Chapter 416 Chambers

  Mu Yu on the third day of posting the notice, many transit disciples had come to surrender. Many of these Zhongtian disciples used to be mixed with Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, but they were unpopular because they both crushed the middle-class disciples.

  When Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were still overlords, no one dared to resist them, because they always had a way to make the rebellious people miserable. Now it’s hard to have a person stand up against the two bastards, and there are quite a lot of natural responders.

  Although this new leader of the Zhongtian disciple is only a person who built the foundation period, he is now full of potential and will become a congenital disciple in the future. If he can hold such a thigh at this time, it will be beneficial to his future self.

  However, there are still some people who are on the sidelines. They are actually inclined to follow Fengmu, but many people know the fierce means of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. In the past, there was a talented disciple who had just tried to fight against the two men, and the result fell to the point where the inexplicable disappearance was unknown! Guess not to guess is that they were killed by the two.

  These wait-seeing disciples know that with the current cultivation of Fengmu, it is very likely that they will step into the footsteps of that person.

  "Duanyang, how many people now want to choose from Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai's claws to follow me?"Wood Yu leaned back on the chair and asked Duan Yang with a high-pitched tone.

  In the past few days, he has called Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing as dogs, and he has no sense of guilt. Originally, you are pretending to be honest, then you want to put a dog, then simply do the dog to do it!

  Duan Yang’s heart has already smashed his stomach, and his one-time Yuan Ying’s repairer has been called by a person who built the foundation for a few days. This is really a huge shame! If it weren’t for the purpose of monitoring the movement of this wind wood at any time, he had already slammed into the wind and wooden head.

  Although he was very angry, he did not dare to show it. Instead, he put on a pleasing expression: "A total of 34 people have clearly stated that they will follow you. One of them was followed by Luo Feilong. I used to follow Ji Wenkai. The remaining eight were not standing in line with us. ”

  Mu Yu naturally did not know how many of the 34 people were Fu Zong's spies, but he did not care. The gang was originally intended to show Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. He did not expect these people to Help him with anything.

  He blatantly recruited and recruited his own forces, and expanded his power. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai will definitely send a confidant to the side of Mu Yu, pretending to listen to Mu Yu, but in fact secretly staring Mu Yu, let him not move.

  Imagine if a person's followers are all undercover, how can this person turn over the waves?

  But the same, Mu Yu also concluded that Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai sent to monitor his people, there must be Fu Zong people undoubtedly. Because they want to kill Mu Yu, they must find some trusted people to do this. In this way, once Mu Yu leaves the lineage out of the field, he can use his own person to get the whereabouts of Mu Yu, and then poison the hands of Mu Yu, and can also prevent the sound of walking.

  After all, letting your own serial port supply is much safer than letting the serial port of the disciple. His own people will not reveal their secrets, and the Zhongtian disciples of the ancestors will be difficult to say.

  This trick of Mu Yu is actually a practice of introducing wolves into the room. It is impossible for him to check the number of Zhongtian disciples and Zhongtian strategists who are from the ancestors. The best way is to let those The spies are attracted to their own side, and the first part is dropped!

  "Wu Wenxing,

Go and collect a list of all the Chinese disciples. We want to compete with those two people, we must have an understanding of everyone! ”Mu Yu Road.

  "Yes."Wu Wenxing was so angry that he was gnashing his teeth. These two days, like a coolie, they both ran their legs for Mu Yu. They had long wanted to kill this guy. He secretly vowed that when Feng Mu came out of the battle, he would not be able to ask for survival! I will first count the accounts of these days and then kill the wind wood.

  "Duanyang, you have to get a list of all the squadrons, remember that the more detailed the better, it is best to list their performance and contributions. We also need to do a good job with the Zhongtian Array. After all, they are also coming from Zhongtian disciples. ”Mu Yu ordered again.

  "Yes!"Duan Yang quickly promised, but after a turn, he changed his look of murder and then left.

  "Mom, the temper of these two people is really good! This makes them able to endure, and it is worthy of being a spoiled person. ”Mu Yu said in his heart.

  I think that the two men have had a lot of sorrow in the past few days, and they have been very happy with the command of Fu Zong.

  Just when Mu Yu planned to look at the list of Zhongtian disciples who had been sincerely inspected, the door was suddenly pushed open and a head came in.

  "Cheng Zhuo, it is you!"Mu Yu smiled. Cheng Zhuo is actually a very real person. He originally lived in a house with Mu Yu. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai did not let him monitor Mu Yu, which shows that they do not trust Cheng Zhuo, Cheng Zhuo should be the person of the array.

  Cheng Zhuo walked in with some uneasiness, and barely smiled at Mu Yu, and then said: "I really didn't think that the person who broke the monument would be you, and I was not self-sufficient to say that I was going to cover you." ”

  Wood feather pointed at the chair and said: "Sit! What is so nervous, are we good friends? ”

  Cheng Zhu looked at the door and said in a whisper: "I am not talking to you today. I know that you want to fight against Luo Feilong Ji Wenkai, but I advise you to be careful.
Although you have Lu’s support, they are not good people. There are also Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing who were not neutral disciples. They were two people who used to be Luo Feilong. They listened to Luo Feilong and they came to monitor you. ”

  Mu Yu blinked: "You just came over and said this to me?"

