Chapter 404 sees the underground palace again

  Mu Yu feels really a day, and it is Huang Yiren who obviously took away all the demon spirits. He just took a spoonful of soup and drank it.

  The strength of Tianjiancheng is too horrible. Fortunately, the fitting period that Mu Yu has seen is not one or two times. Therefore, the pressure of the other party has not scared him. He directly rushed out in the direction he just came. It is also the place where the Huang Yi people disappeared.

  Tianjiancheng was almost just a blink of an eye and came to Muyu. He almost caught him, but the channel immediately smashed out the dense vines of the devil, and screamed at the Tianjian. On the occasion of the millennium, Mu Yu had to show the ability to control the wood to escape, otherwise it would not have a good fruit to eat in Tianjiancheng.

  “Is there a devil vine here?”Tianjiancheng has always locked the atmosphere of Mu Yu. He never thought that Mu Yu suddenly lost his way when he ran into the passage, leaving only countless devil vines swept away.

  Devil vines are a kind of moving plants that are very common in the realm of cultivation. They like to grow in dark and damp places. They specialize in preying on passing prey in the dark. Many unidentified comprehensions will be entangled in them when they step into the crypt. The passage was very dark, so when these devil vines appeared, Tianjiancheng did not associate it with the wood feather, but thought that the devil vine was the plant growing here.

  The majestic spiritual power came, and suddenly the devil vines in front of him were shattered into pieces. When Tian Jiancheng crossed the devil vines, the wood feathers had disappeared into the passage. He put his own knowledge out and wanted to find a little breath of wood feathers, but Mu Yu was like a human being evaporating, leaving no trace.

  Tian Jiancheng’s face was blue and green. He obviously felt that the outbreak of Mu Yu’s outbreak was only a period of embarrassment, but it was a shame for him to escape in his upright period. He returned to the cave, and now he is waiting for someone to look at the lock demon pool.

  Days are not waiting to look at the enchantress above the stalactites, he seems to understand the enchantress here, apparently for this trip to find the sand eagle demon king trip he deliberately studied the characters of the Yaozu. Then he knelt down and stirred his hand in the water, and frowned slightly: "This is the secret demon army of the Shaying King City, the lock demon pool. It seems that we are still coming late. ”

  "It is very likely that he was given away by the man just now, but unfortunately he was lucky and fled with the help of the devil vine."Tianjian Cheng said with an injustice.

  Zhou Jinglin squatted down to check the array of the lock demon pool. He also controlled the pattern on his hand, and the pattern gradually formed a tower-like appearance on the guardian pattern. He looked at the tower carefully and was amazed: "This is the bloody blood of the mysterious Huang Yi people. Did the Huang Yi people come here?"

  "The purpose of our visit here is not only to lock the demon pool, but the most important thing is that. You must not let the two people get ahead of the game and go! ”The day is not waiting to stand up and walk towards the passage.

  In the dark, only the steps are going around, and occasionally there is a branching road. Wood feathers don't know where to go.

  He didn't dare to slow down at all. Just if the devil vines had not covered the entire passage, it was difficult for him to find a crack and drilled in. At this moment, he might have been caught by Tianjian.

  The wood feather did not crawl for a long time in the crack and then drilled out and landed in another passage. He continued to run forward without stopping. In order to hurry faster, he could only come out of the wooden sword and swiftly pass through the passage.

  After running for about an hour, Mu Yu finally stopped. The ladder is still up, but he doesn't know where it is exported.

It really is like an underground labyrinth, so that he can't find the North at all. The most terrible thing is that he has encountered countless forks at this time. This time he relies on his intuition to choose the road. Unfortunately, the more The worse the selection.

  "Exhausted, let's take a break!"Xiaoshuai stood on the shoulder of Mu Yu and stretched his small paw and patted his chest.

  "Tired your sister! Clearly I am running! ”Mu Yu reached out and grabbed Xiao Shuai’s head. He looked at the four forks in front of him, and he was completely tempered.

  "Who is the little corpse?"Xiaoshuai began to look at the road again.

  "You can't sniff now, where is the auspicious thing? So I can determine the direction. ”Mu Yu didn't dare to believe Xiao Shuai's "small corpse", but now the star-studded people don't know where to look for the sand eagle demon king. If you encounter it again, you might not be so lucky to escape. .

  "I don't know. From the beginning I found that there was a strong smell in the passage that interfered with my sense of smell."Xiaoshuai twitched his nose and said with great dismay.

  "Smelly? What smell? ”For the first time, Mu Yu heard that Xiao Shuai’s nose could still be disturbed. In the past, it was as accurate as looking for a latrine.

  "I don't know, this smell can isolate the aura, don't believe that you try to extract the aura from the surroundings, see if you can use the aura here to cultivate."Xiaoshuai shook his big tail, and its big tail could no longer gather aura.

  Mu Yu looked at Xiaoshuai with a puzzled look, then tried to extract the surrounding aura to cultivate. Sure enough, as Xiaoshuai said, the aura around it is like being contaminated by something, becoming extremely impure and unable to be used for cultivation.

