No. 425 Chapter swept character

  Ma Mingxun was controlled by Moziming's swept character, the swept character as a slave-Dan, which suppressed the Ma Mingxun consciousness. However, in addition to being unable to disobey the master's orders, slaves have their own consciousness, and the person under the control of the soul is only an unconscious shackle, and the time of action is limited. Once the spirit of the soul is exhausted, it will lose its usefulness. .

  However, it is enough that Ma Mingxun, who is here to control the flood season, is also a man of the stagnation period. Not to mention that there is also a Mo Ziming who is taking Ling Dan.

  It is also a fifth-order remedy that can quickly compensate for the loss of the body of the self-cultivator. This kind of medicinal medicine is quite precious, and there is no more than 100,000 Lingshi or even more. Where ordinary people can afford it, only the innate disciples of Mo Zongming can be brought in a few.

  Of course, there are more Ling Dan than Mo Ziming in the pocket of Mu Yu, but the Ling Dan at the moment has no effect on Mu Yu. His spiritual power is still sufficient, but not different from Mo Ziming. Mo Ziming has used two teleports just now to consume his spiritual power. At this moment, taking Ling Dan is equivalent to standing up and jumping.

  During the heyday of the two heydays, the wood feathers were at a disadvantage.

  "What is the soul of the soul? Why can you control Ma Mingxun in the flood season? Does it have any connection with Nudan? ”Mu Yu thought in his heart, he never touched the slave, did not know the composition of the slave, but since the slave and the soul are able to control people, then there must be similarities between them.

  When Mu Yu thought, the huge fire dragon rushed over again. This is the movement of Ma Mingxun's ritual, named Fire Dragon Seal, which has a form of fire dragon and is very overbearing. Countless flames are like a meteorite falling like a wooden feather. Wood feathers don't dare to pick up. He doesn't like flames, he can only dodge.

  "Mom, how is the dragon again, I really hate this silly thing!"Xiaoshuai muttered.

  "Little mouse, who you say is stupid!"Longteng snorted and then said, "This dragon has its own watch, there is no point in Longwei, let Laozi scare it!"

  Tenglong Longwei rises from the wooden feather arm and hangs over the fire dragon. The fire dragon in the air was stagnant, but it still rushed toward Muyu without losing speed.

  "Do you stupid caterpillar! There is no life in that thing, how can it be scared by your slutty? ”Xiaoshuai laughed.

  "Oh, that's not my business."Longtan said lazily.

  Mu Yu quite helplessly listened to these two free goods and squabbling, can't help a little, and everything must be done by himself. It is really an egg pain. He does not live to dodge, but the top of the head and there is a huge purple palm, purple palm and Wu Langya from different azimuth pressure over, the wooden feather retreat completely blocked!

  "I know how to deal with this fire dragon. If you let the caterpillar pick up the soul of Ma Mingxun, he should be regained consciousness!"Xiaoshuai finally put forward a constructive suggestion.

  "Ok! Then I want to summon the dragon! ”Needless to say, this is also done by Long Teng. The dragon vine itself is also a repair period. If he joins the battlefield, the pressure of Mu Yu will be much smaller. However, Long Teng can't just appear casually, at least to camouflage Ma Mingxun to use the array to summon it.

  Behind Mu Yu quickly appeared in the congenital array of seven second-hand goods. These congenital arrays of wood feathers did not have a sacrifice. At this moment, they only created power and pretended to be a model. The colorful light illuminates, surrounded by the wood feathers, and the glare almost flashes his own eyes.

However, he still snorted with a sigh of relief: "Everything can be made, the dragon is coming!"

  The pattern was wrapped around the dragon vine, and the dragon vine slammed, and the body shape suddenly became bigger. The repairing period of the sputum period suddenly broke out, and the momentum caused by Mo Ziming and Ma Mingxun was suppressed, and the dragon vine has turned into a blue light. Chao Ma Mingxun rushed.

  Mu Yu is a six-step Yufeng Dan suit, and his body shape suddenly becomes very dexterous. The sixth-order Yufeng Dan can let him play the speed of distraction, even if it is not comparable to the teleportation of the fit period. However, it is more than enough for Mo Ziming who has paid the flood season.

  "Yu Feng Dan? Do you actually have this kind of remedy? ”

  Mo Ziming saw that Mu Yu’s figure was like a ghost in front of his own eyes. It was far beyond the speed of the expiration period. He suddenly understood that he took Yufeng Dan. However, Yufeng Dan is a sixth-order medicinal herb. I am afraid that no one million Lingshi can't buy it at all. Will the sects spend a lot of money to prepare this escaping drug for this kid?

  The killing of Mo Ziming’s heart has already broken through the sky. The more the ancestors are optimistic about Mu Yu, the more he wants Mu Yu to die!

  "Mom, you are allowed to take the spirit, and you are not allowed to use Yufeng Dan?" Laozi is the little ancestor of the Danding School! ”

  Mu Yu slammed the sword and rushed to Mo Ziming, but Mo Ziming had already crushed the teleport to escape, while Zi Lingzhang once again protected him. With the help of Yufeng Dan, Mu Yu almost caught up with Mo Ziming after the teleport. His sword was on the palm of Zi Ling, and it made a strong roar, which made Mo Ziming feel a tremor.

  When Mo Ziming thought that there would be so many messy abilities in Mu Yu, he was caught unprepared. He squinted and saw the twinkling dragonfly circling the dragon's dragon and plunging into Ma Mingxun's chest.

  Mo Ziming completely ignored the command of Ma Mingxun when he was dodging, and he was succeeded by the green dragon! The soul of Ma Mingxun’s chest has been torn off. He lost control of Ma Mingxun and suddenly understood that his general trend has gone!

