Chapter 423 Array and Fu (Son)

  "Is you hiding the strength? It’s really a small one! ”The unexpected expression on the face of Fu Zong’s youth did not flash, but when Mu Yu’s shot, he had discovered that the repair of Mu Yu was only a period of embarrassment. He had never looked at the comprehension of the expiration period.

  "If this person does not kill him, will you kill him?"Mu Yu said coldly. Fu Zong's people deliberately use the hand of He Tianqiang to kill Mu Yu. This is to create the illusion that Mu Yu accidentally died, so that the people of the sect can not find Fu Zong's head, then He Tianqiang will be wiped out after using it.

  He always felt uncomfortable when he killed a person. The death of that kind of life made him very uncomfortable. However, the death of He Tianqiang made him feel no fluctuations in his heart, and even a little joy, and his heart seemed to have some unspeakable sense of pleasure.

  This is the first time that Mu Yu was murdered after Mu Ling was contaminated by the dead grass. He found that some changes had occurred in his body.

  "I have to thank you for killing me for me, saving me to do it myself."Fu Zongqing looked at the body of He Tianqiang young and slyly, without any sad expression.

  He Tianqiang is only a tool he used to assassinate Mu Yu. He wanted to use He Tianqiang to kill Mu Yu, so Fu Zong could avoid conflict with the ancestor in advance. Obviously, the information provided by Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai has made mistakes. The repair of Mu Yu is not a golden age.

  However, this is nothing for the high-spirited Fuzong youth. He cultivated himself in the ninth day of the squatting period. He is on the top of the celestial list. Why are you afraid of an unknown boy?

  "Remember, my name is Mo Ziming, the 71st is extremely immortal, saving you from being unclear!"Fu Zong’s mouth of Mo Ziming showed a hint of laughter.

  "I don't want to know the name of the dead."

  Mu Yu’s killing is in vain, and there is a hate in his heart. I don’t know if it’s for dead wood, or for the day, but Fu Zong and the Tianxing Gate hook together, want to kill him for their own purposes, in the view of Mu Yu Both are the best, he doesn't mind killing another one!

  "Zhang mad!"

  Mo Ziming stepped on the ground with his feet, and suddenly the layers of cracks spread around him. He appeared eight purple papers around him, and the purple papers were arranged in a gossip. The purple spirits connected them together, and the violent aura gathered toward the eight sheets of paper. The horrible power came. getting bigger.

  Mu Yu did not say anything, and it went straight to the sky and went outside the South Star Taoist Temple. If there is a battle with Mo Ziming here, and the destructive power that erupted during their outburst, the entire southern star Taoist temple will probably be destroyed, and even the southern star Taoist people will not survive. He looked down at the Southern Star Taoist Temple. At this moment, many disciples of the Yunhe School kept on standby outside the Southern Star Taoist Temple. They did not know that their heads had fallen.

  "The other of you killed me this old man!"

  The ultimate goal of Mo Ziming is to kill people, so he will not allow the existence of a living mouth for everyone in the Southern Star Taoist Temple. At this moment, he used the soul to control many people in the Southern Star Taoist Temple, and they wanted to instruct these people to kill their heads.

  And his goal is Mu Yu, worried that Mu Yu escaped, so the body shape chased the past. When he stopped, Mu Yu had been waiting for him in the woods ahead.

  "The array is against Fu Zong, yes!"Mu Yu’s eyes condensed, and four congenital formations emerged. A momentum that was not weaker than Mo Ziming exuded, and the surrounding patterns in the surrounding area immediately enveloped Mo Ziming.

  "Your sect will never be able to rival us."Mo Ziming laughed evilly,

Eight purple characters flashed, his fingertips moved slightly, the purple spiritual power rushed out of the paper, gradually gathered on the chest, forming a purple gossip, a huge purple hand sticking out from the gossip, fierce Photographed by Mu Yu!

  The majestic momentum hits the wooden feathers, and this palm locks the atmosphere of the wood feathers. Like the peak of Mount Tai, it faintly achieves the power of a heavy day of distraction! Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked. Can the teacher use the paper to play such a terrible power?

