Chapter 424: Array and Fu (Bottom)

  "how? Are the people of your sects already poor enough? Was the base only scrapped twice? ”Mo Ziming sarcastically said.

  He did not control Wu Jinqi's attack again, because the power of this magic weapon was too strong, and he did not completely sacrifice it. The two attacks also exhausted the aura of many of his innate symbols.

  Fu Zong used the same technique as the array of the array. The array directly searched for precious materials to make it into a congenital matrix, while Fu Zong searched for precious materials to make it into a paper. The color of the paper represents different qualities, and naturally there are also inherited symbols, mid-day symbols and acquired symbols.

  "When you go back, you must find Lu Xianshi to calculate the account."

  Mu Yu was so angry that he had a little bit of calculation. He just calculated a hundred green swallows at a time, which consumed a lot of base aura. Now he has some regrets. The spiritual power of his body is somewhat different from that of others. Mu Chenghong, a congenital disciple who has never met before, can only summon twenty Qingyan, because he does not have the spiritual power of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu summoned a hundred green swallows more than enough, but this also means that the innate array is expensive.

  "Our sect test is the will of the disciple. The most powerful convenience of the congenital disciple is that everything can be! You know a hair! ”When Mu Yu said this, his face was red.

  Everything can be a fart! This is not even believed by himself. Is there a ready-made innate base who is willing to use other things? Mo Ziming is a congenital disciple of Fu Zong. He certainly does not lack the innate symbol, but Mu Yu is now panicked.

  The squad is a career that is defeated. If you want to become strong, you must have the ability to provide a steady stream of foundations to maintain your strength. These bases are very expensive. A congenital base will cost at least 100,000 Lingshi. Think about burning more. money.

  At that time, the wood plume disguised as elixir period of the practitioner, Lu first thought that he used almost the innate matrix enough for an elixir disciple practice, so also did not think so much, generous to the wood plume more than 100 congenital matrix, Mu Yu also moved to the sparse, thinking that Lu First division is a good predecessor, now said these are tears.

  Mo Ziming had a meal, he sneered: "Everything is a good thing, and even many innate teachers and strategists can't say that it can be done easily. I have to see how many of your Zhongtian disciples can be!"

  Speaking of the hands of Wu Jinyu, the black mans appeared again, and the overbearing guns were picked up by Mu Yu. The power is still not reduced, the cold murder is shrouded in Mu Yu, and the violent breath has already invaded.

  Wooden feather foot fallout footwork lightly, body black spirit force surging between, endless Dengbal spread out, a fleeting moment away from the Langya of the lock, but at this time, the Mu Yu hand in the hands of the shadow staggered, three congenital matrix burst out a strong light, forming an octagonal shape, a sword from the shape of the fore!

  He must do this, so that Mo Ziming thinks that he is using the sword summoned by the array. After all, this sword has been used once, and he killed the Tian Yingqiang of Yuan Ying Jiu Tian, ​​and will not let the other person put himself and the sword. The disciples of the dust wind are associated with each other.

  "I will let you see what is all things!"

  Since knowing the sword array, Mu Yu has been secretly studying how his shadow sword can use the sword array to maximize the use of the sword. The array information he consulted shows that the sword array needs to use many The flying sword that automatically absorbs Reiki is used as the base. This is enough for a point sword.

  It’s just that the factors that need to be considered by the sword array are too complicated.

Mu Yu has not completely integrated his Tianjian nine into the sword array.

  However, the arrow has to be sent on the string. Since the use of the array to deal with the spell, you must let your sword have the characteristics of the array.

  The shadow sword is divided into six, and the sword of the sky is pressing the momentum of Wu Jinyu in an instant. Six flying swords are intertwined in the air, standing in the direction of the mysterious position, and then each of the shadow swords and swords are interconnected in a gas phase, and the magnificent swordsman instantly turns into a bigger giant sword. .

  Wu Jinxuan collided with the giant swords of the shadows, and suddenly made a roar of earth-shattering sounds. The invisible air waves spread out with two magic weapons as the center, destroying all the surrounding trees.

  "A strong sword!"Mo Ziming's face changed slightly. Apparently, he did not expect that the Zhongtian disciple of Mu Yu's a squad would have such a terrible strength. This giant sword and his Wu Jinyu slammed him, which made him feel a burst of pressure.

  Wu Jinqi is a very powerful magic weapon. At this moment, he can barely play the power of three tenths of this magic weapon. It is impossible for him to play the full power of Wu Jinxi.

  I thought that even the power of three-tenths is enough to make him invincible, but he never imagined that the power of Feiyu's flying swords is not weaker than Wujin, and even worse!


  The shadow sword was once again killed with Wu Jin, and in a flash, he had no match for ten rounds. Although Mu Yu can't use Tianjian Jiuqiu, his sword is still very sturdy, and he can find the weakness of Wu Jinyu everywhere and resolve its offensive. However, under the control of Mo Ziming, Wu Jinxuan’s every move was as heavy as Taishan, and it was shocked by Mu Yu’s palm.


  The tip of the sword collided with the tip of the gun, and the horrible pattern emerged. It swept away again, and the swords were criss-crossed, and the plaids contend with each other. Both of them flew out.

