Chapter 405 疾影海东青

  Shah the eye of the Demon King as a sharp awl, into the eyes of the wood feather, let his mind are some concussion. The hands of the Shadow sword without hesitation, split to the front of the Sand Eagle Demon King, Shah Demon King raised a block, strong psionic strike scattered out. Mu Yu broke away from the shackles of the Shaying Demon King, and several flashing jumps opened the distance with the Shaying Demon King.

  "Humble people, incredibly dare to come here to provoke my dignity!" ”Shah the Demon king from the throne stood up, a belittlin ' of the world's King breath came crashing, enveloped in all the statues, and then the statues all crunched up.

  "How is the strength so weak? No, you are not the real Sand Eagle demon king. ”Mu Yu licked his wrist. If it was really the Sha Ying Yao Wang, he couldn’t break free from the other side’s hands.

  Not to mention that Mu Yu also took the opportunity to rob the blood!

  "I dare to grab my things and kill innocent people."The Shaying Demon King stared at the bloody exquisiteness in Mu Yu’s hand, his face showing an indifferent look. He reached out and pointed to the sky, a red light rising from the sky, straight into the top of the cave, then the whole cave was illuminated by red light, the blood red light was very demon, then all the statues lived !

  "I understand where this stench comes from! At the time of the Double Heaven and Earth Palace, there was gray gas to make the statue come alive, similar to this stench. ”Xiaoshuai poked his head in Mu Yu’s clothes and whispered in a low voice.

  "It doesn't matter, even if we encounter the inner king of the demon king, we can also play one."Mu Yu said. At the beginning of the second day, he only had the repair of the Yuan Ying period. It was very difficult to deal with the residual of the white dragon demon Nedan. But now Mu Yu is already a repairing period, but no longer afraid of anything.

  But what makes Mu Yu feel strange is that these statues don't mean to attack the wood feathers, just screaming wildly in the place, like singing something. Their syllables are very neat and regular, echoing in the vast caves, letting the air form a strange and turbulent wave.

  The waves are intertwined in midair, absorbing all the blood red light, and then these waves gradually form a ring, with a complex mysterious texture in the middle, followed by an ancient vicissitudes slowly from the middle of the waves. Floated out.

  The enamel is engraved with exquisite textures, and several fierce sand eagle embossed wings to fly, exactly the same as the sand eagle seen in the gate. The fascinating red mans wrapped in shackles, and there seemed to be some deep voices coming from the shackles, like a slight breathing sound, very embarrassing.

  "What is this stuff? Is the Shaying Demon King sealed in this coffin? ”Mu Yu frowned. But this is impossible, because the demon king is sealed by the power of the human race. It is impossible for the Terran to seal the demon king in the underground palace of the Yaozu. Otherwise, is it not easy to be found by the Yaozu?

  So what is it in the house?

  Mu Yu looked around and found that there were countless passages on the towering caves. I don't know where it is. These passages are slightly trembled, as if there is something to be rushed out, as is the passage that only the wooden feathers come in.

  The sharp screams suddenly passed from each channel, and the sound of flapping wings, and then rushed out of countless shadows! Take a closer look, these are actually the soul of the sand eagle monster!

  About a few hundred eagle hens gradually gathered in the air, forming a huge sand eagle! This sand eagle is arrogant, although it is only a soul, but there is a breathtaking power.

It screamed in the sky, and the eagle sang into a red lightning bolt on the rock wall at the top of the cave.

  The rock wall slammed and then separated to the left and right, revealing a bloody red sky. There was a huge sand eagle in the sky passing by from time to time, and then it was turned into a sinus and shot, and it was the eagle eagle that was flying high on the gate of the square!

  The sand eagle embossed and the sand eagle demon perfectly blend together. The whole sand eagle has a more inspiring atmosphere, and the color of the whole body has begun to change. A horrible smell of annihilation has erupted from it. Comprehension of the fit period!

  "Mom, just a bird is a repair of the fit period, but also let it not play?"

  Mu Yu was shocked and looked at the huge sand eagle that swarmed in the air. The top of the sand eagle grew a flowing golden cymbal, and the whole body showed a brown light, which was the same as the lifeless relief on the city gate. The wings are ten meters wide, the feathers are hard as iron, and the red awns are flashing. A pair of dark claws reveal the cold murderousness. It seems to be an indestructible artifact in the world, and people have to avoid it.

  "The accompaniment of the evil spirits of Haidongqing!" Sure enough here! ”A pleasant voice suddenly came from a passageway twenty meters above the top of the wooden feather. On the platform in front of the passage, there is a star-studded person standing on the platform.

  I don’t wait for people to notice the wood feathers, but they saw that the wood feathers only had the repair period of the flood season, and they snorted and slammed all the attention on the sand eagle flying around the sky. Obviously The sand eagle in the air is more important to them.

  "The illusion of Haidongqing's companion servant? Do not wait for them to come for this sand eagle? ”Mu Yu carefully retreated to the passage of the passage. Everyone in the Star Gate was higher than him. He could kill him in minutes. He must act with caution.

  Ji Ying Hai Dongqing, Mu Yu always felt where he heard. He suddenly remembered that when he was in the dusty mountains, Master Feng Haochen always introduced them to many interesting experiences in the realm of comprehension. He remembered that Master said that the fastest bird in the world was the sand eagle. And the king of the sand eagle is called Haidongqing, fast.
Such as the blast, lightning fast, so far there is nothing faster than it can be!

