Chapter 409 Identity

  The recent atmosphere of the sect is quite suppressed. Fu Zong seems to have climbed the door of the Star Gate. The suppression of the sect is getting more and more serious. As many businesses have been taken away by the Fuzong people, the incumbent strategists of the sect have already left the sect and went to the major sects of the Three Continents to recover their losses.

  Not only the innate strategist, the Zhongtian squad must also go to other smaller sects to confirm and avoid more losses.

  The Congenital Array and the Zhongtian Array took away many of the Zhongtian disciples and the disciples of the day after tomorrow. However, the bad news continued to come back. Fu Zong had already eroded the customers of the sect, and the squad was hit by some surprises.

  Mu Yu naturally couldn’t just show his identity so easily. After two months in the battle, he understood that the censor’s censorship of the innate disciples was very strict. Congenital disciples and innate philosophers can be exposed to the core secrets of the ancestors, so the identity of each innate disciple must be innocent and cannot be unknown.

  Zhongtian disciples are still relatively indifferent, because the Zhongtian disciples are not the core, so the wood feathers are successfully mixed in. However, if a congenital disciple can't get a real and reliable identity, I am afraid that even if Mu Yu reveals his identity, he will be treated as a traitor.

  In case, just in case, he must falsify a real identity. It is natural for him to be able to do this alone, so he intends to go to the help of the squad to see if he can disguise himself as a distant cousin.

  The spirit is the genius of the Danding School, and it is considered to be a very innocent person.

  Because he was a new disciple, no one cares about him. Mu Yu successfully left the battle without anyone discovering it.

  Creating a false identity is not an easy task because it must stand up to investigation. Mu Yu sneaked back to the Dan Ding faction and found the sneak peek in the woods. Then the two left the Dan Ding faction and stopped in an uninhabited place.

  "Jing Lie, have you really burned the ducks?"Xiaoshuai sniffed his nose and stared suspiciously. Just now, along the way, it was eager to ask for food. The beer roast duck has always been a favorite.

  "Okay, I will give it to you."With a wave of hand, he threw the two roast ducks of the collection to Xiaoshuai, then turned to Muyu, and said with concern: "Are you okay?"

  Mu Yu smiled: "What can be done?"

  "Where have you been going for a while? I thought you couldn't think of it, and went to the Star Gate to kill the sky. ”The patted the shoulders of Mu Yu. The death of dead wood is a huge blow to Mu Yu, he knows, he is most worried that Mu Yu was overwhelmed by hatred, to do something to die.

  "Reassured, I won't look for the day before I have absolute certainty."Mu Yu’s eyes flashed through endless killings, but he was immediately concealed by him. He has seen it once, but he has no chance to take revenge. He estimates that it is impossible for him to die.

  In the past, I didn’t want to kill Mu Yu. I just wanted Mu Yu to experience the pain of losing my loved ones. He has been waiting for Mu Yu to come to him for revenge. He knows that Mu Yu will definitely. The day is not to be the young master of the Star Gate, known as the rare genius of a hundred years, grew up in countless auras. He is not at all concerned with the true god disciple, and the true God apprentice will only be a stepping stone on his growth path.

  Mu Yu is only the 80th, and he is the 52nd most popular. His goal is the top nine, not the person who ranks lower than him.

  Take a sigh of relief,

Just now he already knew the meaning of Mu Yu, saying: "You want me to help you fake a status that can withstand scrutiny. This is no problem. Let's send a big business to Dan Ding, and it will be difficult to get a fake identity. Give me three days. ”

  The screaming "We" made Mu Yu's heart warm, and since the death of the dead wood, he never regarded himself as a Danding person, but he still regarded him as his own.

  "Thank you."Mu Yu Road.

  "It’s too much to see, so polite!"He shrugged his shoulders, then thought of something, and said, "I have come to see you."

  Mu Yu’s body is a glimpse.

  Since the first time in the eight grass villages, Mu Yu has never seen a sudden, and then a series of things happened, so that Mu Yu's life has changed a lot. In particular, the appearance of Qiao Xue touched his heart. On the one hand, he had unclear feelings about Qiao Xue, and on the other hand he felt that he was owed.

  "Is she okay?"Mu Yu was silent for a long time and said slowly.

  "She has seen the body of the dead wood teacher, crying very sad. Maybe because of the relationship between the dead wood and her mother, or because of your relationship, in short, when she left, the state is not very good, I had to send her back all the way. ”He shook his head.

  It was a very simple girl. When she heard about the things that the dead wood did for her mother, she took the initiative to recognize the dead wood as a dry, hoping to compensate for the dead wood. However, after all, the dead wood did not have a perfect numerology. He died in the hands of the traitor without living for himself.

  "Thank you."Mu Yu said these two words again.

  He found that some things are so pale and weak with these two words. He can't always protect the person he wants to protect. He started his own master, then the dead wood, and then he was stunned. He is so weak and always needs others to bear the consequences for his actions.

