Chapter 41st the murder charge

The dusty wooden door was suddenly pushed open, and a group of people came in. Some people carried the stretcher. There were two people lying on the stretcher. The whole body was covered with white cloth and only the feet were exposed. Headed by a gray-shirted man, holding a black bamboo folding fan, it seems to be extraordinary, but at the moment he is angry, it seems to be a sinner, the voice is from him.

Mu Yu vaguely felt that this gray-shirted person was somewhat familiar, but could not remember where he had seen this person. Everyone stared at Mu Yu and Lan Linger, and they stood in a siege, beware of the two of them fleeing.

"Brother, is he, is he ruined my fix!" ”

Sha Yan came out from behind the gray man. His face was very pale, his band was still bandaged, and his breath was very different from the people around him. He had no spiritual fluctuations on his body and was no longer a comprehension.

Mu Yu frowned, are these people from Jiuhua faction? Are they coming to revenge for Shayan? So what happened to the two people lying on the stretcher?

"Is it that you destroyed my younger brother, Dan Tian, ​​and killed my other two younger brothers?"The gray man came out, his voice contained anger, and the overbearing spiritual fluctuations made Mu Yu feel a guilty heart. This is a strong person in the Golden Age.

"Kill your brother?"

Mu Yu is puzzled. He has never killed anyone since he went down the mountain. How can he be detained for a reason? Sha Yan’s cultivation was abandoned and he did it. He did not think he had done something wrong.

Mu Yu said: "Sha Yan is poisoning my close relatives. I am ruining him to repair what is wrong?"

"You nonsense! It’s clear that you are deceiving too much…"Shayan angered.

"Deceive too much? You want to swear by a mortal life, but also try to humiliate others. You can go to an 80-year-old old man. Are you a beast? ”When Mu Yu thinks of the village chief being tortured, his heart will be angry. If it is not the village chief who finally stops, he is likely to kill the sand rock.

"So you ruined my younger brother, Dan Tian, ​​and broke his path of comprehension? I didn't expect your little heart to be so vicious! ”The gray man snorted.

"I think this is the best result compared to killing him. If your parents are forced to kneel and humiliate, will you let go of that person? ”Mu Yu argued that in fact, he was already in a hurry in his heart. After all, the other party is a master of the Golden Age, and he is not afraid of his own sect. This matter is not handled well, I am afraid that today is fierce.

"The realm of comprehension is the strength of respect, you are better than others to dare to move other people's loved ones, can only say that you deserve it!"Lan Linger calmed down and then stood up and said. She didn't know the ins and outs of the matter, but probably guessed it. Wood Yu must have conflicted with others when he returned to the village.

"Technology is not as good as people? My disciple of the Jiuhua School said that you said that destroying Dantian would destroy Dantian? Today, you don't give me a confession, I will let you know what is the real skill is not as good as people! ”

The atmosphere of a golden age enveloped the entire yard. Lan Linger and Mu Yu both turned white and took a step back. The repair of the other side of the Golden Age made them have no room for resistance.

"Jiuhua sent a great prestige! A big party that everyone admires in the world is indiscriminate, so overbearing, it is really a model of comprehension! It’s not afraid to make people laugh! ”

Mu Yu deliberately raised his voice, his mind turned quickly, and soon he had an idea. After all, it is a school, and there are many self-cultivators, which can attract other comprehensions to come here. Then Jiuhua faction will not ignore them regardless of their face. If they have more people, they will have the opportunity to get away.

At this moment, many people have noticed the situation here. The atmosphere of the Golden Age period has appeared in this ruined courtyard for no reason, which has aroused the curiosity of many people. There are already a few comprehensions in the sky to join in the fun. Many of these comprehensions are also from the famous big faction. It is very new for the Jiuhua faction, the second most difficult faction in the realm of comprehension.

One is the supreme martial art of the comprehension world.

The strength is second only to the Qingsong faction, and the other is the shabby and dusty faction. The strength is at the bottom of the comprehension. These two sects actually have a conflict?

