Chapter 406

  All the people in the cave looked at the wooden feathers of the OBE, whether it is the demon people or star gate, they want to get Shah Linglong from Mu Yu, and Mu Yu is not clear what is the sand eagle exquisite exactly what things, he just in the Shah Demon King statue against the time, conveniently put the blood around the neck.

  It seems that this thing is worth a lot of money, otherwise whether it is the Yaozu or the Star Gates, when they heard the Shaying Linglong, they all cast an endless killing on Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu did not say anything, and swept directly toward the channel behind him. So many people want to get the sand eagle, so let alone know that this thing is very precious. Although he still doesn't know what it is to use from the neck of the Shaying Eagle King statue, it doesn't matter which side of the two sides are on the hands of Mu Yu.

  However, the sneaks screamed sharply in the air, and all the channels above all of them suddenly fell off the stone door, completely blocking the passage! Mu Yu tried his best to slam on the stone door, and the stone door did not move!

  Finished, the road is cut off!

  "Kid, hand over the Shaying Ling, I will leave you all!"The dragon star squats high on the ground to stare at Mu Yu, his eyes are full of killing. The master of the fit period behind him has already smashed the past directly toward Mu Yu, but Tian Jiancheng snorted and blocked the attack of the Yao people.

  The day is not waiting for a smile, said: "Dragon star, where do you come to be confident to dare to threaten our human race? This Taoist friend can rest assured that today I have to stay here, the Yaozu people will not hurt you half a hair. ”

  The voice that is not waiting for the day is very gentle. Compared with the threat of the Yaozu Dragon Star, his words are much better. No matter who sees the sky, the face that is not so amiable will not be close to the heart. If it is not that Mu Yu knows that this person is insidious and hypocritical, he will try his best to kill the dead wood, and he may be true in terms of face. The choice is to believe that the day is not waiting.

  "is it? It seems that your starry gate must be the right one for our demon! ”Long Xingyan said coldly.

  I don’t want to laugh at the day: "We have no friendship with the Yaozu and your Yaozu. The Triple Palace can not allow the second Bailu demon to be born again. So your Yaozu still died this heart early! Today, I will certainly protect the people of our humanity and will not give you any chance to kill the Yaozu. ”

  After that, I don’t want to wait for Mu Yu to ask: "I think this Taoist friend and my thoughts are the same. We are both human races and naturally enemies against the Yaozu, aren’t they? Oh, yes, I don’t know the name of the Taoist name! ”

  If you change to other self-cultivators, in this case of murderous, seeing the Lord of the Stars Gate so polite, will certainly be grateful to go to the sky, seeking the shelter of the Star Gate.

  It is a pity that this person is Mu Yu, a person who can't wait to destroy the Star Gate.

  "My name? No name is one. ”Mu Yu has used so many pseudonyms, it is too lazy to take another one. He was slightly sneer in his heart. Needless to say, he knew that if he took the Shaying Linglong and followed the Star Gate, he would leave here. I am afraid that when there is no one, the Star Gate will kill itself.

  "Since the Taoist friend does not want to say his name, then I also respect the choice of the Taoist friend. However, Daoyouda can come to my side, and my Star Gate will surely protect the Taoist friends from leaving here at all costs. ”The day is not waiting.

  Mu Yu concealed his inner hatred very well. Before there is no absolute strength, he will not reveal the killing of the sky. Want to ask him to seek help from day to day? Stop dreaming!

  "You all want Sand Eagle to be so beautiful.

I don't know who can explain what Shaying Linglong is? ”Mu Yu had already put Sha Ying Ling Ling away, he would not be stupid to show off what to show, but he did not know what the Sha Ying Ling Ling, actually let both sides pay so much attention.

  "Do you really know that Shayou is exquisite?"I don’t want to be surprised. The people who come here are all directed at the sand eagle and the ghosts, but the only one who grabs the sand eagle is not aware of what it is.

  "Hey, don't know anything, come to Shaying Wangcheng to find death! I think you still have to ask the king! Kill me this kid and grab the Shaying Linglong! ”

  Long Xingyi didn't want to talk nonsense. Although he was in the middle of his eyes, he was also planted in the unfortunate hand of Ximen last time, but the current situation is obviously only the direct choice is the most correct choice. After all, Mu Yu is a human race, and their Yaozu wants to get Sha Ying Ling Ling only hard.

  The two fit-timers behind him rushed directly toward Mu Yu, but Tian Jiancheng and another fit-time repairer Tian Zhengye had already greeted the old men of the Yaozu. Others, including Fu Zong's Zhou Jinglin, also jumped into the sky, and the magic weapon in his hand spurred out, shining, and splashing the spirit, sensationalizing the entire huge cave.

  This cave is a few hundred meters high. The squad of the Yao and the Star Gates flashed through the air from time to time. The violent spiritual power directly shattered some statues into pieces, and the smoke and dust flew down.

  Surprisingly, even the repair period of the fit period can not leave any deep traces on the rock wall of the cave. The whole cave is very firm and there is no sign of collapse. The underground palace of the Shaying Eagle is really extraordinary. .