  Mu Yu’s shadow sword only dares to play this level. He can’t use the Tianjian nine guide. Once he uses the Tianjian nine guide, he has already left the scope of the array. Nowadays, because of the fact that Mu Yu is too arrogant, there are many triple continents.
Everyone knows what the power of Tianjian is. If he uses it here, it is likely to cause doubts. He must use the array to control the six swords.

  The spiritual power of the road circulates between the shadow swords and sweeps toward Mo Ziming in different directions. Mo Ziming's Zi Ling grasped Wu Jinyu and quickly fought with all the shadow swords. In the air, the sword and the guns hit the Mars. The ground is already full of squalor, and there are violent spiritual powers and scentes everywhere.

  However, every time Mu Yu used his pattern to disguise his sword, he always felt a very strange familiarity. His sword seemed to be more free and easy in the formation.

  Is Tianjian Jiuqiu also a sword array?

  Feng Haochen did not tell whether there is any relationship between Muyu Tianjian and Jiuqiu, but when Mu Yu uses the pattern to wrap the shadow sword, the free-spirited sword is very wonderful.

  "Will the Tianjian nine guide itself be a sword array?"Mu Yu did not continue to think about it. He had already played very badly in this battle. He needed to solve the opponent in front of him.

  Mo Ziming played even more wrong. As a congenital disciple of Fuzong, he was also a member of the extremely popular list. He was extremely conceited about his own skills, but he did not expect to encounter an iron nail today. The proud U Jinqi can't win the opponent and make him very humiliated.

  He shouted, and the body suddenly flashed a red bun. The paper broke instantly. A wave of tearing space wrapped Mo Ziming. Mo Ziming’s body disappeared in the same place, and then appeared behind the wooden feather. .

  "Death!"Mo Ziming snarled poisonously.

  This is a precious momentary shift, which is a refinement of the fitter's period. It allows the genius to move instantly to any position at a certain distance and kill the opponent unexpectedly! The teleport was originally used to save lives, but Mo Ziming has not taken care of it so much, he wants to kill Mu Yu!


  The speed of the teleport was much higher than that of Mu Yu. He only noticed that the body screamed behind him, and his body quickly slanted, but he was still picked by Wu Jinshao's gunpoint, and a deep visible bone wound appeared on Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu turned to a sword and stabbed it. The fierce sword slammed back and went. Mo Ziming had personally held Wu Jinyu and wanted to resist. However, his close ability is not as fast as that of Mu Yu. He was almost cut off by the sword of Mu Yu. If he didn't crush another teleport in time, he opened the distance, I am afraid that his life is worrying!

  Like the squad, the singer and the singer are very powerful in the ordinary battles. They are all powerful and skillful, but the close combat is weak. Although the teleport can be teleported to the back of the opponent, but also the danger of countering the opponent who is not close to the powerful. So the teleport is more used to escape and avoid, not to kill!

  "I think you can still use a few momentary shifts!"Mu Yu snorted, and the white spirit in the body rushed out and slowly repaired the wound created by Wu Jinyu. At the same time, the whole figure once again rushed toward Mo Ziming. He found that Mo Ziming used the technique more and more slowly. Obviously, controlling Wu Jinxi also cost him a lot of spiritual power.

  The teleport has the ability to break the void during the fit period, but it also means that it is not the rotten cabbage that can be bought all over the street. Lu Xianshi once introduced him to the characteristics of the teleportation method, which is the same as the teleport.

  The teleportation method is suitable for the array below the fit period, because it forces the ability of the fit period to be sealed in the array method, which is beyond the repair of other repairers, so the lower the person uses the teleport The character will face the possibility that the spiritual power will be consumed in an instant.

  Mo Ziming only has a period of repair, he uses two teleports in succession, UU reading spiritual consumption has reached an amazing degree, if using the teleport to kill the opponent is fine The problem is that I was almost killed by others!


  Mo Ziming is quite sorry to use the teleport, he is too impatient, and originally wanted to win, but Mu Yu’s reaction was beyond his expectation, and he actually avoided the blow. If he uses the teleport once again, he will definitely collapse.

  Mu Yu held the film and bullied it. When Mo Ziming was unable to cope with his own sword and used the teleport to escape, he already understood the weakness of Mo Ziming. Mo Ziming was not good at closeness at all. As long as Mu Yu was close, Mo Ziming almost lost. !

  The shadow sword has been held in his hand, mixed with the fierce swordsmanship toward Mo Ziming. However, Mo Ziming’s mouth suddenly showed a sneer, while at the same time a shadow was in front of Mo Ziming!

  It is Ma Mingxun!

  Ma Mingxun surrounded the eight mid-day squads, and the glory flowed between them. A fire dragon rushed toward Muyu with the giant flames!

  Mu Yu was shocked, and he was hard to stop his body shape. The sword surrounded him and escaped the bite of the dragon. He pulled away.

  "how? Don't you dare to kill him? ”Mo Ziming smiled overcast. Ma Mingxun was controlled by his soul, and he was treated as a general. At the same time, Mo Ziming took a sacred spirit, and the spiritual power consumed by the body is recovering quickly!

  Originally dealing with a Mo Ziming was enough trouble, I did not expect to come to another Ma Mingxun!

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