Chapter 401 Surrounding the Star Gate

  Lu Xianshi first came in and saw that so many corpses were overwhelmed by the clap game, but he quickly returned to his heart and said: "First, I must warn you, These corpses have only temporarily lost their aggression. When you walk over, don't just touch people, just be careful not to use your power. In case your psionic power changes the pattern again, which leads to unpredictable consequences for the body, even I will follow you to the big mold! ”

  When he was awkward, his expression was very serious, and everyone else believed. Lian Jiancheng, who only walked in to investigate the situation, did not say anything. After all, the fact that the formation was only the most understood, and Lu Xianshi just lived from the corpse of the corpse, which is the best. Proof of the.

  Zhou Jinglin snorted in a whisper. Although he did not know which caddy of the clapping hands was wrong, he did not believe what Lu Xianshi said as a congenital teacher. This must be where there is eccentricity. Just because he had just framed Lu Xianshi’s own running, he was not glorious, so he did not say anything to refute Lu Xianshi.

  These corpses are not only sitting on the ground in the disk, but also many corpses and even sitting in the air, filling the whole piece of air in a dense way, it is a little difficult to fly directly.

  Lu Xianshi alone bypassed a pile of corpses sitting in front of the disk, and then walked toward the sand eagle king city in front. Everyone saw that he didn't fly, so they also consciously followed the steps of Lu Xianshi, and kept guarding at the same time, beware that those corpses suddenly rushed out to bite them.

  A group of people including Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin had a total of twelve people. They walked all the way, and those corpses did not lift their heads. Until they were about to walk to the city gate, they suddenly stood out from the bottom of their feet and suddenly grabbed a dry paw and grabbed him tightly!

  The sky did not wait for a slight frown, and the spiritual power at the foot shocked, and the dry hand was directly opened. This dead hand suddenly sounded an unpleasant "squeaky" sound and broke into bone pieces. Then all the corpses suddenly stopped claping their hands and turned their heads to look at the group.

  It’s definitely not a very pleasant thing to be stared at by a large group of ugly corpses, especially Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin who have just experienced some smothering. The faces of the two men once again show a pale look. It’s really endless to rush over!

  Everyone has turned their attention to attracting the attention of the corpse. If it is not the day that the highest number of people in this group, it will definitely pick it up. This is the most taboo!

  "He grabbed my foot and I have to do it."I don’t have to wait for peace.

  No one dares to refute anything in his words. Everyone is vigilantly watching these corpses, preparing for a battle with the corpse. These corpses suddenly stood up and began to hold hands. The three layers on the third floor began to circle around the twelve people!

  Yes, the circle is like a bonfire party, and the people of the Star Gate are made up of the second monk.

  What the fuck is this fucking wrong?

  "No! Xiaoshuai, this is the game you said? ”Mu Yu knocked his forehead helplessly. In exchange for it, he has long been in direct control of all the yin corpses, and the focus is on waiting for the day. Now this group of people is going so deep, and it is not a problem to break their back.

  "Don't worry! These people are gathered together, and it is very hard to fight the corpse. What we need to do is to separate them and break them one by one! ”Xiaoshuai grinned happily.

  Mu Yu’s eyes are bright,

He found that Xiaoshuai is sometimes quite smart. But he still shouted: "Remember! Lu Xianshi is his own person. ”

  "I know, I have a measure."Xiaoshuai said vowed.

  I don’t dare to act rashly, because the corpses are just circled around them and they haven’t attacked anyone, so they won’t attack. However, they suddenly had a lot of dead hands under their feet. These dead hands did not attack them. They just swayed from left to right, very regular, as if they were with some beats.

  Because there is a good idea of ​​the car, so everyone dare not to destroy these dead hands, just give way to the hand. They gave way, everyone was suddenly separated, and more and more corpses were crawling out.

  Days are not a very smart person, he suddenly realized that something is wrong, immediately shouted: "Do not separate! Get together quickly! ”

  But it’s too late, because all the corpses are screaming and screaming, not attacking, just dispersing everyone, and then circle around each person’s expression, some corpses are still from time to time. Kicking and kicking, jumping very happy.

  I have to say that some corpses are not interesting to attack people dancing. It is quite interesting. Although there are few pieces of meat on the face, it is not too scary.

  The corpse did not attack, and these people did not dare to attack. They were forced to retreat and they were getting farther and farther away from their companions. Both Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin are experts in the formation of the law, they have already thought of some possibilities!

  Someone is deliberately manipulating this genital corpse!

  However, the ability of the two of them could not compete with this corpse, let alone dance, even if people sing unpleasant songs.

  "Okay, almost! Come to the corpse battle! Brothers, give me a rush! The person who bites off the star door will return a piece of meat to give you a reward for the blackness of the grass! ”Xiaoshuai directly ordered.

