No. 417 Chapter Breath when climbing character

  Cheng hesitated for a long time, this just began to know things Lay said out.

  It turned out that Cheng Zhuo discovered Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai a year ago. Last year's match test, Cheng Zhuo was the disciple of the Zhongtian disciple and Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai who represented the sect.

  Originally Cheng Zhuo was full of confidence. For this match, he deliberately studied a set of attacking methods of his own. However, I never imagined that when I was on the opposite side of the Fuzong disciple, I saw the face of the party and knew exactly where the weakness of my formation was, and it was directly defeated.

  No one can do this. If it is said that in the trial with Fu Zong disciples, his arrays and spells have been defeated for several rounds. It is understandable that after all, the flaw of the array method is that it takes a long time to explore. Found weaknesses.

  However, he was only defeated by Fu Zong’s disciples when he was just married. It seems that the disciple’s disciple knew exactly where his weakness was. This is impossible unless someone tells Fu Zong disciple about it.

  Cheng Zhuo carefully recalled that about this battle, only Luo Feilong came over and asked about it, saying that it was to help Cheng Zhuo defeat the Fu Zong. Cheng Zhuo told Luo Feilong that Luo Feilong had kindly pointed out his own research.

  The more he thought about the more wrong, the more he planned to go to Luo Feilong to ask for a clear idea. I didn't expect that at that time, he accidentally discovered that Luo Feilong and Fu Zong's disciples were colluding in secret. He also understood that Luo Feilong was Fu Zong's spies!

  "So how did you find that Ji Wenkai and Luo Feilong are the same as the traitors of Fu Zong?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  "When I went to find Luo Feilong, he was holding a piece of paper in his hand. I recognized the piece of paper, but it was the thing of Fu Zong. After he saw the piece of paper, he put on the night clothes and looked away in a hurry. I feel that something is wrong and I follow him. All the way out of the sect, fell on a barren hill. ”Cheng Zhuo Dun paused and continued:

  "I didn't dare to rely too close, but I faintly heard that Luo Feilong was kneeling in front of Fu Jing's Zhou Jinglin, and also called Zhou Jinglin as the master! At that time, I was quite shocked. I was afraid that I was afraid of being discovered. I didn’t dare to move. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I heard the voice of Ji Wenkai. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. He is also an apprentice of Zhou Jinglin! ”

  Cheng Zhuo remembered that the situation at the time seemed to be a little scared. If he was discovered at that time, I am afraid that his repair would definitely be life-saving!

  "Do you mean that Luo Feilong rushed to the barren hills after watching a piece of paper?"Mu Yu seized the focus of Cheng Zhuo's words.

  "I later investigated the Fu Zong's technique. I think that the character is most likely to be Fu Zong's 'connected character'. Fu Zong likes to seal the array in a small piece of paper. Their skills are very clever, and the qi is a kind of technique used to inform the message. It has a total character, as long as you use the spiritual power to write the text in the total character, the other characters will appear the same text, this kind of thing is quite precious, Fu Zong is not passed on. I still found information about the gas in our squad. ”Cheng Zhuodao.

  The total character will be written on the text, and the other papers will change. This kind of thing is used to collect artifacts of one's own people, and there is no need to notify one by one. Presumably, Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai usually have a message from the two people that they need to be communicated to other spies.

  "I have to admit that Fuzong is really better than our squad in a small way!"Wood feathers could not help but sigh.

  The array is better at large-scale mysterious arrays. Of course, they also have the ability to seal a kind of array on a small item, such as the array of the most famous works made by Lu Xianshi.

  However, the sects have never paid much attention to this small array method, and Fu Zong is focusing on various dexterous small martial arts. This kind of martial arts makes the life of the cultivators more convenient, but they are in large arrays. The establishment of the Fa is far less than the formation of the Fa.

  "So how are you going to deal with them?"Cheng Zhuo asked.

  He has been afraid to say this thing because his ability is not enough to compete with Luo Feilong Ji Wenkai. There is no conclusive evidence to say that it will be regarded as awkward. If it wasn’t for the leak, he might choose to keep this secret in his stomach.

  "Since you know their contact information, it is easy to get all the spies."Mu Yu did not go to blame Cheng Zhuo as a disciple and watched the traitor of the sect. Cheng Zhuo is not a wooden feather, Mu Yu has the ability to protect himself, and he is not much better than the traitors! While Cheng Zhuo did not receive enough attention in the battle, his words were difficult to persuade.

  "If you go back, it will happen as if nothing happened. Try not to make a sound. I will deal with this matter." If you find something abnormal about them, come to me. ”Mu Yu’s heart is already working on a plan.

  He remembered that the number of Zhongtian disciples and Zhongtian strategists increased by more than 500, only to let Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing collect the list of all the disciples and Zhongtian strategists. It is hidden among these more than 500 people.


  "He wants a list of Zhongtian disciples and masters?"Luo Feilong frowned.

  Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing were sent by Muyu to collect information, but the two of them knew that in the sect, the most familiar people to Zhongtian disciples and Zhongtian faculty were Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai. The easiest way to get this list is to find them.

  "You said he would find us and Fu Zong…"Duan Yang wants to stop talking.