  Is the Shaying Demon King Mo Haiqing?

  "It turned out that the relief on the gate of the city was a sneaky body. It really looked away. Everyone is careful, it is second only to the Shaying Demon King, we must catch it! Only by grasping it can you find the seal of the Shark's demon king. ”I don’t want to tell my subordinates.

  "Yes! Little Lord. ”Tian Jiancheng and others respectfully said.

  But the discordant voice suddenly came from another channel stone platform.

  "So you want to move the ghosts of our demon king?"

  The six demon people stood on the stone platform in front of the passage, staring at the people at the starry gate. The head of the awesome is the demon prince who was first encountered in the village of Baicao. It is said that the descendants of the Qinglong demon king, the dragon star!

  Long Xingyi has already broken through to the distraction period at this moment. He is followed by two unpredictable white-haired old men. They stand there and feel calm, like two silent mountains, pressing on everyone's heart. The rest of the Yaozu people are repaired by distraction, and each breath is not bad.

  "I said that if you don't show up in the situation, you can't say it."Mu Yu's gaze glanced at the other passages. He felt that there should be one less talented person here. The mysterious yellow-clothed man who had taken the demon spirit all away in the middle of the road must be somewhere.

  The eyes of the Yaozu and the Star Gate are intertwined in the air, wiping out the spark of hostility. The two old men of the Yaozu also have the repair period of the fit period, and the momentum is completely out of the two.

  Thousands of years ago, the top ten demon kings of the Yaozu were in power, just like the eight-door, they were all in the same heart but did not interfere with each other. Each demon king has his own king city, and the other demon kings who want to enter other people's kings must agree. At the moment, these demon people are basically subordinates of the Qinglong demon king, so they can't enter the royal city of the Shaying Demon King through the yin corpse.

  Unless there is a kind of messenger belonging to the Shaying Demon King in the hands of the Yellow Man!

  "I thought you guys didn't dare to come out!"I don’t want to see the demon people when I frown, but I still don’t change my color, it’s still mild.

  The faces of other Star Gates are not good-looking, because in the yin corpse, they lost half of their hands. Here is the territory of the Yaozu. At this moment, it is really not optimistic that the Yao and the Yao people will raise their hands. However, there are six people in the Tianxingmen side including Zhou Jinglin, and there is still a battle.

  Dragon Star is still a proud look, sneer: "Don't wait, I am afraid of the things of my Yaozu, really looking for death!"

  In fact, Long Xingyi and others have already come to the desert forest, ready to find the companion demon sorcerer of the Shaying Eagle. However, for thousands of years, the sand eagle demon king's tokens have long been lost, so they can not directly enter the Shaying King City. When the people of the Star Gate found it, they concealed and waited for the opportunity to move. As a result, even the people of the Star Gate were helpless, and finally it was a mysterious Huang Yiren.

  "Ha ha! Are you a ghost of the Yaozu? Then why don't you try to control this sneaky, can you see if it can obey your assignment? ”I don’t want to smile a little.

  The dragon star converges with a proud look, and his face sinks slightly. The sneaky scorpion is the servant of the sea eagle demon king Hai Dongqing. It is a very powerful savage beast. The speed is the best in the world, second only to Haidongqing, so it will only obey the command of the Shaying enchantress. Other demon people are not at all. Qualification makes it obey.

  After the Seal of the Shark of the Eagles was sealed thousands of years ago, it was also stripped of the demon by the tribe of the Shaying Demon King, allowing his life to continue, waiting for the Shaying Demon King to return again. Obviously, if there is no special situation, this ghost is not supposed to wake up at this time.

  "Whether the sneaky people will listen to us, it should not be that your dirty human beings can get involved!"Dragon Star sneered.

  When these two groups of people were arrogant, they did not put the wood feathers that were only in the corners in the corners. Mu Yu did not have any interference in their thoughts. His current cultivation is not enough to look at the two factions before, and it is even more impossible to compete with them. Needless to say, I also know that the Star Gate and the Yaozu will carry out a fierce battle next time. UU reading It doesn't matter who wins and wins for Mu Yu, it doesn't matter to him anyway.

  He only wants to see if he can fish in troubled waters and get some trouble out of these people.

  The statue of the Sand Eagle demon king standing in front of the throne suddenly screamed in the sky, and his body leaped high and fell on the sneaky back of the sky. The statue of the Shaying Demon King simply ignored other people, including the Yaozu, headed by Dragon Star, who could not attract any interest in him. Only the whole cave was staring at Mu Yu, and he seemed to want to give the wood feathers Minked.

  "Dirty humans, hand over the sand eagle!"The statue of the Sand Eagle demon king said angrily.

  His words echoed throughout the cave for a long time, causing everyone's attention.

  "what? Sha Ying Ling is on this kid? ”Long Xingyi finally turned his eyes to Mu Yu, and his eyes were full of endless killings!

  I don’t wait for people to be surprised, they don’t know this at all!

  The eyes of everyone in the cave stayed on the wooden feathers, and the pressure on each person was unreservedly shrouded in the wood. Anyone here is better than Mu Yu, not to mention the existence of a lot of fits, and there is also a big bird that looks at him.

  "What are you looking at me? I just came to make a soy sauce. ”Mu Yu’s heart burst into a hair, and he found himself becoming a target again.

  There is also Sha Ying Ling in the end.
What a ghost! Why are everyone so jealous of it?

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