  The dead wood dynasty died for him, and he was worried about him everywhere, but he was like a mouse, hiding in Tibet, and going to fake a ridiculous identity.

  "In short, you should be careful, I will not
Ask where you have been in this day, and don't want to know what you are forging identity. But whether it is for the dead wood teacher, or you are awkward, you have to live well, there is hope in life, and if there is anything you need to help, I will definitely stand on your side. ”Sigh and sigh. He knew that Mu Yu was definitely planning something, but if Mu Yu didn't want to say it, he didn't want to ask.

  This is the way for friends, drinking and drinking together, respecting each other and not helping each other. Many things can be understood in the heart, no need to ask too much.

  Mu Yu nodded. He was the first friend he met after he left the Mouyun Mountain Range. He was very glad that when Xiao Shuai ate it, he would easily pick up the Dan Su that was thrown away by the people. If there is no such Dan, he may be very upset now. He can't look for them, because he is a master and he will strictly protect the wood feathers, but Mu Yu does not want to be protected. He needs to take responsibility himself.

  He wants to unravel the nine-day magic array, which is something that the promise is absolutely not allowed to see.

  He left here, and he wanted to forge Mu Yu to forge a status that could withstand scrutiny. At this time three days later, the saga will return here again. Mu Yu went to Dancheng, the nearest to Danding, and he needed to find a place to stay in the past three days.

  Dancheng is a subsidiary site of the Danding School. It is the place where the alchemy masters are the most, and it is also the holy place to trade the medicinal herbs. Many people will come here to buy the Danding pie.

  Mu Yu came here for the second time, and his mood was very lost. The road to revenge is so long, and the enemy is like a mountain. Whether it is the Star Gate or the Triple Palace, he can't compete. He is growing day by day, but the enemy has not stopped. What the future is, he dare not think about it.

  He walked aimlessly on the streets of Dancheng, and looked up to see the "four seas for home" inn. When he first came here, it was in this inn that there was a friction with Shi Minghui. At that time, Minghui knocked down the dead wood scorpion who became a mortal, and was repaired by Mu Yu.

  He sighed and turned to another street.

  But he never imagined that he would see two familiar figures here!

  How will Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai of the sect appear here?

  Mu Yu frowned, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were both incompatible with each other in the battle, but at the moment they were whispering together, looking sneaky, completely without the ridicule of the original. look.

  When are they reconciled?

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai did not have their turn to go out to work this time. This is what Mu Yu knows. It stands to reason that they and Mu Yu should not appear here, but honestly stay in the array. But at this moment, they are both talking and laughing, and it is hard to imagine that they are still in a hostile state in the sect.

  Mu Yu quickly changed another look and quietly followed behind the two. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai went to a remote street, and then looked around without a person, they knocked on the door of a courtyard, and soon someone opened the door and ushered them in.

  Now Mu Yu has a lot of experience in tracking others. His wood is turned into a root grass, he is brought into the yard, and then sneaked into a closed room. He looked at the wooden door. The view of the entire room.

  There are four people in the room at the moment, and what shocks Mu Yu is that three of them know that, besides Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, there is another person who is a very happy Zhou Jinglin! Zhou Jinglin survived and escaped from the Shaying King City.

  "The disciple has seen Master."Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both bowed to Zhou Jinglin with respect and tribute.

  Master? Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are the people of Fu Zong?

  "Um, get up!"Zhou Jinglin waved his hand faintly. "Isn't it found here?"

  "Back to Master, UU reading Before the disciples confirmed, Dancheng did not have a squad to come out to work."Luo Fei Longdao.

  "Master, there is a person in the middle class disciple who has the potential to become a congenital disciple. What do we do next?"Ji Wenkai asked.

  "Can you find that person?"Zhou Jinglin asked.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai looked at each other and shook their heads: "The man is very low-key and does not want to expose himself. Lu Laotou summoned our Zhongtian disciples to find out the person, but the person seems to have any scruples, that is, not willing to stand up. ”

  "Oh? When did the formation of this talented disciple appear? Aren't all the middle-class disciples in the battle are under your control? ”Zhou Jinglin asked.

  "Two-thirds of the Zhongtian disciples are in our control, but there are still some people who are self-sufficient and unwilling to follow us. But we have all confirmed that there are absolutely no disciples who have the ability to break the battle. We are well aware of the talents of each of the disciples' Zhongtian disciples. As long as they are possible to become innate disciples, we will also suppress them. ”Ji Wenkai said.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are actually the spies of Fu Zong sent to the ancestors, specifically used to suppress the middle-class disciples of the sect!

  It is no wonder that the disciples of the sects will be so declining. With the suppression of these two people, it is difficult for the middle-class disciples of the ancestors to have a good day!

  Mu Yu was very surprised. He even unconsciously found the reason why the formation had fallen in recent years.

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