Everyone in the realm of comprehension knows that the dust-splitting faction has always been low-key, and the number is very small. It adds up to a dozen. If they don't have two Jindan period practitioners, I am afraid that many people will not treat them as a martial art.

I don't know how this disciplinary disciple would offend the well-known Jiuhua faction. This is a collision with the iron plate. For a time, everyone talked about it, and there were not many gloating scenes.

The gray-shirted man’s face is blue, and if he is outside the city, he will directly kill the two small foundation-builders in front of him. But at the moment, in the school, there are people coming and going, there are no shortage of elites from all walks of life. If you don’t understand this thing, then it will really damage the reputation of Jiuhua School.

The Jiuhua School is second only to the existence of the Qingsong School. It has a lofty position in the realm of comprehension. The Jiuhua faction of the Jiuhua School is a famous master in the realm of comprehension. It is already a superb cultivation, and it is probably worse than the Qingsong Taoist. Not much. These two people are the giants of the realm of cultivation, and their status and status are extremely honorable. Once a person has the burden of status, he will care about the face problem. Now there are so many comprehensions who are watching, they are afraid to do things that are falling,

"Well! I am ruining my teacher's brother Dan Tian. Then, what is your explanation for killing my two brothers, Tang Yang and Li Yuan? ”The gray man is screaming.

Tang Yang and Li Yuan?

Both Mu Yu and Lan Linger are a glimpse. Tang Yang died in the hands of Li Yuan. The two of them went to kill the pregnant Yan Ma beast for the demon spirit. Li Yuan’s interest sneaked into Tang Yang, and later he was just out of control. The feathers were seriously injured. Li Yuan was killed by the purple man at that time. The purple man claimed to be Ji Wenxing of the Jiuhua School. It was the brother of the two. Killing Li Yuan was the rule of the door. Why did he become a murderer for Mu Yu?

The white cloth on the stretcher was opened, and the bodies of Tang Yang and Li Yuan were exposed. The two men had pale skin and bloody spots were visible throughout the body. Tang Yang’s eyes were so big that he died in the hands of the younger brother. This made him die. He had a shocking sword wound on his chest. He was at the heart, and Li Yuan’s spiritual power destroyed his meridians.

Li Yuan did not close his eyes. His expression was somewhat resentful and unwilling, and a deep scar on his neck was fatal. But Mu Yu noticed that he had a sword in his heart. Mu Yu didn't remember that he had been stabbed. What happened?

"There is also a limit to bloody people. These two people are not killed by us. What do you say about the repair of the two of them?" What about the repair of our two? How can my brother and I kill two people who build the foundation and the nine heavens? ”

Lan Linger has a hot temper. She is also a foundation for the nine heavens. Tang Yang and Li Yuan can deal with one of them. If they are together, she has no chance of winning. It is said that there is also the existence of Mu Yu.

His solid wood feathers were not dragging his legs, he almost killed Li Yuan, although that was without his knowledge. He himself does not know why he will enter the state of killing, and the cultivation is not inconsistent with the common sense, but it is inseparable from the comprehension of a nine-day-old.

"Who knows if the two of you have used any of the murders to kill my two younger brothers, and their death must not be with you!"

The gray-haired man turned his eyes on Mu Yu and Lan Linger, and suddenly took a breath of cold air. He didn't notice it at first, but he was so surprised.

What are the repairs of these two dusty disciples?

"They don't look like they are fifteen or sixteen years old. Is it only three or four years?"

"The two of them turned out to be the base period? So young to enter the base period? ”

"Wait, the girl who is in the dusty school seems to be taller than you and me…"

"How is this possible? How can a dusty faction have such a talented disciple? ”

"This talent…God! ”

The people around me are as shocked as the gray men! Fifteen or sixteen years old, it turned out to be the foundation period. I am afraid that few people will believe this kind of thing. Even the chief disciple of the Qingsong School, Bailang, entered the base period at the age of sixteen. At that time, he had been regarded as a person of the sky by the comprehension. However, compared with the two, Bailang did not seem to be at the same level. Not to mention other mundane comprehensions.

