Chapter 410 Spies

  "No matter what, that person must find it as soon as possible. He must not be allowed to become a congenital disciple. Although a new innate disciple can't look down on the storm, we still have to be cautious."Zhou Jinglin took a tea ceremony.

  "Yes."Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai said in unison.

  "In the past few years, it has been hard work for you. You have not been responsible for it. Although you have not become a congenital disciple, at least the middle-class disciples of the sect are suppressed, so that the middle-class disciples of the ancestors cannot compete with us. Without the internal information provided by both of you, it would be not so easy for us to rob the business of the sect. ”Zhou Jinglin’s mouth is smiling, his smile is ugly than crying, and it’s very uncomfortable for Mu Yu to look at it.

  "It is an honor to be a disciple to play for Master."Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both quickly said.

  "Wrong, you are working for Fu Zong. The Sovereign has already said that after we fight the battle, we will definitely reward you, and even let you manage the two factions. ”

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both showed a flattering look on their faces, and they quickly squat down and thanked them.

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai entered the sect as a disciple of Zhongtian as early as ten years ago. They originally wanted to become congenital disciples and steal the core materials of the ancestors. However, their talent is not enough to become a congenital disciple, but it has become a talented disciple. Over the past ten years, with Zhou Jinglin’s secret help, they have become stronger and stronger, and gradually established their dominance in the middle-class disciples of the sect, and then suppressed the cultivation resources of other middle-class disciples, so that many middle-class disciples All are complaining.

  In order to avoid causing suspicion, the two of them pretended to be indifferent to each other, and even in the dark and in the dark, they were competing with each other, instructing their followers to conflict with each other. Once a Chinese disciple shows a little talent, they will work together to suppress the day.

  Most of the cultivation resources of the middle-class disciples of the ancestors were collected by them, so that the middle-class disciples of the ancestors could not become excellent talents. The strength of their suppression is just right, and because of their high talent, so the innate faculty of the sect is only blind to their eyes. In the annual test of the match, the sects could not send decent disciples and congenital disciples, and they could only send them two, and the spies of the two of them were representative of the battle, and the results did not need to be known.

  In the past few years, Fu Zong began to snatch the business of the sect. With the help of them, how could Fu Zong accurately know the distribution of the business of the sect?

  "There is only one Mu Chenghong who is a congenital disciple. He ranks 70 on the top of the list, far from our opponent. But it is absolutely impossible to let the second instinct disciple appear in the sect. This kind of person must kill him in the cradle. ”Zhou Jinglin’s eyes reveal the evil coldness.

  He took out two bottles of medicinal herbs and placed them on the table. He said: "This time I came to Dancheng, I will not hesitate to spend 300,000 Lingshi for the two of you to buy the fifth-order smashing Dan. You two quickly upgraded to improve. Go up and go up to the expiration period, you can help Fu Zong do more things."

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both took over the fifth-order smashing dan, and the smashing dan can help the repairers of the Yuan Ying period to have greater confidence in the breakthrough to the exit period. Such precious medicinal herbs make them feel sorrowful. Although they have always deducted the spiritual stone of Zhongtian disciples, they will have five or six pieces a month. Where can I get 300,000 Lingshi to buy this precious medicinal medicine?

  "And, last year's match test was to let Wen Kai win, this year it's the turn of the dragon,

When I arrived, I would talk to Fu Zong’s participating disciples. ”Zhou Jinglin said.

  "Yes, the disciple understands."Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai Qi channel.

  Zhou Jinglin did a perfect job of dispatching spies. In order not to attract the attention of the sects, he not only let Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai pretend to be dead, but also deliberately let the squad win a game in the annual match test. . And the winner is either Luo Feilong or Ji Wenkai. They win once in a row, which is equivalent to contributing to the formation. The array cannot possibly doubt their head.

  As for the other person who is a disciple of Zhongzong, there are materials provided by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. It is more than enough for Fu Zong to defeat the ancestors. It can be said that almost every year, the contest is almost secretly operated by Fu Zong. The array will definitely lose two games in the contest of Zhongtian disciples. As for the congenital disciples, there is no hope.

  "Now the sect, including you two, a total of 57 people are the undercovers of our Fuzong faction, of which 16 have become masters. The more people there are, the more likely they are to leak, so we will not send people any more. You manage the other 55 people so that they don't act rashly. Once we have completely torn the face with the squad, it will be time for you to make meritorious deeds! ”Zhou Jinglin said.

  what! Fifty-seven people?

  Mu Yu was really shocked. There were more than 300 people in the middle-class disciples of the array, plus more than a hundred Zhongtian strategists, and together they were five hundred people. One-tenth of the five hundred people are from the undercover of Fu Zong?

