He is not disappointed at all because he was almost killed.

  This guy is not only ruthless, but also has no bones. Even if he is sold, he still has a humble look. It is really shameful!

  "Zhou Jinglin, you are running a thief!"Lu Xianshi looked at Zhou Jinglin very disdainfully. Just now Zhou Jinglin kicked his guardian boy to his side and detonated. It was clear that he wanted to attract all the attention of the corpse to Lu Xianshi, and he escaped.

  Zhou Jinglin’s purpose was indeed reached. All the corpses were thrown over to Lu’s master. He found a gap to escape the corpse. However, when he saw that Lu Xianshi was still alive, he was very surprised, because it was impossible to escape in those circumstances.

  "Lu Xianshi, you are so big!"Zhou Jinglinpi smiled and said with a smile. In fact, he also has resentment in his heart, and he almost confessed his life there, but he thought that he could easily grab the business of the law from the hands of Lu Xianshi. He had only a big resentment. Swallow in your stomach.

  Tianxingmen, he is also untouchable.

  "Zhou Jinglin, you framed me in the yin corpse, I will definitely come back to you later!" There is still a day when I don’t want to go to the public. I want others to break through. I have to explain all the conditions of the formation. It is because your concealment has made me lose a guardian boy. This can be avoided. ”Lu Xianshi said coldly.

  "It's just a guardian boy. I remember that Lu Xianshi's guardian boy was just a disciple of the foundation period. The loss was not too heavy. Zhou Xianshi lost a boy in the Yuan Ying period!"I don’t have to wait for a smile.

  Zhou Jinglin's face was white and red, and his guardian boy was killed by him, not dead in the hands of the corpse.

  Lu Xianshi was very angry: "Don't wait for the son, my family is not bigger than your star family." Each of our disciples has been painstakingly cultivated, and losing one is very painful for us. Now that the formation has been broken by me alone, I think your Star Gate should also fulfill its promise? ”

  "The array has been cracked?"

  The sky is not waiting for a trace of surprise, from the mouth of Tianjian, he already knows the terrible thing of the corpse. When Zhou Jinglin came out, he also asked Zhou Jinglin once again. Zhou Jinglin said that the corpse was too strange. Even Lu Xianshi was killed in the hands of the corpse, but at this moment Lu Xianshi not only came back alive, but actually said that the corpse has already Was it cracked?

  Days are not waiting to turn to look at Zhou Jinglin, Zhou Jinglin also looked confused, he slammed Lu Xianshi: "Lu Xianshi,

How can you crack a sinister squad? I think you want to be guilty of speculation, and the people who seduce the Star Gate will go in and die, so that you can give yourself a bad breath? ”

  Lu Xianshi sneered aloud: "Do you think everyone's mind is as vicious as you? If you don't believe it, you can let a person enter the battle. If you look at it on the edge, you can withdraw if you have problems. When the time is there, if you have a crack, you will know that you still need to doubt me here? ”

  Days are not waiting for a slight sigh, and Tian Jiancheng, who turned his head to the fit period, said: "Cheng Shu, here is the highest for you, how do you go in and investigate?"

  Tianjian Cheng Su suspected to have a look at Lu Xianshi, then nodded: "Lu Xianshi, please wait a moment here, if the vaginal corpse has indeed been cracked, then you will naturally get paid."

  Tianjian Cheng went to the yin corpse and Lu Xianshi sat down directly and began to adjust interest rates. The battle with the corpse army just consumed the spiritual power in his body, and even the precious auras of the innate array were consumed. Going back and re-patterning the array.

  Zhou Jinglin is very anxious in his heart, because if it is true that Lu Xianshi is true, then this credit can be all Lu’s, and he has nothing to do with him! The Star Gate is the object that he always wanted to tie the knot, so he would only swallow in the face of the day, but if the limelight was snatched by Lu Xianshi, he would have to secretly complain.

  About half an hour later, Tianjiancheng finally came back, and he now has an incredible look on his face.

  "How is the situation?"I don’t want to ask.

  Tianjian Cheng nodded slightly and looked strangely: "The corpse is still there, but all the corpses are like problems, actually – dancing?"

  The corpse is dancing?

  Everyone looks at each other and looks at the Tianjiancheng in a weird way. How can a corpse that kills people not blink? If it is not Tianchong Cheng who is the highest person here, maybe everyone will not believe what he said. But this is still a very funny thing, can the corpse really dance?
"What is the specific situation?"I don’t want to ask.

