No. 421 Night raids

  Five days ago Mu Yu accepted Jianyang persuasion, decided to a field, and three days ago the South star Taoist Temple of the village was destroyed, this is not a coincidence, I am afraid is Rofei Dragon and Divenke in the Fu Zong with the help of deliberately created a conspiracy.

  With an out-of-body period to repair the destruction of this degree of the village is easy to use, not a quarter of an hour, but He Tianqiang just spent a quarter of an hour, and only destroyed the South star Taoist Temple Building, and did not harm the South star Taoist Temple of anyone, it is not in line with the common sense.

  If He Tianqiang has a hatred with Nan Xing Guan, he will certainly kill the South Star Viewer to revenge, and even wash the entire Southern Star Taoist Temple, instead of giving the South Star Viewer a chance to ask the people of the sect to remedy.

  The South Star Taoist looks very frustrated, but Mu Yu suspects that he and Fu Zong's people are very likely to be a group. If you take advantage of Fu Zong, then it is not a problem to destroy a mountain guard.

  Mu Yu was arranged in this field and came to the Southern Star Taoist Temple. If Mu Yu did not guess wrong, I am afraid that the Fu Zong people intend to use the contradiction between the Yunhe School and the Nanxing Taoist Temple to remove the quasi-innate disciple!

  In the dispute between Yunhe School and Nanxing Taoist Temple, Mu Yu was killed, and the illusion was made to make the people of the ancestors think that Mu Yu was mistakenly killed in the fire of these two sects. The people of the squad want to trace, they will only find the Yunhe School and the South Star Guardian, and vent their anger to these two sects, and will not blame Fu Zongtou.

  A good knife to kill!

  "So how do they do it? Ma Mingxun, are you going to wait for me when the two sects fight? Nanxing Taoist, what role do you play? ”

  Mu Yu stared at the backs of Ma Mingxun and Nanxing Dao, and meditated in his heart. He is not afraid of Ma Mingxun, but is thinking about whether there are innocent people involved in this bureau. He needs to confirm whether the Nanxing Taoist and Fuzong people are a group. If it is Mu Yu, he will not hesitate to kill him. .

  "Adults come from afar, may wish to take a break in the cold house, and come back to the array tomorrow. There are adults, and there is no fear that He Tianqiang will do what he wants."When Nan Xingguan saw the Ma Mingxun in the flood season, he was very enthusiastic and did not know whether it was true or not.

  Ma Mingxun looked at the destroyed base and sank for a long while. He said: "The star of the South Star, according to the principle of our sect, has always been not involved in the disputes between other sects, so we are only responsible for the array, once your party In the event of a conflict with the Yunhe faction, we will not intervene. You still need to remember this."

  "The villain is clear, naturally not, naturally not."

  Nan Xingguan’s face flashed a trace of embarrassment and disappointment. Obviously the other side also knew his thoughts, so he took the lead. Ma Mingxun said this is tantamount to warning the Southern Stars that the Lord did not think about dragging them into the water.

  "What kind of abacus is this Ma Mingxun playing? Isn’t it the best time for you to get involved in the dispute between the two sects? ”Mu Yu vaguely felt that things were not so simple, wasn't Ma Mingxun brewing other plots?

  Looking at the disappointing look of the Nanxing Taoist people, it seems that it is not loaded. Isn’t the Nanxing Taoist just an innocent victim?

  "The deal you made with our sect is to do the same big mountain escort, but depending on your current situation, are you sure you don't arrange a more advanced array?"Ma Mingxun asked.

  The star of the South Star actually has this plan in mind, but he understands that the cost of a more advanced array will naturally be higher.

He asked: "If I want to arrange a formation that can resist the attack of the flood season, how many Lingshi needs?"

  "Nine hundred thousand."Ma Mingxun.

  "Nine hundred thousand!"The star of the South Star is almost called out. His face is red and white. How can a small sect of his own come out with so many 90,000 Lingshi? The Guardian Guardian, which was originally able to resist the Yuan Ying period, only needs 10,000 yuan, but it is necessary to resist 90,000 times of the 90,000 times!

  This is not Ma Mingxun's asking price in the sky, resisting the attack of the Yuan Ying period and resisting the attack during the flood season. These are two different concepts. The flood season is much more powerful than the Yuan Ying period. The 900,000 is not expensive. The most important thing is that at least 800,000 of the 900,000 are used for deployment, and the array receives 100,000 labor costs.

  The disciples and strategists attending the battle can only get a few thousand rewards, and the rest must be handed over to Zongmen, which is distributed by Zongmen. After all, the whole array is full of arrays, and there is no spiritual stone to maintain. Can't go on.

  The ancestors have raised so many disciples. Every Zhongtian disciple receives a hundred pieces of Lingshi for free every month. The source of these Lingshi is drawn from each single business.

  “Given you are an old customer, we can save you 10,000 yuan.”Ma Mingxun.

  Nan Xingguan’s face was gray, and he shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Don’t be an adult, the villain can’t even get 200,000 Lingshi, let alone 900,000.”

  Nanxing Taoist Temple is not like those big gates. They all have fixed spiritual income. They are equal to survive in the cracks. It is good to have 100,000 pieces of Lingshi income in a year. Besides, the big mountain guard is like a bottomless pit. It needs a supply of spiritual stone. Once the supply of Lingshi is not available, the big mountain guardian will be ineffective.

  It can withstand the flood-fighting squad of the flood season, and consumes 500,000 Lingshi on average for two years. That is to say, two years later, it is necessary to ask people to maintain the array, plus the various costs of 7788 damage. It also needs 600,000. Two years, 600,000, 300,000 a year, Nanxing Taoist Temple can not afford such a large mountain guard.