  Such a huge black curtain, such a hidden undercover, if it is not accidentally discovered by Mu Yu, I am afraid that the sect will not be discovered in a lifetime! It is no wonder that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are not willing to participate in the assessment of the middle school until now, but to continue to be a Zhongtian disciple, they just want to not give the ancestor any living way!

  The bones of the bones are really terrible!

  Although the sects in recent years have not recruited congenital disciples and Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, the two locusts have nothing to do with them, but the decline of the ancestors is inseparable from them, it can be said that they were caused by one hand!

  Mu Yu discovered when he came to the sect.
There are many unreasonable places in the array. Anyone can become a Zhongtian disciple, and they don’t look at the details. This leads to the invasion of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, and of course, Mu Yu himself. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both oppressed the disciples of Zhongtian and received protection fees. Those innate actors did not ask, let Fu Zong sneak into the fifty-seven undercovers and did not notice. What is the top of the array? ?

  As for why Fu Zong did not send congenital disciples into the interior of the sect, Mu Yu could actually think of it. It is very difficult to be a congenital disciple of the ancestor first, unless the congenital disciple of Fuzong is sent. But Fu Zong’s innate disciples are also very rare, and it is impossible to send them out to be undercover.

  As the saying goes, the children can't bear the wolves, but the words of the sects and Fu Zong are still different. Fu Zong's people know that it is very difficult for a person to learn the battle and the road at the same time. This is also the reason for the separation of the first door.

  If the congenital disciple who sent Fu Zong used to be undercover, this person must learn the battleway with one heart and one mind to avoid doubt. Fu Zong and the sects have always looked down on each other's way, so it is impossible to allow a congenital disciple of Fuzong to practice the Taoist sect.

  As for Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, they are only Zhongtian disciples. Both the sect and the Fuzong are not lacking in the middle of the disciple, so it does not matter if they learn the battle.

  "Master, then when will we be prepared to destroy the sect?"Luo Feilong asked eagerly. The most difficult thing about rape is that they always have to be afraid of being discovered. For many years, they actually have trouble sleeping in their hearts. Once the incident occurs, they will definitely not live.

  "If there is no accident, we should take action this year, and when it is time for you to make a contribution!"Zhou Jinglin smiled.

  "But there is also a mysterious array of Taoist priests. Master, you have to know that even if we win a game in the match test every year and are allowed to enter the forbidden area of ​​the sect, we still have not seen the true face of the heavens. Can we have a way to deal with Heaven?"Ji Wenkai is worried.

  Zhou Jinglin’s face showed a sneer: “Heavenly? Humph! As far as I know, he is now hard to protect himself. Ok, you go back first, quietly wait a few months after the match, then you will be remembered by Fu Zong at that time, especially the two of you! ”

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai left in a grateful way, leaving only Zhou Jinglin and another young man in the room.

  "Look at them, they don't seem to know what happened? Really thought that we would accept them? ”The young people who have not spoken all show a hint of sarcasm. "In the past few years, they have invested so much in both of them. They still have not been able to become innate disciples. It is a waste of those spiritual stones."

  "It is definitely worth the money to invest in them. The profits that the two of them won for Fuzong far exceed the spirits invested." And the advanced test of the array is as difficult as us, and we can't help them. In the future, we will be able to accept them, and they will naturally be clear in the future. UU reads www. Now we still need to rely on them. ”Zhou Jinglin touched his chin.

  Unlike the line between Fu Zong and Fu Zong, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both abandoned the road and changed their way in order to gain the trust of the ancestor. However, in the Fuzong, Fu Zong was despised, and when they returned to the task, it was too late to change the school. How could Fu Zong accept them?

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai did not know that they had long been abandoned by Fu Zong, and they were still happy to be able to work for Fu Zong. Besides, even if Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai don't want to be a spy, it is impossible. They are now too deep to retreat. Fu Zong is unlikely to let them go back. If they choose to rely on the sect, the sects will lose their fortune because they have lost so much. They will certainly not forgive them for their actions, and they will definitely be on the spot!

  Mu Yu wants to hear more about Fu Zong's plan, but then Zhou Jinglin and the young people left directly and disappeared outside Dancheng.

  But one thing that Mu Yu never forgets is: Is it difficult to protect the Taoist sect? What does it mean? What happened to the sky?

  He remembered the words of the old dead wood, and the heavenly road was also one of the masters of the imprisoned imperial concubine. The Sangong Palace wanted to control the imprisonment of the imperial prison. He had to kill the other two masters of the martial arts. Among so many people, the phantom clears. Rain and evil are not easy to kill, then the triple palace guards will definitely put the target on the heavens.

  Is the Mie Palace guardian already shooting against Tiandao?


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