Chapter 408

  The body outside there was a star gate of the people in the pickup, but when the wood plume out, but found that the star gate people were killed. Lu Xianshi was still shocked by the face, and it was a big event that the Star Gates died innocently. Mu Yu is not surprised. The highest level of cultivation among these people is the distraction period. Whether it is a Yaozu or a Huang Yiren, it is possible to kill these people in order to save trouble.

  In order to avoid the suspicion, Lu Xianshi quickly left the desert forest with the wooden feathers. On the way, Mu Yu spent all his time making up all kinds of wonderful reasons to give up everything that happened in the underground palace. Many times, he directly smashed the past. In the end, I even said that the mysterious man lost his memory. Fortunately, Lu Xianshi said that he was lucky to escape in the dead, and that the corpse corpse did leave a huge shadow on him, so there was no doubt.

  But halfway through, Lu Xianshi suddenly slammed his head and said seriously: "No, I forgot one thing."

  When Mu Yu was glad that his excuse came into effect, Lu Xianshi came to such a sentence, and he thought that Lu Xianshi doubted anything.

  "What has been forgotten?"Mu Yu simply doesn't want to make another excuse. It is a very tiring thing to fill in various loopholes when lying.

  Lu Xianshi sighed heavily: "I should wait for Zhou Jinglin's bastard to let him see that you are still alive. In this way, we can prove that the disciples of the founders are better than their Fu Zong! The bastard is so hot that even his own guardian boy is killed. It is really unreasonable! If he sees you still alive, he will definitely shut up in front of me in the future. Our disciples have never been able to compare with them for years. Finally, they can raise their faces in front of them! ”

  Oh my God! When are you still thinking about showing off?

  Mu Yu cried and laughed, and quickly said: "Lu Xianshi, let's go quickly! You forgot, there is a mysterious talented brother in the sect! You should focus on him. ”

  After talking about these wood feathers, I was embarrassed to think of myself. It seems to be the mysterious genius brother.

  Lu Xianshi had a beard and nodded. "You are right, I have to go back to the sect and go out and ask the shy good boy." Now Fu Zong is getting more and more arrogant, but also embraced the thigh of the Star Gate, and our sect is not as good as a year. He is still hiding in this moment, really discouraged! Do I still harm him? Ugh! But he is angry, if he can stand up, I will certainly train him at all costs. ”

  Lu Xianshi said that the more depressed, in order to find this mysterious genius disciple, he can be described as painstaking. The most lacking of the current sect is the innate disciple. It is hard to see a Zhongtian disciple who can break the monument. It is expected to become a congenital disciple, but this mysterious genius is not to be cherished, so that Lu Xianshi will quickly rid himself of his beard. It is.

  If he knows that the wind in front of him is the mysterious genius he is looking for, he may not be so distressed.

  Mu Yu touched his nose and looked at Lu Xianshi’s sighing sigh, and his heart was somewhat unwilling. To be honest, Lu Xianshi is a very responsible elder. When he does things, he always puts the development of the sect on his lips. He is also very good at Zhongtian disciples, unlike Zhou Jinglin of Fu Zong who wants to escape. Their own guardian boy blew himself. However, the fall of the sect of the sect can not be stopped even because the lord of the sect is not him.

  There were 19 predecessors in the sect including Lu Xianshi. The sect was named Zhuge Xiaosheng, and Mu Yu has not seen it yet. The innate philosophers have a lot of ordinary affairs. When many martial arts or city banks need large-scale formations, they will let the innate squadrons go out.

So they often don't see the shadow.

  The most common disciple of Zhongtian is Lu Xianshi, so Zhongtian disciples respect him. In addition to Lu Xianshi, Mu Yu also saw another innate actor, named Situ Yangtian, with a stinky face, as if who owed him two hundred and fifty pieces of stone, is also responsible for teaching Heavenly disciple. Compared with the Lu Xianshi who has a strong sense of responsibility, everyone does not like the class of the boss.

  After seeing Zhou Jinglin’s heart and soul killing the guardian boy, Mu Yu’s impression of Fu Zong was also very poor. Since he is now in order to learn the array, and Fu Zong is suppressing the array, it is understandable to help the sect to defeat Fuzong.