  "Then we
There is nothing that can be done. Tomorrow we will help you to deploy a battle that is sufficient to resist the attack of Yuan Ying Jiu Tian Tian. The rest will look at you. ”Ma Mingxun said.

  The array is not a charity. They are also dependent on their own methods to support their work. It is impossible to do things for others in vain.

  Nan Xingguan nodded. There was no way. He personally took Mu Yu and others to the place where he stayed, and then told the Taoist disciples to wait and wait, and then left.

  "You have a good rest for three nights, and we will leave tomorrow after we have finished the law."Ma Mingxun.


  Nan Xingguan did not neglect them, leaving them four rooms, one for each. This has been specially vacated, because other buildings have been damaged by He Tianqiang, many disciples have to be squeezed in the same room, can make Mu Yu one person is very polite.

  Mu Yu lay on his bed and he didn't fall asleep. Ma Mingxun next door may be waiting for himself to fall asleep and then start to himself! He was prepared to wait for Ma Mingxun to reveal his fox tail and teach him a meal.

  Of course, he wouldn't think that Fu Zong only sent Ma Mingxun to deal with him alone. There will definitely be others, but he has nothing to fear, and he has a lot of means to protect himself! Who is dead is not necessarily!

  Sure enough, in the middle of the night, a loud noise came from the outside, and then the whole house trembled fiercely. Mu Yu turned up and watched the changes around him vigilantly.

  At this moment, a cold voice outside, such as thunder and lightning, echoed throughout the Southern Star Taoist Temple –

  "Give me the South Star Taoist people!"

  "He Tianqiang, there are people in the Taoist temple, you dare to let go!"The angry voices of the Southern Stars are heard through the clouds.

  "Array? What is it about me? I only know that all the people of the Southern Star Taoist Temple today have to die! ”He Tianqiang said sternly.

  "Dare to let us die in the Southern Star Taoist Temple, you have to pay the price!"The Southern Stars screamed, and then the entire Taoist Temple rang the sounds of countless magic weapons.


  Mu Yu’s door was slammed open, and Ma Mingxun’s figure flashed in. He shouted: “Wind wood, let’s get out of here!”

  "Humph!"The figure of Mu Yu floated like a ghost to Ma Mingxun, but at this moment a cold voice came from outside the house: "Want to escape?" Leave it to me! ”

  The horror of the catastrophe was generally rolled from the outside to the house where Mu Yu was located. The roof tiles were suddenly smashed, and countless debris fell and smashed into the people inside the house. However, how can these things get the wood feathers, and Mu Yu’s hand has been caught behind Ma Mingxun’s back.

  "The people of Fu Zong, you dare to let go here!"Ma Mingxun was furious and yelled at the road.

  "what?"Mu Yu’s hard-won hand came back, and his figure quickly retreated. I felt a little strange. How did Ma Mingxun say this?

  "Gu Fei, Jing Yucheng, you two left with Fengmu, you must send him safely back to the battle!"Ma Mingxun’s voice just fell, his body shape has already floated out.

  and many more! Ma Mingxun is not a spy of Fu Zong!

  Mu Yu was shocked. He guessed that he was wrong. Ma Mingxun did not care about him. On the contrary, he also protected Mu Yu. He will understand it carefully, and the person of Fu Zong will send a spy to come to work with him. Once Mu Yu has an accident, and the person who walks with Mu Yu will go back in peace, Zongmen will definitely be angry with his peers. People, how can Fu Zong people take this risk!

  I am afraid that Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng are also innocent!

  "It almost hurts someone."Mu Yu secretly stupid, but at this moment, Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng have already found the figure of Mu Yu from the collapsed house, and they both came to the side of Mu Yu.

  "Teacher, be careful! let's go! ”Both Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng had Jin Dan’s nine-day repairs. They tried their best to protect the wood feathers behind them, and then swept the wood feathers away.

  "We are going to help Ma Zhongshi. UU reading "Mu Yu Shen channel.

  "I know that the person who fights with Ma Zhongshi is a congenital disciple of Fu Zong. He has a period of cultivation, and we can't beat it."Gu Fei said eagerly.

  "Oh! Oh! Hey! ”

  Suddenly, three sharp, empty sounds came from the darkness, and they quickly shot at the three wooden feathers. Mu Yu couldn't see what it was, but his shadow sword had been squirted, and the sharp object in front was split in half. Then the two people around him did not escape. The two were hit by sharp objects. A fall, fell down.

  "You two! Is it okay? ”Mu Yu was shocked. He only took care of blocking the sharp objects that were shot at him, but he couldn’t help the Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng around him. The people who attacked in the dark were not low, at least not lower than the wooden feathers, and they could not stop them.

  Mu Yu's toes were a little in front of the eaves, and turned back to fly toward Gu Gu and Jing Yucheng. He quickly fell next to the two, and the vitality of them did not pass, indicating that they were still alive. Mu Yu just wanted to look down on the situation on them, but the two suddenly burst into flames, and the whole body flashed a yellow base, which turned into a sharp sword and assassinated against Mu Yu.

  "what happened?"Both Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng were repaired in the Golden Age. They could not hurt Mu Yu by their cultivation, but Mu Yu still didn't understand why the two men suddenly attacked him.

  He escaped the attack of the two men. With the help of the fire, he was surprised to find that Gu Fei and Jing Yucheng were actually posted a yellow paper in the middle of their forehead!
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