Isn’t the dusty faction just a shabby sect? There are no more than ten people. Why are there two generations?

"Humph! The two of you are so young and you have reached this level. It seems that you have used the tricks of the dusty faction. My two younger brothers have been planted on you, and they are really dead! ”

Gray men naturally do not believe in the talent of both of them, a joke! If they have two talents, they will be taken away by other sects as early as the school test. Which one will get the last one?

Others have been awakened by him so much. The highest talent in recent years is just the little tiger who had a blue talent two years ago. Others did not shine in the school. Unless it is the talent of Xiaohu, how could it be possible to reach the base period in a short time?

If the dust-scraping school collects the students in the school, those disciples are the rotten vegetables left by others, and it is even more unlikely that such talented disciples will appear. The only possibility is that some of the tricks used by the dust-splitting party have improved these two. Personal cultivation.

At the thought of this, everyone can't help but be more contemptuous of the dusty faction. In order to get rid of the ranking of the finals, the dust-stricken faction will actually do this to the disciples! Many evil tricks will quickly improve one's cultivation, but the damage to people is very large. It can be said that the repair of these two people is also coming to an end.

"I always thought that the head of the dust-splitting faction was a high-ranking person who did not compete with the world. I didn't expect to use the tricks of evil spirits. It is really a matter of knowing people and knowing what to do!"

"Looking at the two of them being so amazing, it’s a pity that it’s just a flash in the pan, but it’s a pity."

"The sects of the Dust School should not be allowed by the real world!"

"There is a crazy way to use the tricks!"


For a time, the gust of mouth suddenly turned to the crusade, and even insulted the wind and dust, which made Lan Linger very angry. She listened to the comments around her, and she was very angry, but at this moment it was not a good time to get angry. After all, there are more serious things in front of them. The two of them are charged with murder.

Mu Yu vaguely felt that something was wrong with this. Tang Yang and Li Yuan died for so many days. Lan Linger has been here, but they have not come to Lan Linger's troubles. UU reads www. Uukanshu. Com, when Mu Yu came back, they came to the door, which is too much to say. Unless someone deliberately waits for themselves, there is only sandstone with their own enmity.

The murder was nothing, Mu Yu did not mention the sand rock, Sha Yan did not know, but they opened the door to the crime of killing, there must be weird!

When the former Ziyi people lived in Wenxing's door to dispose of Li Yuan, he felt that it was not right. Ju Wenxing, as a brother, handled his disciples so arbitrarily. This is unreasonable. At least, this matter must be brought back to let the martial art Elder disposal. Moreover, Li Yuan’s heart did not have this sword wound at the time, but now there is a wound for no reason. Why? Isn't someone framing them?

Is that purple man…

"Humph! I told you what the truth is, for a demon spirit to kill Tang Yang, and then he was noticed by his brother, he took Li Yuan with the door rule, why did you not find Gu Wenxing, it is he who killed Li Yuan! ”

"Linger, don't-"

Mu Yu wants to stop Lan Linger, but it is too late. There are many things involved in the demon spirit, even if it is the Golden Age period, it may not be available. This kind of thing is very precious and will make many people jealous. I am afraid that the reason why they wait for their return is for the demon spirit on their own body.

If you don't mention the demon spirit, Mu Yu thinks that he can die and refuses to admit it. They can't come up with evidence of their own murder, and they dare not do it in the school. But when Lan Linger is so impulsive, then she can't get rid of the two people, I am afraid that things will get worse.

Lan Linger’s words just said that the people around him suddenly became stunned, and looked at Lan Linger with a strange look. He seemed to be watching a big joke. The gray-shirted man walked up the cold step and said: "Do you mean that I killed my two younger brothers?"

The gray-clothed man turned out to be the real Gu Wenxing!

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