  "I have confirmed that I just walked into the yin corpse, and all the corpses did not attack me, but danced very weirdly. I carefully bypassed them and walked toward the gate of the Shaying Eagle City. They all went under the gates of the city. The corpses were still dancing to themselves, so I came back again."When Tian Jiancheng said this, he couldn't even believe that he had lived for most of his life. He had never seen a horrible corpse and danced such wonderful things.

  "That is because I have modified the pattern of the yin corpse, causing the corpse to change again, and all the corpses have lost their aggression!"Lu Xianshi Hu Yudao. But the situation in the case is unclear. Anyway, in order to convince the people of the Star Gate, he will get his own reward and leave.

  "How can this be? The pattern of the yin corpse is hidden, how can you find it? ”Zhou Jinglin is an experienced innate teacher, and Lu Xianshi's array is almost the same, but he did not find the pattern of the yin corpse.

  "Our array is naturally more powerful than yours. If you can't find it, it doesn't mean I can't find it."Lu Xianshi finally found a good opportunity to ridicule Zhou Jinglin, and his face was somewhat proud. Although the corpse dance did not have anything to do with him, it was useless to know Zhou Jinglin’s failure to believe in this matter, because the people of the Star Gate themselves confirmed the fact that the corpse was no longer attacking people.

  I don’t want to think a little bit, and said: "Lu Xianshi, this vain corpse can be broken is your credit, I will give you the original four million Lingshi. However, I have a request, because now whether the genital corpse will be in trouble, no one can say. So I need you to go in with us again, and if something goes wrong, you can solve it in time. After the event, I will give you another one million. What do you think? ”

  This city's extremely deep guy is so embarrassed, even if Tianjiancheng has nothing to do, but look at the sky is not waiting for the words that Lu Xianshi said!

  I don’t want to wait for Lu’s predecessor to do anything about this formation. After all, they just deceived Lu’s first division. Needless to say, I also know how much resentment Lu’s heart is. When the people of the Star Gate entered, the Lu Xianshi mobilized the formation and let all the corpses riot again.

  The corpse in the genital corpse is not killed at all, even if the comprehension of the fit period does not have any way to deal with these corpses. And if these corpses are not disposed of, they will be tricky if they want to enter the Shaying King City.

  Lu Xianshi is almost going to blow up the sky, and he really doesn't want to go in that place. But at this moment, the people at the Star Gate are watching him in a hurry, especially the Tianjiancheng in the fit period, and the eyes are even more threatening. Although their words are discussed with Lu Xianshi, they are actually persecuting.

  "Okay, but I need you to pay four million first."Lu Xianshi snorted, he could not refuse, look at Tianjiancheng's appearance as if Lu Xianshi dared to say a "no" word, he immediately turned his face.

  "can."One day, I didn’t wait for the hand to turn over, and there was a piece of black jade that was handed over to Lu Xianshi. “This is the spiritual stone jade of a million business houses. If you find a million business bank, you can exchange it in any money house on the triple continent. The first division is no stranger."

  Of course, Lu Xianshi will not be unfamiliar, because the array of black jade is still engraved by the people of their ancestors. It records the number and origin of the stone and does not leave. However, the business with millions of businesses has been taken away by Fuzong a lot, and Lu Xianshi is particularly annoyed.

  He checked the number of black jade above, it was indeed four million, it was collected, and then glanced at Zhou Jinglin, and then he walked over again.

  I don’t want to scan the people around me. They had twenty-five people coming here, but six people have become corpses, leaving a total of nineteen. At this time, the strength is mostly distracted. UU reads He lets nine of them stay and the remaining ten follow Lu.

  Zhou Jinglin hesitated and followed. He wants to please the day, how can he halfway?

  Everyone was dumbfounded when everyone was careful to step into the genital corpse. Those gloomy corpses are not dancing, but sitting on two or two sites, playing the clap game of "You take one shot"!

  Is this Nima really a murderous corpse?

  Needless to say, I know that only Xiaoshuai wants to play this naive clap game, and even the dragon and the vines control it, one guy controls half of the corpse, and then clap each other. Before half an hour, it was played with Long Teng, which was to let the corpse fly and then stack the arhats. See who stacked high, and finally Xiao Shuai won.

  "You are finally here! Suspicion is really heavy, well! Xiaoshuai don't play, it's time to do business. ”Mu Yu yawned. He had been sitting on the plate and regained his energy. After all, he had a fight with the distracting horse. He was hurt. Fortunately, the black and white spirit in the body is helping him repair the wound quickly. Now he is getting better.

  Mu Yu had already known that Tianjian Cheng had come in, but the most important person did not come in. He would not know how to do it.

  These corpses can be said to be unprepared for the day!

  "Wait, I suddenly thought of a more interesting game that would allow them to play together."Xiaoshuai is in the air.

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