  All the corpses have changed their numb expressions, all of them have a sly look, and the breath of the living has long been stabbed.
Stimulating their senses and making them impatient. The corpses that are hand-in-hand are like hungry tigers. They saw the little sheep and rushed toward everyone. At this moment, there are dense corpses in the sky, directly drowning the people of the Star Gate.

  "Less the door, leave here!"Tianjian Cheng screamed, he was a repairer of the fit period, and he was superb, but he had fought with all the corpses since he came in a while ago. His attack is ineffective for these corpses at this moment. Only by relying on the tyrannical brute force to repel the corpse, it is not waiting for the past.

  The days are not waiting for the face to change slightly, and the body suddenly flashes two pieces of treasure, which is a star shield and a star spear! These two treasures belonged to him. At the beginning, because Tianyun went to the double heaven, he borrowed the Tianyun body for the safety of Tianyun. Needless to say, these two treasures can play a more powerful role in his hands. power.

  But the day is not waiting to attack any corpse, because he has long known that these corpses are getting stronger and stronger, and they are simply killing. The Star Shield came out of his side and shrouded him. All the corpses that had been thrown up were bounced off by the Star Shield.

  Other Star Gate people are not so lucky, and what makes them desperate is that they have never dealt with the corpse, but their attacks are ineffective for these corpses! They quickly understood that they were the same as the Star Gates. Their methods were similar. The six Stars who were converted into corpses have used the Stars to practice the corpse at the beginning. The corpse is immune to the practice of the Star Gate!

  In the blink of an eye, the two men in the blink of an eye were torn by the corpse, and there was no life. The lines of the corpse were slowly covered on them and turned into a member of the corpse. Other distracted people are still struggling, but according to this situation, it is only a matter of time to be killed by the corpse!

  Just for a moment, the people of the Star Gate have died in five eyes! It includes three comprehensions of distraction!

  Mu Yu looked at the star door and the person was bitten by the corpse, and his heart was very calm. He never liked to watch the passage of life before, but the person who looked at the Star Gate died in front of him, but he did not feel any regret.

  The entire sect of the Star Gate is extinct and will not cause his sympathy.

  He looked at the days when he was guarded by the Stars Shield, and he understood that these corpses might not be waiting for a while. As early as the second day, Mu Yu saw the power of the Star Shield, which is as difficult to break as a turtle shell. These corpses don't know how to attack weaknesses, and they can't hurt them.

  "You are coming to me!"The day is not waiting for a big drink, and other Star Gate people have been struggling to stay away from the sky. Zhou Jinglin was not waiting for the nearest day. He entered the Star Shield in one fell swoop. The other two comprehensions of the companion period were not slow. The remaining comprehension of the distraction period also rushed in.

  "What about Lu Xianshi? Does that bastard frame us? ”Zhou Jinglin Shen Shen.

  I didn’t want to shake my head: "Not him, I just saw that he was also drowned by a group of corpses. From the expression of his surprise, this matter has nothing to do with him, and I did not believe that he had the ability to control this at first. More corpse."

  Lu Xianshi was indeed drowned by the corpse, and he was dragged by a group of corpses to the pit where Mu Yu disappeared. At this moment, he was looking at the corpse around him with a look of horror. The corpses were looking at him curiously, and did not move him with a hair. He just held all his limbs and made him unable to move. One of the corpses even made a "squeaky" sound to Lu Xianshi, although the action was very stiff and somewhat funny.

  Lu Xianshi had no gods. He didn't understand what happened. Why did these corpses who had just killed him suddenly let him go? He didn't dare to breathe at the moment, he could only expect the miracle to happen again, let these corpses dance and let him go.

  "Who is controlling this corpse?"Lu Xianshi secretly thought about it, UU reading www. then frowned. "Is it Fengmu?"

  He just saw that everyone else had been attacked by a corpse, but he had escaped from it. There is no reason at all. If you are not related to these corpses, why should the other person let them go? The only thing that can be explained is the wind wood that was just dragged into the pit by the corpse.

  However, he thought of the revision of Fengmu’s “foundation period” and gave it a veto.

  "How can a middle-aged disciple in a base period have this ability? Moreover, Fengmu has been transformed by the corpse, and it is sure that the person who controls this array in the back has taken a fancy to my array. Maybe I want to help me to do something. ”Lu Xianshi felt that he had smashed the drowning water, and he had already regretted coming here.

  Mu Yu took over this formation. He has tried to get all the corpses to attack the Star Shield. Unfortunately, this is indeed a rare treasure, without any signs of collapse. But the day is not waiting for people to move at the moment, which is equivalent to being trapped in the same place.

  However, at this moment, a yellow shadow suddenly rushed in from outside the formation. Mu Yu was attacking all the corpses to find troubles, so those corpses did not care about this uninvited guest. The yellow shadow stepped on the body of the corpse and quickly went to the gate of the Shaying Eagle City.

  "who?"Mu Yu noticed this yellow shadow, but the speed of the other party was too fast, beyond his imagination. The yellow shadow in the blink of an eye fell before the gate of the Shaying King City.

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