Chapter 407 Shi Jie

  The tremors of the cockroaches attracted everyone's gaze, and they did not understand what happened. However, the sneaky screams suddenly, and then turned into a phantom and rushed over, seemingly wanting to protect the cockroach. However, the Huang Yi people just waved their hands and smashed the sneaks again.

  The statue of the sand eagle demon on the back of the ghost is furious, and he screams: "You are not allowed to be against it -"

  "Great!"Huang Yiren turned his head and looked at the statue of the Shaying Demon King. He did not see any movements. The statue was directly broken and turned into a gravel!

  Good horrible strength!

  Although the statue of the Shaying Eagle demon king made it come alive because of some weird demon law, but after all, there is also the strength of the embarrassing period. I didn’t expect it to be beaten by the eyes of the Huang Yi people. It’s really terrible. !

  Everyone looks at each other. Whether they are the demon people or the elders of the Stars, their faces are shocked. It is not difficult for them to break up the statues of the flood season, but they are the first to see the statues without any spiritual fluctuations like the Huang Yi people.

  The earthy spiritual power wraps around the cockroach, and the cockroach trembles fiercely, as if the hammer of the millennium hits everyone's heart. He slowly trembled, then split a slit from the center, and a heavy breath came out of the crack. Everyone only felt that his consciousness seemed to be out of the body, as if something was tearing his body.

  Everyone rushed to hold their breath, clung to the heart, forced the body to suppress it, and looked at it with horror. He didn't understand why the original look was still plain and why there was such a huge contrast.

  The four faces suddenly appear to be flowering, spreading out on four sides, revealing a thick and solid stone sarcophagus. The surface of this stone sarcophagus is very rough and there is no eye-catching place, but in everyone's eyes it seems to be a mountain, the atmosphere around it is getting more and more heavy, the strong attraction is coming from the ground, and everyone is carrying a shoulder. Dashan, even flying is a little difficult!

  Among the caves, whether they are four elders of the combined period or other distracted people, they feel a sense of hardship and the body is unable to move. But Mu Yu still stood in the same place intact, and the heavy smell seemed to have no effect on him.

  In addition to him, there is the mysterious yellow man.

  "What is this inside the stone?"Mu Yu can also feel the heavy pressure, but the pressure is flowing around him like a diversion, and he does not bring him a heavy weight.

  "Go closer to the past."Xiaoshuai suggested.

  The wooden feathers jumped up and down and landed on a stone platform nearest to the stone sarcophagus, carefully examining the entire sarcophagus. But the stone sarcophagus is still not so obvious that there is no extra texture, and there is no pattern decoration, which is formed by a rough stone.

  The Huang Yi people floated up, stood on the sarcophagus, turned to Mu Yu, and said indifferently: "Leave here."

  The purpose of this Huang Yi people here is different from that of other people. The Yao people and the Tianxing Men are here for sneaking, but he came here purely for this weird stone.

  Mu Yu frowned, and he glanced at the demon and the starman who were suppressed by this heavy breath. At this moment, I don’t want to look at it, but there is a star shield around him, and all his people are protected.

That heavy breath did not make them lose their ability to act.

  He knows that even if he rushes over, he can't kill the day with the strength of the flood season. The day is not waiting for the repairers who have such a fit and distraction. Mu Yu has no chance to start. He no longer hesitated, tapped his toes and flew toward the top of the cave.

  "stop! Give me the sand eagle to leave me! ”The dragon star gnawed his teeth and wanted to fly to the sky, but he only staggered and flew a few meters and fell. This heavy pressure made them fly very hard.

  Mu Yu took the top of the cave and he was surprised to find himself in a strange city. This city is obviously the city of Shaying, and there is no difference between it and the human city. The streets, courtyards and shops are all available, but at the moment the whole city seems to be dead and the houses are also dilapidated. Occasionally, several dry old trees can be seen. The mantle is pulling.

  The millennium has ruined the entire city, and the prosperity of the past is no longer there.

  The top of the Digong Cave is located in a square in the center of the Shaying King City. This square is like a sacrificial platform, depicting the ancient and difficult Yaozu script. On the edge of the Sacrifice is a sneaky statue of a ghostly eagle, wanting to flutter. On the back of the ghost is the handsome Sha Ying demon king, Hai Dongqing!

  Not far away is a ruined wall resembling a palace. Just like a palace between mortals, you can imagine how majestic and magnificent the past is. It is a pity that only the remaining bricks and broken tiles are left at the moment, leaving a residual image to sigh the past that has passed away.

  It is obvious that the Shaying Demon King does not live in the underground palace, but lives in this palace. The underground palace may be just some kind of forbidden land of the Yaozu.

  Under the feet of the mysterious yellow man, he walked out of the cave with a stone sarcophagus, and then he used a khaki spirit in his hand to instantly cover the crack on the ceremonial platform. The ground suddenly remembered the loud bang, a slate from the altar. Slowly move over and re-seal the exit of the entire underground palace cave.

  He glanced at Mu Yu and said: "If you don't want the Yaozu and the Star Gate to find you trouble, then quickly leave the Shaying King City, they will soon get from the Shaying Eagle.
Out of the palace of the demon king. ”

  The entrance to the labyrinth of the Yaozu is in the palace in the distance.

  Mu Yu was very curious to look at the Huang Yi people. The Huang Yi people stepped on the stone sarcophagus. He moved the whole sarcophagus out and seemed to want to take it away. Mu Yu thinks that this weird sarcophagus definitely means something to the Yaozu people, but the dragon star and the day are waiting for others to look away. This is hard to say.