  "I will get this account back!"Mo Ziming said with resentment, he once again pulled out a momentary shift, which is already his last momentary shift. Take his
The power of the spirit can only be used twice, and the spiritual power to restore the spirit can only be used four times. He has not yet returned to the spirit, and now only escapes with the last teleport.

  Mu Yu's fundus has killed a strong murder, this kind of person must die!

  Xiaoshuai suddenly remembered something and quickly said: "You can't beat him, you can't kill him!" He is the 71st immortal, you are the 80th most immortal, if you defeat him, you will replace his ranking! ”

  Mu Yu also has a very immortal logo on his body. If he defeats Mo Ziming, Mo Ziming's extremely immortal logo will be attached to him. The dog's skin plaster can not stop the wooden buffs, and the rankings on the immortal list will change all the time. The rankings of all people are recorded on the immortal monument. Even if Mu Yu changes his face, the immortality will still take his real The rankings are displayed.

  At that time, the people of Fuzong knew who killed Mo Ziming.

  He is not afraid that the people of Fuzong will come to the door, but they will worry that their identity will be exposed. If they see the heavens, the array will expel him.

  Mo Ziming's shredded teleport has escaped. Strictly speaking, he is not defeated by Mu Yu, but belongs to no war, so their rankings are not exchanged. But Mu Yu is also thinking about a problem at the same time. The logo of the immortal is also a battle method. This array will bring him a lot of troubles. How to remove this array?

  Ma Mingxun was caught in the hands of Long Teng, and he was already in a coma after he got rid of the control of the soul. Mu Yu wanted to find the soul of Ma Mingxun, but Long Teng told him that the soul was spontaneously ignited when he was torn off.

  "The soul of the soul is a bit similar to the slave, I want to know how this soul is working!"After falling down for a long while, Mu Yu returned to the Southern Star Taoist Temple with Ma Mingxun.

  The Southern Star Taoist Temple has been basically eliminated at this moment. The Nanxingguan Master Yuan Ying Jiu Tiantian’s cultivation is more than enough to clean up his disciples. Even the Yunhe School’s disciples have been trapped by the Southern Star Watchers.

  The disciples of the Southern Star Taoist Temple are controlled by countless gods, and these souls are natural after being removed by the Southern Star Master, leaving no traces. Fu Zong's Fu has its own protective measures, especially the vicious spells of the soul, they naturally do not want outsiders to spy.

  The star of Nanxing saw that Mu Yu came back with Ma Mingxun, and suddenly he beamed his eyebrows and asked tentatively: "Adult, the innate teacher…"

  "I was beaten."Mu Yu glanced around for a while. All the South Star Taoist disciples fell to the ground and were unconscious. This was because of the sequelae left by the control of the soul, but Mu Yu explored, Ma Mingxun should wake up after a few more hours. Come.

  "Thank you! The big man is big and big, the south star is unforgettable! ”The star of the South Star slammed in front of the wood feather and made a big gift to the wooden feather hoe.

  "Come on the Lord!"Mu Yu quickly put him up, he looked at a good Taoist ruin has been ruined, and his heart is not willing to go, here is destroyed because it is caused by him. In order to assassinate him, these small sects can only be the goods that are connected.

  "If it is not for the adults to be convinced today, I am afraid that the entire Taoist Taoist concept will cease to exist."Nan Xing Taoist sighed. At first, he thought that Mu Yu was only a golden age, and he also talked with the elders' tone. Now I think it is really shameful.

  "Your disciples should be fine, people are still there, and the foundation of the martial art will not be destroyed. I will now help you to lay out the Daoist Dao Dao Dao, and arrange a formation that can resist the attack of the flood season, so that you don't have to worry about similar things happening in the future. You can take care of my three brothers. ”Mu Yu thinks about doing something to compensate for the Southern Star Taoist Temple, and it is also a small force.

  "Resist the guardianship of the flood season? really……"

  When Nan Xingguan heard that Mu Yu had to lay down a large array of guarding mountains that could resist the attack of the flood season, he suddenly showed an excited look, but soon he thought of the horrible cost of this kind of mountain guarding, and the old face became very embarrassing. UU reading He quickly said: "Adult, this, this…The Taoist ruin is like this, I am afraid that the damaged building will be repaired next time, and the villain will not be able to get the spirit stone…"

  "It's fine, look at what you just didn't kill me, this time I will give you free."Mu Yu Road. Just when Mu Yu had not been exposed, Mo Ziming let Nan Xingguan kill him. Nan Xing Guanzhu intends to protect Mu Yu from leaving here. This heart makes Mu Yu extremely appreciative. Nan Xing Guan is an honest person, and he deserves to be done by Mu Yu.

  "Really?"Nan Xingguan’s master stunned and thanked himself for making an important decision. If he was greedy and dying to survive, he would choose to kill Mu Yu. I am afraid that He will be lying on the ground now.

  The star of the Southern Star, such as Meng Daen, once again bowed and thanked: "Thank you, adults!"

  Mu Yu raised him and then walked to the front of He Tianqiang's body. The old guy didn't know how stupid he was doing when he died. He thought that helping Mo Ziming to eliminate the Southern Star Taoist would also benefit him. I don't know that I am just a tool for others. When I run out, I will be ruined.

  He Tianqiang helped him to be devastated by the death of a man. He slammed down and suddenly broke away the shackles of He Tianqiang’s sleeves and took out all his belongings. I have to say that He Tianqiang, as the head of a martial art, has a lot of wealth. However, the wood feathers of these seven-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eight-eyed stone have finally found the soul of the soul they want.

  "I have to see what is in this paper!"Mu Yu pondered.

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