  However, Mu Yu did not panic, the four bases touched each other, and the fingertips quickly pulled the spirit. The air seemed to have a thick spider web, which made the purple hand's falling trend stagnate, but soon the spider web was broken and continued to the wood feather. Come.

  However, because the spider web blocked it, he had already won enough time for Mu Yu, and the whole person had disappeared in the same place, out of the scope of the giant hand. The giant hand fell in the woods below, all the trees were destroyed, and a hand-shaped pit appeared on the ground!

  Zi Lingzhang, Fu Zong's innate spell, is known for his strong attack. This Mo Ziming is almost holding a mentality of killing, but unfortunately was hiding by Mu Yu. The array of formations is not weak, and the "sky network" can not only be used to capture opponents, but also to resist fierce attacks.

  Numerous Qingyan screamed and swept away in different directions toward Mo Ziming. Qingyan took the sound, and Mu Yu just learned the short-term array. These Qingyan figures only left a phantom, and they couldn’t see the specific shadow at all. But each Qingyan is like a shuttle, as if it can penetrate people.

  Mu Yu never actually used Qingyan to capture the sound in front of Lu Xianshi. At this moment, all the spiritual powers were unreservedly distributed. Qingyan’s sounds reached a hundred of horror, and they were intertwined in the air. Mo Ziming left his index finger back to the hook, and Zi Lingzhang turned out again. This time he did not shoot it, but he held it himself. Countless Qingyan went to the giant palm and annihilated. These Qingyans do not have any powerful power. Their role will only shield the enemy's hearing. Unfortunately, Mo Ziming has a deep understanding of the formation of the sect. This Qingyan can't help him.

  The wooden feather fingers move, and the remaining Qingyan stops the dive, but hovering around, waiting for the opportunity to move. However, the sky suddenly flashed a blue electric spark, a
Lightning appeared out of thin air, and countless blue thunder snakes screamed out of the lightning.

  "Shock and Remnant Snakes!"

  Razer really interprets what is called lightning, and the figure is approaching an incredible point, fast and powerful. They don't have the same attack power as Qing Yan, but they have a powerful tearing force, as if they can drill countless holes in the sky!

  The thunder snake slammed on the purple spirit palm, and the purple spirit palm blew, and countless electric sparks spread. Mo Ziming was shocked. He clearly felt that there was a crack in the purple palm. However, more thunder snakes seem to be inexhaustible from the lightning in the air, so that his purple spirit will soon be destroyed.

  This shocked and remnant snake, Mo Ziming, vaguely listened to his master Zhou Jinglin, but it was the most aggressive attacking technique of Lu Xianshi. Even Zhou Jinglin did not dare to pick it up. I didn’t expect this kid to be so horrible. The brain is learned.

  Mo Ziming understands that he still looks down on Mu Yu, but as a congenital disciple of Fu Zong, how powerful is his ability to adapt! He raised his hand and a black bun was floating out. The paper appeared with a heavy, solid smell, and then the paper flickered with a mysterious pattern, and a black fighter shot rushed out of the paper.

  This gun is called "Wu Jinyu", which is made of precious Wujin. Its value is immeasurable. It is a magic weapon given by his master. He is usually sealed in the black symbol to raise interest. Once he is shot, he can't even Full control!

  The precious magic weapon can act as a base, able to absorb the aura between heaven and earth, and is more effective than the base. After all, when the spiritual power contained in the base is exhausted, the aura will be ineffective, and the precious magic weapon has no such restriction.

  When Wu Jinyu came out, Huang Huang Tianwei showed up, a shot stabbed, the heavens and the earth began to change color, and the lightning that the wooden feather summoned was actually pulled by this heavy gun. Lightning all over Wujin's body, Mo Ziming once again illusioned a purple spirit to grasp this Wujin 琅琊, Wu Jinxuan under the waving of Zi Lingzhang, the lightning bolt directed to the earth.

  Lightning fell into the land, squatting on the trees below, and countless trees were scorched, and they ignited the flames. The lightning was destroyed, and the thunder snakes in the sky disappeared.

