No. 413 Chapter Retreat

  At the moment of the mess above, the white son accounted for more than sunspots, white formed in the shape of an orderly, invincible, and the formation of sunspots more like at Peter Paul, precarious.

  "Try this here!" ”

  Mu Yu intends to launch an offensive, he has been in his mind for so long, at least have to try. His thoughts just moved, and the huge pieces behind him had already vacated and went to the position he wanted. The sunspot fell into the board and splashed countless waves, but did not interfere with any of the pieces.

  Then a white child was forced to sink into the sea and disappeared.

  The chess spirit smiled softly and shook his head. "You take away the whites on my side, but I will destroy your subsequent formation."

  From the back of the chess spirit, Bai Zi slammed into the chessboard, picked up the huge waves, and once again killed the formation of Mu Yu. When Bai Zi came to the forefront, Mu Yu wanted to break out from the side and was still caught off guard.

  "That, then go here."Mu Yu’s mouth was dry and dry. When he played chess, he actually had no bottom in his heart, because he was facing the chess soul, a go master, Alpha Gou, and he was a temporary chicken with a buddha, and there was no chance of winning.

  When he just dropped the sunspot, he found something wrong. This hand exposed his voice more clearly.

  Sure enough, only two rounds, the sea suddenly became a raging wind, a ferocious shark from the bottom of the sea, the three blacks of the wood feather bite, dragged into the sea!

  "Going on, you have nowhere to go."The chess soul said faintly.

  The chess spirit is too strong, and the wood feathers are too breathless. It's not the first time he's used a place he's not good at, in the first place in the Dan Ding pie for the second day of the quota, will not alchemy he spot to and a large number of Dan Ding faction of the Alchemy Gifted disciple competition for places, and finally because don't face guard ge old man to 50% Dan deliberately modify the rules to let him lucky win.

  However, here, he does not have any luck components, winning is winning, losing is losing, one step is full of losses, there is no special aura.

  "Can you come back?"Mu Yu asked.

  The chess player waved and the whole game was re-homed. However, the whole person of Mu Yu was suddenly sinking. He found that his coral reef began to fall down two feet.

  "When you sink to the bottom of the sea, you have no chance, you can only come back next time."Chess soul, and then kindly reminded, "Sink to the bottom of the sea, those sharks will kill you, the pain of death you will know."

  Mu Yu hit a cold, Mom! What a ghost place, if you want to go out, you have to be killed by a shark?

  He pondered for a long time again, and finally settled again! I want to break through from the other side and kill a white child. But the chess soul shot again and defeated the wood feather!

  The third time, the fourth time…

  Mu Yu found himself failing three times and would sink into the sea. The spirit of the chess seems to have long calculated the position of his son, and each time he defeated Mu Yu without any effort.

  "There is definitely a problem! If Master or Dead Wood has taught me to play chess, it would be fine. ”Mu Yu is getting more and more annoyed. He always wants to keep the sunspot out, but the more he does, the more he fails.

  Playing chess is like posing. Feng Haochen has not taught him the knowledge of the formation, but the dead wood has taught him a lot of knowledge. The problem is that this array is too difficult, and Mu Yu can't comprehend it.

  The reason why the endgame is called the endgame is definitely alive. Where is this line of life?

  Mu Yu pondered carefully, but his thoughts were brought into the valley of the dead wood. At that time, Deadwood just took him back from Fuxianyu and then banned it in the valley.


  "Father, your battle has killed so many people. Would you not feel good when you sleep at night?"The wood feathers at that time were still very young, and naively thought that the dead wood was as evil as his appearance.

  The dead wood squinted at the wood feathers. Just now, Mu Yu angered him again. At this moment, he was hanging upside down in the air.

  "Everything stays on the front line. I have arranged the formations so simple. They can't pass them. Why do you ask me to do things?" Why do I accept them as apprentices? What is the relationship between their death and me? If you don't have the ability, you shouldn't be self-sufficient! ”Deadwood road.

  "Where everything stays in the line, I didn't see any tips for you!"After the wood feathers were lifted by the dead wood several times, they were more honest. They knew that they were struggling and useless. They simply hugged their hands and looked backwards.

  "Would I leave a detoxification grass on the edge of the poisonous mist, and other people can come in?" If I don't leave the live vine, do you think that with your little cleverness, you can get a mirror image? Do you think that I really want others to die in my valley? What am I doing here? Cemetery? Those who died were because I was not there. If I were there, I saw those who were not self-sufficient and threw them out, saving me from looking angry. ”Dead wood did not say good.

  Mu Yu slammed his tongue. He really didn't know this. He didn't come in by the poisonous grass when he was poisoned. He understood that he was wrong with the dead wood, but still asked: "What about the demon tree that day? You don't give a hint to the demon tree! ”

  "Do you not hurt it, does it take the initiative to attack you? If you want to pass the angry sacred tree, you must learn to retreat, and not to harm the demon tree, you can pick up the demon fruit. When everyone sees the demon tree, they can't wait to pick up the demon fruit, and eat it by the demon fruit. ”The dead wood snorted.


  Going back? Retreat into the future!

  In the feathers of Mu Yu, a flash of lightning struck, and the game in his eyes suddenly became clear. At the time when I saw the demon tree in the valley, the demon tree was full of fruit. Everyone came here to extract the demon fruit, so everyone would directly start, and therefore will be demon. Fighted and fled.