  "Well, we are also friends, I don't want to watch you happen." Last time, there was also a brother who wanted to compete with the two of them, but he never came back after going out of the field. It is said that there was an accident when the line was set up. The mental disorder caused by the array of spirits caused an explosion and the bones were not saved. But we all know that it is actually done by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. I can’t say it, I am worried that you will be like him. ”Cheng Zhuo said seriously.

  Mu Yu was touched in his heart. This Cheng Zhuo was a good person. Originally, Mu Yu thought that he came to rely on himself. He did not expect to come over and give himself a wake up.

  "Well, I know how to deal with both of them. Do you want to work with me? ”Mu Yu has long been aware of the small insects of Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai, but it is not necessarily who killed who at that time!

  Cheng Zhuo hesitated, said: "I know that you will have a promising future, but I don't think you should be too high-profile before you grow up. At least you have to wait until you reach the Yuan Ying period. You listen to me and try to stay away from them. Try to follow Lu’s teacher to improve, and don’t go out to work. They don’t dare to kill in the Zongmen, but they will definitely deal with when you go out to work. your. ”

  Mu Yu always felt that Cheng Zhuo seemed to know something. He planned to explore Cheng Zhuo's tone and see if he could put anything out of Cheng Zhuokou.

  "Why didn't they dare to kill me in the battle? Is it not convenient for them to make an accident in the sect? Do you have to wait for me to go out to work? Even if Lu Xianshi suspected that they were on the head, but in the middle-class disciples, the two of them could compete with Fu Zong. Is it true that Lu Xianshi will punish them? ”

  "They are not so simple, if Lu Xianshi suspects that they are likely to reveal their identity…"Cheng Zhuo said that suddenly he slammed his mouth, and he glanced at Muyu in horror, knowing that he seemed to be wrong, and quickly turned to leave.

  But he just turned and the figure of Mu Yu appeared in front of him and shocked him. Cheng Zhuo is also repaired in Yuan Ying period, but why is there a speed in the foundation of a building?

  "What is their identity? Do you know what? ”Mu Yu's eyebrows are slightly picking.

  "I, I didn't say anything…I can't say, you just didn't hear anything. ”Cheng Zhuo pushed the wooden feathers to leave. He thought that he couldn't stop the wood feathers by his own infancy, but the wood feathers did not move, and he put a hand on the shoulder of Cheng Zhuo. Cheng Zhuo was frightened to find that he could not move!

  "What is their identity? You are a group with them, right? ”Mu Yu asked sharply.

  "I am different from them! I am not a spy! ”Cheng Zhuo said eagerly, then he realized that he said that he had leaked his mouth, his expression was very flustered, and he seemed to be crying.

  "Small, do you know that they are the traitors of Fu Zong?"Mu Yu stared at Cheng Zhuo.

  Cheng Zhuo Zhang opened his mouth: "How do you know that they are the spies of Fu Zong?"Then he glanced around in a panic, seemingly afraid of something, whispered, "I can't say something, or I will die very badly. You let me go! I can't tell you, there are ears in the wall! ”

  "Reassured, I have set up a sound insulation array here, no one can steal our conversation."Mu Yu let go of Cheng Zhuo, Cheng Zhuo found that he could move, UU read He just wanted to escape, but took a few steps and stopped.

  "You, you are not the cultivation of the foundation period, your cultivation is more powerful than me. Are you also the spies sent by Fu Zong?"Cheng Zhuo’s face was pale to the extreme.

  "I came to deal with the traitor of Fu Zong. If you know that the two of them are spies, why not expose them?"Wood feathers cool channel.

  Cheng Zhuo seemed to think of something, and he shuddered in a horror, saying: "Are you really not the traitor of Fu Zong?"

  "I was sent by Lu Xianshi to find the spies."Mu Yu Hu Yudao.

  "The original Lu Xianshi also knows? I thought that those innate actors were kept in the dark! ”Cheng Zhuo's face eased down, looking at Mu Yu's eyes full of awe, then shook his head: "Where can I say!" I have no evidence. Who can trust me on my side? ”

  "Tell me all about you."Ms. Yu did not expect that it was not only that she discovered the spies of Fu Zong alone, but even Cheng Zhuo discovered it unintentionally.

  If Cheng Zhuo knows more than himself, then this matter is even smoother.

  Fifty-seven spies are mixed into the squad. If there is a person who will definitely affect other people, Fu Zong must use some methods to avoid this. Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are the leaders of this group of spies. Only they should know who is undercover.

  Mu Yu wants to eliminate the spies sent by Fu Zong, this complete list must be done!

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