  After half a year, it was a match test, and Mu Yu did consider helping the squad to win.

  After Mu Yu returned to the sect, everything was still the same, and he was too lazy to manage whether the Star Gate and the Yaozu had succeeded in getting out of the corpse. After leaving the genital corpse, the array of spar can no longer control the corpse, but those corpses are equal to losing control. The specifics of the wood feathers are also unclear, but certainly not very good.

  This time, the Shaying Demon King’s trip is over, and the only thing that Mu Yu’s harvest is is the sneaking of a demon and a star. What makes Mu Yu helpless is that this sneaky singer simply does not obey his command, and every time he sees him, he will rush over. Mu Yu didn't know how to use the sand eagle to control the ghosts, and the ghosts seemed to be unable to come out after running into the sand eagle.

  "You said why this bird has to run into the Little Red Tower? Is it really good to stay in the underground palace? ”Xiaoshuai three times and five times want to communicate with the ghosts, but unfortunately they do not appreciate.

  "It's stupid!"Longtan licked his tail.

  Mu Yu thinks that this ghost may have just resurrected and needs to be restored to Shaying Linglong. The Shaying Linglong is more like a cage. The key to not opening the cage after entering it is nothing. Unless Mu Yu finds the key to unlock the cage, it is impossible to control the sneaky.

  Although it is impossible to control the sneaky, but it can destroy the plan of the Star Gate, this is still a very hateful

  After returning to the sect, Mu Yu continued to immerse himself in the study of the formation. He needs to be studying the "Xuanzhen" left by the dead wood, but this "Xuanzhen" is still too esoteric for him. He can't understand many things, so he has been studying in this battle for a while. A deeper array of techniques.

  The garrison is the basis of the record of the sect. There are many mysterious complexes recorded here, which are specially designed for the disciples of the ancestors. Many well-received sects have their own books, which are placed in various sects or medicinal books, which are recorded by the sects of the predecessors for later generations. The squad is similar to the sects of other sects. The only difference is that there are no books in the squad, but the already arranged squad!

  This is a very clever teaching method of the sect. It uses the powerful space array method and the magic array to show the effect characteristics and the array mode of each array. When you want to learn the array, you don't need to hold a thick book to ponder and think about where the main points of the battle are. In the garrison, the array you want has already been shown to you, allowing you to learn various tactics in an immersive way.

  The formation of the squad is divided into "the day after tomorrow", "the middle squad", "the congenital array" and "the high ban" because of the different comprehension ability of the disciples. As a Zhongtian disciple, Mu Yu can only learn the Zhongtian array. The congenital and high-enforcement bans are not allowed.

  "High-altitude ban" is said to be a very evil and vicious array of techniques, similar to yin corpse, killing and self-destructive arrays, etc., will have terrible consequences, so in addition to the innate squad, others are not exposed to the high ban.

  Mu Yu walked into the pavilion, and "Zhongtian array" was on the second floor of the pavilion. In front of it is a countless jade that floats in the air, and a jade is sealed in a jade, and there are at least tens of thousands of jade, which means there are tens of thousands of different arrays. It’s really staggering!

  At the moment, there are more than a dozen middle-class disciples in the squad, and they all sit on the ground. When learning the array, you only need to draw a pattern on your own hand and then touch the jade, and then your consciousness will come to the jade seal. Each formation has a special person, and there are images left by the lecturers to help the disciples explain the main points of this formation, just like one-on-one teaching.

  This method of learning arrays saves a lot of teaching time. After all, every innate actor is very busy, it is impossible to attend classes in person every day, and the innate strategists also need to cultivate themselves. Therefore, using the array method to leave the image of each predecessor, can make up for the lack of teaching time, you can come to the cabinet to study at any time.

  The imagery of this image is the same as the image left by the dead wood.

  Mu Yu has come to the court many times, and the first few times are studying a variety of Zhongtian array. He found that learning the Zhongtian array was not as difficult or even simple as it was imagined. Many Zhongtian arrays will learn as soon as he learns. Often a piece of jade is a must for a few days to fully master, and he usually learns in one or two hours.