  "A good gun."Mu Yu found that his stunned snakes and shadows were broken by the Wu Jinxuan. He suddenly understood that Wu Jinqi was a rare magic weapon. Otherwise, the ordinary gun could not bear the baptism of lightning.

  "My Wujin Temple is even more powerful!"Mo Ziming snorted and laughed, and the purple spirit palm waved again. Wu Jinxi took the imposing momentum and broke into the air, stabbing toward Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu's hands are linked, the fingertips are pulling the aura, and the four bases are turned into a huge shield to protect them. However, at this time, the change is prominent! A slight "squeaky" sound was uploaded from a base, and then he suddenly found a crack in his innate base!

  "not good!"Mu Yu shouted, a congenital array of spiritual power seems to have consumed, the shield of the wood feathers illusion suddenly slashed three points, and at this time Wu Jinyu has stabbed!


  The shield of Muyu's illusion was broken by Wujinyu, and it was blown into the spiritual fragments of the Tao. Although Mu Yu had tried his best to avoid it, it was still scattered on the chest by Yu Bo. The huge tremor made his chest boring.

  "Little handsome! Are you OK? ”Mu Yu pulled back and sipped. Xiaoshuai is in his arms. The Wubo’s aftermath has been swept away on Xiaoshuai. If Xiaoshuai is not blocking him, I am afraid that his chest will be pulled out of a big hole!

  "Mom, it hurts me, who is licking my chrysanthemum?"Xiaoshuai touched his ass and screamed. He drilled his head and saw the black gold scorpion. He suddenly became angry. "I am so mad, let me break this smashing crowbar!"

  Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, and Xiao Shuai's skin thickness was once again reflected. This guy sleeps in the arms of Mu Yu every day, and can be used as a body armor at the crucial time. It is really difficult for it.

  However, a serious problem has come. He has just honoured these four congenital formations in the past few days. I did not expect that one of the congenital formations will have a scorpion. What should the next battle do?

  The reason why the innate array is called the innate array is because the spiritual power contained in the body is very pure and quite overbearing. It can be said that it is inexhaustible, but the innate foundation of Mu Yu seems to be second-hand goods. Most likely it was used by Lu Xianshi.

  This congenital base was indeed used by Lu Xianshi, and it was no longer possible to satisfy his attack using a fit period, so he gave it to Mu Yu. Lu Xianshi thought that Mu Yu had only the cultivation of the Golden Age. The array used in the Golden Age was simply insignificant. Even if this innate array of aura was going to be exhausted, it would be used by a person in the Golden Age. Can be no problem. UU reading

  However, Lu Xianshi never imagined that the real strength of Mu Yu was a period of embarrassment. The array used in the expiration period has surpassed the Jindan period by thousands of times. This congenital array has been completely consumed only twice. Do your best!

  "Oh my God! Lu Xianshi, you pit me! ”Wood Yu did not hit a place. At that time, he portrayed the formation to the innate array in the face of Lu Xianshi. Naturally, he could not use the innate foundation obtained by the dead wood. He thought that the innate foundation given by Lu Xianshi should not be a problem. Who can think of it as a defective product!

  Every pedestal needs to be honed before use. This takes time. Although Mu Yu still has many innate foundations, he only has the four ancestors who have been honoured. Others want to replace them. It is impossible to complete it right away.

  Although the squad is very strong, the short board is exposed at once. Once the base is aura, they need to face the violent storms of their opponents.
Strike. And Mo Ziming is a congenital disciple of Fu Zong, and the congenital paper in his hand must be full of aura! It is impossible to use second-hand goods like Muyu. It is impossible for Mu Yu to win today.

  But he can't use his own swordsmanship blatantly, because once he uses the sword, he will be suspected by Mo Ziming, and the people of the array will not have such a deep sword. If Mo Ziming let him escape today, his identity is very likely to be exposed. The relationship between Fuzong and Tianxingmen may even be noticed by the sky!

  Mu Yu did not expect to use the array for the first time to compete with Fu Zong's skills to eat a big loss!

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