  "What is inside this stone?"Mu Yu asked.

  Huang Yiren did not answer him, but he turned and went to the gate of the Shaying Eagle City.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of the Huang Yi people. This man’s cultivation was far superior to him. The strength of Mu Yu could not stop the Huang Yi people, so he did not stop the idea. Then he thought of something, shouting at the Huang Yi people: "Hey! That sneaky, why didn't you catch it! The Yaozu and the Star Gateman want to get it, it is definitely worth a lot! ”

  It is impossible to conquer the sneaky with the repair of Mu Yu, but he does not want the ghost to fall on the demon or the star. According to Long Xingyu, the sneaky scorpion is the key to finding the seal of the sand eagle king Haidong. The Shaying Demon King can break free from the seal, but it must not fall into the hands of the Star Gate.

  In contrast, he hopes that the ghosts will be taken away by this mysterious yellow man to destroy the plan of the Star Gate. The Huang Yi people seem to have no interest in ghosts. The purpose of his coming here is for Shijie, perhaps looking for something in the underground palace.

  The voice of the Huang Yi people came from afar: "No sand eagle is exquisite, no one can catch the sneaky."

  A glimpse of Mu Yu, Sha Ying Ling Ling, refers to the exquisite pagoda that he only got from the statue of the Shaying Eagle King?

  He quickly took out the Linglong Pagoda and looked at the pagoda with only one index finger. Soon he widened his eyes, because he found a small ghost inside the small window of the pagoda. Kneeling on the ground, the breath is weak.

  This is a miniature version of the huge sneaky just now!

  "what? When did the big bird ran into the tower? ”Xiaoshuai surprised to find his head.

  Mu Yu was also amazed. He put his eyes close to his own eyes and wanted to look at the sneaky eyes carefully, but the sneaks snorted and provoked to the eyes of Mu Yu, but were blocked by small windows. It is.

  It is no wonder that Long Xing and Tian Tian did not wait until I heard that Sha Ying Ling was on her own body, and they all showed their own killings. It turned out that Shaying Linglong was a sneaky nest. I didn’t expect the Yao and the Star Gatemen to play half-dead. As a result, Mu Yu’s fishermen benefited and got what they were vying for.

  But the new problem is coming again. He doesn't know anything about the sneaky. He doesn't understand how to tame this fierce big bird, and he doesn't know how to rely on it to find the seal of the Shaying Demon King.

  "Do you have any interest in ghosts?"Mu Yu looked up and looked at the Huang Yi people, but the Huang Yi people had disappeared.

  Mu Yu thinks of what Huang Yi people just said, and it is very likely that people will wait for the road to come out at the moment. It is not appropriate to stay for a long time, or to sneak into a wonderful!

  He also quickly rushed out toward the gate of the city, rushed out along the seams of the gate, and returned to the corpse. At the moment, there are still many corpses on the ground that are standing still in the same place. It is obvious that Mu Yu has moved away, and they have no one to command.

  Mu Yu re-appears like a wind wood, and takes out the eye spar. As long as there is this array of eye spar, he can control these corpses anytime and anywhere. Fortunately, I just moved it out. He had a thought, and all the corpses were moving again.

  He ran to the big pit that Lu Xianshi had just made, and then personally squeezed the corpse, and finally found Lu Xianshi who was lying and afraid to move. Lu Xianshi was scared by the corpse of the corpse here, so he did not dare to move for such a long time, for fear that those corpses would tear him apart.

  When Mu Yu squeezed the corpse, Lu Xianshi was shocked. He stood up and eagerly asked: "Wind wood, are you okay?" I just saw that you were overwhelmed by the corpse, and thought you were already – wait! You are not a corpse? ”

  Lu Xianshi looked at the wood feathers with a sigh of relief. He wanted to see from the wood feathers where there was a piece of meat missing, but unfortunately the whole person was not intact, but it was a bit gray.

  Mu Yu quickly screamed: "Lu Xianshi, I am fine. Those corpses have just dragged me to the ground, UU reading wants to kill me, but then I saw a mysterious yellow man, I don’t know why he didn’t kill me, but let me stop The people of the Star Gate and the Yaozu enter the Shaying King City. I fiddled some organs according to his statement, and then he let me go. ”

  Lu Xianshi looked suspiciously at Muyu, not very convinced of Mu Yu's words, but he determined that Mu Yu was not injured, but also relieved and took him out of the pit. Mu Yu pointed to the gate of the Shaying King City and said: "Now the Star Gate and the Yaozu are coming out from there. The mysterious Huang Yi people let us leave here. He wants to let the corpse go to the Star Gate and the Yaozu. It is."

  The sand eagle king city has opened a seam, and the sand eagle embossed on the city gate is not seen, but it has some persuasive power. When Lu Xianshi heard that the yin corpse had to be restarted, his face was slightly white, and he was deeply impressed by the undead yin corpse. He quickly said: "Then we will leave here!" After you go back, you must tell me all the experiences that you have encountered in this disaster. No one can leak! ”

  Mu Yu quickly promised, he quietly controlled the corpse, these corpses began to squirm, and the whole body gradually murdered. Lu Xianshi also discovered the change of the corpse,
I am afraid that they will attack themselves again, and they will rush to the enchantment with Mu Yu.

  "Small corpses, have the opportunity to come back and teach you to do morning exercises. Next time I teach you to do 'the call of the times', but you are now slamming me at the gate of the city. Whoever comes out will give me a bite. !"Xiaoshuai did not forget to say a few words before leaving the corpse.


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