  Days and Dragon Stars did not move, they just stood in the same place watching the other side, while the breath also firmly locked the wood feathers of the flood season, watching it change. In their view, Mu Yu is only a lamb to be slaughtered. Which side wins, this lamb belongs to them.

  The wood feather is tightly attached to the wall. He needs to look for cracks in the wall. Once the situation is not good, he directly integrates into the wood and rushes out from the crack, just like when he was in the double.
The same as the earth palace. However, he was shocked to find that the rock wall here is much harder than the Duodi Palace, and the entire wall could not find a crack!

  The ghosts in the air did not join the battlefield. Instead of being driven by the statue of the Sand Eagle demon king, it rushed over the huge feathers and rushed toward Muyu. Ghosts shouldn't wake up at this time, but Mu Yu snatched the sand eagle from the statue of Haidongqing. The quirky statue is not as good as the wood feather, so he had to summon the ghosts to deal with Mu Yu.

  This statue also did not reveal the feeling of being close to Long Xingyi and others. Its duty was to protect the sand eagle, and other Yao people were no different from the human race in its eyes. The sneaky sneaks, its speed is really an incredible point, just a sharp eye has caught the wood feather.

  Mu Yu bit his teeth, he understood that he could only escape the blow of this kill by relying on Mu Ling. However, it is not a wise choice to show the ability of control wood in front of so many people, and any plant grown by Mu Lingjian is not invincible. It is still difficult to leave by the wooden sword.

  The speed of the sneaky is too fast, and even the day and the dragon star are not able to stop. But even if they can stop, they will not shoot, as long as the wood feathers die, then the sand eagle will not run around.

  Just as Mu Yu was about to be integrated into Mu Ling, the stone door of the passage behind him blasted openly, and a yellow shadow suddenly appeared in front of Mu Yu, turned out to be the mysterious Huang Yiren!

  Huang Yiren looked at the sneaky scorpion, but snorted and slammed it in the past. The yellow spiritual power hit the sneaky claws with the power of destroying the earth, and the ghosts screamed and fell. Go out and fall heavily on the other side of the rock!

  "The trough, the little yellow man is so powerful?"Xiaoshuai licked the clothes of Yu Muyu and said with trepidation. It is also a smash on the little yellow man! I didn’t expect that people’s homes would give you a sneak peek!

  Mu Yu was also amazed. He never knew the true repair of the Huang Yi people. Even when he was locked in the demon pool, the Huang Yi people easily took down the wooden feathers and did not reveal any real repairs. The sneaky scorpion is a monster in the fit period, but it is shot by the Huang Yi people. It is said that the repair of the Huang Yi people has at least a fit period!

  "Get out of here along the passage."Huang Yiren said indifferently.

  Mu Yu walked two steps toward the passage and stopped and asked: "Who are you?" Why help me? ”

  I don't know why, this yellow man has a familiar feeling for Mu Yu, but it makes him feel very strange. With the repair of the Huang Yi people, it is not an exaggeration to take all the demon spirits while locking the demon pool. However, he not only left a little for Mu Yu, but he still took a close look at helping the wooden feathers and yellow clothes. What is the purpose of people doing this?

  "With the sand eagle, leave here, don't mix things here, it's not good for you."The Huang Yi people did not answer the question of Mu Yu positively, but turned and walked toward the high throne.

  Mu Yu stared at the back of the Huang Yi people, hesitated and walked halfway to the passage. This place is not a place to stay for a long time. So many people look at him. Since the Huang Yi people create a chance to escape, he does not have to stay.

  When the dragon star and the sky were not waiting for the two to see the Huang Yi people, they frowned slightly. Just now, this mysterious man holding the sand eagle demon's token bloody open the city gate of the Shaying Eagle City, UU reading At this moment, this person suddenly appeared here, but also the person with the sand eagle To save, what is this person?

  "Hand over the sand eagle, otherwise no one wants to go."In the hands of the dragon star, a long sword smashed down toward the wood feathers. The distracting period was shrouded in the wooden feathers. The wood feathers flew away and escaped the sword of the dragon star. And I don’t know when I’ve been quietly approaching Mu Yu, and I’m going to fight for Mu Ying’s exquisiteness.

  However, the Huang Yi people just snorted a faint sigh, and the strong breath spread out, and the dragon star and the sky would not wait for the two to repel. At the same time he was standing on the edge of the throne made of ruby, looking up and looking at the ripples in the air.

  From the appearance of the cockroach, there seems to be no one to care about what is in it. Everyone’s attention is on the sneaky, and ignores this quaint thing. It is about two meters wide. Except for the sand eagle embossed, there is no other conspicuous place, and it does not even give off any breath.

  Then Huang Yiren’s hand shot a strong yellow spirit, and wrapped it in a moment, and then suddenly suddenly trembled, this vibration came so fierce, as if a heavy stone suddenly slammed into everyone’s chest, making people feel mad A bit.

  The Yao and the Star Gatemen who were in the fierce battle stopped involuntarily, looked at the air in amazement, and did not understand what happened.


  A call from the ancient times came from the shackles and echoed throughout the underground palace.

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