  This is hard to do. Just now he also expected Xiaoshuai to look for the position of Huang Yiren. After all, Huang Yiren has so many high-level demon spirits, but once the income is collected, the aura in the Qiankun bag will be Isolated, this point can't be found even with Xiaoshuai.

  He thought of a possibility, the place to be able to isolate the absorption of the aura, is the most suitable for sealing the sand eagle demon king.
. Just like the place where the seal of the white demon king was originally sealed, it is a reiki eye that is specially designed to take away the aura. If the aura can be isolated here, the effect is similar to that of the white demon king.

  "Can you find the source of this smell?"Mu Yu asked.

  "The little mouse can, it grows up."Dragon vines interjected.

  "Don't talk, don't talk."Xiaoshuai reluctantly pointed to the intersection in the middle. "Do we have to go there?" This way my nose will fail. ”

  Mu Yu told Xiao Shuai in action, and he swept in the direction pointed by Xiao Shuai. The more the road went, the more the Mu Yu felt a crush. Although it was quite depressing for a long time in the dark underground passage, the passage at this moment is obviously better. The feeling here is like the fact that my head is covered by clothes and it is very uncomfortable.

  He only walked for a quarter of an hour, and suddenly there was a glimmer of light in front of him, and it seemed that he had finally reached the exit. However, Mu Yu did not relax his vigilance. His nerves were tight and he was worried about what was going on under him.

  Mu Yu finally got to the exit of the channel, but when he saw the situation in front of him, he was a little dumbfounded!

  He blinked and made sure he was not mistaken, and he exclaimed: "How come here?"

  This is a huge underground cave. The cave is several hundred meters high. The surrounding walls are rugged with a block of stone benches. They are densely packed with various monsters, or demon people. They are vivid and subtle. There are thousands of statues on it. Directly opposite the entrance of the passage is a layer of real gold paved steps, each step has a width of two meters, each side standing with a different form of demon, about a hundred multi-layered huge ladder, on the ladder Also stood more than two hundred people.

  This is awesomely the demon's palace where Mu Yu was together with Joe Snow in the second day!

  Mu Yu returned to God, and for a time he thought he had returned to the Double Heaven. These Yao people are sculptures, not really exist. When Mu Yu first came in, all the sculptures were staring at him. Although they knew that the sculptures were fake, they still looked at the wood feathers with some guilty conscience.

  "Strange, what does the Shaying King City have to do with the demon land palace of the Double Heaven?"Mu Yu shouted. At that time, the underground palace of the Double Heaven hides the Nei Dan of the White Demon King. Isn’t the Nei Dan, who also hides the Shaying Eagle King here?

  He looked up at the top of the ladder, the top is a magnificent domineering throne. There was no one sitting in the throne of the second heaven, but the throne here was sitting on a handsome man. This man feels like a free-spirited prodigal son. He is full of unspeakable pride. He is sitting there, but it seems to be rushing to the sky at the next moment. He wants to compare with the sky and let people look up. .

  The king in the sky, needless to say, also knows that this is the statue of the Shaying Demon King.

  "Little Shuai, how did you find the demon king Nei Dan when you were in the second day? Can you find it here? ”Mu Yu flew over and landed on the edge of the throne. At that time, he remembered that Nei Dan of the White Demon King was found somewhere over the throne, and there was also a clever array of methods to hide the demon king Nei Dan.

  Xiaoshuai shook his head and said: "There should be no big sugar beans here. The taste of big sugar beans is different from that of the demon spirit. UU reads but even if I can't find it, it is stinking. I have burnt my nose."

  Mu Yu touched the noble throne made of this jade, and looked at the handsome man in front of him. He had to say that the demon king and other demon people looked different. They looked the same as the ordinary comprehension, but they were different. Ordinary comprehension is much more aggressive. Think of the White Demon King, knowing that this guy is very shameless, but it is really mighty and domineering, giving people the impression that they are not angry and self-defeating. The Shaying Demon King in front of him is not weaker than the White Demon King.

  "what? Isn't this bloody? ”Mu Yu’s eyes fell on a pendant on the chest of the Shaying Demon King. It is a bloody red exquisite pagoda, exactly the same as the bloody exquisiteness of the yellow man's hand, but the body is smaller and more refined.

  Blood exquisite is a very rare thing. If Mu Yu had just got bloody, he had already robbed the demon spirit of the lock demon pool, and he did not need to wait for the yellow man to intervene. Mu Yu thought about the benefits of blood, and then reached out to pick up the bloody neck of the Shark Eagle.

  However, at this time, the Shaying Demon King, who was originally only a sculpture, suddenly extended his hand and held the wrist of Mu Yu. At the same time, the Shaying Demon King turned his head and looked at Mu Yu. His eyes flashed a red awn, cold. Coldly said: "Do you dare to spread my field?"

  "The trough Nima, the scam!"Small handsome on the shoulder of the wooden feather was scared all over the body hair upside down.

  Mu Yu was also scared, who can think of this sitting on the throne is actually alive!



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