  The purpose of Mu Yu’s coming to the pavilion was to learn a stealth battle. The main reason for studying this battle was that he found the arrangement method of the “definite soul array” recorded by the dead wood old man in “Xuan Zhen”. This array of methods is the study of the dead woods himself, involving a lot of knowledge of the array of techniques, some of which depict the pattern of the ruins of the dead wood and the invisible array.

  The dead wood scorpion researched the soul of the soul for the sake of Miao language, but did not expect to inadvertently saved his soul. The current imperative of Mu Yu is to learn how to set the soul array, so that he can ensure that the dead soul of the dead wood is not a problem.

  The "Xuanzhen" array is very high, and the basic array of the dead woods, the old man, is simply passing by when he records it, because he thinks it is pediatric, not worth mentioning. But many "pediatrics" arrays of wood feathers are not clear what the game is, so he can only come here to learn from "pediatrics."

  The pattern wraps the hand of Mu Yu, and the awareness of Mu Yu has entered Yu Pei.

  Then Lu Xianshi’s figure of qi and qi appeared in front of Mu Yu, and began to talk about the history of the development of the sect of the sect. It was about half an hour or so.

  I have to say that Lu Xianshi has made a lot of effort to find out the mysterious genius of Mu Yu. He actually put more than 10,000 jade objects into his impassioned mobilization speech.

  "Our sects have always been stronger than Fuzong, but now Fuzong has climbed onto us and humiliated our disciples. It is insultable for us to kill, and our disciples need to stand up and maintain the dignity of the sect, so I hope that the low-key child can stand up boldly and let the people of Fuzong know that our ancestors are not weaker than them! ”Lu Xianshi waved his fist with a strong face and then disappeared.

  Then an image called Blue Heart Pioneer appeared gradually, and began to talk about the learning method of stealth array. Mu Yu shook his head helplessly. Originally, this stealth array was made by the Blue Heart Master. Lu Xianshi intended to force Mu Yu to stand up and admit his genius to forcefully modify the opening ceremony of all the Zhongtian formations. Impress the mysterious genius with the method of “moving it with reason”.

  In order to learn to "set the soul," Mu Yu has learned more than twenty basic Chinese characters, which means he has heard no less than twenty such opening remarks. When I heard it for the first time, I was still full of faces. When I heard it for the second time, I was a little touched. I knew that Lu Xianshi had spent a lot of energy to make changes to all the jade, and he worked hard; heard the fifth time. It was a bit annoying at the time, and it was already annoying when I heard the twentieth time. There was simply an impulsiveness to slay the ruthless master.

  Perhaps Lu Xianshi is going to bother the mysterious genius, let him take the initiative to stand up, or he will have to listen to him once every time he studies the mathematics, and he will bother to die!

  "Oh my God! Lu Xianshi really did not give up until the end! ”Mu Yu was annoyed by Lu Xianshi’s image, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com complained a few words, but there is nothing to help.

  Stealth is a magical array. In the formation, you can use the pattern to make something hidden in your place, including your own body. The specific degree of stealth depends on different people. Some people who use this technique without mastering the key points will result in no complete stealth. It is good that beginners can blur themselves.

  When Mu Yu first used this technique, he found that his left hand was not hidden when he was invisible in the mirror. It looked like a broken hand floating in the air, which was quite scary.

  In the past month, Mu Yu has learned countless Zhongtian arrays, but Rao learned that he has learned so many days of arrays and found that he still can't start the "definite soul array" in "Xuan Zhen". Only a few basic arrays have been recorded in the Array, most of which are high-level arrays.

  The more the formations that Mu Yu learned, the more he understood the mystery of this "Xuan Zhen". In the label of the "Definite Soul", he found the pattern of more than one hundred battles in the mark of the dead wood, and he was blinded by these arrays, and then he realized that those belong to the innate array!

  The congenital array is on the third floor, and Mu Yu can't enter the third floor, so he wants to learn congenital surgery and must become a congenital disciple.

  "Lu Xianshi, you won, the mysterious genius you want to find has decided to go out for two steps."Mu Yu smiled slightly. He could even imagine that Lu Xianshi would know what the mysterious genius would be after the building of the foundation.

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