  "He is a new
Come, can you know how much? Don't think about it, he is purely to understand the situation and compete with us. ”Wu Wenxing yelled at the side.

  Luo Feilong touched his chin and kept silent.

  "If you don't want to write about the list of people on the list, you can't find it."Duan Yang suggested.

  Luo Feilong shook his head: "No, if you are discovered by someone with a heart, you are not a self-investment." You will simply give it to the information we collected, and now you two get his trust, and it will be much easier to start later. ”

  Duan Yang’s face showed a sly look, and he gnashed his teeth: "If you have the chance to kill him, can you let me do it myself?" These days, I was called by a guy who built a foundation, and it’s a fucking! ”

  Luo Feilong nodded: "Yes, he will pay the price."


  Mu Yu looked at the list on his hand and thought that this kind of thing was really simple. He had expected that Duan Yang and Wu Wenhui would go to Luo Feilong or Ji Wenkai to ask for this list, and Luo Feilong would be willing to hand over the list in order to let Duan Yang and Wu Wenxing get the trust of Mu Yu.

  This list is very complete, although the information is very simple, but Rao is not able to see any clues. Luo Feilong is not a fool. He dared to hand over the list. He is confident that the information on the spies is no different from other Chinese disciples. It is impossible for Mu Yu to see from the list which people are spies.

  But with the list of all the middle-class disciples and the middle school, there are also a few in my heart when I look for spies.

  Think of the Zhongtian and Zhongtian and the disciples add up to a total of more than 500 people, Fu Zong sent the spies occupy One-tenth, the array in the management of the disciple this piece of a great loophole.

  The array of investigations on the introductory background of the innate disciples was very strict, but there was no detailed investigation of the disciples of Zhongtian and the disciples of the day after tomorrow. This also led Fu Zong to seize the opportunity to infiltrate the spies.

  Mu Yu had planned to study the list in the past few days, but Lu Xianshi suddenly asked a Zhongtian disciple to let him go to see one side. Mu Yu remembered Lu’s so-called genius training plan, he could only helplessly Lu Xianshi’s residence went.

  The residence of Lu Xianshi is located in a woods, quiet and elegant. However, when Mu Yu just stepped on the woods, he immediately noticed a lot of things that were not right. This forest is obviously a mystery, but it was set up by Lu Xianshi to not disturb people.

  "Lu Xianshi, disciple Fengmu seeks to see."Mu Yu asked outside the woods.

  "It's wind wood! come in! ”The voice of Lu Xianshi came from the woods.

  Mu Yu stepped into the woods and suddenly floated around the undetectable lines. The whole forest began to rustle, as if there was a gust of wind swaying in the woods, blowing up the fallen leaves. The small roads in this forest criss-cross and lead to different places, and I don't know which one is the residence of Lu Xianshi.

  Lu Xianshi did not respond after the first answer, and did not indicate where Mu Yu should go. It is obviously intended to let Mu Yu find his own way.

  "Making hair! It’s a magical array, it’s all boring! ”Can you not see one side well?

  It is extremely strict to protect one's own nature. Generally, if it is an ordinary visitor, Lu Xianshi will not be deliberately embarrassed, and will directly untie the array and let visitors come in. But for Mu Yu, he suddenly wanted to see if this genius Feng Mu could find his position.

  Lu Xianshi has not known much about Fengmu so far. Although Fengmu has broken a monument in front of him, but everything in the monument is not clear except for Fengmu himself. He intends to observe the wind wood. How to break the line.

  Mu Yu was wandering around the woods for a while. This puzzle was arranged by the innate philosophers. It was quite complicated. It was impossible to break with ordinary Zhongtian disciples without any hints. Wood Yu also felt quite tricky.

  "Lu Xianshi, just look at it, do you have to do this?"Mu Yu asked aloud. UU reading

  "Haha! If you have the ability, you will take down my seven-pronged illusion. I will spend an hour on the Seventh Magic Array. Let me see the ability of your kid! I will give you two hours, don't let me down! ”Lu Xianshi said proudly that he is quite confident in his seven-fold fantasy. The favorite thing between the first divisions is to learn from each other. Situ Yangtian, who is said by Lu Xianshi, is the first teacher who always has a stinky face.

  Although Mu Yu’s talent is smart, it’s too easy for Mu Yu’s broken two monuments so far. Lu Xianshi worried that he would create impetuous pride and decided to use his own array to suppress Mu Yu and let him know that there are heavens outside. Someone else. At the same time, in the presence of Mu Yu, the image of the innate array of squadrons was established. It could not be seen by a Zhongtian disciple.

  "This is what you said, don't blame me for tearing down the puzzle."The wooden feathers were placed on the trunk with a smile on the corner of the mouth.

  "Nothing, this seven-pronged illusion uses nine hundred and eighty-one in a congenital base. It encapsulates forty-nine arrays. The route in the woods is changing all the time. Sometimes I will get lost, I think. See if you can dismantle…"

  Lu Xianshi’s smug look did not last for five seconds. Suddenly there was a violent shock in the whole forest, like a major earthquake, and even his house swayed.

  Mu Yu has already opened the door and smiled at Lu Xianshi: "The disciple has seen Lu Xianshi."

  "How can this be?"Lu Xianshi was dumbfounded.

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