  This is a qualitative thinking, and you will definitely follow the usual practice when you want to get something.

  Just like this game, when most people see the game, they will think that the sunspot has been eaten by the white child. If you want to win, you can never lose any sunspot, so the first thought is to find a way to the white child. Launch an attack.

  But no matter where you start from, you will be chased by Bai Ziwei, and you will lose money. This will not work.

  If you want to win, you must retreat, know how to choose, and have something to lose!

  Mu Yu overturned all the cracks in these days and re-examined the game. The formation of the sunspot is like a sand in the same dish. It is too breathless to be surrounded by white, and it has reached a difficult level. Baizi seems to be magnificent, in fact, because the black matrix is ​​scattered, and indirectly, the formation of Baizi is split.

  Bai Zi wants to make a bang to eliminate the sunspots, but a bang will mean that it will be exhausted again. Just seduce the whites to put the momentum in an insignificant place, then it is a good time for the sunspots to fight back!

  Mu Yu’s gaze is no longer attached to the existing formation. He always thought about expanding the formation, so he was reluctant to let the white child have the possibility of eating the sunspot again. But no matter where you are, it will be broken by Bai Zi, which is also a place that bothers him. Originally, there are fewer sunspots. How can I let the whites eat some more?

  But often, if one thing wants to succeed, you need to do the opposite. The best way to do this is to discard some of the insignificant sunspots, and start from the overall situation, and guide Bai Zi’s offensive momentum to the side. To the role of abandoning the handsome.

  When you are at a disadvantage, you have to break your own arms. Very few people dare to try this way, but in the battle, it is impossible to kill the enemy without paying a price!

  Mu Yu’s gaze quickly locked in a battle. It can be said that this is the only place to win this game.

  "Did you decide to settle down?"Chess soul looked calmly at Mu Yu.

  When Mu Yu’s heart suddenly broke out, he suddenly thought that the chess he had learned was from the spirit of chess. How high is the chess and soul chess, would he not think of this trick? What if he is not fooled?

  "It's not right. If I put the sunspot here, Baizi will choose to block for his own benefit. If it doesn't go this, it will give me a step, then I can't limit my formation!"

  Mu Yu's eyes condensed, and he turned his head and glanced behind him, and a huge sunspot fell behind him. His thoughts just moved, and the sunspots had fallen to the position that Mu Yu had thought. The sunspots fell on the surface of the sea, causing huge waves, but all the pieces remained still.

  "It's your turn!"Mu Yu said nervously.

  He does not have such a deep chess game as the chess soul. With the ability of the chess soul, he can certainly promote the subsequent development. Mu Yu is equivalent to a desperate practice!

  The spirit of chess does not fall, he looks at Mu Yu, said: "When you put this hand, it means that there will be three sunspots being taken away by me. With your current formation, I am afraid I will not be able to withstand the loss again?"

  "Less nonsense, I want to let go!"Mu Yu clenched his fist. He is still a newbie. He will only push the next few steps at most, and he has no grasp of the development of this mess.

  "Why are you taking this step?"The chess soul continued to ask.

  "With retreat, if I don't lose anything, I have no chance at all!"Mu Yu sighed and thought that it would not be able to overcome the chess spirit anyway, and there would be nothing to hide.

  "So if I continue to contain it, would you lose another three?"The chess soul smiles, but there is no drop. He just pointed to a position and there was a white light on the board.

  Mu Yu had already known this result. He had a thought in his head and a black light appeared in another position.

  "If you go here, I will eat you three more. If you go to the next step, you will lose nearly half of the sunspots. Can you really afford it?"Chess soul laughs.

  Mu Yu sighed, and sure enough, isn’t it?

  But it wasn't right. He carefully deduced it. If he lost half of it, his formation became compact. At this time, Baizi had countless flaws. At that time, his own sunspot will be like a fish, and he will regain lost ground!

  "Yes! That's right! That's it, only then can I win! ”Mu Yu shouted rejoicingly, "Come on, let me go, I feel like I can win!"

  But the spirit of the chess does not move, he just looked at Mu Yu.

  "Quick!"Mu Yu urged the road. UU reading

  "No, when you choose to retreat, the endgame has been solved by you." How many people try not to let themselves lose even if they try this mess, you are one of the few. ”The chess spirit laughed. "And, you are the fastest person to crack the chess game. What is even more commendable is that you are a person who has just learned to play chess. It is quite good to be able to do this. ”

  The hearty laughter rang through the entire sea, and countless sharks suddenly smashed out from the bottom of the sea, swallowing all the pieces, and then Mu Yu’s brain shook, his consciousness has returned to the body.

Mu Yu opened his eyes and scanned all the people in the advanced hall and found that everyone was already watching him. Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders and didn't care about them.

  He secretly recalled the way he had just broken the battle. He found that this battle was not a test of how high the array was, but whether the way of thinking could break the routine and dare to try an unusual path.

  Congenital disciples are not asking for a number of battles, but must know how to make a change and a trade-off for a formation.

  Mu Yu’s hand left the monument and then slowly walked outside.

  "Is he successful?"Zhao Lianggong asked in surprise.

  "Of course it has failed, and the monument has not broken yet! Really thought that this congenital disciple is so good? ”Luo Feilong snorted.

  However, Luo Feilong’s voice just fell, and the monument behind Muyu collapsed!

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